Stella Dimoko The Story Of UBUNU UKPABI In Abia State


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Sunday, May 05, 2024

The Story Of UBUNU UKPABI In Abia State

Ibini Ukpabi used to be the most powerful deity in Abia state during it's reign of terror.

It was enclosed in magnificent cave which led to the holies of holies.
The shrine was a supreme place for judgement.
People found guilty were made to walk into the dark tunnel where they are lost forever.

In the cave, a stream flows out, and the stream usually turned red anytime the guilty walks into the cave.
The blood stain in the river usually shows the onlookers that the guilty has been slain by the deity.

Those found innocent returned returned back to their people but what many did not know was that the deity never shed blood.
It was later revealed that some of the worshippers, poured red liquid substance into the stream to deceive the onlookers.
Meanwhile, the supposed guilty person was usually blindfolded and taken through the 'Iyi- Eke' an outlet that opens up to 'Onu asa Bekee' ( The European beach) where he/she is made to join a waiting boat that takes him/her to Calabar where he or she joins other slaves to the journey of no return - to the white man's land for slav.ery.

from Igbo history.TV


  1. My God, see the kind of deceit tactic they employed, rendered a lot of people fatherless, motherless, childless all for money and material things.
    This world is full of wickedness.

  2. Yet we blame the Europeans for slavery, meanwhile our greedy ancestors sold us to the white man for gin and tobacco...reason I don't support any movement e.g...BLM!

  3. Wickedness of men.

  4. Like all religions, its usually based on lies, conjecture and made up stories.

    From Islam, to Christianity, Buddism and even traditional African religions.

    All lies!!!

    1. Remove Christianity from the list. It's the only true religion without which no man can enter heaven.

    2. @Nigerian first daughter
      If you were born into a Buddist family in India, you wouldnt say what you just said.

      Christianity is as fake as the Ubunu Ukpabi just mentioned in the post, but you arent ready for that conversation because your reasoning wont be able to handle the truth.

  5. Wow 😮😮see wickedness and deceit fa.
    What an Interesting read, thanks SDK.

  6. Nah waaa. No be today wickedness of man begin.

  7. Kai!
    Imagine the wickedness and deception.

  8. Yes, according to those times, even the people taken to the long juju of arochukwu for judgement or settlement of disputes met the same fate.

  9. Wow! Interesting! Most times na we dey do ourselves, even now sef.

  10. What a story. This can easily be made into a movie. Wow

  11. The level of deceit is nauseating.
    What a crime against humanity

  12. Chika(hello iya boys)5 May 2024 at 21:18

    No be small waooo

  13. The black man has greed issues, which is still affecting us even till tomorrow, the resources are is been sold to the whiteman out of greed. Why did the Whiteman not pick Asians as slaves but Africans because the balck man sold his fellow blackman.

  14. Ahh see deceit, greed and wickedness of man


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