Stella Dimoko Actor Ruby Orjiakor Denies Romantic Entanglement With Late Colleague Junior Pope


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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Actor Ruby Orjiakor Denies Romantic Entanglement With Late Colleague Junior Pope

Nollywood actress Ruby Ojiakor has finally addressed widespread rumors that her relationship with the late Junior Pope was a romantic one and that he may be the father of her daughter, Royalty.

She denied the rumour via Facebook..."Hello World
I just want to clear something
I owe my fans this truth
My attention has been drawn to so many things they are saying about me online
Well am not surprised
I think they are saying all these because those people don't follow me genuinely
Most people don't keep genuine friends so they don't know the meaning of true friendship, that's what I feel
So persons are just following you for following sake, they are not following you with their heart
So that's why when I see a lot of things they are writing about me online, I just smile
I didn't wanna talk about this, honestly I didn't wanna address this but someone I respect so much just said;' Ruby, just say it, whether they believe or not, just say it'.
And because you people are my family, especially the people I have here, you people are my family, you need to hear from me.
Now listen
Junior Pope is and was never my boyfriend
When I mean boyfriend,I mean intimacy, there is no intimacy between myself and Junior Pope
What I mean by that is that we were not and we never dated
Junior Pope was never my intimate friend, he was just my friend
Infact, it was more than friends, he was my Big Brother
And I also see a lot of write-ups, so many posts,some persons will just screenshot and send to me;'Ruby look at what they are saying, they said he's Royalty's father'
I look at it and laugh like how can people reason this way?
Please and please I beg you people
Junior Pope is not Royalty's father, he's not my daughter's father please
I just wanna clarify this so that you people will all know that he was just my very good friend, do you understand?he was my Big Brother, I confide so much in him, he Advises me because sometimes I dey 'wacko'
He's the only one that would say;'Ahh, Ruby no no, don't do am like this'
He Advises me a lot because he's very intelligent, an intelligent being
It's so sad that he left this early and ofcourse it was never his time
It is well!Jay it is well!
So guys please I know how much I controlled myself to this point, to be able to talk to you people
To tell you people what you need to know
So please when you hear people saying Junior Pope is ahead o, Junior Pope is Royalty's father,please tell them it's not true, it's false
Whoever that is carrying this false information, please tell the person to tender an evidence,am not asking for for two,three, four evidences, just one
It's not everything you hear, you would just believe, he was just my good friend, a big Brother and an elder brother and he was a nice person, infact he was too nice, he was a jolly good fellow, he does not look down on anyone, he's so transparent, infact he was a genuine friend so don't be surprised,stop saying what you don't know
Stop saying;'Ahh,Ruby how can you mourn him this way, why will you cry this much, how can you stay off social media because of him, is it that you people are dating or something
Please I'm begging you, stop thinking that way
That's what I have to tell you guys
Just disregard whatever they are trying to tell you, disregard whatever you are seeing online that he was my boyfriend or whatever, it is false from the pit of hell, it's a big lie
I just feel I owe you my family this explanation if not am not gonna say anything about it"


  1. I believe her,may his soul continue to rest in peace.

    1. Yes
      And I Love their Friendship so muchhhh

      Hello iya boys

    2. Me too! Keep your head up babes

  2. I Believe her Too
    The Truth is Honest
    Chaiii JP The Jolly fellow šŸ«‚šŸ«‚
    Rest well Dear šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™

    Hello iya boys

  3. If that is what it is then let it be so. But truth be told, you were literally "weeping louder than the bereaved"

    1. Yeah, she’s really doing too much and drawing unnecessary suspicious to herself

    2. It was very annoying and the fakeness was glaring
      Mtchewwwwwww šŸ˜”

  4. World people how can Junior Pope be the father of her daughter. I think there was a time they both quarrel online when junior Pope disagreed with her when she said the daughters father is a dead beat as such would not access the child junior pope disagree with her online. Rest on Junior Pope

    1. I remembered when they quarreled about it online

  5. My question is has Ruby visited Jnr pope wife? Has she cared for her? Has she reached out to her?
    If he hasn't ,all of these is babash,story for the gods and at best a play.
    The funeral ,ruby who is such a good friend to pope didn't even go close to his wife neither has she acknowledged her in all her display.
    Dear Madam Ruby,enter are disgracing yourself.
    If you truly pope as an elder brother,you would st an d by his beloved wife rather than stand alone attract sentiment to yourself and mourn like a wife or lifetime sidechick.

    1. Someone finally said it!!
      She’s really embarrassing herself with all these unnecessary display, camera following her around to mourn didn’t show her mourning or consoling the woman that actually lost her husband

    2. So if I’m not friends with the wife I should become friends now by force

    3. Well said

  6. Hmmm it's well, may JP'S soul and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace..Amen..

  7. I understand the fact that people grieve differently but Ruby's own was on another level.
    Good thing she has set the record straight before world people go reason her matter.
    Keep resting JPšŸ•ŠšŸ•Š

    1. lol the thing is funny sha. I saw a video of some people that went for condolence visit with money and some other stuff.
      And I’m like, if they do this for her what will they do for the widow that actually lost her husband so young. Same Ruby that was accusing Nosa Rex and the producer of the unfortunate movie that cost the guy his life, of using his death to create content and chase clout.
      Please she should calm down, the whole thing don Dey get as e be

  8. I hate when rumor mongers do this to the dead!
    Allow them rest please
    Keep wherever you have to say to yourself since you could not say it when they were alive.

    1. Rumor mongers may be wrong but she’s doing a lot. She’s his close friend, but his wife and rest of his family aren’t even doing as much as she is. It’s kind of embarrassing TBH even more embarrassing for his wife because what if she starts crying thinking her husband had something going on with the lady. Has she visited the wife to grieve with her this way? She should respect the family of the bereaved and respect the memory of her dear friend as well.
      If he meant that much to her then there are better ways to do it.

  9. People should allow the dead rest abeg
    May your soul continue to rest in peace

  10. People even visited her as per condolence visit to spray money and whatnot šŸ™„ if he was just your friend then please stop all these unnecessary show and caricature online. You can’t be as hurt as his wife and children that had him longer than you, you’d be making the young widow wonder if her husband was having an affair with you because you are literally mourning more than the bereaved. Aunty abeg respect his family and respect his memory as well and mourn and cry privately in your house.
    Sorry for your loss!

    1. Pls stop
      Let people support her too
      Is it only the wife morning

  11. It's well šŸ™„šŸ™„šŸ™„

  12. I believe you Ruby.
    Just love her friendship with late Jp.
    Keep resting Jp

  13. This Ruby Orjiakor is 29?

    Like how now!!!

  14. Person die them no want make e rest in peace.
    As if losing him ain't enough.šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

  15. No belief in rumours.
    But we must learn to walk in a way that would not stumble others.
    that is why we are advised to leave ant infested wood in the bush.
    The questions asked by the Bv(s) are valid.

    Maybe this will be a couch convo later or a repeated convo
    Can a mourner be seen mourning a married man so much without being seen mourning with his wife?
    Or does the mourner knows more about the man's state of home affairs and marital matters than other people?
    Can a single man and a married woman be just very good friends?
    Can a married man be so close in friendship with a single woman?
    How many husbands/wives would accept for their spouses to be so close outside with a person of the opposite XS especially without any direct everyday business relationship between both.
    How many of such friendship are really without any buried or pressed down romantic and or physical feelings on one side if not on both sides?
    How much friendship does a married man have inside to give to another specific woman after giving or if he is giving friendship to his marital partner? The same question is asked about a married woman.

    Holy people exist.
    Experience with three women would showed that even if the man was holy, as really holy, not all three women's chant of "brother, brother, my brother" will be holy.
    At the very least, the man is filling a void in the life of the woman. The type of only a man fills in the life of a woman who seeks his quality type of man, but does not then have.
    Women know this. Men know this.

    Absolutely no finger is being pointed.
    Only experiential knowledge has been laid bare.
    But we learn by the day.
    Here to learn more.

  16. Stop keeping male friends. Men only want to poke.


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