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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. Earning more is not bad, but being the bread winner is a No, I will still do the best within my powers to be the bread winner and take full responsibilities of my family. 💯

  2. Was my reality in the first few years of my marriage, wasn't easy at all, thank God things are getting better for him now.

  3. Over to the Odogwu 's come and Answer ya Question oooo

    Hello iya boys

  4. I think I have no problem if she's earning higher but as a man, I will endeavor to take care of my sole responsibilities e get why.

    Being under a woman as the bread winner is the worse that could happen to any man. How long can a woman cope being the bread winner? Lets even start from there.

    © TEEJAY.

  5. Inside life!🧐
    MEN oya, answer.👣👣

  6. Some Men like my hubby see it as a taboo for a woman to be the bread winner.

  7. It's not a good idea for the wife to be the bread winner

  8. The wife can earn more no problem. But the man must go out and win bread for the home. It doesn't matter how small.
    Yes, there are moments of financial challenges wherein the man may not be able to provide for the home for a while. But it shouldn't exceed 6 months. 1 year would be stretching it.

    It doesn't matter what any woman says. Women aren't wired to be providers in a home. A natural trigger for rebellion will result. Any man worth the balls he swings between his legs must know how to bring something home! And I say this as a man.

    She can earn billions yes. But it is that your thousands as a man that you bring that qualifies you to even stand before God as the head of your home.

  9. Men, where are thee? Come and answer ya question.

    Anne K

  10. 95% of Nigerian men can never be comfortable with that type of arrangement

  11. My husband resents me because of this

    1. He resents you? Then let him step out and go and look for bread!


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