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Sunday, June 02, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..



I just found out that one of the beautiful Lady who works in one of the department in Church is dating some of the rich men who attend the church and lfaunting the material things she received from them as if its her hardwork and she is being used a testimony amongst us...

I cannot reveal much but i know this because one of the men is my friends ex and he told her because they are still friends and chat....

The other ones i found out cos i investigated.I feel bad that someone who is sleeping around is begin used to put pressure on us and i want to tell on her but scared of the consequences cos i have gathered proof....If i do the call out anyonmously, it will be thrown out but if i do it myself, i can explain well...
What do you people suggest? You are free to say  that i am jealous if you like....

Why dont you just mind your business and let God do his work?You might be wrong about the whole thing and you might end up tarnishing her image...Everything that you have said is hearsay...You have evidence? You didnt statewhat type so please let this go and face front!


  1. You investigated ke! Like you took your time to dig for proof. Please mind your business, and keep working hard.

    1. Candy this is one thing that jealousy can cause..she throughly had enough time to gathered prove according to her..

    2. The energy you use to do Sherlock Holmes, Detective Aswabi, if you invest in your won't be where you currently are...aswear...

    3. So called satanists claiming christains amongst the church should be cautioned seriously because it wont be long that illness of immorality will spread but instead of telling on her, take a day and preach to all the members regarding the dangers of immorality. People underestimate the dangers of immorality until one day there will not be enough workers to fill needed places because everyone wants fast money and before you know it the country will have no future at all. Think people, think. Instead of telling on her since she isnt the one mocking you all and you have no evidence of her living a bad life, send an anonymous message to the church cautioning them to desist from mocking people instead of encouraging and guiding them and if they continue, leave that place for your sanity. You also must work on stoping back biting and jealousy. If you claim she is a prostitute then why are you jealous of her?, you should be proud of your self because it is not easy to be content and please desist from spreading rumours about her because it could lead to a situation you will not like.

    4. Poster you are jobless!!! Inukwa investigating in the house of God. Pele, defender of the tensioned, the people being tensioned are kids right?
      Common mind your business. Some of you in church are heavy pokenosers, always minding the business that does not pay you. Is it not ealready enough that you are privy to such info? Abeg abeg.

    5. If you haven't been a worker in church before, you might not understand this chronicle. Usually the pastor comes in to workforce meetings and pours encomiums on her continually, she is seen and portrayed as the S.I unit of uprightness and christian living, such that others who are still not there might need to learn her "righteous ways", loyalty to the vision, commitment to excellence and "hardwork". It's the hypocrisy discovered that gives off a stench. And while it is easy to say this blog visitor is petty, jealous or intrusive; those who do church work know that those things takes a toll on you emotionally because she is a constant reminder that you need to up your game all the while she is collecting knacks to achieve the course. Well, left to me, I won't even bring this discourse here in the first place. I would also not be reporting her to anyone nor disclosing her secret. God allowing you to find out means he is prioritizing your peace. Stay peaceful because you've seen through the deception. Also, pray for open eyes for your church leadership.Blind leaders misrepresent Christ. Finally, there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed so prioritize the log in your own eyes and leave the speck in hers alone. If you stay peaceful and prayerful, God knows how to build his church better than you are trying to build it.

  2. Get Nigerian Foodstuffs Abroad2 June 2024 at 15:06

    Please mind your business and don't say anything.
    Also don't let anyone put pressure on you because of other people's material things. All fingers are not equal.
    Focus more on making yourself better and bigger than you were previously.
    Best wishes.

  3. The kind of things that goes in some churches,God is just too merciful.just let God be the judge,and pray for her if you can.

  4. Go get a life! You are just jealous. Tufiakwa! How is one person used to put pressure on all of you?

    You even investigated. Your problem is that your are idle. Make 1 Thessalonians 4:11 your watchword and you will go far in life. You are too busy minding other people's business when you should be minding yours. You are a busybody and a killjoy.

    1. Like!!! The overconsumption of other people's lives is the main cause of the unhappiness in our society nowadays. They will rather obsessing over other's life rather than spending the energy to do something tangible with themselves. Mtsheeeeeew.

      Poster, mind your business. Let God be the judge of all. How's she pressuring you though??? That she flaunt her gains or what??? Just look away, please.

      Nobody can pressure me ooo and Wetin I no fit afford no dey hungry me.

  5. Poster biko mind yourself and leave the girl alone, let her God judge her.
    What if you are wrong?
    Abi do you have evidence? Did you catch her sleeping with them? I hate gossip alot

  6. Yes you are jealous. How does her life affects your own life. You want to call her out because she is dating rich men and flaunting all the gifts she got. Are you not one of those 'amebo' people that don't mind their business.
    That she is a church ' sister ' doesn't mean that she is not entitled to date a man. Is it not ' dating / courtship' that leads to marriage.?? Answer.

    1. A church sister shouldn't be dating a married man but I don't support this poster. Most times, it's not the message but how the receiver chooses to interpret it, they may have praised her casually once or twice, Poster entered CID mode and even went spiritual to find out about this sister (talking from experience, forget all that friend's ex talk).

      I have had several people like you around me in the past and let me advise you that those kind of "unfair situations" are always going to be there, learn to be fine within yourself, no matter who seems to be shining more from whatever source. You will do whatever you want finally but you asked for advice and this is mine. Face the God you came to seek and forget any distractions.

  7. You are not jealous, you are embittered. Even before you found out about her, you have always felt inadequate whenever you sight her presence because naturally you are someone who compare your success to others accomplishment. You don't feel good enough unless you are above others. So seeing someone being epitomise as a symbol of success especially when that person isn't you dealt you huge blow and it irked you to the point that you had to share her gist and gossip her with everyone you think might have a dirt on her and boom! (You even said you investigated her. I hope you are not wasting our skill and you have joined the Police Force) You feel lucky because you think you have found out what you were hoping to about her- which may not be true. Your supposed ultimate weapon to bring her down in the eyes of everyone and from her high horse. You decide yourself thinking you are doing this for the right reasons but there is none except the green-eyed monster. Someone testimony is being used to pressure you? how for goodness sakes? If you had said encourage you, i will understand but pressure? That reveals a lot about you.

    Even friend is not a Saint. Maybe you should be investigating her instead. She is freely talking to someone else's husband whom we are meant to believe is her 'Ex' they are still close to the point that they both chat frelly about who he sleeps with?
    That is Weird IMO

    I don't have any advice for you because you said and i quote, "You are free to say  that i am jealous if you like...." That phrase alone, shows you do not care about my opinion or anyone for that matter, so why come here to ask for it? Because you are hoping some people will tell you to go ahead so you will feel less guilty about disgracing someone who has done nothing to you but still you can't help but feel slight for.

    1. Very envious soul. The hate on beautiful women in this part of the world is sickening

  8. Dear poster, this shouldn't be your problem, just face your front jejely.
    After all she's not dating your man, so what point would you want to make out of your "evidence"? As much as you can do not allow her flaunting get to you.
    Like Stella said, let God do his work

  9. Idle hand is the devil work shop; It means that people who aren't kept busy with something worthwhile to do tend to do things that are not good eg gossip about others, listen to hearsay, you even have time to investigate what will not bring money to your pocket.
    Madam poster business face your front, think of the consequences

  10. If i were you. I'll just mind my business. Because this same man that told you will most definitely deny you if you call his name.

    No one will believe you if you don't give a source. So you see eh.

    Now that you know the truth, breathe in and refuse to be presurred.

    You can make ambiguous statements if you want to be petty. Don't call her name, just say what you want to and let her conscience eat her up.

    If anybody ask you, tell them you are just speaking generally as some people do such things.

    I didn't proofread. Use your eyes and correct any error
    T for Thanks


  11. We all sin in different ways. That one of your co-workers in church is getting the good soft life by riding d(i)ck should in no way be your business.

    You can equally tell the man you are available too since longer throat dey worry you.

  12. Investigate Ke! You no get work? Why is that your business?
    You are the one putting pressure on yourself. Don't let other people"s lifestyle be a problem to you. Go get a life!

  13. You are not jealous jare. The double standard is annoying, but let God expose her not you.

  14. Can you mind your darn business? You so wish to have all the beautiful thig she has. Rubbish!

  15. You are not jealous
    You hate nonsense and lies
    The girl could have dated the man without collecting credit for being hardworking and making it when others have not
    But no, she has to go one step further and climb the pulpit to lie about the source of her wealth
    I would hint her to stop and if she doesn’t I’ll report her to the pastors

    1. You're crazy! You'll tell her to stop cos you own her life right. You jealous and judgemental mofos will eventually meet your disastrous end, bet me

    2. Shooter I’ll tell her to stop lying on the pulpit
      What’s crazy about that
      And did you just learn to string some words together
      Your second sentence is rather out of range fir this discussion 🤣

    3. Anon 15:55, just for the record, I've had 2 male bosses that did several huge favours for me, one wanted me to be his girl but I refused, that did stop him from helping me and the other one didn't want anything in return. She may or may not be sleeping with them, more importantly, it's not her business.

      Poster might end up causing confusion in the church and homes of these men over something that doesn't really concern her. God bless my parents for teaching me how to mind my business, it's saves one from a lot of mental and emotional stress in this life

    4. 15:55
      Thank you for speaking to the facts in the Babel of condemnation. But there is no need for Poster to tell her to stop or report her to any person.

    5. State your opinion and move forward shooter, stop with the insult, everyone has an opinion and it MUST be respected

  16. It's a delicate situation, and I understand your concerns. Here are some suggestions:

    - Consider speaking with a trusted church leader or counselor about your concerns. They can offer guidance and support.

    - Be cautious about accusing someone without solid proof, as it could lead to unnecessary conflict.

    - Focus on your own relationship with God and personal growth.

    - Remember that we all have flaws and struggles. Approach the situation with empathy and understanding.

    - If you decide to address the situation, consider doing so in a loving and non-judgmental manner.

    Remember, it's important to prioritize love, kindness, and understanding in your approach. Please let me know if you need further advice or have any other questions.

    1. She has ZERO concerns.
      Don't be deliberately OBTUSE. @16:22

      If she has any 'so called concerns', then she would address them with the person who is investigating with sisterly love. #yimusquared.
      After all, isn't that what people do in the body of Christ???

      You think its not hard work to be beautiful?
      You think its not hardworking to always be on point, to dress well, smell good, be courteous and intelligent and calm, despite the jealous, myopic, stunted, potbellied demons constantly fidgeting around?
      You have no idea, and no one can blame you for what you've never experienced.

      Continue allowing yourself to be pressured as per upcoming ta ta.

      You just dey start.

      Peoole like you are so corroded with jealousy, you will buy rat poison and cook food with it for any of your friends doing better than you.

      Abeg get-tat azen.

  17. I sense jealousy here, mind your business and let God be her judge 👌

  18. My dear I will advice, that you mind your business and let God be the judge.
    Nah today I know say sidechick is not wrong or bad.

    1. 🤭
      Are you a man @16:25?

      Poster appears to have deceived herself or held onto a slice of hope from comments on wives' Chronicles in sending this in.
      Even so, she knew what would come. And it did.
      Pele, Poster.

    2. 16:25
      Only God knows the names the babygirl (ops sorry) the husbands and all men in Nigeria would have been called if this chronicle was sent by one of the wives being cheated on. Till then ....

    3. @ Fresh Energy, it is always interesting to read comments on this blog. I have learnt so many things here, and the most important one is that women don't mean what they say.
      Have you seen how nobody is talking about how it is bad to date multiple married men? Rather they are all coming for the Poster and calling her names. This shows that if the circumstances are right, they will also do the same

  19. Mind your own business,if God operates in your church,it will still come to open,God will disgrace them by himself and moreover things like this happens in big churches.
    If I gist you of want used to happen in my former church una go dey fear excellent men and some deacons.
    Imagine rich married men dating married women,dating church workers and some will never help without getting in-between the females legs.
    Story long ooooo but when God decided to visit them,most of them left the parish disgracefully.

    1. Exactly, if they are really messing around, may God expose them and bring sanity and sanctity back to the church.

    2. God bless you. God himself will expose any wrong doing. In my former church the head of the choir used to sleep with the choir girls anyhow. When he was exposed, it was like a dream as he was very powerful. Same with a married man that was sleeping with a governor's wife. So many examples. But the day everything came out it was like a film.

  20. I am not of the opinion that you are jealous . I don't even think that those things she flaunts gets to you. You just don't like the lies and pretense .
    But please, mind your business and don't say anything to anyone . Time will take care of things and if it is really true, she would definitely be found out . There is nothing hidden which will not be made open. Even the Bible says so in Luke 8:17

  21. Many don’t understand the gravity of what the lady is doing
    Is church a joke you that you should use it to lie and supposedly pepper others

  22. I understand how the comparisons must make you feel but let it go even Jesus says let him who is without sin...........

  23. Focus and allow her to br caught up in her sins, let her continue forming all she have is her hardwork. Someday the truth will be out and everyone will get to know who she truly is.

    You should also use that time to pray for her instead if all the investigations you are doing just to proof a point, you can also choose to speak to her one on one to change from her ways.

  24. Beautiful Soul2 June 2024 at 17:10

    Omo, you get plenty time Sha. I no blame you, na jealousy employ you, carry assignment give you.

  25. Poster,please free yourself from the spirit of envy and jealousy. They are also sins before God. Leave her to her maker,to be judged.

  26. Who do I blame, the church that puts pressure on you by comparing you to another, or you? Time for you to leave that Church and mind your business...

  27. Na waoooo
    Judgment will start from House of God

    My dear Just ignore her and leave her jaree

    Hello iya boys

  28. What about the men, you haven’t said anything about them? You looked at it only as she being a super sinner, what about the men who are using her, are they not super sinners too? In life we see only one side of everything, it is only God who sees and knows the truth. What if she is trying to get married, trying to settle down and these men are the ones who are using and exploiting her vulnerability because they know what she wants. They are the ones dumping her as soon as they get what they want and moving on to the next woman.

    I do not think there is any pure church because ppl cannot be controlled, not even by God. If you feel that you need to speak up against sexual immorality in the church then you can bring it to your pastor’s attention without mentioning any names. You can tell the pastor that he/she needs to address the behaviour and remind the congregation what a good spiritual life in Christ entails, and sexual purity is required. You don’t have to mention anyone’s name to make your report, you can decline if asked for a name.

    Please remember that you have the option to leave and find another church so if the immorality is disturbing to your spirit you leave and find a church that focuses on modesty and pure living. Your spiritual life should be the priority anywhere you are. There is nothing that says you must remain, even if you have been in that church since you were born, you can leave.

    1. Are the men coming to testify

    2. As she is bringing it to the Pastors attention, let her make sure she is a virgin with no current or past boyfriend.

      As per Morality Advocate, Detective Shuponu.

    3. 19:38 the issue is not the sleeping around
      It’s the lies she’s telling

  29. With the way you are sounding I can tell that if you get the kind of opportunity the girls gets you would do worse

  30. Yeah, you're really jealous and can't help yourself.😟

  31. Poster, it is very painful to try to life right and be constantly made to feel inferior by being compared only material basis to another person in your group who has more material possessions than you.

    Such a comparison is worse when you find out that the possessions of that person are not being got according to your group professed standards of life and conduct.

    Therefore, you are not jealous nor embittered.

    You are just being human as the person you have been compared to. She is human hence all you have found about her.

    Let the matter rest at the fact that you all are humans.

    Keep walking and working by the faith you profess.

    When next the comparison is being made, use it as a point of reminding God to bless your faith in God's words and to bless the works of your hands.

    Whether the facts and evidence you have in your hands about her are hearsays or verifiable does not matter. Do not report her to anybody. Treat the facts and evidence as liberators from the oppression of the person who has been doing that comparison.

    Face your work. Do your best in your life. Let God do the rest for you.

    Mr. Mann

  32. This anonymous whistle blower na akproko jealousy dey worry you. If it pains very very well, why don't you find your own rich man. Nawa oo.

  33. Keep it moving, what will the church elders do other than suspend her? She can easily move to another church.
    Remember that those marriages will never be the same again after this your revelation and some families might even leave the church.
    This information is not about her, it is more about managing your emotions and how you judge fellow humans like you. It could be God's way of freeing you from the pressures of church/human expectations. Focus on your walk with God, if you can't stand the hypocrisy then leave that congregation.
    Some men are known to insinuate sexual relationship whenever opposite sex seems to be in good terms and they speak of it as if it's fact. One may not know if they're envious of the wealthy men and can say anything to prove a point.
    Face your life.

  34. Poster, I understand you very and I know how you feel, forget those saying you are jealous or bla bla bla. Just ask God to bless the works of your hands so that you can look good and be able to get whatever your heart desires so that you don't feel pressured.

  35. My dear sister, mind your business

  36. This sounds a lot like jealousy.. please stay on your lane and try to mind your business

  37. I will not say you are jealous but you
    should learn to mind your business and face your life.Allow people to live their life the way they want. Remember that no one can fool God. Do you believe in law of retributive justice if yes,please face front.
    Chil loving

  38. Never war/attempt at church, it never ends well.

  39. Please mind your business and focus your energy on yourself.

  40. Instead of you to go to church and pray for your life to move forward, then after service, you go to your house but instead ,you are investigating other people's life. Are you jobless? Personally im the last to get to church and first to leave. I dont even know anybody. Cant you mind your business?

  41. I think there is a reason why you found out because the Bible said that if you know that a wicked person is doing something wicked and you refuse to tell that person then the blood of that person will be on your head (paraphrasing) but you are going about it the wrong way.

    First clear your mind about whether they are using her to compare or not and look at it from the angle of not allowing your sister to perish.
    I will suggest that you call her privately and let her know what you heard and ask if that is the true picture of things.
    Her response will determine your next action.
    Which include telling her to stop because that is the House of God and every child of God is to be holy because our heavenly father is Holy and you do not want the wrath of God to fall on her and perhaps on the entire church too.
    The second line of action is that you are wrong , you apologize to her and tell her to check whatever thing that she's doing that is making them say such against her.
    But do not go about trying to expose her in a way that would disgrace her because that is not love the Bible asks us to correct each other in love.
    May God direct you.

    1. Obioma, is one of the few persons that hit the truth. Poster please go with his advice. Others were just criticizing the poster.

  42. after you will all come here and be claiming Christians yet see how you are all commenting. I do not see any jealousy here by the poster. poster you have seen who she is but all you need to do now is pray for can call her and tell her you know all she is doing and she should stop. the bible supports correcting one another in love. you do not need to report to any pastor or leader. if she listens fine, if she does not then it is her call...if as a Christian you think you can continue living in sin without repercussions then you truly are foolish....see how sammy opkoso was long as I remember he was always cautioned about women issues but he kept at it. how did most people find out? we all know the Christians we must pray daily for God to purge us of all sins...


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