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Friday, June 28, 2024



 Last Sunday at a naming ceremony, I met an old friend. Let's call him Brother Thomas.
That year, he lost his job and was searching for another one to no avail. His rent would be due for renewal in a few months too. Then one evening, as he sat in front of his house, members of a particular church who were out on evangelism approached him in an attempt to preach to him and invite him to their church. He told them to leave him alone that all he needed at that time was a job and not a new church. The members told him to start attending their church, that they have CEOs who can offer him a good job if he is a dedicated member. He promised to attend the next Sunday.

True to his words, he attended and after the service, he met with the pastor. They had told the pastor about him.
To cut the long story short, he got Baptised there. Then they gave him a job in the church premises as a kitchen assistant, gave him a free room and he moved in. The pastor and his family lived in a building inside the church premises.
God answered his prayers, gave him a job and a free accommodation. His job in the kitchen also gave him the privilege of eating free meals.
Then Brother Thomas' woes started.
He must attend all the 5 weekly services in the church which included a vigil every Friday.
He had no freedom, could not go anywhere without the pastor's permission. He couldn't even visit his parents without permission and if there is a service, he must not go out, he had to fix any outdoor activity to the 2 free days when there was no service and he must go with permission.

No visits too, his friends (male and female) were not welcome there, if anyone must visit him, it must be a church brother or a relative and he must have informed the pastor before the person's visit.

On days that he went out, he must be home before 7:pm. No night waka.
He must not play worldly music in the apartment either with his phone, TV, Radio or even humming with his mouth.
Lastly, he must marry a church sister.
So, in light of the last condition, brother Thomas was not free to court anyone outside the church.
This did not look hard initially because his last relationship packed up shortly before he lost his job. Overtime, he discovered that the church sisters that would agree to court him were the church workers and most of them were being controlled by daddy and mummy G.O.
 The remaining sisters did not want a man who worked in the church's kitchen and lived in one room apartment inside the church compound.
So he forgot about relationship for the meantime and faced his job because (according to him) any man who marries a woman that is controlled by pastor and his wife is in trouble.
Note that the pastor had promised to sponsor his wedding if he married a church sister. (side eyes at SDK and Bv Teejay).
Brother Thomas planned to do the church job for a while until he gets a better job offer outside the church and he would quit but with time, he discovered that it would be impossible to get a job outside as he literally lived in captivity in the church compound. 
Remember that he only had two days in the week to go out, he must let the pastor know too and you all know that naturally, the pastor would not want him to leave the church job because this brother did other jobs apart from the kitchen one, he was very useful.
He washed their car and doubled as their driver any day the driver did not come, whether he travelled or he fell sick or he resigned. This he did for weeks sometime, while still working in the kitchen. He was their driver on Sundays because their driver did not work on Sundays. He was their gardener and cleaner when those ones did not report for duty. He filled in for the gate man too when he was not available.

He was their complete errand boy and they fed him, housed him and paid him 12k, 15 yrs ago (2009), in Lagos. He would send 5k to his mum in the village and use 7k plus the little tips he got to buy recharge cards,have a haircut, buy soap and buy Ori for his skin. He couldn't afford a bottle of perfume.

How did I know him and his story?
We became close because my then boss was a friend of their pastor and we used to go there together. I would walk up to him in the church compound and chat him up. He was scared of how his life had become but did not know how to break free.
We kept talking and he kept telling me all he was passing through, I kept encouraging him and gave him money sometimes too.

At a point, his mum fell sick but the pastor did not let him travel to see her. He gave brother some money to send home and told him to stay back for the special revival program currently holding in the church. Pastor told him they will join hands and pray for his mum's healing, he should send them some money to take her to hospital.
They kept calling him from home that his mum wanted to see him but he could not go, he didn't want to lose his job.
Then one night, they called him that she had died. He was very broken. He cried, he wept.
He particularly felt very bad that he didn't go and see her as she requested before she breathed her last.
The church gave him some money to support him for the burial ceremony. I called him and advised him that when he is travelling for the burial, he should pack his good shirts, trousers, suit and shoes, he should also pack all his certificates because he would not be going back to the church after the burial of his mum. I told him I would accommodate him and help him in his job search till he gets a job.
He grabbed the opportunity and that was how he broke free.
Are you in captivity in any way? it might be in your job, marriage, family house, etc, start talking to someone today. Yes, open up to someone and be ready to change your situation if the opportunity comes.


  1. Some people are users. It's every where. Thank you for helping him

    1. Thank you Mr Chronicle of a Married Man. You are the definition of a true friend. God bless you.

    2. I am sorry but you see Pentecostal church I dodge am, I ran away after 2years of worshipping with them, you see the worker of a thing chai! Modern day slavery!
      Infact if you see any Pentecostal worker anywhere buy am cold drink because my mouth cannot talk .
      Let me remain a Catholic even in my next life!
      Lest I forget the first mass I attended after the two years with them, there's this inner peace I felt that day eh! E be me let me sleep for chapel that day

  2. Thank God he grabbed the opportunity you offered him and freed himself.
    Some are still in captivity as we type. Some are not living in church compound but Pastor controls their home after they married pastor's choice of wife/husband. Before they do anything, they must tell pastor. If pastor says wife or husband should leave the marriage today, they will pack their load and leave .

  3. The evil Nigerian churches do. I've seen bulls(h)it like this up close. Churches use people and that's putting it mildly.
    They were trying to convince me to be a pastor years ago but I wasn't buying it. What they were preaching and what they were saying weren't aligning.
    My watch word remains this: Matt.11:30. "My yoke is easy and my burden is light." Any other thing wey pass this one, i no send am.

  4. God bless you for being an instrument in the hands of God in liberating that young man.

    This life ehnnnnn🥺

  5. That Church was the real principalities and power in high places.

    This one na corporate slavery

    Thank God his mom's death opened a new chapter in his life or else he would have still been there.

  6. Hmmmmmm if only some workers of Church office will start telling themselves the truth.

    Nice write up that should hit home 🙌🏽

  7. What!
    This story is similar to the one that happened in Ibadan. It trended on Facebook about 2 weeks ago
    Indeed, only God can help one unconditionally

  8. WINNER, YES I AM!28 June 2024 at 13:59

    This is bondage!

  9. Hmmmmmm,thankGod he broke free.

  10. That’s why God said that Judgement would definitely start from the Church…

  11. What should we call this one baying?

  12. Ahhh...hmn is well.
    Thank you for your help, God bless you

  13. Many christians have become disillusioned in church because of scenarios like this, what happened to helping someone get back on their feet and employing someone else to work in his place? Thank God he found a way to leave and thank you for helping him.

  14. I remember a time I was in a part of Ogun state. One day, I went to a parish close by. The children anchored the service, cos it was children's day, the next day (Monday). When first timers were called upon, I didn't stand up.
    I went back the next Sunday because I loved what those kids did. During the service, the pastor (he wasn't around the previous week) said, he wanted to do something that would surprise the church. He wants to elevate some workers to the position of ministers.
    He then called upon a couple. Made the man a pulpit minister and the wife the head of the Sunday school department.
    Then next thing, he pointed at me. Asked if it was my first time, I said no. He said he had never seen me. I said I came the previous Sunday. He then said okay. He asked me to come out. I did. Next thing he said was that, I am now a minister in the church. As in one of their pulpit ministers. I laughed and reminded him that I was new. He asked me, if God just knew me that day (can't remember his exact words).
    I said no and told him, I wasn't interested in the ministerial post. He refused and asked that a chair be placed for me on the altar where other ministers sat. Asked us to kneel down to be prayed for. I did. The man and his wife did.
    Immediately the service was over, I took my bag and FLED.
    Like, you didn't know where I was coming from. Maybe I just go commit one crime oh, you just made me a minister! I never went back till I left that place.

  15. Replies
    1. Real Living in bondage
      ThankGod he heed to your advice..

      It is well with him..

      Hello iya boys

  16. These people are whay the Yorubas called Amunisin...What!!!
    If he had not broke free,the guy would have wasted years in that place.

  17. Thank God he spoke up and God bless you for helping him

  18. I want to train my kids not to be a slave or in bondage to anyone because of favour. Thank God my parents never went through such especially from a pastor or church. I also read a story on FIN last week how a woman and her husband broke free from their pastor. Always avoid going to pastor home, na there see finish dey start. Pay someone to do the service you want to offer to the pastor. Although as an adult I do go to church for Saturday cleaning atimes but never to my pastor's/a high profile person's house.We dey respect ourselves.

  19. Some individuals are just the weapon fashioned against others breakthrough, like what is this?

  20. Thank you for helping him.
    God bless you.

  21. Wow..what a story. I'm glad you stood in for him. GOD bless you

  22. Thank you for helping him and thanks to God that they did not use juju to tie him down there, if not, you would not be able to rescue unless it is God's time to break him free.


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