Stella Dimoko Reality Tv Star Alex Rants About How A Female Fan 'Pissed' Her Off


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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Reality Tv Star Alex Rants About How A Female Fan 'Pissed' Her Off

Reality TV Star Alex Unusual Narrated an unpleasant experience she had with a female fan at a club and says many people are cursed with gutter behavior....
 I dont know why she decided to bring this on the Internet but hey, its not my Agbado!

Alex said....
"You see this socio medium, this our social medium space
I sincerely think that some people just have a gutter behavior and brains that are specially designed for it;I mean custom made
Tell me why am in a club dancing and I saw some girls across
One of them tapped her friend and said; Look at Alex
And then her friend looked at me
And I was like Yoh, it's me right!, I deserve it
Then at some point, a waiter comes to tap me a waiter comes to tap me
She's like; 'oh ma'am, the ladies, they want to take a picture with you
I look in their direction and am like, okay, come
Then the girl picked up her phone and said I should come to where she's sitting down
She wants to take a picture with me
And I look at the not one to look down on people
So when I say I looked at the person, it's not a case of what she was wearing or what she looked like
It was just the guts, from where
But it's now that am actually feeling the guts from where
That time I was actually like oh no really,you can't be serious, just stand up and come and take the picture
Anyways I waited for a while cause I was about leaving and she didn't stand up and I left
I got home and I realized that I didn't make videos, it's not like I realized, I knew I didn't have the strength to make videos today
So I went to the gram page and I saw some pictures and I was like let me download some pictures
Something just said check the comments, then I checked the comments
Someone was there typing 'Am here right now, Alex is not that fine'
I saw it in one post, I checked another and saw it too
Then I was like wait, chill Yoh
Cause if Comments are like more than 10, its hard for me to open it, am stressed
Then I open the page and am looking at the girl that was telling me to come and take a picture
Me that is Uchechukwu Asogwa, I should leave where am standing in my comfort zone and walk up to you to come and take a picture with you because you want to take a picture with me
I tell you this is a customized low life brain, I've never seen such a thing
People are wicked o
When you now take offense and react
You are going to be the one that would face all the backlash
Next thing you start to hear she's a bad person, she's always fighting
This is pure wickedness but I don't expect better from certain people".


  1. Wahala for who wan take pishure

  2. Na wa, this rant get as e be...

  3. All these stupid rant just cuz of a picture over stupid egos? Nne na wa o! All these celebrities really thinking y’all are that big, oh well, each Aboki to his kettle.

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Forget about any celebrity, what is wrong is wrong. As small as I am you can’t even try such with me. Imagine, I should get up and come to your side to take pictures. Celebrities are human too.

    2. Kelvin, the lady is wrong, celeb or not, it's her that needs something, she should have approached her and taken the picture and maybe asked if she can come to their table and take another one, assuming she likes that background so much

  4. Very unnecessary and childish rant Alex.

    1. What do you now say about the behavior of the girls, oh, I forgot she is Alex and she is meant to stomach rubbish to please others.

    2. You people judge without sense! You want something from me, you come to me!!! Will you say that to Genevieve ???oh because its Alex ?

    3. Some of you here though.
      Her rant is valid and nothing childish about it. The person she ranted about must have gotten the message.


  5. Na waoooo
    Life Of a celebrity
    Ko easy rara
    But she wanted to snap with a celebrity,no be she go stand up

    I just felt the girls Wana yeye her..

    Hello iya boys

  6. Some humans are mean.ğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜Ž

  7. Everything I read up there was confusing. I guess she's still under the influence of whatever she took while at the club.

  8. Alex are you sure that's what happened? Believing you these days is so hard
    The babe no try if na wetin happen shaa

    1. What do you mean by are you sure it's what happened....... Believing you these days is so hard.....Na people like you she is actually taking about....Lick some honey and learn to judge less's not that hard.

    2. That’s your headache, deal with it.

  9. That human beings for you. All those condemnation is just to prove to people that she has met the celebrity face to face. Nothing more. Is it not the Alex we saw on bbn? If you tell me that Phyna's pictures are always over edited in her face ,I would believe but not Alex.

  10. Alex is not beautiful, her body is not feminine, tnx to get height & make up. Check their pics in BBN house. Why is she not among d list of most beautiful BBN girls, each time that post comes up on blogs , for votes? As for d girls, they’re rude . No celebrity will even try that , going to them for pics , when they were d ones that wanted it. Alex, I hope u did not make up ds story bcoz to believe u hard.

    1. Alex has a good body. She mustn't be the most beautiful girl before you will know that she's beautiful

    2. Alex is not beautiful, not feminine. Can you post your picture let’s rate it?


    3. Are you even among the ten most beautiful in your extended family. Do you even come close to this lady you say she is not beautiful. Ugly things trying desperately to make others look like them.

    4. I think she is cute and has great skin. It is fine to not be the most beautiful.

    5. I don't even like Alex but she has a banging body please

    6. Alex has a great body but an unattractive personality and low self esteem. That’s just one out of 3 important things she’s got going for her and that’s just not good enough . If a lady is lacking beauty, personality must be top tier and vice versa.

    7. Alex banging body would be a lot easier to appreciate if she wasn’t such a dang pick - me. We all pretend to not care what people think about us even if we do. But she just makes it so damn obvious that she wants approval and validation from the world

  11. miz sope o🤣🤣🤣
    Celebrity life must really be hard.

  12. Radarada 😬😬😬

  13. 🤐🤐🤐

  14. Where is the pregnancy that they said she had for Mr Ponyor?

  15. Life of a celebrity shaa
    But what the girls did was wrong.


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