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Sunday, June 09, 2024

Sunday In House Gists - Comment Section Gists Boulevard

These are gists that from the comment sections of Spontaneous morning post and in house news that you may have missed...

Sunday spontaneous post was HOT. Very HOOT! Comments overflowed (over 360).
First of all, Stella announced that there would be a massive giveaway starting from Monday. She hinted that Miss Aboki's shop neighbor, a barber that lost his three clippers to a barawo will get 100k, Bv CEO Empress who had a leg accident will get 100k, other bvs too will be announced for 25k, 10k and 50k giveaway on Monday IHN.
Stella ended her memo by asking bvs to pray for Angel KOOF that God should bless them and give them their hearts desires, with double measure, pressed down and shaken together kinda miracle. Bvs trooped out to pray for Angel KOOF.
May God answer Angel KOOF's prayers. Amen.
There was gbasgbos on that same Sunday spontaneous post between Eka Joy, Blog visitors and SDK.
An Anon came to caution Eka joy to stop calling people's stories lies because Joy referred to a domestic violence story on IHN last week as "a figment of the writer's imagination", this was as a result of its shocking details.
The Anon shared her own DV story where her ex horseband uprooted her hair from her scalp together with the ghana weaving she made. She told us that the spot is now forever gorimapa as hair no gree grow for there again.
Eka Joy still came and replied the Anon that Oloungbo, the story na lie.
SDK now told Eka joy to stop calling people's stories lies and that she(SDK) knows that the stories brought to the blog by that writer are true.
Other bvs joined and cautioned Eka Joy.

Even Fidel the blog head master shared her own true life story where her aunt who was TTC for 23yrs was later discovered to be a semi-virgin. Her horseband's weapon had a dead battery and he could not enter the place, he was just using the soft thing to rub the wife's ponyor for the 23yrs and joining her to pray for a baby. Wife too did not know any better because she was a virgin.
Chineke meeeeh! wickedness in high places! Imagine not collecting better gbola for 23yrs after marriage. Olorun maje!
Eka joy said they should allow her to talk her mind because she no force anybody to believe her own stories.

Stella also warned one anony'mouse that is always waiting for her to write a memo to Eka joy before it will come and hide under the table and be doing ntoor to Eka joy, she told the Anon to stop being a mumu but to pick its own battle with its full chest.
One of our blog's old member of BVs, Bv Uzu Anwuli appeared on Sunday spontaneous post to greet Angel KOOF, Bv Jeweluchi Chocolate Noir asked where she had been, she replied that she is alive, had a high BP for a while then broke her phone screen and now the phone dey do daku daji. She also thanked all that mailed to check on her.
It is well with you Uzu.

On Monday Spontaneous post, Sister nurse Miss H narrated how the driver that was driving her back to school kept acting Fast and Furious on the road. All attempts to caution him fell on deaf ears but as God no want our blog nurse to see evil, He ministered to her brain, she now told the driver "So you think I'm scared of dying? there are situations where the car would have accident and no one dies except the driver" .
Na so Baba driver mellow down. He con begin drive like normal person.
You too can try this if you find yourself in such situation.

Official blog Chef, Candy told us how she made akara but the akara no wan gree for her, they were floating on top the oil, shaped like space ships. She said she can make pap even if they cover her eyes but akara no wan gree.
God will help her.

Zaram shared a story that looks like something from a horror feem. She said a man's car was faulty, could not move, he now called a mechanic to check it, the mechanic lied under the car to check the wiring, car started moving on its own, towards the owner that was making a call in front of it and hit him. After he fell, car still reversed on its own, moved forward again and finished the owner patapata. Nothing happened to the mechanic. This one shock me. May world people not catch us. Amen. RIP to him.

On Monday IHN, the good news from Sunday spontaneous post continued as Stella announced some giveaway recipients and more giveaways on the way.
They are: Last batch of 50k angel KOOF giveaway recipients: Blog worker 1 and 2 (to share 50k), Pinky, Onyingate, Yemgirl, Joan Alexis, Shootergyal and Anne K.
25k giveaway recipients: Chardey Alade,Tastebliss, Merriment, Ostrich, Mom B, Honey, Pretty Mary, Chika iya boys, Bennycoco, Teemah G, Ryah, Faithful.
Stella also told us that Angel Tangerine gave her 10k to gift to any bv and she blessed Miss Aboki with it.
Congratulations to them.

She informed bvs that 10k each for 50 bvs is loading and that she is compiling the list.
On Monday IHN comment section, Teacher NK lamented about the wuruwuru that happened in her school's entrance exam, she said parents and teachers connived to help primary pupils cheat in order to pass the exams.
World don spoil finish.
Many bvs came out to comment that Stella should consider them for the up coming giveaways, among them was Mrs Sharon who said everybody has gotten except her, some anons flew out, dem wan begin punch her before NEPA take light.
One Anonymous madam who has been possessed by the demons of entitlement also came out and lamented that the giveaway is going to the same set of people. She said she will stop visiting the blog and go make money instead because nothing to show for her blog visits. She also said she entered Stella's inbox to beg for money but Stella did not look her side.
Stella replied by thanking God for exposing the entitled entity because she had pegged her name for a business giveaway already. She told the Anon to go and meet people around her for money and to warn herself or else she will expose her mail plus her blog ID.
Madam Anon, nawa for you o.
Sister Nurse, Miss H also informed us that she has been singing about our ogbonge blog and its goodies to her friends and they have been rushing to register as members of Bvs. She mentioned two of them and asked them to say Hi.
Aisha and Bimbo you are welukom o.

On Tuesday spontaneous post, Stella told us that those for 25k giveaway should have seen their alerts and that some people from the previous batch of giveaway said they did not receive the monies. She told them to be patient because the problem might be from bank's network and would be corrected soon.

Blog most punctual student, Ali B cried out that his daughter was down with chicken pox, he asked for help on what to use in order for the baby's skin to remain spotless after, so that the millions he intends to charge for bride price would not be affected. Bvs trooped out and offered him different solutions, ranging from calamine lotion to seven keys ointment.
Ali B, hope our Adanma is fine now.

Miss Aboki informed us that she took her barber neighbour to the market and bought two new clippers for him from the 100k Angel KOOF gifted the man, she now gave the remaining change to him.
Great job Miss Aboki.
Another entitled entity came on Tuesday SP and lamented that it would be painful to send your account number and not receive YOUR money. Stella and bvs came out and gave it thorough lashing for calling the giveaway money "its money". Stella warned the Anon to desist from spending the money when it finally enters to avoid wahala for its self.
Na wah o.
Bv Suave narrated a weird dream she had. She said she saw her customer and her(customer's) husband in the dream with their kids, all dressed flamboyantly like they were attending a party, they now stopped by to greet her(bv Suave). She said people say such dreams means sickness or death of loved ones and that she has sick relatives, that bvs should pray for her.
I didn't know about this interpretation before now o. May God touch all the sick with healing hands. Amen.

On Tuesday IHN, Stella instructed all the 25k giveaway recipients to come out and indicate that they got alert. She also told the previous people who didn't get alert to be patient because she called her bank and they told her it was an internal problem that would be resolved soon.
Blog Aproko, Comrade Pinky's post was a sad one. He said he visited Lagos, the landlady of a house where he sat to wait had four children, all mentally ill. He said her husband picked race and left her with the children when their wahala was too much. Pinky was sad because his own blood sister also has the same issue for the past 7 years now.
Many bvs came out to share their personal experiences with such.
Kindly visit Tuesday IHN and read up for full gist.
To all passing through this, God is your strength and comfort.


On Wednesday In House News, Stella informed us that some bvs who were supposed to get 50k in the previous giveaway had not yet received it due to bank issues and that only two people indicated so far, BvTalita and bv Michohay.
Other bvs took to the comment section to voice out that they had not received their own 50k giveaway too, they were bv Mariam and bv Anne K.
Bv Anne K later commented in the midnight that she had received her own.

Stella also sent a shout out to a faithful blog visitor, BV DORIS DAY as her Woman crush Wednesday. She said this bv is a long time BV and super friend, super mum and grandmum who lives in Italy. According to Stella, Aunty Doris is so loyal and stood by her and cried so much when she(Stella) was dragged on Instagram. She asked bvs to hail her and not insult her because she no be our mate at all.
Aunty Dordor thank you ma, God bless you.


On Thursday spontaneous post, Blog visitor Baltika asked a jamb question. He asked those that normally pray "fire, fire fire , die die die" whether those enemies actually die.
Bvs gave him different responses and some said the prayers work. One bv said the prayers are directed at the powers that pushes them to do evil.
Ok na.
Bv Asia asked after Blog king and CEO cum Assistant DNA Ambassador, Teejay. She said she remembered how he said he was going for surgery on either Wednesday or Thursday. She wished him a successful surgery and recovery. She said she understands how draining sickness can be because she has been nursing her sick mum for years. Lastly, she prayed for all the sick among us to be healed.
Amen o.
Bv Losty asked if she can report a dog that her neighbour bought and has been barking nonstop for two days to the police, she wanted to know if they will not ask for money.
I think Pinky can answer this question well, he has many experiences with the askaris.

On Thursday IHN, Stella talked about her bank issues, she said four people have not been credited and that they should keep updating her so the money does not enter voicemail because her bank said they won't reverse the money.
She asked anyone who gets blessed on the blog from now on, to only show appreciation once, on IHN, not on spontaneous post.
I pray they listen.

Stella told the prodigal sons and daughters who disappeared from the blog and reappeared that they would not get shishi from the business giveaway, even if they have wings and they fly at night.
She said blog King and CEO cum Assistant DNA Ambassador, Teejay is in the hospital and that if he can show proof of being operated on, she will give him money.
Lastly, she warned those who mail her from hospital and ask her for money to pay hospital bills to stopeeeeet!
She advised bvs to use protection for gbenshing if they are broke and stop making babies that they can't take care of.
Blog storyteller and aproko, Comrade Pinky came with a shocking story that sounded like an Asabawood movie.
He said when he was a university student, he bought a motorcycle for 35k and worked as a bikeman to pay bills. His business was doing well until suddenly, strange things started happening. He would wake up in the morning and his bike would be very hot like they just finished riding it from a long distance. After working, his money would disappear, remaining small change like #10, #20 and #50. This continued until he later had a dream which showed his bike was used to work in the spirit world by evil beings.
He stopped using it for a week, then a friend of his came to borrow it to travel to a far place. Despite his excuses that it was bad, he still took it. He and his passenger had an accident that almost took their lives. Oga Pinky later sold the bike for 12k straight from the police station.
He said he shared the story to show that strange things happen and we should be prayerful.
Many bvs came out to the comment section to share strange occurrences that happened to them, some even said Stella should do a post on strange occurrences that defy explanation. The one that offed me was the anon that said evil spirits carried his or her late dad from his room while sleeping and took him to a few houses away and tied him to a banana tree there. Osalobua!
Bvs, go to Thursday IHN and read everything there.
Bv Dreza asked Bv Fidel whether her bress don equal now as she don born another pikin. Dreza say Fidel been dey complain that year say na only one side her first child Andre been suck and the thing don make her get one and half bress. One bress con big well well pass the other.
Bv Fidel has not replied, I'm also waiting to see her reply.


On Friday spontaneous post, Bv Suave said she wanted to buy sweaters for her kids and they said it is 5k per one for second hand ones, not new.
She asked bvs that sew if she can use manual hand sewing machine to sew sweaters for her kids using one of her blankets. She also asked if one can learn sewing on YouTube.
Bvs replied her that she can learn sewing on YouTube but she must have little prior knowledge of sewing.
God is your muscle bv Suave.
On Friday IHN, Stella said that she will resend monies to the four people who did not receive alert of 50k giveaway because she has confirmed from her bank that their own transaction was not successful. She said the problem has been fixed and they should resend their account details.
Stella also said that some elenu razor bvs who insulted her via inbox in the past are applying for giveaway with their full chest. She is wondering if she should revenge by not picking them or pick them.

Our ogbonge teacher, slim and beautiful sweet sixteen Teacher NK covered Friday IHN with her beautiful face.
She gave a shout out to parents and children on midterm break and also shared tips on how to rock the midterm break well.
Kudos Teacher NK.
Kindly visit Friday IHN to read what she said.

On Saturday Spontaneous post, Stella told bvs to be greeting everyone together like "good morning everybody" instead of singling her out and saying "good morning Stella and bvs".
Una don hear?
Bv Triple C, Mr fine boy of SDK blog, Ade Ori okin bv Paris, caused wahala. He said he would attend a party whether they invited him or not, he would walk majestically and sit in the VIP section, eat rice and chicken, Amala and ewedu and use a chilled Hero beer to wash it down. Lmao
As expected, an army of anony'mouses came out to express their displeasure at his perceived show of shame. Paris our Iyawo came to his defense. SDK and some other bvs also came to his defense, they all told the anons to mind their beeswax.

Bv Justswt thanked Bv Candy for the refreshing pineapple tea recipe that she brought to the Blog. Here's the recipe for those that will love to try it: boil pineapple peel for 30mins (add ginger and cloves if you like) then sieve it and drink first thing in the morning. They said it cleanses the body system and also good for weight loss.
I shall come you way again next week until Onyingate resumes from her break.
Thanks for staying tuned to the blog and do have a beautiful week ahead.

Compiled by BV Aunty Oyokometer standing in for BV OnyinGATE who is recovering


  1. Replies
    1. Walahi, we have many correct writers for this blog. BV oyokometer double hands in the air for you. I just dey miss gists anyhow, iye o, iye o, iye ooooo.
      BV onyingate, get well soon.

    2. Thank you Dearie πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

      Hello iya boys

  2. As you’re praying for money, pray for good health too. Money without good health, is a pain in the body.

    Going back on past post few hours ago, I saw all your prayers and good wishes on me. I truly appreciate you all and thank you all. πŸ™

    You guys are kind.

    Those who called too and the ones that chatted and I wasn't able to respond immediately, I love you all.

    God bless you all.

    I haven't been operated on due to increment in the initial arrangement I had with the hospital. The doctor who arrived from Enugu where he works with the state hospital, gave another figure that's almost triple of what we went with. When he saw the pains I was into, he opted to give some treatments and drugs to ease the pains and to manage it while we work out things on a time frame not exceeding six months for the surgery.

    After the injections and drugs took, I haven't experienced pains for the past three days. I feel comfortable at the moment and happy at least for the relief. I can sleep very well and walk to a distance.

    I was diagnosed of Rectal Prolapse sometime this year(March) when I started experiencing abdominal pains and it deteriorated to the point I started having a painful bowel movement even though my stooling weren't strong. According to the doctor, he said if it was haemorrhoid(piles) it would go on its own after sometime but Rectal prolapse need surgery to fix it since it has to do with the rectum and large intestine protruding.

    Though he said mine is internal and mild but I need the surgery to correct the disorder so it won't deteriorate to colon cancer.

    It was that bad that if I cough, sneeze or fart it will affect my rectum. At a point I couldn't even fart anymore when I'm pressed cos it became so painful doing so. The most painful one was after urinating, when the last drop of urine is going out, I will experience a severe pain at the anus. I began to ask, how does it all connected? Cough, sneezing, fart and even urinating.

    Reaching on Friday evening, I fell on a slippery ground and crashed the screen of the phone I used as a support. Immediately my phone screen became blind. I have to fix it this morning making it the third time I'm fixing this phone screen. I can't stay another day again without phone before I fall into depression. The bone in my knee cap still hurt badly that I can't walk with my left leg easily. I hit that leg heavily on the ground.

    The stress on me now is much but I bless God in all. Hopefully, all will be fine soon.

    © TEEJAY

    1. Pele brother mi...

      The Lord will come through for you in Jesus name. I tried getting across though but don't have your mail address again.

      The Lord will perfect everything in Jesus name

    2. Wow May the good Lord heal you. You will come out of this hale and hearty in Jesus Name

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. So sorry for what you are going through Teejay. Speedy recovery I wish you

    5. Sorry about your health.
      Wishing you speedy recovery.

    6. God's speed Ezege πŸ™πŸ»

    7. What an ordeal!!! So sorry for all the inconveniences, Teejay. May God be with you. I wish you speedy recovery. You're healed in Jesus name.

      Pele Teejay.

    8. Sorry about that. May God heal you.

    9. So sorry,I pray God Will bless you financially so you will do the surgery soon.

    10. So sorry bro. May the Lord come through for you.

      Quickest recovery!!!

    11. Omo! Wishing you quick recovery TJ

    12. I used to think it is only people who allow gbola to enter through that other door that suffer from this condition, abi... πŸ€”πŸ€”

    13. Eeyahh, I wish you divine and speedy recovery.

    14. Thank God for you πŸ™
      Divine healing and quick recovery upon you TeeJay

    15. Speedy recovery Teejay

    16. Kai! It's well. May God help you pull through this. So sorry mehn. πŸ€—

    17. So sorry for all you have been through.

      May God perfect all that concerns you.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ€—

    18. You will be fine in God's name Amen... Jisike Nwannem

    19. Anon 15:56,

      Not really true. You can check it on Google and see all you need to know about it. Rectal Prolapse. Women suffer from it through after child bearing. The aged people too. It can also be caysd by spinal and nervous system issues. I remember asking a question here last year on the frequent Thursday post when I was having waist pains. I don't know if you can recollect.

      © TEEJAY

    20. God's speed Teejay. May God see you through

    21. Thanks to you all once again. I won't leave any stone unturned to see this come to an end. For now, I have been advised by the doctor not to engage on lifting any hard object or involve in any actions that's capable of straining my muscles.

      Also some food are not to be taken too.

      I will be reporting to the hospital every two weeks for checkup until the operation is done.

      © TEEJAY

    22. Sorry Teejay. Wishing you quick recovery πŸ™.

    23. So sorry Teejay
      I pray for divine healing upon young. Amen

    24. Anon 15:56, rectal prolapse can happen to anybody. I never knee what it meant till my Anatomy and physiology class. In fact, the kind of sicknesses in this world ee yapa. One has to be thanking God every time for keeping us healthy.

    25. So sorry teejay nwannem.. healing is what I wish you.

    26. Speedy recovery to you Teejay.

    27. Divine healing upon you TJπŸ™

      EUM Cali

    28. Thank God for His mercies you are on your way back to full health. I think you need a new phone, Teejay, seems like there is jazz in that phone, brother. Was it a gift or you bought it second hand? Please, as soon as it is possible get a new mobile.

      May you continue to heal and be fully renewed to your strength. Good health is the only true wealth in this world.

    29. It is well with you, TJ. Wishing you swift recovery

    30. My heart bleed while reading your story. So sorry for what you are going through.
      I speak strength to every cells in your body in Jesus name πŸ™

  3. Wow aunty oyoko u try well well
    Speedy recovery to my onyin gate, biko do and come back b4 I get addicted to aunty oyoko

  4. Oyokometer.... Bv Onyin really tutored you and you are doing well.

    Bv Onyin, the Lord is ur strength. You are healed in Jesus name.

    If Stella should creat a post for things that are being human reasoning. Hmmmm..Some people go just dey cry on behalf of others .

    It is well with us

  5. Overflow/ hot comments truly. I wasn't able to go through all the gist during the week, this is really helpful. Weldon BV Aunty Oyokometer. Speedy recovery Oyin
    My mind is telling me to try the pineapple tea recipeπŸ€”... we must lose this weight ohπŸ˜‰

  6. Aunty Oyokometer 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
    See name 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    Fidel said she has one and a half breasts?
    Come and enter heaven let me see πŸ™„

    1. One and half my dear. One and half🀦
      Nor mind onyin o. The difference nor big well well πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      But yes, na one and half because kukuma now sef, I'm not lactating well. So Cleo is more formula fed than breastfed😴

    2. Fidel sis, no vex jare, that is not what I said . Aunty Oyokometer take your time o.
      When you commented about Cleo being fed formula, I now asked about your breasts, that how are they now, because you said one was bigger than the other back then when Andre sucked only one.

      So they are still like that? Sorry sis, be using padded bra to rock them.

  7. Thanks, Oyokometer for the summary

  8. " She said she will stop visiting the blog and go make money instead because nothing to show for her blog visits."

    Somebody actually said that? Na wa o. So your visit to the blog is solely because you expect reward from the blog owner after a period of time?

  9. Well summarized,well-done πŸ™Œ Aunty Oyokometer.
    Speedy recovery to you Onyin,I hope you are getting better?πŸ’•πŸ€—

  10. Wish you swift recovery, Onyin.

    Oyokometer, you did well. Thanks.

  11. BV Onyokometer, you did a very great job. I even thought it was onyin , and I said "ah, I thought she took a break" until I saw your name below.

  12. BV Oyokometer, you don give me title ba. 🀣. Nice one. Onyin, hope you're getting better.

  13. Stella has talented clowns here I swear🀣
    Stella it's good that you gave someone else to compile but pls don't allow Ebony oge and Justamy to compile it, we will not finish reading it till the next day. Any small thing, both of them will be writing long novel as comments

    1. LMAO 🀣

    2. Dey play πŸ˜† do you know oyokometer blog Id?

    3. Ah swear!! Very talented.

    4. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ i always skip that Ebony babe comments

    5. 16:01, this can't be Ebony oge, I don't see any sign of AI grammar here πŸ˜‚

  14. Speed recovery Bv tejay

    Bv oyokometer you tryπŸ‘πŸΌnice recap

    Wishing you quick recovery Onyin

  15. Well summarized
    Well done oyin

  16. Well done oyoko

    Onyin... get well soon πŸ€—πŸ€—

  17. LoL @ "Blog Most Punctual Student ". Wahala!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    You write so well. Weldone!
    Speedy recovery to Oyin, Teejay and all others who are down. May God heal y'all speedily, and provide for you to foot the bills.
    Thanks alot Oyokometer. My baby is fine now. The spots are all dried up. Na make e just clear finish remain.
    Best part is, my wife, son and I, haven't had any symptoms. Hopefully, we won't. Amen!
    Thanks again, and more ink to your pen!

  18. Get well soon, Teejay.

    Hello Dante, hope you are good? Nobody should come for me because I know some of you are cool he has been quiet for sometime.

  19. Well done Oyoko, nice compilation.
    Teejay dear, I wish you permanent healings πŸŽ‰

    1. Nice read. Didn't even know it's not Oyin.

      Wishing you quick recovery Oyin.

  20. This writer is a comedian 🀣
    Even the name is making me laugh. Oyokometer 🀣
    Abeg aunty, that is not how I said it. I did not mention one and half bress 🀣. See how you added maggi and salt for my innocent comment.

  21. BV Oyin! Please get well soon πŸ™

  22. BV Oyin! Please get well soon πŸ™

  23. TWALE for your Name

    True, True You be AUnty OYOKOMETER
    You really finish work, Your Mentor taught you well.

    Onyingate, I hope you are getting better?
    I wish you speedy recovery πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  24. Welldone Oyokometer.

    Quick recovery to you Onyin.

  25. Nice one
    Missed some post πŸ“«

    Quick recovery Oyokometer

    Get well soon Teejay..

  26. I wish I can write like this.
    Nice work. You are very good.

  27. Onichabor Christopher9 June 2024 at 20:41

    Good evening bvs, get well oyin, teejay and my mother who has been hospitalized, God will see you all healed. Have a nice fruitful week

  28. Oyin, I love your prodigal daughters and son statement, I guess they thought they would receive a fattened calf and party upon their return. June jubilee got everyone in a frenzy, everybody crawling out from under their rocks to see what they can getπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. It's not oyin actually, it's someone else. Oyin is recovering from ill-health but this person is a clown 🀣

  29. God bless Stella and her BV's, Teejay please get well soon

  30. God bless Stella and her BV's, Teejay please get well soon

  31. I said The Federal Common entrance exam into Unity Schools that was written that Saturday was....
    Kudos Oyonko metre πŸ‘πŸ» nice compilation. Speed recovery BV Oyin and TeeJay πŸ™ŒπŸ»


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