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Sunday, June 02, 2024

Sunday In House Gists. Comment Section Gists Boulevard

 This is a compilation of some of the gists and happenings inside in house news and the spontaneous posts comment sections...

On Sunday spontaneous post, Stella announced angel Koof's 50k giveaway. The money is to support BVs in whatever they decide to use it for. She also clarified that buttlickers are disqualified automatically and anyone that pins a particular gender on angel koof is automatically out. The BV from Saturday testimony post would be given 100k.

On Monday spontaneous post, BV Kelvin Edo boy narrated how a woman hit his car while she was reversing. Prior to this, Kelvin kept honking and honking but she still hit his headlight and shattered it, she came down and said a casual sorry to him. She told her, sorry nibo, in this jabagan era, you go fix am! Kelvin called his mechanic and he said it would cost 13k to repair... Like princess,she walked to the nearest POS to withdraw the said amount and hand it over to him. The POS operator decided to be a "feminist" he was angrily fighting Kelvin and querying him on why he would collect the money from his damaged headlight from a woman.
On Monday in house news, Stella told BVs (both recipients, aspiring recipients and well wishers) to stop littering the Blog's comment section with "thank you" comments. She told them to throw away their home training, acknowledge receiving once and move on. Stella also noted that since actual rain refused to fall in Nigeria, it would rain money on SDKBLOG because after flogging some BVs with 50k each,more people would be hit with 10k each.
Stella said that giveaway season is her best season because it uplifts her soul. She also said that anybody fit be receiver for this giveaway, both Blog's "bill gates" or "Elon musk" because things hard and the "chicken change" wey she wan give fit cover even the tiniest expenses. Stella told FBI's to leave beneficiaries alone and not troll them unless they've ever displayed toxic tendencies and accusers must show evidence.

The following people are the first batch of beneficiaries; Praise, Gloglo,Vicky posh, Gifted, Mom Ella, Osundi, Grateful Soul, neat and cut Designs, Justyswt, Mercy, Azed, Baruch, Mercy, Ummu, Miss H, Games Mistress, Adaoluchi, Altulage, Arike, Rhapsody and Elsa. Stella instructed them to post their account details by 4pm on the blog, she would copy, delete and not enable it. Congratulations to you all.
BV Justamy, (Anon from the testimony post was gifted 100k by angel Koof.
At 18. 38, Stella called out BV Baruch for posting multiple accounts numbers, it seemed as though a blog anini had already cloned her (plastic) ID and collected her money.
Vicky Posh's name appeared twice on the list, with faith, BV Elsa notified Stella about it and begged her to insert her name instead. Like magic, Stella did her bidding.

Veteran BV busybody corrector have japaed to USA. Though, she still reads SDKblog but it's not confirmed if she changed Id. Popular BV Sisi Eko has passed on . She passed years ago, may her soul rest in peace.
On Tuesday Spontaneous post, Stella announced that some BVs move in the Anini way. Someone cloned some BVs blog ID to collect their money. She told the thieves that the 50k they collected will birth curses in their lives if they do not return it...
BVs Baruch(Url blog ID) and BV Osundi (poor Network) were the victims of cloned IDs.

OnyinGATE three IDs were actually cloned and they collected the 50k each....When i am all done with this giveaway , i will try my best to find out what accounts were used......Right now its too difficult cos i was not expecting it

On Tuesday in house news, Stella said she would send 50k each of BVs Baruch and Osundi who were victims of cloned IDs.
Handsome blog comedian, King Jerry covered Tuesday in house news, King Jerry is very handsome, his face show, his show shine.

An Anon pointed out that BV King Jerry's handwriting does not match his handsome self.

One of the beneficiaries of the angel koof's giveaway got 100k instead of 50k, she commented anonymously asking Stella if it was a mistake or intentional. Stella told the BV that it was definitely a mistake. BVs berated and called out the BV for going Anon to indicate, they asked it whether she was chosen in anon mode. Some also assumed that the BV is one of the blog aninis that had a change of mind because of the threats and call outs.

Beneficiaries of the 50k giveaway indicated receiving alerts including BV Baruch (Stella sent her another 50k as promised.)

BV Big mama danced into the Blog's comment section on Wednesday spontaneous post, her daughter just gave birth to the cutest baby ever making big mama the youngest, prettiest grandma! 
Congratulations, ma'am. baby dust to all women that are TTC.

On Wednesday in house news, Stella had an update on the cloneGATE, apparently, she mistakenly sent 100k to 2 BVs instead of 50k. They mailed Stella and returned the extras. Monies were sent to 21 BVs and everyone has acknowledged recipient except BV Osundi, she says she hasn't gotten has. Stella said she can't do anything about it for now.
Stella resent 50k to 3 BVs because their IDs were cloned. She also instructed the faithful BVs that returned the extra money they got to say "hi" on the Blog's comment section because she had already forgotten their IDs.

BV the white Enchantress jokingly asked Stella if she should apply for giveaway because this current naija no easy. BVs didn't allow her to "press publish" before calling her greedy and reminding her that she just vacayed in France not long ago.

BV Abionah narrated how a doctor removed her sister's womb without informing her while performing fibroid operation on her. Abionah's sister is very sad. BVs asked them to sue the doctor.

BV Grateful Soul was among those that got 100k instead of 50k, she said "hi". She and BV Mom Ella also indicated interest for another 50k giveaway despite getting 50k on Monday. BVs called them greedy and selfish.

BV Vicky posh is also one of the faithful BVs. God bless you.

Blog's official EFCC, Shooter gyal took her job seriously on that post. She marked out those that were qualified or not.
Also, despite Stella's memo on the supposed recipients, BVs indicated interest in the 50k despite not falling into the category she mentioned.
On Thursday in house news, Stella listed the following people as beneficiaries of the single mom/dad, men, widows giveaway;
Onichabor Christopher- Man
-Exco (man):
-Michohay (man)
-Dark Diary poster - widow
-Oki Royalty - Single mum
-Teacher NK- Single mum
-Bennycoco- single mum
-Talita - single mum
-Mariam - Single mum
Pretty Tricky.
Stella told BVs that she chose BV Oki royalty because lately, she has been struggling and she couldn't fulfill her promised giveaway pledge.
On sighting Oki's name, BV Miss Aboki hoped she comes online so as not to miss the opportunity. Miss Aboki and BV Praise said they called her number but a man picked it instead.

 Oki and Bennycoco did not receive from that list cos they did not send in their names so i replaced it with Elsa and Osundi


On Friday spontaneous post, one of the numerous fans of blog alleged celebrity couple, Mommy Ayomide (Supernova) and daddy Ayomide (Dante) asked after them after they both disappeared from the blogs comment section, the Anon asked if they are planning a quiet wedding.
Looks like they both got busy and have taken time off....... I am sure his fans miss him 

On Friday spontaneous, it appeared that it internet rat now commets with initials spotted by BVs.....He was ushered out of the comment section shamefully.

On Friday in house news, Stella announced the influx of so many blog IDs. She said that haven been scammed 150k in the first batch, she would be very careful while choosing the last batch which would be posted whenever it's ready because some graduates of Sexy Mark Morgan college are roaming, have multiple IDs and borrow their "drivers", "cleaners" and neighbors phone for defrauding others. She also joined millions of BVs to hope that BV Oki royalty is okay. 

BV Anne k in reaction to Stella's memo about multiple IDs made it known to Stella and BVs that she sometimes comment with her blog ID "Anne k" and "Onemanbattalion". The reason is because she was very sick, sold all she had to take care of herself including her phone. So, now, she reads the blog from her husband's phone and signs out with the aforementioned IDs. the purpose according to her is not scam intended.

"Detective" Anon pointed out that BV Osundi might be up to some sort of games by claiming that she didn't receive 50k alert 3 times. BVs berated the Anon, they defended Osundi and told shim that Osundi is amongst the trustworthy and honest BVs on SDKBLOG.

The month of June started with credit alerts for some BVs as Stella announced that she had credited the accounts of those chosen for giveaway with 50k each. Oki's slot and another BV that didn't send his account details was replaced with Osundi and Elsa. Congratulations to them.

On Saturday spontaneous post, Miss Aboki said that she doubts that Blog's new cat and football enthusiast Galactico is the infamous internet rat because rat doesn't watch football talkless of having deep knowledge about the sport. Stella told her to never say never because internet rat is still crawling over her blogosphere, writing comments and bombarding her with watery apologies and numerous insults. Rat boosted that it has a new job but he still spends his lifetime on the blog. Stella told BVs that her workers are chopping big as she would gift them 50k each asides their May salaries. Wahala for who use bad behavior book sack

Till I come your way next week, may the month of June be fruitful and productive for you all.
Pls, BVs, patronize me this month of June, thank you.


Instead of flooding the comment section with ''well done Oyin'' and ''You are doing wellOnyin'' why dont you discuss on things she posted? The comments have become boring and because of that Onyingate will be taking a well deserved rest for two weeks .....She had a Bike accident and has been in hospital, she just managed to piece this together...... I was not even expecting that she would send this , so I am forcing her to rest...


  1. I thought i posted this and was waiting for comments oh, only to see that i sent it to

    1. Big Stella Lol he no easy Sha. well done

    2. Awwwww Onyi, sorry o. God’s healing hands upon you πŸ™.

    3. Y would one miss that fellow? Person wey dey make person vex everytime dey cap careless on a steady.

  2. Na wah comments plenty oooh. see so many new IDs..why una be like a dis sef?..By next week, fiam una don vanish...see nice words.......wawuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    dont mind me just catching cruise

  3. Sorry Onyin
    Wishing you quick recoveryπŸ€—

  4. Get well soon Onyin. BV Anne K, hope you're a lot better. Didn't read about that.

  5. Congratulations to all the giveaway recipients. May God richly reward Angel KOOF and Stella for using this platform to be a blessing to many.

    Here's wishing you speedy recovery, Oyin.

  6. Plenty things sup this week, so many bvs including myself smiled to the bank all thanks to God for SDK and angel koof.

    But people get mind sha, I pray SDK is able to fish out the account details of those scammers.

  7. Speedy recovery πŸ™ oyin
    Actually that day that Stella asked single mum and co to indicate interest
    She also stated that she ll also pick the last batch from the said post
    Maybe I mis interpreted the instructions Sha

    1. How does it concern you orebe?
      Are you a single mum or widow!

  8. God's speed Oyin πŸ™πŸΏ. Nice compilation.

  9. WINNER, YES I AM!2 June 2024 at 14:40

    Quick recovery, Onyin

  10. Speedy recovery to you Onyin,rest well and take care of yourself.πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    Last week on the blog has been a graceful and blessed week even though some people/scammers wanted to derail the good course.

    Thankful for being chosen for the giveaway but for the records,I have not still receive the alert.hoping it will drop soon.

    1. Have you checked your account balance?

  11. So sorry Oyin πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— I pray for your quick recovery. Happy Sunday πŸ’•

  12. Congratulations Big Mama on your daughter's delivery. I missed that comment of yours. That's the dream of a mother.

    I'm happy for you.

    The past two days have been so hell to me. I have been indoor and bedridden. Sleeping most hours. I can't walk or stand more than two minutes. I feel this severe pains in my lower body(abdomen) that makes it so difficult for me to eat or even sleep well.

    Waiting on the Doctor from Enugu to arrive Port Harcourt on Wednesday so I can be booked for treatment.

    Pls do have me in your prayers. I want to be strong and heathy again. I haven't felt this kind of pains before.

    © TEEJAY

    1. Sorry TJ. Abi it's appendix? Or hernia? Get well soon fam.

    2. Let you healing be made whole IJN. Stay strong my bro. God speed

    3. Teejay, was any test carried out? For something that seems to have kept you indoors and in bed isn't Wednesday rather far off to wait for a doctor?
      Anyways, I'll trust your judgement. Have a speedy recovery man.

    4. Quick recovery to you Onyin.

      God's healing upon you.

      © TEEJAY

    5. I'm so sorry about your health Teejay. Pls, do take care of yourself. Pain in the stomach no be here. Pls be sure it's not appendix, my prayers are with you.

    6. Quick recovery nwanne, may God healing hands fall on you..

    7. God’s healing hands upon you TJ TJ

    8. Pele T
      Pls take your health serious πŸ™
      Get well soon.

    9. Wow TJ, I don’t like the sound of this. I pray divine healing on you. I am not sure why you need to wait so long for treatment but I hope money is not the reason. If you can, please get to a good hospital immediately.

    10. Chai so sorry Ezege world wide. I wish you quick recovery in Jesus name.

    11. Thank you TJ.
      Sickness will never be your portion in Jesus name πŸ™
      Remember by his stripes you are healed in Jesus name πŸ™

    12. As CEO empress used ill-health story to collect 100k, you sef wan collect your own πŸ™„

  13. Wishing you quick recovery onyin

  14. Oyin get well soon that mumu boy no get any job at all na mumu where ein wan see job i wonda whether ein blockos dey tied to this blog useless pikin.

  15. Get well soon Onyin. I'm sorry to hear about your accident.
    It is a terrible shame that people go as far as cloning IDs of existing BVs just to take what's not theirs. That's the lowest of the low. And yet such low lifes will be among those blasting government.
    I can't wait for the giveaway season to be over so that genuine long established BVs can have a sane community back to themselves. The emergency BVs ruin the feel of the place.

  16. So sorry onyin I wish you quick recovering..

  17. Hello point of correction, I got 50k twice with the same account number making it 100k, and I immediately entered Stella mail to send me her account number, so that I can refund it because I believe it was a mistake.
    She sent the account number and I refunded 50k immediately on that very day and also sent the screenshot of the successful transaction to her so she could confirm.
    This one that I'm seeing BV grateful soul got 100k instead of 50k, I don't understand.
    Then on the issue of indicating interest on single mom giveaway, I just commented that I'm a single mom and I was beneficiary of the giveaway two days earlier.
    Did I indicate there that I also needed a giveaway? ' I'm a single mom and I'm part of giveaway recipients two days ago, that was what I commented.

    1. But even you have to admit that it looked suspicious to say you're a single mum when they're looking for people for single mum's giveaway. People can only read your comment, they can't always read your intentions.

    2. The impression given was that you were applying again..

    3. Why do we need to know that you're a single mum despite collecting giveaway the previous day? Of what use is that information to the blog if not to stylishly include yourself amongst the recipients. Thankfully, you weren't picked and you sound bitter about it

    4. Ah! Shooter, biko take ot easy

  18. Sorry Onyin, get well soon
    I always look forward to this segment because of my busy schedules during the week, now with your column, i don't get to miss any post hereπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
    Giveaway everywhere you open on SDK, God is really faithful,
    This giveaway came at the right time mehn, hunger dey obodo now. Thank you Stella, thank you Angel Koof!

  19. Quick recovery Oyin. The Lord restore your health. Stella God bless you for coming through for people.

  20. Sorry about your accident, Onyin. Quick recovery to you

  21. Speedy recovery oyin
    I misinterpreted Stella memo that Tuesday
    She first stated that single mum and co should indicate interest
    Then she also said that she ll pick the next batch from the said post
    I did not indicate interest for the single mum and widow giveaway


    1. ***Then she also said that she ll pick the next batch from the said post***

      So why did you now apply when you saw the memo?
      You are not a widow or single mum. πŸ™„

  22. Get well soon BV OyinGate.
    Try and rest as Stella suggested.

  23. Get well soon onyin.
    Nah person salary dem write for perfume body so?? This life no balance.

    One day this giveaway go reach my side, until then I meuve.

  24. Thanks for the update Onyingate
    Divine healing and quick recovery upon you onyin

  25. Happy first Sunday of the month SDK family.
    I wish you speedy recovery Oyin. You should really take some time to rest.
    I hope the " aninis" have some conscience and return what's not theirs. There's power in the tongue.
    I thank God I'm a beneficiary.

    Have a Fruitful week everyone ✌️

    1. I just wish Stella will publish their account details honestly.

  26. Quick recovery Oyin. It's well with you.

  27. Pleasant surprises2 June 2024 at 16:15

    Onyigate,sorry for the accident,God's healing hands on you.

  28. Quick recovery to you Onyin

  29. Onyi quick recovery dear

  30. I'm going Anon to drop this comment because I don't want the few people that know this story to know my ID here (in case they read this blog).

    I'm just coming from yesterday's post on challenges women face. I'm 35. While pregnant with my second, I noticed I started to feel serious pains in my leg and hip joints, so much that it affected my walking sometimes. I thought it was pregnancy palava. A year postpartum, the problem persisted. I went for x-rays and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of both hip joints coexisting with osteitis pubis. The osteitis pubis means that I feel pains in the joints between my legs. I still don't know if it is associated with the pains I usually feel during sex. I feel pains in my knee joints also. Everyday I take calcium and vitamin d supplements. I feel these pains almost everyday because my days are quite busy.

    Chest pains began after I had my first child. Two ECGs conducted at two different labs showed normal readings. I was diagnosed with GERD but, like I told the doctor, I don't understand why I sometimes feel chest pain even when I've had nothing to eat for the day. I try to take things slow especially when I feel pains so that I don't exacerbate my challenges. It's well with me and any other person facing health challenges. May God come through for us all.

    1. @Anon 16:19 Amen! It is well with us my dear.
      I also read the post and it brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't even comment or write an update about mine. Women are really suffering. I remember when I posted about my fibroid surgery.
      "Chronicle of Hope - 25" August 1st 2015.
      It's almost 9 years, the fibroid is back, no child.
      One might be tempted to say the good girl tag don't pay but then... GOD IS FAITHFUL!
      One of the things that make me look forward to each day is that I got admitted into a Nursing School with God's help.

      So sad to hear about Sisi Eko, may her soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen!
      Sorry Onyi, get well soon.
      Congratulations to the latest grandma.
      This scammers, shebi una know say God is watching you people on 3D.
      Which day I go follow enjoy give away for this blog? Madame Stella remember me in your kingdom Ooo!

    2. I pray for you today, that it's well with every cells in your body in Jesus name.
      In Jesus name, let all bones in your body begin to receive the touch of the holy spirit in Jesus name πŸ™
      @NNL thank you so much.

  31. Thanks for the update, Divine healing upon you onyinπŸ™

  32. Onichabor Christopher2 June 2024 at 16:32

    Good day bvs, howz the go dey go, sorry oyin, you are healed in Jesus name, TJ, pls try to see a doctor except you know your problems. Enjoy the rest of your day

  33. Onyin darling, sorry about the accident. I thank God you're alive. Please get well soon and take enough rest even after you're discharged from the hospital. The Lord is your strength.

  34. Serious gbege for compound today. Today Sunday wey everyone suppose holy. My neighbours wife fought him heavily today. Her reason? The husband speaks Hausa with their housemaid and it's almost like they shut her out and she suspects something is going on. The man told her that if she sends this house maid away, she should be ready to quit her job and stay home to take care of the kids. No more maids. See wahala o.

    1. Why will the man be consistently speaking a language he knows that his wife doesn't understand?
      If it's me, I will be suspicious too😠

    2. That man isn't a good husband, see the kind of condition he is giving his wife. Doesn't he know it's a form of security for his family that his wife has something doing? What if anything goes wrong with his own income? Will he be happy if his wife constantly speaks a strange language with a man in his compound? Whatever you do, try to marry a kind person, some people derive pleasure in making others uncomfortable.

  35. Be well Oyin.
    May God rest the soul of sisi eko.


  36. I came late, was watching a movie I downloaded on YouTube. Name of the movie is "unlucky" bimbo ademoye and uzor arukwe.
    Sorry bv onyin, may God touch you in every part of your body.

    1. Was it interesting? You nor drop review πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

    2. Ah British bulldog is in the movie, come join Bimbo too? I'm downloading asap.

  37. Love love oyin's sarcasm alot!!
    Get well soon oyin

  38. Sorry Onyin , may God heal and make you strong.
    Congratulations Big mama on the arrival of your grand child.
    Congratulations to all the beneficiaries of Angel Koof giveaway, Abundant blessings, promotion, good health and long life is my prayer for Angel Koof, Stella and all the blog Angels for always touching lives.
    May the soul of Sisi Eko rest in peace.
    God bless your hustle Onyin.

    1. Thank you so much Esther 🌹
      E-hugzzz to your baby πŸ’—πŸ’—

  39. Wow!God bless the giver(s).Not easy in this era we are in.Healing for Oyin IJN......... Josaria

  40. Healing for Teejay IJN........ Josaria

  41. So sorry Onyin.
    Pls avoid bikes as much as you can especially this rainy the roads are slippery.

    Oki babe wetin na???

  42. Which one be mummy and daddy Ayomide again na! πŸ˜‚
    Rest well Onyin and please take care of yourself. I am used to your section because it's easy to read, witty, and simple to read rather than going through the whole daily column.

    @Stella, how do you intend to give us summary next Sunday bai? (Abi you will challenge one of the egbe wedger alufa males on this blog to write our summary for us, just to spice things up 😁)
    The sob stories is now getting too much for me, when is giveaway season going to be over...

  43. I don get Alert ooo

    GODWIN πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    God bless Angel Koof and Angel Stella.

    Gods Goodness,Mercy, Favor, Love, Prosperity, Longlife with Good Health will be Yours now and Forever Amen πŸ™ .

    May Good Measures Pressed down, Shaken Together and running over will always be your portion, Amen. πŸ™

    May God Grant you all your Heart desires, Amen.

    Thanks for putting a Genuine Smile on this Face. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    OYIN, Get well soon πŸ™

  44. Oyin, your work ethic is admirable. Thank you for doing this post considering everything that is going on with you. A speedy healing to you. I wish I could purchase your perfumes but I’m so far away. I hope you get all the sales you can handle.

    1. And her perfumes are really good and nice.

  45. Onyin so sorry about the accident. Get well soon and I wish you plenty sales.

  46. BV Oyin please get well soon, it is well with you Ma πŸ™

  47. Oyin wishing you speedy recovery in Jesus name πŸ™

  48. Which one is mummy and daddy Ayomide? Kai this blog!πŸ˜‚

  49. So sorry Onyingate. Quick recovery
    Can't wait to have you back here
    See as giveaway talk full everywhere.
    Na SDK blog dey reign now o

  50. Onyin, here is wishing you a speedy recovery πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


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