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Friday, June 28, 2024

Wordless Post



  1. Well Said

    Envy is like a Malignant Cancer

    It only gives rise to Evil

  2. Poor people really suffer a lot in my country. It's just as if they committed an unforgivable sin.

    Throughout my years in the diaspora, I never heard or witnessed the kind of "broke shaming" that goes on here.

    People are treated based on their assumed financial worth. It's nauseating because growing up in the 70's and early 80's we didn't know the difference in people's statuses.

    I have tried to raise my children to judge people based on who they are and I'm happy that like me it's your humanity that matters the most not your "pocketstance".

    Even the good book says that God will judge people based on how they treat the poor and the unfortunate.

    I want God to give me a favourable judgement.

    1. It is freaking nauseating. It's as if they all want poor ppl to roll over and die. They can't have an opinion on anything, they can't speak up about anything. It's as though the lifeforce in them is considered lesser by a great many. The saddest part about it, is that many who were once poor and worked themselves out of it, see the ppl in the very place that they once were in that same light. They are sick!

  3. You're very right my brother. Nigeria is a country full with oppressors that always intimidate the poor. Tufiakwa!!


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