Stella Dimoko Police Rescue Minor Chained And Starved For 3 Days By His Father


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Friday, July 05, 2024

Police Rescue Minor Chained And Starved For 3 Days By His Father

Operatives of the Bauchi Police Command have rescued a 5-year-old boy who was found chained by his father and starved for three days.

The rescue came after a tip-off from concerned neighbours
The police got wind of the child abuse on July 3, 2024, when the ward head of Gwallagan Mayaka area of Bauchi reported that he received information from a good Samaritan, a resident, who revealed that his wife Amina (not real name) had informed him that she saw a 5-year-old boy of their neighbour tied with a chain inside a room situated at the same address.

Amina promptly checked on the boy to confirm his condition and found him lying .He revealed that he had been confined by his father, during which he went without food for three days.
The Father who was arrested claimed to have confined the minor “in order to restrict him from stealing their neighbour’s valuables” and he was advised to do so by a friend.
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  1. You chain a child to prevent him for stealing your neighbours stuff, and starve the poor boy. They should do the same thing to him.

    1. They should treat him th same way. Wicked father.

    2. Maybe he has been starving him hence the poor boy resorts to stealing?

  2. Foolish father,so he doesn't know the child can die from this kind of punishment....

  3. Thank God he was rescued alive...
    Let d father be chained too...maybe for two years sef

    What a wicked man

  4. My God!!!
    So no other way to punish him from stealing? Than chaining and starving him for three days..
    What a wicked father that needs to be locked up in a mental hospital.

  5. 5-year-old? Haba nah! This is child abuse for crying out loud.

  6. Haaa! Chaining and starving him??
    You are training him to do more.

  7. Father from hell! Chained and starved the boy ke? What wicked man❗that's extreme...there are other ways to discipline a child abeg

  8. Such cruelty for your own son.🤨🤨🤨

  9. 😭😭😭this is just a child, God

  10. Han han! What a cruel thing he did.

  11. This is a cruel thing to do💔. Will the friend who gave you the nonsense advice do the same to his own child? Father from hell.

  12. This is too cruel a punishment

  13. The child was chained to allow the father to come and go as he pleases. He didn't feed the child because he hates him. No punishment requires three days for a young child like this. If the child had died he would have simply blaned it on Tinubu or said the child ate something he shouldn't have.

    May the good samaritan be rewarded from heaven.

  14. 5yr old!! 😫😫😫 God have mercy.
    What a heartless father.

  15. Satan incarnate of a father!!! Some people are just unnecessary wicked. They just want to be toxic so bad.

  16. The father is a mad man.

  17. Get Nigerian Foodstuffs Abroad5 July 2024 at 12:52

    Kai! He chained up a 5 yr old?
    That means the child must have been defecating and urinating and sleeping inside it.
    Maybe that was even part of the reason he starved him, so that he wouldn't produce much waste. 😞
    May the good Samaritan be blessed and rewarded for saving that boy.

  18. That Jezebel father should be chained for Forever
    Useless wicked Man
    Sorry Little One🫂🫂

    Hello iya boys

  19. This is heartbreaking 💔
    What kind of a wicked father is this 😔

  20. How people do this, I'll never understand!

  21. These are the people who say year after year that a distant president is pressing them, is wicked or is corrupt but people like this never see the Idi Amin in themselves. Of course, the friend who he alleged advised him to abandon a child to sit in his own stool urine is mere fiction.

    From petty thief, this punishment has made this boy a hardened criminal without proper sustained input and monitoring which he would most likely not get because of costs and ignorance. The boy will get more careful, coded and viscous with his acts, preferring to commit more crimes than get caught.

    This is the kind of man whose wife, parents or in laws have no influence over him, whose sisters leave the family home two days before he visits but the family would rather support the torture of a naïve or desperate lady in the name of having a wedding rather than blaring warning horns about how they have been unable to change him and his homicidal proclivities.


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