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Monday, June 25, 2012

Isabella Ayuk:All You Need To Know About The Disgraced MBGN 2012.

The MBGN pageant  is close to losing its credibility because of the recent disgrace of their current queen which the organisers are trying to sweep under the carpet.
For those who do not know yet,the current Mbgn was rejected by the Miss world pageant organisers over an alleged falsification of her age,but the mgbn pageant directors have announced that their queen isabella is not attending the miss world pageant for 'personal reasons'(story story!).

The eventual emergence of Isabella Ayuk as the 25th Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria raised many eyebrows as it was believed she did not win the crown fairly and thus they nicknamed her 'the malaria queen'.

Insiders who know the disgraced queen like the back of their palms revealed that she had tried various beauty pageants for more than a decade, until  luck eventually smiled on her via the MBGN 2012 pageant.

 Her first shot at trying to become a beauty queen  was at the age of 21yrs  in 2002 when she was in her 200 level at the University of Calabar.
After that  she tried the MBGN competition in 2004 without luck.

She was again seen on the stage during the organization of the Queen of South South Nigeria in 2007, a pageant she put her desperation and connection to test and won.  she was crowned the Queen of South South Nigeria but  Winning Miss south south was  not enough.

 Isabella met a young man, Mathew then a franchise holder of the Miss Global International pageant in Jamaica in 2009,and  on account of her connection with money bags, Isabella was hand-picked to represent Nigeria when she agreed to sponsor herself for the international pageant in Jamaica where she performed woefully.
After the pageant in Jamaica, Isabella supposedly 'snatched' the Miss Global International franchise from  Mathew and went on to aquire the franchise to host the Nigeria version of the pageant and feed the nation's beauty ambassadors in 2010 but instead of hosting, she jumped on the plane and appeared again as the contestant  for Nigeria and  this time she practically begged the organizers to give her the crown but her pleas fell on deaf ears because of the age factor.

After so many failed attempts, Isabella was again said to have approached the management of the Ben Bruce-led Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria pageant to allow her contest, but the deal she signed with them to bequeath her the coveted crown is yet to be unraveled.

A brief insight into her lifestyle shows that, Isabella is financially rooted and  lives in a well furnished apartment in Abuja and has 2 state of the art cars without any visible means of livelihood. 

she is well connected in the political circle and one of her sponsor  is Mr. Henry Imasheka, one of the business partners of the jailed former Delta State Governor, James Onanefe Ibori.

Insiders allege the current Mbgn was rejected to  represnet Nigeria by the Miss world officials after a tip off that she was older than has been officially declared.
This should serve as a lesson to the organisers of the mbgn pageant,more scandals like this will turn what they have worked so hard to build fall apart like a pack of cards. ...if  however they insist on crowning older ladies as queen,they can begin most beautiful older girl in Nigeria pageant!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Party Time For Crooner Kefee.

The award winning,silky voiced gospel crooner is planning a color riot party!

The party tagged 'color block party' is slated to hold on June 29,2012 at the her Branama Restaurant in Mende,Maryland,Lagos.
Celebrities from all corners of the Entertainment Industry will storm this party in their best color riot outfit and the winner will smile home with a gift.

If you know where branama kitchen is situated,you are also invited.....invitations to this event is open to all..

Check out kefee as color riot queen.........If you ask me ,I would say that she needs to add more colors to her outfit,this picture almost makes color riot a must wear!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alex Zitto Returns With Many Hearts.

Remember Alex Zitto of the 'tickle me tickle me',"Baby Walakolombo" "Country Girl" fame?click HERE TO SEE BABYWALAKOLOMBO.....Alex relocated to america over a decade ago and nothing much has been heard from him until now..hes back on the block with his song 'many hearts'. Watch out for the babe displaying tatooed bum THIS IS IT...Many Hearts is a love song and courtsey of

New Kid On The Block....:Omo Naija!

Lili Saint is an Imo State born Nigerian Hip Hop artiste based in France.

 This is his new single, Omo Naija. In this song, he featured Alex O(Remember him?).

 The song was remixed by Alex O, who is also the Producer, Director and Animator of the video. This single precedes the full album which will be released towards the end of the year.

Sex For N5MILLION:Actress Tonto Dikeh Responds

Tonto Screams "I don't even know the man!"

Taiwo Afolabi.

Hello people,you are on to actress Tonto dikeh,once again revolving around another controversy with sifax boss Taiwo Afolabi who has been accused of having dated 90percent of Nollywood actresses and given them cash running into millions just for one night.
When the rumour broke,we contacted the actress who sounded stunned at such news but went on to respond.

Tonto I am calling you to confirm another gist making the rounds. Your name has been linked to sifax boss Mr Taiwo Afolabi. It is alleged you had sex with him for a fee of five million naira. Can you tell us your side of the story?
....I Dont know him and the  name rings  no bell

.You have never met the above mentioned man?....No I have not

.So the story is not true?no one gave you five million for sex?....No please.

So where is this five million story coming from. First we heard of the five million naira you supposedly borrowed Mr Rotimi ajanaku who refused to pay and now we hear another five million that is sex related. What is going on?

....I wish I knew.

.So you cannot provide us any answers?where do you think this story is coming from?there is no smoke without fire and am sure you know that your fans are let down by such news trailing you without explanation as to where or how it came about.
...This is just another funny joke gone too far like all the others. I don't know where it is coming from. I don't even know who the man is. I have other things to concentrate on please,these are all unecessary distractions.

We thanked her for the response and wished her well.

Movie Producer Daniel Ademinokan Responds To Engagement News Trailing Him And Actress Stella Damasus.


                                  Daniel and Doris When It Was Good.

Good looking movie producer Daniel Ademinokan(who moved from being an ordinary movie producer in lagos to one of the richest single men in abuja with properties running into hundreds of million of naira) is having it hot at the moment with the gossip medium agog with the story that he is about to wed actress stella damasus
The movie producer who is officially divorced from  Actress Doris Simeon since Febuary 2012 was upset when we called him in New york(Where he was premiering his movie) to ask a few questions.
Daniel also categorically denied that Actress Stella Damasus was the reason his marriage failed.he said''between Doris and I we know what went wrong,thats all i can say''

So we asked him some questions.

Let me go straight to the point. There are repoerts that you are engaged to be married to actress stella damasus. What's the story?

....I don't know why people will not leave me alone. What's up with this sudden new found interest in Daniel Ademinokan's life. 1st it was Tontoh Dike, then I heard I was dating Mercy Aigbe,.now I'm not just dating Stella but engaged to be married to her? Na wa o
Stella and I work together and have the same production company. We Work together and If they cannot respect the fact that we are just working then its a shame.

So there's no truth in the rumour?you both are not lovers?...There's nothing like that at all. The thought has never crossed my head. 
I work so freaking hard burning sweat to keep my head and family in one piece.
Only for people to just sit and be making up stories
This is for the records stella and I are not lovers, we are not engaged and we only have a business working relationship please.

So people he has cleared the air.let this interview be the evidence against them if tomorow they indeed get married,abi?lets free him for now to go about his business.

Reconciliation Drama:Hubby Padlocks Manhood Of Gay Nigeria Chika Nwafor.

+Chika explodes "I want to break the padlock!"

                                        Chika                                                 Marc

After a messy breakup with German hubby Marc schwarz in 2010,the couple are back together proclaiming undying love for one another,a love that comes with a condition that is hanging heavy on the 'wifes' neck.

I spoke with chika who confirmed he is back together with marc but under lock and key.(I had to laugh at this point) .

I asked to know what he meant and the disturbed 'wife'who is presently in Nigeria dropped this bombshell "he locked my penis with a Tiny iron rope that holds my waist and is not covered at the back but my front side  is covered with aluminum and i can only pee and clean it"

.(In shock I asked him)How this?long have you had this now?...Four months
Is it not torture for you?
...Well it won't last for long because Am thinking of seprating from him.
And i will break  the key and divorce him and this time its final,Because i can't continue being the good  wife .

So why did he lock it?...No trust that's all.

.So why did you go back to him after last time you complained of too much sex which was causing you pain?....Well that's brcause i feel for him and also he always comes to beg,I didn't know it will be like this.

.Chika you are complaining now but were you blind when your penis was being padlocked?...Well dear sister stella i did it out of love  not knowing am imprisoning myself
Am even trying  To break that key and once  its done that means Am done with him
Am sick and tired of this suffering and smiling marriage because he cheats and still picks on  me as if Am am a  kid and yet padlock me.  This is prison. 

Chika is the only one who can free himself from this torture,whether he breaks the padlock or not,he needs to find peace within himself and not depend on a human being.

All I can say at this point is what chief zebrudaya alias 4:30 in New Masquerade used to say when something is beyond explanation. He says
"Are you are!"


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Funke Akindele Spotted On Honeymoon.

The Actress was spotted today Sunday June 10,2012 at marble arch and bond street shopping with hubby.

Footballer Kalu Uche Spots New Look.

You Like?i think it  'werks' for his face!

Thanksgiving Today For Mr Ekerete Udoh Who Missed Dana153 Flight!.

This man is indeed lucky!

Today he prepares to leave for church for a huge thanksgiving ceremony and before the congragation he will recall how he missed purchasing the ticket for that ill fated flight of sunday june 3,2012.

Read The details on Mr Ekerete Udoh's colum in thisday newspapers.
(This is an extraction from the piece he published)

''I am still in a state of shock and fright. I am yet to reconcile the fact that I was just mere minutes away from dying in what must have been a most terrifying, horrendous and mind-numbing way to die; I am terrified of how I would have felt seeing the plane swaying from one side to the other and the sudden steep descent; the realization that all what you had striven to achieve, the hopes, the years toiled in the oasis of dreams, of years of hard work spent to forge a sharp, educated and intellectually rigorous and curious mind was all but a wasted exercise-your mortality starring you in the face and helplessly, with a mind numbed and in shock, you saw your life that a few hours earlier held great promise get consumed in a boiling cauldron that was once a comfortable cabin- a cabin that attest to man’s great scientific ingenuity but now had turned into a weapon of mass death.

As you may have read in my column of May26th, I was in Nigeria for about three weeks and only got back on Monday-June 4th. On Thursday-May 31st, I had left Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital after I had attended the State Banquet hosted by Governor Godswill Akpabio to celebrate ‘Democracy Day’. In Abuja, I had a series of meetings and was to head back to Lagos on Sunday afternoon to meet with someone on Victoria Island for a meeting at 6pm and then to head back to New York on Monday-June 4th via Arik Airline that was scheduled for departure by 3.05 pm for a direct flight to New York.

Even though I normally fly Arik from New York to Lagos, locally, I have flown Dana more than any other airline. As I got ready to go to the airport that Sunday, my mind was focused on taking the afternoon Dana flight. I had planned to be at the airport by 12 noon, to purchase the ticket for the ill-fated flight. The previous night, I had gone to bed early, in order for me to wake up refreshed and ready to hit the airport on time. However, a Guardian Angel in the name of Ini Akpabio-the owner of NANET Suites in Abuja, which was the hotel I stayed, insisted that he must give me a send off outing at a nite club in Abuja. Against my protestations, Mr. Akpabio insisted that I must accompany him to a night club. “Whenever I visit New York, you always take me to nite clubs, we must do the same tonight-so go get yourself ready and I will be in your suite in 30 minutes” he had stated with an air of finality.”

With that and not willing to make him feel bad for all the efforts he had made to give me a nice ‘send off’ (ini, had earlier driven all the way from Uyo, where he ,had been for almost a week in his truck (jeep) in order to get to Abuja early enough for us, to go out and enjoy the Abuja nite life,) I lumbered out of the bed and took a quick bath and exactly thirty minutes, we were out to Cobana Club and later ended up at Nanet’s ‘Celebrity Nite Club”.

By the time I got back to my room, it was almost 6 am and I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was almost 12 pm. To add a curious twist to the whole situation, Mr. Akpabio had brought out a schedule that one of his workers had given him, which stated that it was only Arik Air that was maintaining regular flight on that black Sunday. “This is very strange” Mr. Akpabio had stated “what happened to the other airlines? Is this a new thing?” The Arik schedule I had, had listed the last flight for the day at 5:15pm, and I settled for that one. Now convinced that there was no need to rush to the airport, I took my time and only left the hotel at 1.15pm for the airport. I was shocked to realize that other airlines had maintained their regular schedules and that it was not only Arik Air that was flying out of Abuja that day. The trolley guy that helped carry my luggage told me that there was a Dana flight that if we were lucky, I might still find a space in it. We thus redoubled our steps to Dana’s ticket counter, and I got there only to be told the flight was fully booked. “You can book the next one which is 7.45” the ticket agent had told me. “Is there something you can do to get me on that flight?” I had pleaded, to which the lady replied firmly “am sorry, the flight is full and the door has already been closed.”

Now convinced that I had truly missed the flight, I settled for a First Nation flight that was scheduled for 6pm. About 40 minutes after I had settled into the departure lounge, I heard the news that the Dana flight I had pleaded to be on, had crashed and all the passengers dead. I couldn’t believe what I had heard and I started thanking God for using Mr. Ini Akpabio as an agent to save my life. Had I not gone out the previous night, and had woken up early and refreshed, I would have been at the airport by not later than 12 noon and would absolutely without reservations, had bought the ill-fated Dana flight. The schedule was a good fit for my meeting. I would arrive Lagos at about 4pm and then take a taxi straight to Eko Hotel and Suites for my appointment, which would never have come, since like the fate of those innocent Nigerians who, like me were brimming with hopes and great things to do ahead- people like my friend and professional colleague-Dr. Livi Ajunonuma, now ended up as charred remains of a flight that should never have been allowed to fly in the first place given the account of the whistle -blower who stated that the management forced the pilot to fly the plane even when the station manager advised against it.

God used Ini Akpabio to save my life and as I opened the door to my home in New York having had a very smooth flight on Arik Air from Lagos to New York, and as I starred at my daughters faces who themselves were screaming and crying, I couldn’t help but mutter “I could have been one of those burnt beyond recognition at that wreckage site in Lagos and you know what, you guys could have been orphans….but God has a mission for me- a purpose that has not yet been fulfilled…that was why he used a Guardian Angel in Ini Akpabio of Nanet suites to delay my departure to the airport.”

Friday, June 08, 2012

Tonto Dikeh/Moses Inwang Photographed Arm In Arm

Stop right there!......what exactly were you thinking?

This is an advert for Iroko Tv shot a week ago.

Movie producer Moses inwang and actress Tonto Dikeh are the faces of iroko tv.

More like a beauty and the beast advert if you ask me!

Actor Osita Iheme Tells Us What He Is Up To....

Actor Chief Osita Iheme,the Aha eji aga mba 1 of  Mbaitolu L.G.A in imo state.
Tells us what he is presently up to and why he no longer features in too many nollywood movies. The very shy actor evaded questions on when his marital status would change and tells us instead that 'God is the greatest'

Osita what have you been up to?your fans are complaining that you have gone underground. 
..I am not underground. I am still very much around and I Am fans should not worry. I am still around.

  have you done any movies this year?             
I  Just finished shooting a movie titled Karangiya ,an hausa movie.

A little bird told me that you have started screening the kind of movies you pertake in. Is there any truth  this?     
...I am not in a lot of movies anymore beacuase of the  kind of stories and marketing strategy that has affected the movie industry. All these  part 1 2 3 4 movies are not my style anymore.

The little bird also whispered to me that you have increased your movie fees like the much are you worth per movie?      
...Yes my fees have increased but I cannot give an exact fee for now because it depends on the negotiating power of the person approaching me with the movie script.

       What are your plans for the rest of the year as concerns your profession?and on your private life,should we expect any wedding bells this year for you?...I am actually working on a project, talent and skills , I am raising fund for the unemployed with good talent and also providing a platform for them
And the 3rd edition of osita iheme quiz competition for secondary schools is on course
Wedding bells?God is the greatest,everything will fall into place at the appointed time.

..Thank you for the interview osita and all the best with the project up your sleeve.
..Thank you too.

Actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Is Nollywoods Highest Paid!

....A few years back,the actress'take home pay was worth N1.7M and the amount made headline news with different schools of thought voicing their opinion

 That was the first time it began to dawn on observers that actresses who have paid their dues are actually getting paid.
As you read this omotolas take home fee is no longer N1.7M,the actress now collects N5M(five million naira per script)to be involved in any movie.

 According to observers"she has even turned down scripts worth N3M and recently turned down a script worth N2.5M and ireti doyle got the role. "Omotola got paid N5M for her role in movie 'amina' by producer tarila thompson whilst she go N4.5M for her role in ties that bind after a series of negotiations.

Lets say she collects four scripts in two months,thats a solid 20million keh!

Abeg maybe i should dump writing for a waka pass role eeeeeh.

If you disagree with this amount and think someone else earns higher,please let me know.

PS.....Omotola haters please take a chill pill and dont drop any venom comments under anonymous abeg una

Ex Beauty Queen Ene Lawani's New Look.

Ene Maya Lawani,crowned beauty queen in 2004,remains till date the longest queen to have reigned in any beauty paegent in Nigeria.
Ene who is now a headgear designer still looks hot....and different!

Actress Funke Akindele/Hubby Spotted.

The Actress and her new hubby were spotted leaving Nigeria for their honeymoon recently at the international airport in lagos.
The lovebirds only had eyes for each other!

Check 'em out!


Pamela Ifeneme Wins Miss Global Nigeria 2012

The 2012 edition of the prestigious Miss Global Nigeria beauty pageant which held last Sunday, June 3rdhas been won by Pamela Ifeneme, a 6 ft tall paragon of beauty who hails from Enugu State. The lucky girl who`s a second year student of Industrial & Fashion Design at the Yaba College of Technology represents the nation at the Miss Intercontinental pageant later in the year.

The show which held at Bespoke events centre had notable celebrities including foreign diplomats. Other lucky girls who will be part of the Queen`s entourage are the 1st Runner Up, Gbemisola Shotade (who was crowned Miss United Nations Nigeria, she represents Nigeria at the show slated to hold in Miami Florida )and  Cynthia Sapara who was the 2nd Runner Up.

The Queen won amongst other prizes a state of the art Renalt car, a steady supply of make up kits, skin care products and other beauty range from Eni Balogun`s Lise House of Beauty.

 Arrangements are in top gear towards presenting the Queen and her runners up to the governors of their states.
The Queen will be visiting His Excellency, Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State, the 1st Runner up who`s from Ogun State will visit Governor Ibikunle Amosun while the 2ndrunner up shares both Lagos and Edo states.
They will be discussing their pet projects to the governors of their states.

Congratulations Ladies!


You are logged unto


Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Press Release From Office Of The First Lady: Politicizing The Dana Crash

Our attention has been drawn to the orchestrated plan to politicize the Sunday Dana Air crash in Lagos in which many people lost their lives, through rumours about the possible cause of the accident citing VIP movement involving the wife of the President.

We consider it callous, inhuman and devilish for anyone to have thought of wrapping such national calamity in political garb by insinuating that the plane crashed because the airspace was closed for the First Lady's movement in Lagos.

For the avoidance of doubt, the First Lady arrived Lagos at about 2pm on Saturday, 2nd June, 2012 for a private engagement and was billed to leave for Abuja on Monday, 4th June, 2012.

In compliance with her itinerary, the First Lady arrived Lagos on Saturday. She was at a public event on Sunday when the accident occurred and promptly abandoned the ceremony as a mark of respect for the victims and retired to the State House, Marina. She left Lagos at exactly 13.15hrs on Monday, 4th June, 2012, according to schedule.

It is therefore surprising that some mischievous persons will see this moment of National mourning as an opportunity to blackmail and impugn the First Lady's integrity.

This is the time for all Nigerians to be sober and pray for the repose of the souls of the victims and not a time to subordinate the interests of our nation to narrow self-serving interests.

Let us all put the interest of the Nation first in whatever we do.

Mrs. Jonathan had no intention to travel on Sunday and never did. Like all Nigerians, she has been mourning the dead.


Ayo Osinlu

Special Assistant to the President

Office of the First Lady

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Did Presidential Jet Conveying Mrs Goodluck Prevent Faulty Dana Plane From Landing Before Crash?

I just received this -

"Is there any way of getting confirmation about news I'm just getting that the Dana plane was distressed for a while but could not make an emergency landing because the airspace was closed for 2 hours for  the Presidential Jet carrying Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan.

Private jet owners who had to hover in the air same time leaked this. This was apparently the reason local news didn't report the crash for so long till CNN and foreign news stations started reporting it.

Local news was 'blacked out' trying to kill the story of the airspace being closed while a distressed plane couldn't land.

It would be shocking if so. Though there was engine failure there was still time for the plane to have landed apparently.

You do know anyway that the airspace is closed for up to 2hours each time the Presidential Jet needs to go into the air? 2 hours for a 15minute take off or landing!

And this jet is used by President, VP, President's wife and if I recall David Mark.

It's almost a daily occurrence I've been told by airline staff when it caught me out on a trip

The truth remains that the President's wife was actually in Lagos to attend the christening of their personal assistant's child at the Oriental hotel.. Lekki. Anyone living on the Lekki axis saw first hand the horrendous traffic caused by the president's wife's visit..and confirmed reports from airport staff who volunteered information, collaborated this fact, that the Lagos airport was actually shut for 2 hours, about the same time the ill fated Dana Plane crashed. This also strongly explains the reason why Aero contractor airplane could not depart Abuja for Lagos at 3:40pm because of the closure of the Lagos airport. This is criminal and one can only imagine the deep sorrow ad-in-finitum (without limit) that the families of these unfortunate Nigerians and other nationals are currently plagued into. Grief that is so thick in the air, that one can cut through with a knife...rooted soul searching. Yes we have to and yes we can; beginning from our immediate homes and While we pray for the repose of the souls of the departed, we need as a nation to thoroughly do some deep ommunities.. with time this will snowball into our National consciousness. For how long are we going to sacrifice the lives of our dear brothers and sisters and by extension mortgage the future of their/our children, just for the comfort of our leaders? For a 15 minutes ritual of plane take-off, an airport was shut for 2 hours because our "DEAR FIRST LADY" was scheduled to return to Abuja.. OH merciful God, help Nigeria in Distress!''

NIgerians need to know what happened?who closed the airstrip for two hours on sunday june 3,2012????

President Jonathan Weeps For The Beautiful Faces Of DANA Airline Crash!

These beautiful people had dreams and hopes,cut short by the ill fated dana air crash of sunday June 3,2012.
Another sad day in the history of Nigeria,A bitter reminder that things are not well with the Nigerian nation...A country so badly infected by the corruption virus that innocent lives are the price paid for someone somewhere to stay rich.

                                           President Jonathan Shedding tears

Please if you are convinced beyond doubt that any of the airlines on ground are flying bad planes,do not patronize them..if only these people knew their fate on this one predicts death but to go uprooted and roasted in their prime?those kids?i weep for Nigeria!




                                                Banji Olukoya



                                                Ijeoma Onyuike

                                            The beautiful crew.

Check out the other VICTIMS PHOTOS HERE

Monday, June 04, 2012


Whilst we mourn and cry and get angry,this is the time for those in power and all of us to sit down and  Decide that enough is enough of Nigerians dying like chickens aboard aircrafts that should never even be allowed into the Nigerian airspace at all,talkless of allowing it to fly!
    The ill fated Dana airline of sunday june 3,2012 was a disaster that could have been avoided if the aviation system did quarterly checks on all airlines.
That flight with 153 passengers aboard had been reportedly under going repairs and was not fit to fly but the owners insisted...insisted because they were making money,ripping of Nigerians by their cosmetically induced planes which had been made to appear good on the outside but with dead engines!

President Jonathan has declared a three day mourning period but will that change anything?will
that bring back the Anyenes?A family of 6 who perished on that flight alongside wifes mum and two cousins?A family who came home to their motherland to attend a wedding slated for saturday june 9,2012 but died like chickens with their lovely four kids!!!

                                             The Anyene Family Perished On The Dana Plane.

will a three day mourning  undo what harm has been done?will it bring back the 187 dead people ???

Families are crying and i do not think anyone with a heart has been able to smile and go about as if nothing happened.

When those who are in power collect bribes and look the other way,what happens is a chain reaction like what happened on sunday june 3,2012.
The minsiter of aviation should begin to run checks on all the airlines at once.president jonathan should use his three day mourning period to call an emergency meeting and see how these checks can be effected at once..surely if he cannot tackle the boko haram attacks
on Nigerians,he can do something about dead beat pssenger planes running on our airspace!

The owners od Dana air cannot bring back the dead but they must be prosecuted,they must be made to pay and serve as a lesson to  foreigners who think they can buy dead planes and bring them into Nigeria to make money because the system is run down and no body is in place to conduct checks on these flights.
That flight should never have taken off in the first place because it had been under going repair for weeks and was in no condition to fly!
....experts say it is a wonder that flight even made it to lagos!
The aviation minister stella should wipe off those crocodile tears and get to work at once.
The problem with Nigeria is fundamentally corruption,so to say and the price we have to pay is too much...innocent citizens dying with the real criminals shedding crocodile tears!

It is time to occupy the Aviation industry,occupy the airports otherwise more Nigerians will roast like barbeque in broad day light!

What a black Sunday!

                                These Air Hostesses Perished On the Dana Plane!

May the departed victims find rest with the Lord!