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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Two Men Arrested While Stuffing N1.5m Into Their Privates..LOL

Two suspected robbers identified as Goke Wale and Ganiy Idowu, have been arrested by men of the Lagos state Rapid Response Squad. 
The duo were apprehended as they stuffed N1.5M abandoned robbery loot into their private parts in Oshodi.

Stella Dimoko Korkus Blog Is Playing Santa..

Today we are playing Santa....

Service Year Boulevard 7

This Corps member is still serving but she couldnt

Jokes Time...

Got anything that might makes the difficult ones here Laugh a little and loosen up?

The Meeting Point- 22

You both met somewhere..can you recall?

Big Church Foundation Set To Host The Disabled To Celebrate World Disability Day in Abuja

As the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities emerges, Big Church Foundation is set to Show love to the ‎disabled to mark this day

Happy Birthday Blog Visitors Olatunji Olabisi And Okediji Inioluwa.

Rapper Sasha P Blocks Fan Who Asked Her To Remove "Queen of African Hip Hop" Title From Her Profile

Rapper Sasha P may not have liked the advice.....Awon advisers should have sent her a private message instead of disgracing her on her timeline.....

Labour Room Drama 122


Actress Angela Okorie Advises Women Who Seek Love

Hmmmm.....I feel like giving this woman a hug and kiss for these words!

Trump Appoints Nigerian Adebayo Ogunlesi into His Economic Advisory Team

President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, on Friday appointed a Nigerian businessman, Bayo Ogunlesi, to be on his Economic Advisory team to “Make America Great again”.

Another First Class Graduate Dies In NYSC Camp....

OMGoodness what is going on???..

Is the NYSC Camp now a death camp?Please the Authorities should look into this or scrap this programme already!!!

Parents please think twice before letting off your wards to the NYSC Orientation camp with this new trend of sudden deaths.....

Anogiri ''NUMBER ONE''

Enjoy this new song in sweet pidgin from Anogiri...He says being number one and believing you are is what matters,doesnt matter what the bad man says.....

Twitter User Shares Hilarious Amebo On A Deliverance Session That Went South..

This is a serious topic but told in such a way that the humour is all you see as you read through and then when you get to the end,you realise ''Oh,this is serious''

Breakfast Time!

This looks yummy but no some would rather have Eba and Egusi soup for breakfast!

Doctor's Side Of The Story Over The Death Of A First Class Student That Died At NYSC Camp In Kano

Every story has more than one side to it and the Doctors in this munched conversation try to exonerate themselves from what killed the Corps member in camp...Please read from the bottom up or just scroll.......

Bag Of Rice Costume

LOL...The hard times in Nigeria is giving everyone creative ideas!
This model wearing this outfit made from bag of rice is BV Chucks Ibe and he says....

Saturday Laughs

Actress Amanda Ebeye Claps Back At Those Labelling Her Baby Mama...

I dont know what exactly ticked her off but Nollywood actress Amanda Ebeye seemed really upset when she made this post on IG...She seems to be talking to everyone and someone in particular at the same time....Methinks someone she knows said some stuff about her that got back to her ears hence the clap back....

Saturday Spontaneous Post.

I am still so Sleepy!