Stella Dimoko Nigeria VS Ethiopia Today......Who Wins?


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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Nigeria VS Ethiopia Today......Who Wins?

Nigeria has two points and Ethiopia one BUT the Super Eagles need a straight win today to qualify for the quarter final match.

 If Burkina Faso Defeats Zambia and the Super Eagles Draw their final match, they will qualify as runners up in the group, but if Zambia Defeats Burkina Faso, Nigeria must win Ethiopia for a chance to qualify.

Do you honestly think Nigeria will win from the way they have been playing?

One thing is certain,Nigeria needs a miracle to pull through today and i wont be watching because i have lost confidence in them.

I don't see them wining.......I dont!!!

Errrm i hope their bags are already packed sha.

Please feel free to come here and cuss me out if they win their match against Ethiopia Today!


Anonymous said...

Naija will surely win dis match ooooo i predict a 3-0 score with Naija winning.

somadina obi said...

Hope their bags are already packed??? **Hiss** Hope they're already Trekking down to Naija, thank God i havn't watched any of the match, they are too stupid to annoy me, Afterall it their job/occupation......Let them keep dis gracing their self as usual jare!

somadina obi said...

If wishes were Horses

Anonymous said...

i read ur blog and all i see is hate... u are too bitter madam.. take a chill pill

Anonymous said...

Foul mouthed Stella, have u seen the scores. Bad belle. Just be patriotic and wish well ok

Anonymous said...

Stella take a chill pill Haba!!!

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