Stella Dimoko Actress Omotola Advises Kim Kardashian


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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Actress Omotola Advises Kim Kardashian

Kim denied cussing out Nigeria yesterday on twitter and tweeted a response which
made many heave a sigh of relief

Nigeria's Alist Actress Omotola who is equally as sexy as Kim tweeted her piece of advise to the pregnant baby mama and i seem to agree with Omotola.....I do because Kims response came a little too late.

Omotola told her

The guy who caused all this stir about Kims tweet is Chidi (@chuckicheese),he created a photoshop'd picture and added BET to make it look Real.he has since 'confessed' on twitter but it seems Nigerians seemed to be looking for an opportunity to cuss Kim-K out......and they did!


Simply mee said...

ehn! ehn! I talk am!..ehehehehe.
Glad to hear it was false..if not ehn?!....but who is the impostor? and the reason behind this lies?

Anonymous said...

What €hidi did was not kul at al! Wel I didn't believe his stupid tweet that it was from the one and only Kim-K oh actually she still married so Kim Humphries tweeted that nasty tweet abot Naija!!! Xoxo luv u al!!God bless!

Michelle Vicker said...

Same here I also didnt believe that stupid tweet from €hidi. So true Kim kardashian is still married so she's a ful blooded Humphries LOL!!!!

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