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Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday In House News - Preach It Stella!


Friday ROCKS!!

Somebody needs to hear these words..Can i preach it?


God is a GOD of present tense...HE IS..and even when you go back to the part which say he WAS,he is still IS there....confused?

*increases voice on mic*

Remember that HE who began A GOOD WORK IN YOU IS FAITHFUL to complete it...forget whatever is before you now,GOD IS FAITHFUL AND HE ALREADY COMPLETED IT....that is why we are told that HE IS FAITHFUL TO COMPLETE IT,the word is with 100percent certainty because it is already COMPLETE....The word of God has no past tense and that is why you WILL do it,you CAN do it..........My your miracle locate you in the present tense in Jesus name.

OMG i made this up,dont even know if it makes sense oh,if it doesnt please pardon me..just using it to debut in house

Wanna preach in house from Monday to Friday?send it in short and straight to the point!...IHN will be back on Monday..Astalabista babies!


Plea for patronage plus Shoki
Two bed rooms, one among them is for the sailor, a kitchen and toilet.
SALPA K 30GT 2015 Model.
My contact number 08090599773(Kelechi)

GLO  285950256828840


Appreciation to Deft-Rains Solutions
Stella i would like to thank you for this platform and more grease to your elbow.This will make it the third time i"m sending i'm sending this message (as i sent twice last year) and i hope you post this for me so i don't look ungrateful, since i already got a call from them yesterday. I was a beneficiary of Deft-Rain Solutions giveaway last year and i want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their skills empowerment. I was the first caller on the day the advert was placed on IHN and i got the admission for free  to learn about Cisco Networking . I started lectures with them and by Gods grace we will be rounding up on Saturday. "Member of BVN" in Abuja and Lagos (I.T inclined or not) please patronise them. Thanks and do have a lovely day.


Dear Stella

Kindly post this Vacancy for interested BVNs
A retail pharmaceutical outlet is in need of smart and energetic In-store Sales Executives. Those living around Anthony Village,Ilupeju,Gbagada,Oshodi,Oworonsoki.will be preffered.
SSCE and OND holders prefferably
Experience in this field will be an added advantage
Only qualified candidates will be contacted.
Send cvs to

Thanks and God bless



Good afternoon bvs I will like to make a plea for patronage. Express maid is here to provide service for all your domestic needs from washing, cleaning and cooking for those who do not have a need for a live-in maid. Services are rendered at a fast paced time with complete client satisfaction. 
Pls I can be contacted via whatsapp on 08066684904.
Thank you.



 Please I have culture (Wooden) shirts for sale, I would really appreciate it if you can post this in the in house section. Discount will be given to bvs, the shop is located at Oroazi in Port Harcourt, and we also offer free delivery to any part of Nigeria.07046173557.
Thank you Stella.

Buy two shirts and get one free in the spirit of Valentine.

Shoki aaaanh

Fastest fingers over to u, decode the network and load.



Is it Wooden or Woodin?LOL


Plea for used Male or female Mannequin
Happy new week to all bvs.please am a tailor in benin and can't afford a Mannequin at the moment.please is there any bv that has any he/she is not using again?really need it to showcase the outfits I make. Am very good in making wedding dresses.please I will appreciate help a sister.God bless you contact please 08020692665.
Bv Tonia.



I have these beautiful earrings for sale at very affordable prices. 
The features are as follows;
*  Made in U.S.A
*  24kt gold layered on surgical stainless steel
*  hypoallergenic (no irritation to skin)
* light weight (for adult and children)
* does not fade or tarnish
* 100% full money-back or replacement guarantee on irritation or fading.
Contact: 08062087405 (call, Whatsapp)

5C23C943 (BBM)


 S.T can you imagine??
How wicked people can be.

Please dont mind my gbaguans

I am living with my Aunty. And she is pregnant (her first). But we've noticed that the pregnancy isnt improving. It was suppose to be 6months but you can hardly notice.last month, she went to scan and it was said that the baby isnt forming in her womb and needs to be evacuated or something like that. she went to a mid-wife in our village to report the case to her.

she is a powerful mid-wife in the village. She is highly recommended. She handles pregnant women with care. And dont charge them any thing more that 15k after treatments. She is an expect in male and female genital mutilation, she is the only person that does that in the village perfectly. Poor people that can't afford hospital high bills use her and she doesnt disappoint.
(infact God is using her)

NOW, that my aunty is passing through financial crises now. Her husband was a taxi driver. Last November, The owner of the taxi collected his taxi, with the reason that he want to give it to his younger brother that just finished school. And my Aunty is a petty trader.

So my Aunty went to this woman with the scan result. She examined it very well and told my Aunty that its nothing to be worried about, that she have been treating people with such case even worst since she started working. she can treat it.  We were so happy cos hospital bills is what we can't afford. She asked my Aunty to bring #7k for the treatment because of her financial problems. My uncle can only afford 3k at the moment. So i started washing cloths for people and they will pay me. 

Then we were able to raise the remaining 4k. We took it to her and she started giving my Aunty injections in her bum-bum. After One week, she said that the blood will start coming out like menstruation. But We didn't see any thing. My Aunty went back to her, she give her another injections that it will start showing her signs like woman in labour that she should come back to her clinic. After 4days, nothing show. Just yesterday,i had a dream where i saw my Aunty running away from the house, i tried to hold her but she pushed me away and kept running. I tried calling her back but she told me that she can't come back now. But she might come back later oo. I started crying, asking her why she can just live me alone here. She didn't turn back.

When i woke, i told her the dreams. We both prayed about it, she told me that she is afraid, then decided to go and see the mid-wife and complain to her about her treatments. The Mid-wife told her that she should not bother her self, that she will start giving her another injections from tomorrow. Then we started coming back. I was about opening the door when her call came in, she told my Aunty that ''while coming tomorrow, that she should bring 5k or there will be no treatment for her. My Aunty told her that the 7k that she paid was all that she have and can't afford more money.

 The mid-wife start shouting that my Aunty is a '' un-appreciative poor church rat, that she should try another place or a hospital and see how much they will charge her. Infact she is tired of my Aunty. That she shouldnt even come there again, she ended the call. I rushed outside to get recharge card, my Aunty called her back, she was pressing the call on 'BUSY', then she switched it off..

Since morning, my Aunty has been crying. Where can the she start from. How can the Mid-wife accept that she can treat what she can't treat. And the pregnancy is still there. My Aunty wants to go and fight the woman but am begging her not to.
Please what can we do now. How can we get @ this woman. Because all my aunty wants is to get her money back and start going to the hospital, how should we go about it??.

She should have gone to the hospital in the first place!



I need a very gd MUA in Abuja. I already ve basic knowledge. I just need a refresher course and I am willing to pay.
I will b on leave soon and I plan to visit my parents in Abuja.
I would ve learnt where  I live but I ve pd pple twice for Saturday course because that's when am free but family duties and taking care of 2 small kids made it impossible.
Please contact me on 08156733364.


Surprise your Love ones this Valentine and other special events of their lives
Choosing the right gifts for your loves ones can sometimes be a complicated decision to make
Let's relieve you of the stress and also spice it up with surprise delivery
Engage the Services of Geetouch Events as we give your love ones the suprise of their life time without raising suspicion.
Our services includes
Musical Performances
Room Decoration
And lots more
Let's tango on.......................
Whatsapp- 08065705147
Email :


Unique and fantastic African Fabrics
Dear BVN,
It's the season of love and no better way to celebrate your loved ones than buying beautiful Ankara fabrics for them guaranteed to last forever and stand the test of time.
They come in different colours.
No jokes when I say they can last for ever!  No wear and tear... You can't help it but just keep coming back for more...
It's unique design would single you out in that special occasion and make u look super fab!
Place your orders for yourself,  your spouse,  your parents,  Siblings,  Colleagues, Bosses and all you loved ones.
The price is so great that you will thank me later.
Call or Watssup Oshelenge Fabrics on;
Pictures attached and can deliver any where even outside Nigeria (with special terms).
Many thanks my darlyn SDK.



I advertised January for the designer perfumes my bro sent for me to sell and lots of BVs patronized me, cos I did so well he sent me more . I have female Calvin Klein (eternity moment, secret obsession, contradiction) Paul gaultier for men, Davidoff, Hugo Boss and cerruti image for guys and versace(Verus). Here are pictures, in the spirit of Valentine I'm giving this gold heels only wore it once for a wedding. My contacts are 08077196531. 08146886589


Hi Stella,  hope my mail meets you well.  Hmmm.... I have never experienced what happened to me at about 7:40pm Thursday.
I boarded a taxi going to Utako and on our way, at a bend, a guy just put his hand in the car and was dragging my wallet I was dragging too. Since I didn't see my phone on my lap, I thought he had succeeded with the phone because he finally ran away. The driver made a U-turn even as I was telling him to leave him and take me back home.
He didn't want to stop. I opened the car and was trying to come down while he was still moving. In my mind I thought they were in on it together. He finally stopped when I got down and was asking a guy there if he had seen anybody which I thought was extremely suspicious.
I started waving cars down to help me. One stopped and picked me to where I got a taxi home. When I got home, my mum was calling the line like 14 missed calls. Someone finally picked and told us to come to NTA at Area 11.
We picked a policeman on our way and went there. We called and the taxi driver picked and said he was with his friends gisting them what happened one asked him if his radio was on.
At the end he gave us and we thanked him and  left.

The reason for this mail is to let us know that Abuja is now very dangerous especially at night. We should be very careful. This could have gone any other way God forbid.
Help me thank God dear BVs.


please I want to plead with anyone who is into bead making or event decoration and is willing to teach for free or a little token and resides in Ilorin to please help me,I can be contacted on 07067971882. Thank you


Re: call out on Quincy cake
I just renewed my BIS so just reading IHN. I am reacting to the call out on Quincy.

I saw the advert of Quincy and I registered although I wasn't among the first 5 that she was going to teach for free neither was I among the first 20 (bvs get monitoring spirit o) anyway she asked me to pay N2,000 which I did and I was added to the online class.

I have basic baking skills but I feel knowledge is never enough. Her classes are concise and clear the only difference is the videos are not hers (which I didn't even have an issue with). The person saying she goggles her answer from the internet is funny. Is it because Quincy was trying to explain the chemistry of baking soda and baking powder? I have a degree in Chemistry so I could relate to her explanations and I was even excited.  Bv that sent the call out no vex but I do not agree with you.

Thank you Stella.
BV Bella D Chemist


.I make lovely customised souvinier bags from leather. and other quality materials for weddings, birthdays and all other occasionsetc. I also make simple handbags and travelling bags, for. those who are intrested in wholesale and retail.  I can be contacted on 08036278681 call or whatsapp, or at Below are few of the pictures. I deliver nationwide. Thanks.


Plea for make up kit
Stella please help me to post.this
Please,my blog family, I need someone to bless me with a make up kit,i have been learning with my instructor 's kit and she has asked me to come with my own and I don't have any, that's why I'm begging anyone that has one that they are not using to help me. In fact this issue is taking sleep from my eyes, I want to empower myself in this2016, and I noticed that‎ there isn't many people into makeup here in lokoja. Thanks
My email is


Hi, Stella, good day.
I've been stuck with these party tickets i got from someone to sell on her behalf. Since I figured I could earn some small money because I get 20% from each ticket. Not knowing who to meet or how to sell, because i stay on the main land. I wondering if I can do the advert on your blog, please.
Single tonight with Ini Edo!
Single and don't want to have a boring valentine?  It's going to be on the 13th of Feb. Why not hit Mimz lounge at 52A Durosimi Etti, Lekki to shake of the bad feelings of singlehood. You get to party and have fun and meet people while at it.
Tickets are available for 3k for men and 2k for ladies. Want the extra special treatment? Then the 10k for VIP is what you need. Why not contact me via bbm pin to get your own ticket- 567168D4
Note* A bonus ticket for anyone who buys 5 or brings 5 buyers.
Attached is a photo of the flyer.
Thank you.


Dear Stella good afternoon,obongawan efik,please I need to make an enquiry for a friend  that needs to start up a lounge in lagos and needs to know if there is an authority for licence/permit??? and also the cost of putting up one more like a start to finish advice. If there is any BV with any idea in this regard should drop a contact in the comment section,will pick up from there. Also BV must be resident in Lagos. Thank you.

Ok they can send the mail Thank you and have a stress free day.


Want to say thank you to bv Lawyer okohprecy in Benin. She helped me get my document in time Never thought i was going to get it that quick. She even took the time to send it to me through a transport service.
Thank you very much


Quincycakes"n"pastries CLAP BACK TO MEMO
Goodday Stella and Bv's. Please I'll like to straighten up some things concerning the allegations levelled on me yesterday titled "Calling Out Quincycakes cakes "n" pastries "
1. First, she claimed I always run to the Internet whenever I'm being asked a question. What are these questions?
• Is butter same as margarine?
• Is Simas unsalted butter?
• Where can I buy cookie cutter?
• What is a wire rack?
• Can I use margarine in place of butter?
• Is vanilla extract same as vanilla essence?
• What's the difference between baking powder and baking soda? Etc
These are all baking related questions that I already have knowledge of, I studied biochemistry in school and so whatever answers I give you concerning the reaction of baking powder and baking soda in a cake, how buttermilk is gotten as a result of lactose fermentation of milk or explaining the difference between margarine and butter and others are knowledge gotten from studying biochemistry and also a good researcher, cos I top my knowledge everyday by doing research.

2. Secondly, she claimed I'm not a baker, dearie you can ask everyone who knows me personally and they would tell you that baking and cooking is my passion. I started baking from my secondary school days, I became full blown when I entered the university, I started by making Puff Puff, Buns, Chin Chin, and Queens sized cake to assist myself in school and from there I became known cos I make quality snacks, then I graduated to baking cakes for birthdays, matriculation and convocation, I bake and ice 10 to 15 cakes in a day with the local way (pot, stone and stove) on such period cos the demands were much. "My people says good product sell itself".

3. Lastly you said I copy people's recipe and videos and send to you. Now show me a baker who doesn't source for recipe from the White and I'll show you a liar. You hear of Red Velvet Cake, Genoise, Carrot Cake, Champagne Cake, Black Forrest cake etc, these are all products of the white man. My dear, you don't just wake up one day and start mixing what you don't know, you must have a reference, a source, somewhere you must have gotten the recipes from, tried it and perfected it. All bakers in the house can attest to this.
I source the net, get recipes of different cakes and snacks and experiment on them, modify the recipes and bake for my clients.
The first training I did, I gave only the recipes (exactly the way I do mine) and methods of preparation and most of them still did not understand what I was explaining, so I had to back up the recipes with picture tutorial and videos which of course I downloaded from the net to be able to give a clear view of what's been taught, i did this to ease the job for my students. You want me to show you a video of myself doing all mentioned in the course outline (above 80 topics) and for how much? 1,500, 2,000, 2,500. No dear, I do one on one training, if you're interested in that then you have to pay 80,000 for the full package.
Since you had a source of getting all these materials then why did you register? Please if you're reading this, kindly forward me your account number on whatsapp so I can refund you your money. Thanks



Is there anyone who deals in nail studio supplies in wholesale, I need the prices of the following items and possible purchase if the prices are low enough.

Acrylic powder in diff colours.
Acrylic paint(paint not powder).
Liquid(monomer); does it come in 5 liters?
Silk wrap and fibreglass.
Resin and resin activator(If available in gallon)
Bonder (not super glue pls).
Gel paint.
Gel polish,Builder gel, base and topcoat gel.
Pure acetone(5 liters).
Acetone-free cleansers(5 liters)
Lint-free wipes
Fancy Nail foils.
Primer and dehydrator.
Uv lamp dat accomodates 2 hands.
Electric or battery powered drill.
Nail dryer.
Cuticle oil.

Wholesale prices please! Whatsapp me on 08189176777


Good afternoon bvs,
Love is a beautiful thing,and we at Sparkles Jewelries will love to celebrate one Lucky couple by gifting them this gold plated Movado wristwatches.
To participate, all you need to do is follow us on Facebook

drop a poem or few lines of words celebrating your partner (tagging him/her). The couple with the highest likes will be declared the Winner. All entry closes by  6pm onSaturday, the 13th of February,2016.

We will also be gifting this shopping Voucher worth #5,000 to the first bv that follows us and likes twenty (20) of our pictures ; and comment "SDK BV" under the gift voucher,on our Instagram page.

Please be reminded that our val sales has began and we will be giving bvs special discounts on the following items:
•His/hers watches
•Gift packed earrings
•Brooches etc
Contact us on:
Instagram: @sparklesjewelries
Tell/WhatsApp:08082011396, 08099779355
God bless SDK and SDK BVs.

This woman no dey play with advert,she will send you to come and show appreciation after you win,after you use the voucher and when you wake up the day after and then she will send an appreciation appreciating you for winning and thank SDK and all bv's...make una watch oh..I love sparkles die!


Hi. Please any bvs in Scotland should please contact me because I would like to get something small for my brother living there for vals and would need your help in purchasing it. I will pay the money anyway you chose. Please send me a mail to Thank you

Your brother?better talk true before the person you send chook head put oooh...babes aint smiling


Dear BVs,

Please i need the services of an efficient yet affordable:
1. Photographer/Videographer 
2. Decorator
3. Make-up artist
4. Caterer
5. DJ/Life band/MC

All for a wedding event coming up in June at Akwa Ibom state.
Kindly contact me via (ONLY FOR THIS PURPOSE). Thanks.
God bless you Stella for assisting me post this and more.



Are you a tailor or joiner?
Do you have passion for sewing?
Do you know someone who can sew?

Then we have the right platform for you!!!
We have fashion designers in Lagos Looking for competent tailors to employ.

All you need to do is send your Name, Location and phone Number by SMS 'only'08147080041 and we will get back to you as soon as possible


Howdy?you called me OLE BURUKU,i know what OLE means,please explain what BURUKU means so that i know.Does it mean ''sweetheart''? ''darling''?


Signing out
SDK.....GOD pikin!

Remember that this Valentine is a season of love...give and take...DO NOT GIVE BOOTY!!
*sorry guys,i have to warn the ladies off ya'all*



  1. Last IHN for the week, Missing you already
    Stations of the Cross on my mind, TGW hope you are prepared.
    Shout out to Sandra Imoh, Nwa kedu ije.

    1. Dammm those earrings are beautiful how much is it plz?

    2. @Flora.. It is well with u

      Pls,leave that house...take ur baby with u...find somewhere to stay till u finalise ur divorce with that wicked creature


    3. Stella me kno like dis ur mermaid package oo let boys chop somtin dat place is meant to be serviced U kno

    4. The shoe give away is for a bv in Benin

  2. last in house news for the week is here. father we thank you for everyone, val is two days from now, Oluwa biko perfect it for me. beautiful gifts for val this season.

    1. God bless the givers.
      If you want to know how to plant 'aki awusa' pls pay N5k.

      Na cake dey reign o. Cake pple abeg make una dashhh me cake for ds val now... una memo don dey 3much to read.

  3. TGIF

    Hello members of Bvn. How una dey?
    Flora okwuosa please try to separate from that man Asap. We are not ready to mourn any bv. May God send helper your way

    Money maker wife am beginning to love you Oo. Please continue with your gist #ILoveDrama

    Blogbrity I hail Oo. The no1 Trouble maker/entertainer of ihn ..lols... how una dey?

    Ghanaman good you tender apology. Hope to see your comment here today

    Nwa amaka( hope you dint forget),Iphie dierie $ LaFRESH kisses ..nice weekend

    1. We de madam peaceful maker o

    2. I did not and I cannot forget.

    3. Esther easy on the notice me tactics.
      In love with money maker's wife? For real? With such a personality

  4. IHN is bae,looking forward to this weekend.God bless us all,yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

  5. Yay, IHN don land, Oya make we read am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Fun time!!!!

    Please who will be my "Val "

    Any man that want to kill me b4 my time all in the name of marriage may he die b4 me

    God help me to be a good wife to my husband and children #amen#

    *runs away to look for shoki *


    Bv flora
    Maybe u don't need a divorce so soon. U don't make decisions when u are angry. Just separate from him, so u both can strategize how to make it work.

    This was your post of excitement after your trad.
    Anonymous31 December 2014 at 13:49
    Thanks everyone for your heart felt prayers............Amen ohhhh to all the good prayers.
    I was miss flora Okwuosa before but now Mrs Obiekezie. Lolz
    Am soo excited not because I got married but because God surprised us financially and gave me the only good man remaining on earth......I have known him for 10years n I can say he's the best.
    Thanks madam stella n thanks everyone . BV flora obiekezie

    I believe u need time to heal and know d first step. Do not jump to divorce. Most ppl saying divorce are suffering n smiling oooo. Just separate from him n heal.

    Here's a link to the post

    Happy Valentine to my boos here. Kisses NWA ANAMBRA.
    @Royalty.... Kisses for the dramatic week.

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. She's known him for 10years, but today she said they never dated.

    2. She will calm down and reason very well before taking legal actions. Love is sweet when you're with the right person.

    3. Blogbrity the monitoring spirit! Well done

    4. Don't I just love you

      Bv flora pls take note

    5. Are you saying flora should continue staying with the animal?
      You don't make decisions when you are angry?
      Who said?
      In this case?
      Someone that has been beating her up even when she was pregnant!

      Use your senses if u have any!

    6. Wait o,you've known him for 10 years? yet you say you guys never dated? Nawa o.

    7. Chop kiss. Maybe most BVs here need to watch the movie Mr and Mrs. A seperation is advisable. Both parties need to have a rethink and go for counselling too.
      With what I read above, something went wrong between them. Good luck FLORA in whatever decision you arrive at.

  8. How insensitive can some people be?
    Flora cried out and some heartless folks were making mockery of her situation????
    This could be anybody. This could be your sister or even your best friend. Nobody deliberately marries a monster (apologies). We all hear the same love promises from these men, some are lucky to have met the good ones, others aren't so why act like you know it all?
    Calling on all BVs especially those in Lagos to PLEASE help Flora In whatever way we can. Hearing her sob over the phone broke my heart. Please.
    @ BV Flora, hold on. Help is on the way.

    1. The fact that we vcime here to fight for fun doesn't mean we don't have needs. I could be in need tomorrow n need our help here. That's y we are family. We disagree to agree. Bvs please chill oooo

    2. Lolll@help is on the way.
      You must think this is the movies.

      Nobody was mocking her.

      But you should be careful of the words you say, it will come to bite you eventually.

      Some of you feel pompous, bigger than God, you will be humbled.

    3. Don't mind all this heartless bv's we have here!

      I know is the fustrated single ladies that will make mockery of her situation.
      SnM, u will see them sending multiple comments.

  9. God bless the givers and receivers.
    God bless me.
    Sdk rocks
    Sdkers are the rockers
    Stella is the rock
    Lee boo is the rocket.
    Jesus is the king

    " if you don't have a mind of your own, you begin to operate in the clueless direction of others"

    "Action + motion=.acceleration

  10. Stella Dimoko Korkus Awarded Blogger Of The Year By Nigeria Writers Awards.
    Thanks to all members of Bvn. You all rock


    City People Social Media Awards Nominates Stella Dimoko Korkus For Blogger/Blog Of The Year Category

    Voting ends on February 26, and vote for stella Dimoko korkus (click on her name and make sure you click on vote beneath. Let's do it sdk way

    Thank You

    1. And you had to change your name easah??

      We all know it's you doing this, why are you hiding?? So bvs won't tongue lash you?? Keep up the good work. You should be on stella pay roll. Because your advert for her is on another level


    2. Esther abi eesah stop this stupid spamming of posts with this nonsense advert.

      How can you reduce a blog like this to begging for votes? And from such a medium as city people.
      Cant you afford to create an add so people see it when they click if you must solicit for votes at all?

      Stop this rubbish at once. It's so degrading. There's a level you get to, you don't beg. You announced fine,leave your people to do the needful. Gosh!

  11. Replies
    1. How can people still patronise this mid-wives????????? With the much knowledge at our disposal this time. Bv tell your aunt to go to the hospital for crying out loud.

      Angelray on top recharge card all this wahala? If u want to give do so without all this wahala abegi!

      Madam cake trainer, u want to transfer the money back abi? Oya do nd transfer na. U ve forgotten customer is always right. Even if they ask what is the difference between round cake and non-round cake, it's ur job to answer. If u knw u were not ready to be asked questions, u shldnt ve put up an advert in IHN. I think u are just proud.

      Bv flora, please I am saying this again, think of divorce before settling for it. I understand when we r nt in d right frame of mind we make decisions that we might regret later.

      Happy valentine day in adv.

      Please who applied for this DSS recruitment?

  12. Drama loading..

    I have already tie it.

  13. Portable viv whose face looks like mashed beans aw u dey? no b me talk am o.....Kikikiki

    1. Lmao
      You are funny

      Am untouchable, no be faceless blog again.

  14. I called Flora Okwuosa, and we spoke at length. Her situation is more than what I thought. The way I see things, I don't think her husband is ready to stop, not until she is dead. According to her, after the yesterday beating, the Imbecile started another round this morning, she even ran away without her baby when the animal wanted to strangle her, and this is not the first time he has tried that, infact he has tried on many occasions to do that. Her parents are no more and her brothers don't understand her plight, no matter how she try to explain. Though I requested to speak with the fool, at least to tell him the implications of committing murder, but I don't know why she hasn't sent me his number yet. Please if any BV that stay around Lagos can help to accommodate her, at least for now. This is serious.

    1. It is risky to accommodate a married woman u barely know so well. Anything can happen. The husband can claim anything to the police

    2. @tony no be only call she needs Oooo. Money to start up again is needed. Kindly transfer

  15. BVs, abeg o, I just want to ask a question I urgently require your responses... if una like make una cuss me out, no wahala... But why is it that during any Singles and Mingle post, once a lady adds a guy on BBM or Whatsapp, she would be expecting the guy to say Hi, even when she is the one that added him o... what sort of rubbish is that?

    Nigerian ladies are so fake and very ''un-bold''. But mouth, Na dem be number one.

    Ghanaman, I am with you in your trying time.... but next time no de steal again, u hia?

  16. Stupid angelray4sdk nobody go patronize you. Stupid geh

    1. Abeg wetin she dey advertise?

    2. Don't mind the idiot angelray. Who da fuck is gonna patronize that ass hole?

    3. Ugly looking tops na hin angelray dey sell

  17. To all of u dat enjoy cussing people may God give u all peace and give u all extra brains!

    Back to Madam fLORA's case, work no gree me reply una,
    Num 1: I asked dat don't she have a family, excuse me I u saying an orphan can't have relatives ni? Is she an outcast?

    Num 2: I asked if she av a job, why would she say she left her job nd her life for a man dat can't take care of her, dats not smart, u are bring babies to d world and u don't av any means to caterer for dem talkless urself, pls were is d mother instinct in u

    And lastly: dis isn't d first time dat man is beating u, b4 marriage, after marriage, b4 preggy , during preggy and after preggy, Madam u went ahead to marry him cus u wanted to!
    Pls am a very realistic person, May God grant u d strength to leave Him and move on, and send u an helper! Stay blessed

    To my die hard fan anon mode, I still love u, keep monitoring jare! I need a bodyguard!

    1. Shut up dere. Cos u have relatives that care about u doesn't mean everyone has!

    2. Is Dat why u want to scatter our brain with terrible grammar?

    3. Funny thing is he might not have beaten her during relationship.
      He might not have touched her while they just got married. He might have started few months before she got pregnant or after pregnancy..

      Some times not every shoe the tendencies of domestic violence during courtship. I know that that's why I'm speaking..

      I dated my boyfriend all thru toll we got married, we never had a single quarrel. Some times I will try picking a fight with him but he will tell me how much of a child I'm and instead start petting me and taking all the blame even though I'm wrong

      Only for us to get married and after a year if marriage beating started from no where. After much beatings, I rented a house, moved out and lived without him for 2yrs with my child..

      During that time he did everything for us to come back together but I refused. He begged and begged and begged. And I decided to give him a chance after been separated for 2yrs..

      It's been 5yrs since I came back to him and he has never laid his hands on me again..

      What's my point you will ask kemi?? Not all men show this tendencies at all.


  19. Thank God it's friday

  20. portable viv whose face looks like mashed beans aw u dey? no be me talk am o

  21. Events by tegz,when are u announcing your giveaway cake winner.

    1. My colleague won it. Go n sleep. D cake baker in Benin ryt?

  22. Today is not really a good day for me...
    Have not been feeling well after I read the DV post..

    Happy val my beautiful people.
    Whether boo or booless val continues.

  23. I am missing IHN already!!!! Have a peaceful weekend Stella and all. #HAPPY VAL's DAY TOO#


  24. Don't give booty but accept dicks*side eyes @ Stella*

  25. BV with the evacuation story, start thanking God your Aunty is still alive. How can you guys resort to such a quack method? There are lots of Government hospitals around the corner, short cut its most times terrible . TGIF everyone

  26. Ihn otide oooo..... Ive bin craving for cake lately

  27. Today is not really a good day for me...
    Have not been feeling well after I read the DV post..

    Happy val in advance my beautiful people.
    Whether boo or booless val continues.

  28. Stella stop posting used cards haba

  29. TGIF...lovely weekend yu all...Quickie mbok reach me on zero eight one three three zero three four four seven zero.


  31. I need giveaway red velvet cake na, in the spirit of valentine. Ahan!

    Angelray, I've always known you were wicked, I just never thought you are heartless. How am I supposed to decode that "Richard card", eh? Do you know if I've eaten today? LOL

    1. The angelray is an evil spirit no, can't you see how it talks. Were you expecting anything good from it?

  32. please mothers in the house.i need ur baby is not adding weight.he's 2months and a week,he's still 3,5kg since birth.have tried Nan,Nycil and cowbell even adding akamu to his milk,still nothing.i give him B complex 3times getting really worried.pls help.stella pls post.thanks.

    1. U should have done exclusive, breast milk is the best for them at that stage,

    2. Whatever happened to breastfeeding your baby?

    3. 6 months exclusive breastfeeding is da bomb but u can try enfamil milk with nutriben daz what I use for my baby from 6months

    4. Exclusive breastfeeding would have done the Magic.

    5. She didn't ask you to tell her what she should have done. Mtcheeew.
      @TinkerFairy Take your baby to the hospital.Children grow at different paces if you really sense something might be wrong, go to the right place; HOSPITAL

    6. he's not eating enough. Go and get a good baby formular like aptamil. Since he's just 2months, he's too small for solid now. Go and get aptamil and make sure you feed him every 3-4hrs. Wake up at night too to feed him. If you can't afford the aptamil, continue with the nan or try sma gold but make sure u feed him every 3-4hrs including midnight and go and get a good multivitamin like wellkid

    7. Madam?! Are u been serious at all? Akamu for a 2months old? And what is cowbell Tina and nycil? Please put that baby on exclusive breast milk for the next 6months

    8. As long as he's healthy, no need to be worried.

      Babies grow differently.

    9. 3.5kg? That's really small for his age. My daughter weighed 6.5kg when she was 6weeks. I'm feeding her exclusively. Why are you not breastfeeding exclusively? I think that's what you should do if he's not gaining weight with the supplementary milk.

    10. All these for that little baby? Let me ask you- have you spoken with that baby's Maker? He that brought him or her out will do it.

    11. jeerz,cowbell at dis age?God give me strength?u want to wound dis baby abi?even if u cant do exclusive why are u changing milk up and down?wat did d baby ever do to u?stick to one milk (NAN)for now till he is at least 6mnts be4 u introduce solids(pap and cereal) ur breast milk has all ur baby needs.wat is all dis for christ sake?

  33. please mothers in the house.i need ur baby is not adding weight.he's 2months and a week,he's still 3,5kg since birth.have tried Nan,Nycil and cowbell even adding akamu to his milk,still nothing.i give him B complex 3times getting really worried.pls help.stella pls post.thanks.

    1. Meet your paediatrician for consultation. Probably they should conduct a test on him. But if everything is ok, just relax your mind, your baby would be fine. Are you Lepa or your hubby?

    2. Tinkerfairy,
      Look at the kind of orishirishi formula you give to your do you expect him to add weight?..
      Biko start feeding him enfamil formula...
      No be to fuck and breed children una sabi...

    3. Tinker fairy, exclusive is d best!

  34. I still do not understand people who go lengths to insult and tarnish people's image.
    You don't like something then find the next thing you like rather than lying and devising ways to spoil a person's name.
    Most of you scare me. One minute you're trying to help and the next you are on blast for something you know nothing about.
    Those earrings though, my mum would like that kind of design it's not very youthful.

    1. Indirectly saying the earing is for Ndi Nne mamas, hahahahha.

  35. I don't think nwamaka is referring to u as d oleh. It's d thief she first abused then went on to tell u she didn't think it was an exclusive. I understand her comment wella. But na u wey guilty conscience dey worry because u felt she is calling u oleh for plastering ur name over pictures that has gone viral since 1900. So chill stella,besides even if na u she insult,dont u insult people urself??? Abeg,go siddon jare. Every little thing u send memo. Mtchewww.

  36. Buruku means UNFORTUNATE.
    But I am sure she didnt mean it in that context.
    She's not Yoruba so pardon her Stella Kork.

  37. I was reading chronicles yest and saw one of the comments @ the end a lady asking abt ppl from igbo _eze. I will answer u, I dunno what part of igboeze u r married into either north or south but I know that enugu ezike is one of the places u do not go against their traditions, inshort Nsukka in general but on another hand how does their tradition locate us in this new generation who have no business with it? My dear, live ur life but be very careful is all I can tell u.

  38. I needed to hear those words now. I want God to disgrace my ex in the court of heavenly and human justice amen.

  39. Stella, so you believe that I called you ole? How I don't do that. If I have need to say something to you I mail you. I have too much respect for you to call you a thief. I was referring to the burglar on the post of the thief that he's head got stuck while trying to escape or access the inner house. I can't do dat ma'am.

    1. Even while reading it I know u can't call her names,u are one of the wonderful ppl we have here,and I love u ma.

    2. That settles it then.
      I also thought you were refering to her.
      You know we have yuppies waiting to jump on everything to cause havoc.

  40. Call outs and memos everywhere. Angelray4sdk, why did you add your blog ID to the advert? Them go chop you raw today.. Kwakwakwakwakwa

    1. Don't mind the bloody
      bumbumklat, see the wretched things being sold..... Wait is it not the angelray who wrote one fake letter and sent it to Stella claiming it was from one guy who fell in love with her??? Buahahahahahahaaaaaaa
      all na hustle sha

  41. Goodafternoon all,

    May we have a splendid weekend.

  42. All of you going online to learn whatever should stop. To avoid all this nonsense memo and reply. Okwuosa flora it is well with you. That your ogbemudia stadium like head husband will meet his match. Imoh Sandra what is it? O gini du? To think that I was happy that someone somewhere got a new phone to avoid multiple comments and you just took over. Sell or "sale" that phone, use the cash to buy whatever is wrong with the phone. Today is my mama birthday. Mami eku ojo ibi yin o! E ma l'ale, eni lale.. you will grow old and not die young... and I lost one of my aunt today whom those days as a kid, she will send you to go buy her mineral and after drinking it in front of you, she will use water to rinse the bottle so you won't even see a drop to put on your tongue if you are going to return it. Me now will just be frowning at her wickedness and my longer throat. Hello somebody...

    1. I give up! You're a case. Lool. Happy birthday to your mum.

  43. Dear Eka Joy,I tried paying for the 3 months subscription on iroko tv but it kept telling me not successful or whatever it is it kep saying and I should refresh and try again .i refreshed and tried it over 5 times. Same thing .please is paying that difficult ?

    1. Hope you know you will still use your data in downloading those movies. Some come as high as 250mb for pt1. To download one movie you end up burning 1gb. The next day they will show the movie on African magic.

    2. Let me see if I can get their contact for u. Keep checking comments here cos once I get their number, I will drop it for u.

    3. @mc slimz, send a whatsapp message to this number. Dunno if u can call too, I only send whatsapp msgs zero eight one seven eight nine two four six three two.

    4. @mc slimz, send a whatsapp message to this number. Dunno if u can call. I only send whatsapp msgs zero eight one seven eight nine two four six three two.

  44. Stella thanks,for posting. I dropped a comment yesterday, and someone asked me why going into makeup biz,my dear before going into any biz u will first of all do ur feasibility study,in my town of residence, we have few make up artist,and.also I'm on budget, u don't really need.a big shop to start make up and.nail fixing biz,all I need is a spot or shade in ksu,mostly outdoor services,and I'm good to go
    And blogbrity,asking me to stop washing my dirty linen outside, may u not be in a tight position, I don't want to die in silence, it's not easy to come out and.beg
    Pls,anyone interested in buying Q5,should pls contact me,i want to sell mine to raise cash,please I really need make up kit,anyone that has one she is not using should pls,pls,i beg give me,and God will reward u

    1. This woman,make we hear word naa for u and this ur begging..learn some other craft and forget make up.u think its easy to source clients??? If dem give u kit now,u will start begging for patronage and clients and by the time u dont get,u will become frustrated.pls go and learn puff puff,zobo and kunu making and go to schools to sell biko.

  45. Let your aunty go to the hospital oinin as much as that village woman is good, things go wrong sometimes. Go to the hospital......

    1. Send them some money. She had to wash Ppls clothes to raise 7k. What can she do to raise money for hospital. ADVISE HER

  46. Stella, u r just saying your own. If they want to give booty, they will.

    IHN seen...

  47. ladies pls close your legs this val season, Stella has said it. pls dnt go n open your legs and come back here to cry. Quincycake pls forgive her.

  48. See essay ontop recharge card, who do u want to be stressing his/her brain for recharge card? I'm very sure it would be 100 or atmost 200 card, if u don't wanna give don't, don't stress ppl

    Is the wooden shirt made of wood?

    Stella y would u say return fire, if someone doesn't get what she or he paid for y won't she complain? I know ppl get stuff online, but there should be difference atleast, make it original, don't copy and paste things without difference. Return her money. U would have told them ur original work is 8k and the copy copy one is 1500, 2000 etc. The money looks small but if u don't get what is being paid for then its painful.

    The economy is so bad, crime is really on the rise, we all should be careful.

    Have a great weekend.

    Miss u blog boo. Muah

    1. She had no right whatsoever to use ppl's videos to teach. If it was a free stuff, I'd understand sef, but it's paid and she couldn't go thru d trouble of making a video herself. Nigerians condone rubbish a lot, that's y they won't see d wrong d quincy cake lady did here.

    2. Can all those learning things online shop already..

      I will never intentionally patronize anyone that learnt how to do something online. How do you learn something from Whatsapp?? Na WA O. Instead of you people to gather money for one on one teaching you are doing Whatsapp training..

  49. Buruku no be sweetheart o na badest! HIM rocks. Guess I'd make first 20today. Yipee

  50. Thanks Stella for the post. Quincy no mind them jare. Carry go. Stella, your preaching was on point. When will I ever win shoki? Will comment as I read comments

  51. IHN....busy week as usual.Valentine weekend.I'll be going to church,then back home.Turn my room into a cinema and watch these movies I've had for a long time.Then read the pre and after val posts on this blog.Abeg,y'all planning to go visit le boo.Make sure you were invited before going.To avaid sleeping on the veranda.Happy val in advance 'BVNs'

  52. I don't understand why people play with their lives ooo.
    What happened to going to hospital when you have a delicate problem?
    Please stop this joke and go to the hospital.

  53. Be patronising some someone dat does FGM, is d women even a nurse? later come n cry foul. Mbok shift!

  54. Ihn of life!!....
    God bless all d givers and receivers..
    Val is almost here...mmm,who will be my val?

    Bv roblis cake,I'm so sowi,I meant quincy and not you...pardon my typo....

    Bv droyalty.....thank u for d welcome back speech, lemme correct some insinuations of yours......No,I've not done my "freedom",...No,nobody asked me to stop anything cos nobody knows me by dis name wre I'm learning....for your information I'm not learning whatever you think I'm learning for easy with ur sarcasm inugo?...#takehugs#

    Bv love me jeje..hawayu today sisterly?

    *faithful bv enemuwe thelma*

    1. But wait Thelma, Ajays cakes offered you free training, why did you go somewhere else to learn was it distance issues? Why na?

  55. All these blog visitors that needed training for cakes, how can you guys be paying N2,000, N3,000 when to learn how to be a baker you need to pay up to N80,000 or so. what do you guys expect. you pay N2,000 you now want to be the best? where that one dey happen.

    anyway if you come near my comment, stroke go hold una.

    too many clap hands abeg you guys should go and join cele people, na them like clap clap too much.

    madam that the sister is having pregnancy problem, please go to the hospital see as the woman just finish your sister with that curse. I know how the economy be, God will help you all.

    happy weekend everyone. stay blessed.

  56. Lemme read comments and troll.
    D'royalty please cease fire. You are one of the cool headed peeps here and I love you much.
    I love blogbrity too.

  57. My little sister is trying to play smart with me
    She's not been feeling too well and I've been the one babysitting her at home
    She says she doesn't feel like putting anything in her mouth that she would throw up.
    I gave her a glass of juice,she finished it
    Gave her corn flakes she finished a plate
    I even cooked noodles for her and she ate it all
    But when I bring out her drugs for her to take,she looks at me in the eyes and says Ma'am I don't feel like putting anything in my mouth cos I will throw up.
    Oh really?
    But I gave you juice and the rest of them and you didn't throwup?

    This little girl gon learn today
    She must take this medicine by fire by force.

    1. Lol...Chi exotic! Your sister just played you..hahaha. I always imagine you speaking with an American twang cus you write like it.

    2. Hahaha. Who no like better thing?

    3. Hahahahahaha. Chi Exotic haf kii me o. My immediate elder sister.I am sick I am sick. And she be munching all the goodies in the fridge. Then my Grandma be eyeing her then, sparks " I bia nshi bue na aghu adi nsho ngi mana ishe ewetana whuram, ishe ewetana whuram( shebi you said you are sick, but any goodie they bring you munch, any goodie they bring you munch all). Hahahaha
      Force her to drink it. She needs healing

  58. Replies
    1. Madam flora! Madam Flora!! Madam Flora!!! How many times did I call you,that evil man has been beating you before you got married to him,true or false (whispers true) ehen and because you were An angel you thought you could change him... innit? Now you have no one to turn to because when they all warned you not to marry that monster you said you must die with him,because Na you love help pass Abi,well done. now you are faced with the consequence, very sad... sorry about it. But women that their husband or boyfriend beat What do you do,do you just stand there and wait for my Almighty God to fight for you? Smh

  59. IHN is here!!! TGIF...Stella the ole buruku she meant was about the WA for you ooo

  60. Evacuation,your Aunty should please go to the hospital for the right treatment.

  61. Original mermaid this val! lol
    God bless all the givers.

  62. I hail o BVs. How una dey? So I have dis little problem and I want to hear your suggestions...Please I know it is an epistle but bear with me!!! Ok so I am a married mum of 2 beautiful kids. 3years and 1year old respectively. I am a graduate of ACCOUNTING. I married in 2011. I couldn't work since then because my certificate was delayed (Lasu part time ish) This year,my certificate is ready. And I made a very strong 2'1. Problem is, now I am searching for a job. Hubby had to take a job in Delta state because he lost his former job in Lagos. So he is away. I stay in Ikorodu.Now I have been getting offers for interview in lekki and VI but I couldn't attend because of the kids. I have been trying to get something close to home but no luck. My question is to working mums. How do u do it? Cope I mean? I don't have a mum and mother in law again(God rest their souls). I don't have a younger one either, neither does my husband. My son goes to school but my daughter still goes to creche but creche opens at 7. I can't leave home earlier than that. I really want to work and have my own money cos hubbys job is not fantastic but we have been getting by. I am just here... Never knew having kids meant that your dreams will be at the back burner! hmmm...I wish I had worked for long and saved enough to start a biz before getting married... I have learnt how to make cakes but my knowledge is so rudimental cos I dont have the money to learn it in a big place. I get offers for cake making once in a while but my knowledge is so limited compared to the geniuses out there. Pls mamas , how do I work and still ensure my kids not suffer? How do u do it mums? Stellalistic Stella, I love you...Chop kiss... Pls post!

    1. You could hire a nanny; that comes in everyday to take care of the kids

    2. What if you get a nanny that will watch over the kids while u are away

    3. Get a live-in maid or a nanny. Benue girls are everywhere because its the beginning of a new year. I know some agents that can help in case you are interested. You will stage categorically the age range u want. Maybe ages 18-22 (someone old enough to watch the kids while u work). You can stay in the house with her for a week or two and watch how she relate with the kids and take care of them. I'm not a mum yet, but I have a lot of working mums around.

  63. Please, sorry. I didn't add, the give away shoe is for Bv in Benin.

  64. Lack of money is not an excuse to risk your life!

    1. whats wrong with giving booty??? What is booty there for? Decor???

      Givers never lack, God bless y'all...

  65. Replies
    1. I hail o BVs. How una dey? So I have dis little problem and I want to hear your suggestions...Please I know it is an epistle but bear with me!!! Ok so I am a married mum of 2 beautiful kids. 3years and 1year old respectively. I am a graduate of ACCOUNTING. I married in 2011. I couldn't work since then because my certificate was delayed (Lasu part time ish) This year,my certificate is ready. And I made a very strong 2'1. Problem is, now I am searching for a job. Hubby had to take a job in Delta state because he lost his former job in Lagos. So he is away. I stay in Ikorodu.Now I have been getting offers for interview in lekki and VI but I couldn't attend because of the kids. I have been trying to get something close to home but no luck. My question is to working mums. How do u do it? Cope I mean? I don't have a mum and mother in law again(God rest their souls). I don't have a younger one either, neither does my husband. My son goes to school but my daughter still goes to creche but creche opens at 7. I can't leave home earlier than that. I really want to work and have my own money cos hubbys job is not fantastic but we have been getting by. I am just here... Never knew having kids meant that your dreams will be at the back burner! hmmm...I wish I had worked for long and saved enough to start a biz before getting married... I have learnt how to make cakes but my knowledge is so rudimental cos I dont have the money to learn it in a big place. I get offers for cake making once in a while but my knowledge is so limited compared to the geniuses out there. Pls mamas , how do I work and still ensure my kids not suffer? How do u do it mums? Stellalistic Stella, I love you...Chop kiss... Pls post!

    2. Learn a trade and be self employed

  66. Flora okwuosa, I remember you always abusing single girls, it's one of d reasons the president's wife called u out last year, so wit d plenty beatings u were chopping, u were living a fake life on d blog like all is well, cussing and shoving ur frog eyed malnourished horseband in our faces, now tables have turned and the truth is out.
    Hmmmm, never take social media serous

    1. My dear, I remember this. I remember every single thing.
      Isn't it better to be happily single and receive cusses from the "association of happily married women"?

    2. It could be u tomorrow. Just help her or shut up. We cuss here for fun.

      Not d diabolical cusses oooooo

    3. Not nice to kick someone when they're down. C'mon!

    4. Lmao @at frog eyed malnourished husband.

      @anon 14:29. Leave them o... My dh is this, my dh is that, meanwhile dh dey use am like tissue paper to wipe bum bum.

      It is still the single ladies who you were yabbing Mrs Flora , who are running around looking for a solution for you, Mtsheww.

      And to you, yes you, stop insulting people to hide the emptiness and pain in your lives.

      Learn to keep your private life private and your mouth bridled.
      Some of you talk so carelessly as if you have lice in your throat. Your office, your relationship, your family, how many people you've slept with etc etc, everything just pouring out of your throat like a drunk man's vomit.

      I've learnt to ignore so many fairy tales here. Some people are living in a MIGHTY FANTASY land here, trust me. Lmao.

  67. Quincy na true dem talk..... if u do copy n paste cant u give credit? u don turn ghanaman. Madam all ur teachings r copy n paste. Every topic was copied frm d net jor

    1. Are u minding her??? Thief! Na d stupid people wey pay for the rubbish training i blame. Something they can research themselves on google. Rubbish!!!

  68. Where is my blog mentor, madam xp? Love that woman so much,she is the kind of role model I desire in real life.going anonymous, cos I don't want bv's to see me as an ass licker

    1. You have no balls.
      So what if bvs call you an ass licker.
      Are they your God?

  69. Val Val!

    Been in d salon since morning getting pimped! Hahahha
    I haff suffered today.
    First,my stylist took ages in coming.I waited in my car for close to an hour before she arrived.
    Next my Pedi guy is nowhere to be found.dis is someone Dat I booked an appt wit since Wed.his phones are off.d girls and guys here whisper he has travelled for Val.
    Another guy z doing ma nails but u know how u don't find ur nails and hair nice if it's not ur person doing them. LOL

    And I wont lie.I am thinking of what I wil get on Val day.m watching Telemundo and chatting wit pals on ma phone but ma mind is not here.lolz
    And in d midst of my day-dreaming a fussy baby throws up on me as d mom tries to pacify her.I just smiled and whispered "I offer it up for Lent" but what I actually had in mind was "I hope all the sufferhead pimping matches my Val Pressies.

    Happy Val Peeps!

    1. Happy val TGW. I know that feeling. I don't get satisfied if it's not my stylist. I remember wearing wig for Xmas just because my stylist travelled earlier than scheduled.

    2. Nwunye G....I'm jealous jor
      "Infantile pouting".

      See me o. No show. Mtscheeeeeew.

    3. Lol,enjoy yor val jare.Need to visitmy hairstylist tomorrow.Will be looking good for myself.Hehehe

  70. Thank God it is Friday. Happy val to everyone.see you all on Mon.

  71. Nwa amaka no yawa,next time use COMMA....Kisses!

    1. Case dismissed. .... Nwa Amaka na your girl na.

  72. TGIF. Wish y'all a lovely and entertaining weekend.

  73. Bv that the sister went to a native midwife, why not just go the hospital? Pls tell ur aunt to do so immediately.

    Pls, the val shld do and come and let person hear word jare.

  74. I look forward to all the Valentine comments on Sunday cus BVs' never disappoint, lol.

  75. Thelma i am very good. how is your training going? Enjoy it well and God will help you to become what you have always dreamed of achieving.

  76. Now tell us Thelma, why did you stop commenting multiple times? #foldsarmsandfrownsface#


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