Stella Dimoko Madonna Slams Her Friend For Sleeping With Her Boyfriend


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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Madonna Slams Her Friend For Sleeping With Her Boyfriend

Madonna made a shocking revelation in front of an audience of 20,000 in Manilla on Thursday night.....

The singer launched a vitriolic attack at one of her former personal trainers on Thursday night, claiming she slept with her boyfriend.

Taking to the stage in the Philippines during the latest leg of her Revel Heart tour the Queen of pop, 57, shocked the 20,000 strong audience by revealing her stormy relationship with the "Filipino trainer" claiming she unceremoniously sacked her after she discovered the affair.

Telling the audience in Manilla that she wanted to "share a little story," Madonna said: "Once I had a Filipino trainer - this beautiful, beautiful girl. She was gorgeous and very talented as a trainer. But she f***** my boyfriend, so I fired her."

She added sarcastically: "I just wanted to share that with you. In this case, it was not a happy ending."
While Madonna didn't identify who the trainer was, reports have suggested it was Nicole Winhoffer. Winhoffer was creative director of her franchise of gyms - Hard Candy Fitness.

The duo were very close friends until 2014 when they parted ways.

Despite the painful memories, the 57-year-old singer seems to have enjoyed her time in Manilla and posted a flirty picture from the show of her and another male dancer.

Pic from Daily Mail


  1. Replies
    1. Be making public statements over bf @ 'grandma' age.

  2. At 57 she's still talking of boyfriend
    Madonna,that thing still dey hungry you?

  3. Shantelle loves Tuscany27 February 2016 at 17:20

    Her cheating bf nko?
    She should'v swiped him.


  4. Thanks Tuscany for the card, I appreciate!! Sending blow job to you

    1. Hian!
      Married women sef!
      U don "blowjob" ur hubby belleful b4 giving it in exchange 4 cards?
      Go n wash plates o jare!

  5. Back stabbing bitcy friend

  6. Friendship is overrated, be your own best friend.

  7. I wish SOME friends know what they put their so called friend through when they do stuff like this. It does hurt A LOT. My friend did it to me also. I cut her off from that day. Some people just do not have a conscience. I would NEVER sleep with a friend's BF or DH. I would rather stay away from the Person but l do not know what this world is turning into because a lot of Girls do it with out feeling any remorse. They will come to your house, eat your food, sleep with your Hubby, play with your kids but not feel an guilt. Moral decadence is the order of the world now. Women, Single Girls, open your eyes very well. Watch your so called friends VERY well and the randy Horsebands and Boyfriends.

  8. Ladies!!! Oh well?? Wotever rockz ur boat.

  9. See who is talking. How many relationships have you broken yourself Madonna??? Because you think say nah only your Otu fit collect another woman boyfriend of husband abi? Madam you got served.

  10. Thats a serious one...Want To Naturally Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Click Here To Read

  11. Isn't she too old for this drama?
    Her mates are talking about their grand children,this one is talking about boyfriend.

  12. Please go on instahram #justiceforshawnessien. More talk about the doctor that killed a 2yr old is being revealed. This doc said stress causes cancer!

  13. Yeye woman. At 57 you are still talking about boyfriends. Smh. Height of shameless ness

  14. Madonna is even young, I watched a show on TLC yesterday, an old wrinkly trembling woman was busy gushing about what turns her on, swimming almost naked and giving the camera "the sexy eyes". To say I was marveled was an understatement, she should be in her late 70s or early 80s,see her saying "I'm very active in bed and I love hot steamy animalistic sex". Ozichu


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