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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday In House Gists.

Greetings to everyone!

Enjoy the stand alone gist and add yours if you got...If not make we siddon dey

Good day Iyawo Korkus...
this happened during my waec days, the subject was mathematics and
y'all know how bloody maths can be na.

I was making very good use of my giraffe neck  bcos the guy sitting
behind me was a guru till the external supervisor came around to sign
our script.

 He asked what my exam number was and i told him. He then asked why i
wrote a different number on my script but I couldnt explain. The
number i wrote was that of the guy sitting behind me!
The supervisor raised his voice and said 'so you copy copy sotay you
copy person number join?'

Everyone started laughing but it wasnt funny.

Till date I dont know how i wrote another person's number.


  1. wanted to be fast so you won't get caught

  2. This is a pure lie, but if it happens to be true, I just pity your life, in S.S 3, you copied someone to the extends that you copied his exam number, that's a very obvious sign of a DUMB CHILD

    *Larry was here*

    1. Oversabi Larry the goat, na wa for you o o. See as you just conclude now now. Nne it is extent not extends. You're the dumb dumb here

    2. Lmao!

      The ironical case of the pot and the kettle.

    3. It's true I did it in my 300level but it was assignment though.

  3. 😢😥😑😐😒😒😒

  4. This one na gist? The person wey send this thing get fear of God at all? So he/she expect us to laugh? Nawa o, these re signs of endtime.

    1. Pained samantha I laughed so hard that I broke a rib. You need some sweeteners in your Life

  5. Replies
    1. Hmm mm, even you follow dey call person liar. Na wa o o


  6. **Copied**

    Ee come be like say everything for this country dey harsh, mosquitoes come harsh pass. No insecticide dey kill them again, abi dem don mutate come develope resistance for insecticide.

    I don spray tire, pour snipper sotey na me the snipper wan come kill. To breathe na wahala, still mosquitoes dey bite, sulk and even chew.

    The other day I no sabi as rat take run enter my kitchen. I no even border myself to look for am. I just secure my certificate them because I know say if hunger finish with am for that my kitchen, the next thing him go do na to dey find my certificate.

    This morning, na so I see the rat lie down for my kitchen. I been think say him don die until I notice say him dey breath small small and dey blink him eyes. I just use broom sweep the thing comot.


    1. This is better than the main

  7. Lol. U r not a smart 'giraffe' na.

  8. Mimi....#inyhurface#30 July 2016 at 23:44

    Lmaoooo...rat ehn very annoying and sometimes funny creatures ..

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    Network is iffy.


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