Stella Dimoko Abia State Govt Receives $1.5M Cheque From W.H.O


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Monday, 1 August 2016

Abia State Govt Receives $1.5M Cheque From W.H.O

Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has received a cheque of 1.5m US dollars, which was granted to him by the World Health Organization for the implementation of its 'SAVE ONE MILLION LIVES PROGRAM' in Abia State.

Also, the state Health Commissioner, Dr. John Ahukanna, who led the World Health Organization delegation while presenting the cheque to the governor, remarked that the money be judiciously disbursed to Maternal/Child Health Care in the state.

The $1.5m grant is a seed fund for beneficiary states whose work plans had been scrutinized by Federal Ministry Of Works/World Bank and approved as implemented. It has a 12 month reassessment period which if previous year results are better, reward by way of more money is given to performing states.

The Save One Million Lives Program For Result (SOMLFR) was initiated to:
1. Save one million maternal/child lives per year from preventable caused.
2. Target pregnant mothers and children under age five and,
3. Results oriented healthcare financing option and

This health program lays emphasis on these six (6) key areas: Vaccination Coverage in young children, Vitamin A supplementation in children, Insecticidal Treatment Net Promotion in children under age five, HIV counseling/Testing in pregnant women at ante natal care, Contraception using modern methods and lastly, Skilled birth attendants usage.

Source- Abia City Blog

*My favourite state governor!...I know that Abia state will be great again with time.well done W.H.O and thank you!


Starlight. said...

The state with a bad roads.

olaedo said...

Waiting to see the million lives that Will be saved..

Anonymous said...

Another money that will be used for sponsored protest and rallies.
Stella we pray for Abia to be great and God will do it soon.

omosoft said...

hope they use the money well bcos corruption is the order of d day in nigeria

Pipi Lee said...









James said...

Good for them

Loveme Jeje said...

700$ will enter into one person account, only 200 thousand they will use.

I pray WHO monitors this money given to Abia State. I dont trust these politicians at all

Miss Ess said...

Good to know *side eyes* to you Stella

Tayan Taylor said...

Abia state is the most dirty and undeveloped state in Nigeria, hope they will be redeemed from it now

Anonymous said...

This government collected a N1 billion agric loan from CBN and so far no farmer has been mobilized and as I speak the government has dipped deeply into that money for other purposes not related to agric. Workers are being owed over 4 months salaries, but the governor deemed it fit to give the ngwa people who paid him solidarity visit last week 2 million naira as a thank you present. I can only imagine what will be done with this money from the W.H.O.

jane okudo said...

Go bck there again Wen the year is gone ND eat ur words!!

Gracie said...

Pls our dear governor pay me and my hubby our 6 months salary..Is nt fair oh! God is still God oh.

Anonymous said...

Omg!!!! Sorry swt.

Anonymous said...

Omg!!!! For real ? Ad salaries has nt been paid? May God visit him. Heartless fool, wonder how he sleeps dats if he even does

Anonymous said...

dat money i sas gud as gone!!!!

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