Stella Dimoko Tuesday In House News.


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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday In House News.

Tuesday things..

*Wonder what you are doing*




They were supposed to be five of them and one was disqualified so four will receive their alerts today or before Friday.I was instructed by the giver to give the last 20k to Thelma the cake lady because she was cussed out for crying wolf about not receiving the 20k from the 500k lady but i have to confirm again first.

Congrats to all the winners.
I cannot come and go and develop headache when people decide to tell big lies because of material things...As you ask for monies,whatever lies you wish on yourself all i can say to it is AMEN.


Please help me post these shoes and books on your blog. 
Please I have these shoes and books to give out. The shoes have only been worn once but have been in my wardrobe for a while now. 
The red shoe is size 38, the glittery silver is size 39, the plain silver is also size 39‎. 
Im in Delta state. 

Call / whatsapp : 07035268621


I still have one or two Omugwo Chronicles but WNB my fave the folder is empty ooooo,chei.

Come on people,please remember what happened on the wedding night nau.
So,people disagreed on a Divorce chronicles so its out.
Singles and mingles coming up next weekend and this time it will be double same day.we will have for divorced people and singles parents and then normal singles mingles...still thinking if its okay like that...God guide us.


Good day Bvs, I want to start a shoe line. And I would like anybody who has information on how I can get materials and a company that would manufacture it for me. Please any info at all would be welcomed. Abeg make una help a sister out. My number is 07052478339

Babe know the scammers will contact you as well,so please be very vigilant okay?


Hi Stella.
I have been following your blog over a year now, may God richly bless you.
I am new in Benin city and I wish to make some friends (male/female) I can chat and hang out with whenever we have the time. 

My name is Joy in my late twenties I can be contacted via my bbm pin 2bc5d4d5, watsapp/call 08082314154.

Single but not searching.


Appreciation to Trendy Beauty
I'm an ardent reader of your blog, like a die-hard fan. I comment under various ids depending on my mood, lol. 

Anyway, I really want to appreciate Trendy Beauty who posted last Friday that bvs in Benin should come to her for free eyebrow training. I called her up immediately and she was so nice and receptive. 

She took her time to teach us and with her own materials too. God bless you Trendy Beauty. 
This is from d lady with an 8months old baby that had to run home to breastfeed her baby. Lol

P.s. We didn't get to exchange names, and oversight. 
Good job you are doing Stella, God bless you plenty. Love you to the moon and back. 

Okay thanks for the feed me to the moon and back?LOL...thanks



Stella ,would like to thank Sparkles jewelries for the beautiful set of Keeley she have to me.They are so beautiful and of good quality.She also have long lasting wedding,engagement and costume sets of rings.
Bvs abet make una patronise her,you won't regret you did.
Sparkles,may your business flourish.
Contact her on 07085858317

If sparkles Jewelry does giveaway and you do not come back to do this ,na wahala..LMAO



Keep doing your good work,God will continue to reward you..Please I'm in need of GRE past questions and Aptitude Test questions for Jobs(will love it if it includes Engineering practice).I'm still serving and I want to start preparing myself for the labour market.Anyone that has them should please forward to my mail

thank you.



Dear Auntie Stella,

I love your good works,keep it up.
I am a lady in her mid-thirties,chocolate color, 5+,average weight,good looking, working class, God lover and single to stupor #infalzvoice.
I need a guy who is in his late thirties to forty two, jovial, intelligent , working class, dark, tall (least 5'10) God lover who is very single without kids and ready to mingle. contact me



20 male and female factory workers are needed for immediate employment in Lufawape, close to Sagamu. 

Only qualification is SSCE. If you live around Berger, Redeemed Camp, Mowe and Ibafo, that would be preferred. 

Transportation to take workers to the factory is ready for movement on Friday. 

Accommodation is provided.

 Interested persons should send CVs and a passport picture to using Lufawape as email subject or whatsapp 08063444835 ONLY. 

(I beg you in the name of God that sustains SDK, don't call me. I dey hustle too).

 Deadline is Thursday, September 1, 2016. 

Thank you very much.

LMAOOO in the name of God that sustains SDK..some of them no dey hear.let me know how it goes babe.


SIGNING OUT .......*wink*


  1. Wet cold Tuesday….zzzzzz

    Hello James *wink*



    1. Hello BVs
      Please I need help. I know the situation of things in the country is not too good right now but I have to ask you for help.
      I need financial help to start an online biz which is domain flipping and parking.
      To buy an expired domain costs BTW $9-$15
      I'll need to buy like 10 or 15 domains and park them on parking sites. Parking them will generate income for me (based on CPC)
      And the domains that I park need to have good rankings so I also need lots of data to search and filter in order for me to buy good domains.Been practicing with my phone without buying but searching,filtering and appraising gulped my data.
      The domains can also be sold for profit.
      And while waiting to reap from domain investment, I want to learn a handiwork - I don't have money for the training of this either
      I also want to go into photobook selling on picture sites but I'll need a laptop for this( so this will be set aside as I don't have a laptop)
      There are many avenues to make money online - fiver, affiliate marketing, bitcoin mining and so on
      I've been in the labour market since 2011 but no beta job
      I've been doing jobs that barely cover my t-fare.
      I've always thought/dreamt I'll end up working in a corporate environment but that job is not forthcoming.(Time for me to park well)
      I still depend on my aged father to feed me
      Pls help me with any amount
      Please help me
      My email address is

    2. Na wa o. No Jos BVs? We need jobs too oo. Many of us have been unable to get a job since we lost our bank jobs. Abeg make una 'rep' nau.

    3. IHN today wa wa very sot and sap (short and sharp).

  2. Welcome Tuesday IHN.
    Singing, My Lord and my God, you are a miracle worker,
    Lord who answered when I call, you are a miracle worker.

  3. Replies
    1. Stella.. Thelma has gotten the 20k...give it someone else biko for business Biko... Do poor widows actually exist in SDK? Hmmm..

  4. Hi

    Short and nice IHN.

    Stella, chop knuckle πŸ‘Š

  5. Replies
    1. The kind headache Wey i de get not, no be beans. Hello people. Welcome IHN.

      who has mixer to dash Ni?

    2. The kind headache i de get now, no be beans. Hello IHN, welcome.

      who has mixer to dash bikonu.

  6. in house news is ready, some people want to spoil my day today but God pass them all.

  7. It's Tuesday Already.

    Teacher: what do u do after school.

    1st student: I go buy weed from Mputu.

    2nd student: I always go buy cigarettes from Mputu.

    3rd student: I pass by Mputu's place and buy kai kai.

    4th student: sah, I stay home and do my home work.

    Teacher: to d 4th student wow ..u r a great student, I hereby nominate u as class prefect to be an example to the rest, what's ur name again?
    4th student: Mputu.

  8. Replies
    1. Abi o, No Shoki now.


  9. IHN loaded!!!
    I see TGW is around today,
    God bless you ma'am,
    Kisses to you and yours.

    The 500k woman should please forgive Thelma, It wasnt her fault at all...
    There are times i dont get alert till the person calls to inform me.
    It can happen to anyone, dont take it to heart ma'am,
    God bless you more and more.

    God bless all the Angels on this blog.

    Please bvn I need another job o!
    I have experience in Administrative Positions, kindly help a sister.

    1. The woman has. Na some others like my dear ideato carry the matter for head.

      It's good to state your location when asking for a job.

    2. God will surprise you Sis. How you dey?

  10. Good afternoon Lovely BVs!
    Hope you all have been good so far???!
    So, school session will be over come October and I'll be needing a holiday job as a secretary, receptionist, or I could understudy someone in the firm for the duration I would be working in that firm.
    I would have loved to apply as an IT student but my dearest department doesn't use IT as an obligatory requirement, so, it would be very wrong of me to do that. But for the case of formalities, I would ensure I get a sort of recommendation from my course adviser or, better still my Head of Department.
    Note: My course of study is Finance!

  11. IHN...Hello everyone, please help a sister. I need 30,000 naira for my school fees. No amount is too small please. I've been sad cos I have not been able to get the fees while my mates are doing so. Please help me in any little way. I pray God blesses u as u reach out to me. Thanks n God bless.

    1. Must you go to school if u don't have money, go learn work or go and be a bar attendant and save money for your school jor
      Beg for schoolfees
      Beg for food
      Beg for handout
      Beg for accommodation.

    2. Swag La fresh continue. Oloshi lati Auchi. Scammer

  12. Why are some pple so bitter, if you can be this bitter on a blog, I wonder what you will be to the pple around.
    Sip some honey bitter lemons, sipppppp.

    Howdy sweeties.
    Fruitilicious and horpylady haluuu, I luv them too much
    Xp for president.

    1. Shut up!
      You are talking abt bitter pplewhile u want to start one.

    2. Xp the woman wey sabi. I love her though she can keep malice for Africa, her major weakness, so sad.

  13. I read on the anonymous post, of a Kogi lady 33, dating and ibo guy 29, they lived together for a while, but not anymore and he is telling you to wait for things to click??
    Woman, nothing like marriage can even happen between you guys, the odds are too many...
    Biaaaa, some people wan hear voice of Oracle before dem get sense wo! Chai
    #Miss Kay# reporting for duty

    1. The kogu lady should borrow sense.

    2. She should run faster than Usain Bolts. I experienced same with an Igbo guy, though I am not Kogi. The guy had his Igbo girlfriend steady. Kogi lady, I think the chances of him marrying you are slim indeed.

  14. Is it wise for a married woman to seek financial assistance from her ex? Pls advise

    1. @ 14:02, yes it is!
      So that when the ex seeks sexual assistance too, y'all would be even.

    2. Pls don't do it. It portrays your hubby in a bad light. Except it's a life and death issue.

    3. It's not wise, u wan disgrace your hubby abi... Abeg seek for assistance from your family instead.

  15. Please o,I still need the 20k oh,my helpers ok into my direction o,I really need that money to start selling lingeries ,my God bless you all.

    1. Sharon John,I read your comment yesterday. Why are you always depressed and unhappy? Do you have hiv?

    2. Oh lord direct me to my helpers of destiny .

  16. Gbam @ last meme

  17. Welcome ihn, God bless all of you.

    1. White berry aka almanjiri, u no go beg today? It seems ur parents used u as an almanjiri wen u dey.small,and as dey say" once an almanjiri, will always be an almanjiri " Oya bring ur plate make I drop amala inside. Ole

  18. IHN IS HERE !

  19. I will participate in this weekend snm.

    Le boo must locate me Amen.

    Sassy fire, LA freshest, pipi Lee mother Confessor How market?

    Congrats Thelma Emenuwe

    1. Team single and seriously searching

    2. We dey your back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Trinity where are you? I've missed you gan

    3. You just moved Thelma another step higher. Thelma congrats

    4. Congrats Thelma, happy for you ni

  20. I wonder what 'idiota' bride will do if she sees another 20k up there for Thelma... *Side eyes*
    Sha don't let bad belle kill you.

    1. Since you're not blind, look up. I am not a hater or bitter soul I only stated the obvious yesterday

    2. Weldone oo thelma
      We see another I'd of urs

    3. This Thelma is blessed. God

  21. IHN

    Thelma and De-Royalty,whatever you both are using on SDK is working perfectly don't let go....hehehehehe

    congrats on the 20K

    1. No be small juju I tell you. Stella go just do somethings and I will be thinking if she's truly sentimental when it comes to her BVs

  22. BV looking for friends at Benin should contact Sandra Imoh.
    Stella, drop your own WNB nau, e go make sense to read how it went with you and your oyibo husband. Abi you no get WN?

    1. So is only Sandra DAT is meant to be her friend right?

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚its true,Stella gist us naa

  23. Odikwa short o

    Shoe woman why not try our very own Ballotini platini?

  24. Hello everyone, how's the weather in your area? It's been raining☔ all day here.

    1. Your location is where please?

  25. Single n not searching, na fling be that o, just so u know, there's nothing like 'just friends' for man n woman matter.

  26. IHN is here , good afternoon stellaa what's up with ya darling .

  27. awww i love those silver shoes.God bless you for giving.
    ihn too badt
    ihn too short
    ihn too brief.

    *hangs leg on the window*

  28. Na only Thelma dey this blog??? Na wa o

  29. My maid finally told me d truth. It was my husband Dat impregnated her though she claimed d gate man slept with her but dat was a long time ago. Dey were doing it steady wen I was at d hospital. I've been broken since morning. Hubby on his part have been crying his eyes out. Saying it was a mistake. Really? A mistake?? Ok o..... God will judge him for me. As for my maid, I don't know what to do with her. She's been begging me since. Claiming my husband threatened to sack her if she didn't sleep with him.

    1. Madam save dat maid d stress of being a single mom n abort dat pregnancy! Ya husband na bingo! Take her to hospital n do it, do not return dat girl with pregnancy o, unless u want d baby..

    2. Hahahahahahah who do you blame? Blame your randy horseband for that silly mistake. If your family is your happiness fight for it. Be smart don't let it ruin your happiness. At the end of the day all you have to think bout is "your happiness and peace of mind". And is divorcing him will make you happy go for it. But how sure are you that the next man won't cheat.

    3. Oh no!
      I am Soo sorry dear.
      Come here,come take a hug. Cry all u want to.
      This too shall pass dear.

      How do some men betray the one they call wife on this level??? On this lowest level? How???

      I hope God gives u the Grace dear. And He Wil. This too shall pass.

    4. Jeezzzz 😱😱
      Sorry oo, I feel your pains.
      Honestly, I lack advice on matters like this. Right now u need to be in the right frame of mind for d sake of your baby. Tell your husband to handle the mess he has created or else.........

    5. This one na gobe original gobe. So sorry, send her back to her parents, sorry can't heal you.

    6. Na wa o!
      Take heart madam...
      May God direct you.

    7. Na wa.
      Madam sorry.
      Men sha.

    8. I can imagine the Fuji house of commotion going on there...

      Plz you just control yourself so you don't commit a crime n end up behind bars.

      God bless you.

    9. Madam, abeg flush it out!!! Mistake my foot. Don't pity them o, thank God it's even someone around u, so u have de opportunity to terminate the pregnancy. Madam, no go do mumu-mumu leave dat belle o.

    10. Sack both of dem...

    11. Abi you wan accept your maid as co-wife?

    12. She shd flush dat ishmeal out asap. .. Cos dat d prob d world hav 2day. Sarah's mumurity.

    13. God punish devil,wicked man,he was sleeping with her steady and says it was a mistake,he could not use a condom,he is a very useless man.

    14. I'll suggest you don't employ any made after this one leaves. It's well.

    15. Story, better sack her o, as for your horseband give him cold shoulder for as long as u can, make he beg taya.

    16. Teach him a lesson by walking away from that marriage, he doesn't deserve u. He will still cheat on u again. I hate men who lack self control and u said this is your first baby. If u want to stay in d marriage give her drugs('cynotec' forgotten d spelling ) to get rid of the pregnancy. Only those without sin should admonish me for my advise I ll understand but if you are living in sin and u reprimand me na thunder go fire u

  30. awww i love those silver shoes.God bless you for giving.
    ihn too badt
    ihn too short
    ihn too brief.

    *hangs leg on the window*

  31. Thelma continue to enjoy jare. You are now favoured.

    Thank God for the Angel O.O. sharing blessings to the widows. You will never lack at all Amen.

    So many good things. Thank God for everything He has been doing in my life. Let me continue my praises to Him.

    Today is a beautiful day. I just remember, oya Ms. Sandra Imoh, we beg you not to comment multiple times, you no hear. I am sending you to TB Joshua church for sharp sharp deliverance. Oya take it ooo

    1. Leave Sandra alone o. Her comments dey increase number of comments Stella get. She deserves payment for that self.

    2. Lol! I tire for her multiplicity! Sandra you dey try gan...

  32. Stella the ihn don finish so? Very short.

    Greetings my people, good to be back.

    1. Welcome back Jbaby. Welcome, wey bread.

    2. Ada send address would send it asap

    3. We love you right back Jbaby.

  33. Good afternoon blog family.
    How una dey?
    IHN making sense since ninety kpirigidim, lol.
    Good news @ Singles and Mingles.
    I must participate this time around.

  34. God bless SDK, God bless the givers and God bless the receivers and turn them into givers,Amen.Gid bless me as well and turn me into a giver, God bless Nigeria and our leaders...Amen

  35. what else can i do apart from reading comments and smiling.

  36. Ihn is so short today,nice! God bless all the givers.
    Love you Stella!

  37. Eku IHN ooo.

    Enjoying IHN these days.

    Stella, I agree with the divorce chronicles.

    Let's learn biko...

  38. Stella of life...

    Today's IHN just short like my Preek...

    Na Wa o.

  39. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Thank you Jesus.

  40. IHN. My space

    1. I'm on leave the whole of this week babysitting my kids, I wish there was even more to do.School shud do and resume oo it's not like it will even reduce d wahala

    2. I feel so bad that I can't help my friend, she's in her late thirties and just had her first child,the hospital charged 200k for the cs thy made part payment and needed balance of 120k,when she told me I Cldnt do anything cos I'm equally rich now. She sent me msg today again that her child is sick and needs drugs, I really feel for her I was able to send her 500naira card so she can call people.pls can anyone here sow a seed?rapheal, God will see you thru, I really wish I had.

    3. God's pet are you Triumphant Zion? I am not understanding.

  41. Stella didn't post my appreciation mail. Thank you Mrs Caroline for the 9years old cloths and slippers. God bless you very much. Angels abound here truly

  42. The answer lies within ourselves. If we can't find peace and happiness there, it's not going to come from the outside. - Tenzin Palmo

  43. God bless the angels blessing people. Those shoes are lovely

  44. Relax!! You will still die.
    Just don't kill yourself

    So, I finally read the anonymous post and this comment above got me reeling. Ife n'eme

  45. Sparkles you biko

  46. Alright country pple , na end
    of year don reach so. I think
    we are due for an SDK
    AWARDS. So errr due to
    popular demand....

    The Nominees for the
    funniest blog visitors are -
    Ezewayin, Irene B, Mamie,
    Bitchplis,XOXO Mystery,
    Don davido, Jayem, Kevin
    happiness(he can be funny
    even tho he's generally very
    annoying) ....and the winner
    is Irene B( Don davido is a
    close contender)

    The Nominees for the oga of
    gbenshing and knacking
    matters are - TGW, Kehinde
    Ake, Ezewayin, Qutie,
    Bloglord, Bithplis, Phrinkles
    Abi na Phrizzles, Queen
    Arabella.......and the winner
    is: its a tie btwn TGW and
    Kehinde Ake( maybe we
    should pair both of them in
    the sex ring and have them
    battle for the crown)

    Nominees for the best
    marriage/happiest wife are -
    Iphie dearie, Genny
    baby,Goldscent diamond,
    Qutie, Fab mum ,Sweet
    mother, Sisi Eko, Ronalda,
    TGW, Bloglord, MOI,Mrs D,
    Irene B,.....and the winner
    is: I sincerely don't know
    who to give this to. You all
    have nice tales of your
    marriage .

    Nominees for the most
    sensible comments-
    Ronalda, Bonparte, Sisi Eko,
    Goldscent diamond, Aboki
    na mallam, Jaymoore
    ,Memphis,The truth(only
    when it has to do with
    Buhari*side eyes*)......the
    winner is Bonparte.

    Nominees for the most die
    hard, no bullshit and down
    right practical(i call it tough
    love) comments are-
    Pinkshell, Ezewanyi and Sisi
    Eko,Ayodele Daniels.... We
    all know who the winner is.

    Nominees for the swearers,
    cursers and down right
    troublesome(call dem blog
    visitors with badmouths)
    are- Sunshine, Jayem,
    Ezeyanwi , Camila Acafa,
    Kevin happiness, Chizoba,
    Okija wife, Mamie, Ewu love
    aka sweetest pussy.*side
    eyes*......the winner is: this
    is a tough one as well, you
    are all too troublesome,
    liking quarrel pass fight.

    Nominees for the prettiest
    blog visitor(only in my head)
    are - Qutie, Jayem,
    Ezewanyioma, Linda Eze,
    Mamie,Wide Eyed, Samira
    hall,Tayana tailor, Lady
    Buchi, Bianca Bruno,Lisa
    Spencer.....and the winner
    is: No idea.

    Nominees for shallow and
    sometimes sensless
    comments are- Kevin
    happiness,Ed dreams, Angel
    Ray, Ihekire Tony,Eka joy
    (not always).....the winner
    is of course that Kevin
    happiness fellow. Very
    uncouth juvenile.

    The decoders of the year
    are - Amebo na my work,
    XoXo Mystery, Linda Eze,
    Lucabree,who else?......the
    winner is: Amebo na my
    work . As lucabree don go
    on sabbatical.

    Nominees for chief advicers
    plus epistle writers are -
    Genny baby,Iphie dearie,
    Ronalda, Sisi Eko,
    TGW.....and the winner is
    Ronalda. She can write for
    the Olympics but she dey
    make adequate sense.

    Nominees for one line
    comments, call them the
    one liners, are Glowy the
    shoemaker,Patt ogar, Patt
    ogar, patt ogar and Patt
    ogar....and the winner is:

    You guessed right.
    The most liberal and open
    minded are - Goldscent,
    TGW, Chikito,
    Ronalda.....the winner is:
    Hard to decide mbok.

    Nominees for the nicest blog
    visitors(people with good
    hearts) are - Miss Ess,
    TGW, Ronalda, Irene B,
    Genny baby, Eka Joy(yes
    you make senseless
    comments sometimes, but I
    actually think u have a good
    heart )Chick Felix,Cynahms
    cake, Sabongida Oracle
    (which kain name be this
    Biko).......I think my winner
    is Miss Ess.

    What other category can we
    have. I'm stuck.
    Cheerful givers - Jagbajantis
    (he started the recharge
    card trend ) Mr Tony( even
    though we've never used
    our eyes to see any of his

    The kolomentals of this
    blog- Irene B, Ezewanyioma,
    Jay em, Don
    several anonymouses, in
    fact them full these blog
    scatter, each and every
    member of this blog had
    exhibited a measure of
    koloism at one time or the
    other , but the winner is the
    grand and chief kolomental
    of this blog herself, in
    person of SDikoko.

    And of course,........
    The most jobless - Me,
    apparently. Don't judge
    me,blame it on the holidays.
    NewBie !
    i miss all old timers expecially GOLDSCENT DIAMOND.

    1. You just wrote jargons because you're not updated. When last have you seen most of your awardee's comments here? Go back to your shell joor

    2. LOL
      Good one @ Shakiti baby. Clean fun.

      I miss Ezenwanyi!!!
      And you have no idea how much I miss Goodscent Diamond too.I miss the two of them Soo badly it actually hurts. And I miss my Honey booboo,my sugar,my Olori Western Union.
      U were supposed to show me places I imagined but never got through to it. Sometimes I wonder if u think of me the way I think of u. I think of u and all I think of is you and I in the Jacuzzi of that 5 Star hotel. Drinks in hand. U and I in each other's eyes. Just you and I.

      Hahahahhahahahahaha Olori OloriπŸ˜‚

      I miss Adaorah too. And I miss Kehinde.
      Qutie my sis,I miss u as well. Asa m!
      I hope u all are good. May Life keep treating u well my dears.

    3. The nominee and winner of Beggars category is White berry and Portable.. Ooops there's a tie.

    4. Na waoh, you get time compile this list... Have u considered writing a primary school textbook? You will make it

    5. She pasted old comment, 2 years old. Cam dann

    6. Couldn't even finish reading it.
      You try.

    7. Shakiti baby stuff that list up your ass. There was lot of bvs that have stopped commenting there. Did you compile that list 3 years ago? My friend get away with tbat dirty list and come back when you have better list.

  47. Stella what of Married n Mingle?

    1. @just glamour:pls which one is married n mingle again?
      Pls mingle with ur horseband n stop looking for extra prick

    2. Portable Viv, you haff high. This your comment made me laff for real

    3. What of matured singles? Na so one 20 yr old go dey toast him Mama. Mtcheeew

    4. Portable married n mingle must not be prick it's not all about prick.

    5. See this one o ? Tell us you wan fornicate. Which one be married and mingle. Who send you to go marry lazy man

  48. I can never for the life of me, understand the need to call someone names that you know ain't true..
    You evil people go under anon mode and call yourselves, its lesbian, tomorrow, its criminal.
    Like what are you guys expecting? That i'd do the whole name calling, back and forth with you? No sir!
    So, pls, keep up with that which you are good at. I can't help but laugh when i imagine how contorted your faces are, and would always be, while typing furiously with shrivelled fingers, and muttering under your breath.. Lol
    I'm afraid you lots need help, wish i could help, but i am no psychiatrist..

    Its a beautiful day innit?

    1. Hahahahhahaha @ how contorted your faces areπŸ˜‚

      Chill Northie! They are Bn all they can ever be Darling!

    2. No its not. You remain a beggar oshi. Once a criminal, always a criminal. Shatap

    3. My dear... One needs to develop thick skin(if you must comment with your true identity). I've suffered it too. When I choose to comment with my true identity, I had looked at the negative sides to it and I said to myself: "e no go pass "ashawo" or "fat girl" ooo" Lol. Truth is, you know yourself. Let them say what they wanna say. Just live right, be true to yourself and be true to God.

  49. married people please send in your WNB stories so that we can all read. We need to be praying for wedding to happen everyday so that they can send in WNB.

    Snm new concept is ok.

  50. Short Tuesday INH.

  51. I feel like calling my ex to service me again like last month. Hubby is always telling me he is tired. I don't know if he seeing another woman.

    1. Please do that asap and don't die of depression

    2. Please call ur ex to fuck u ASAP and let ur husband know..hahahahahaa

  52. Yesternight I read that mariah carey's sis post and the curses placed on bv white berry by an anonymous was just too much.
    Pls you ppl should learn to correct with love on this blog. Life na jeje.
    Btw,any lil thing you guys call her beggar,whats with the bullying? Make it stop!

    Btw,bvs pls vote for one of my lovely contestants on project fame.
    Pere aka pererere.....hehe. Pls oh text 13 to 306. Please and please.
    I love Eli
    I love Kutay
    I love Steeve(a pity he's out)
    I also love Mirabel....whoelse oh?
    Pls vote Pere,he's on probation.
    Text 13 to 306. Thank you!
    SDK,abeg,ejor post. Thanks

    1. My dear thanks for your concern, just leave the anon like am the one that gave him/her the hiv. non of those curse shall come near me. And I leave that person for God. Let them be calling me a beggar,even president buhari begged for our votes before he got that position. What do you expect of me when I needed help and you don't know if have got where to run to for help, they keep saying whatever they feel like saying. It is well that's all I can say. And I believe my helper will locate me one day.

  53. God bless Angel oo, still waiting for my own turn to be remembered.
    Please if u read my comment and u can help me with cake baking equipments,please do so, I'm in dire need and yes am genuine.
    God bless SDK and all bvs.

  54. Stella so you now promote nudity? I still have the mail you refused posting something I sent you claiming you don't promote nudity on your blog.

    1. The hustle is real, if u can't beat them, u join them

  55. Welcome ihn,
    See what joblessness is causing, I am hearing scream of a girl having sex with three men, Haba if u see this girl on d Road u will never tell she could subject herself to such ordeal, 3 men!. Innocent looking girl. Baba God pick my call oh. I need to get busy oh

    1. Jeez! Y won't she scream,when there is a dick in her anus and two dick in her pussy all at once.

    2. Hope she is not being raped?

  56. I don't comment on any post but I do more of reading and today I must comment on dis one... Another 20K to Thelma. Wow wow Wow. Now That's the grace I'm talking about. Hahahahah. (IKEM was here)

    1. Is this not the ikem on likemind group? Guy u just leave us. Its Been a while though o. I dey hear your positive stories oo. Keep it up bro.

  57. I need silver footwears and accessories for a wedding next month, but for the love of God, I do not know how ladies wear heels.
    KA Stroud... Awww, my love for further mathematics in those days. Now I really wonder what I did to deserve being a maths guru, must be in the blood.
    Where will I buy beautiful low heeled silver footwear in PHC?
    While we are on that, Where can I get sash for baby shower and decors too in PHC?

  58. Hmm after I read the post about that Jamaican porn star the other day, had to goggle her name and from there I no no wetin carry me enter porn site, just from watching one it reached 20 jeeeez I found it difficult stopping nearly spent a whole day watching nonsense even at work, I hard to caution my self and delete all the traces of it in my phone. Now I understand how it feels to be addicted, if you are addicted to watching porn and dnt know how to stop, just sell or dash out your phone and get a nokia touch. God and I alone have control over my body hiaaa nonsense and ingredients.

    1. Rico Strong that black strong guy is my favourite. is da bomb.
      *licks lips*

    2. My friend I did it for a whole week last month, na one silly thing make me too enter am, Kim k's video with R Jay and I was held for a whole week. But the day I decided to end it, I deleted everything and I've never even browse close to the site again. Na serious addiction o my sis

    3. How did u manage to watch it a whole day without masturbating, only one dat I ll watch I go begin finger my self till I come,

    4. Lmao!
      Queen Amy your eyes don see wetin he no suppose see.
      Please stop watching porn.

  59. Just when you think the coast is clear, another trouble shoots it's head up!!

    Am just tired

    1. I know. It's well with you, never give up on urself.

    2. It is well Pinky berRy.
      Don't give up.

  60. Very short something. @ IHN

    God is good o jare.

  61. Ok. A short IHN it is..


    We expect too much from others. Don't. We'll end up disappointed. Don't depend on people. We need to learn this. Depend on the Almighty alone.

    #I'm Outtie

  62. Thelma, na u dey rain o. Enjoy dear.

  63. Happy bday to me..

    Father Almighty

    I am grateful

  64. Sdk blog rocks! Stella nwanyi oma, muah!!!

  65. Anon 14:15 eayah ooo. sorry ooo. next time use cotton wool close your ears. God will give you a beautiful job to do.

    Shakiti baby how far oo. so you no put my Queen of this blog there and James. That your list is cancelled. INEC officials oya get in, ojoro dey that list. we must get another list. Jega come and see wayo ooo for day break on stella's blog

  66. Nice work Stella

    Geologist with 2.1 looking for job

  67. Anon 14:02 your seeking financial help means 2 things. you will end up sleeping with him and he will use that as a favour anytime he wants you. If he is a good christian (has a great fear of God) and no attachment, it is good. but if not. I WONT ADVISE YOU

  68. Hmmmm is about to resume for another term and kids will be going back to about to fall into depression because I can't send my almost 4yrs old daughter to school..she has never been to school before,I registered her for summer class this holiday u need to see how happy she was going to school.. every morning she wakes up very early that she doesn't want to be late for school,even Saturday and Sundays she cries that she wants to go to school.her summer class will be ending this week..hmmm God it's breaking my heart that all the happiness she has had for this one month will end,I can't afford to register her in school, she is a very bright girl,very outspoken and brilliant for her age,it's killing me that she will be at home again while other kids are in school..Am a single mother, left with all the responsibility to take care of her..I can't even go look for a job because I don't have a place to keep her while I go work,nobody to drop her with..heave please smile on me..I pray and cry everyday for a miracle to put a smile on her face..she doesn't disturb me for anything,all she ever talks about is school,books,school bags,school bus..God I know u are still in the habit of doing miracles,please I need a miracle not for me but for my innocent little girl..L.E.A...

  69. Anon 14:06 sorry that what you dreaded most, came to bite you. What can you do now. I wont advice you to leave your husband for your maid.
    Try and settle the matter. Dont get hypertension about it. Men are not worth dying for.

  70. What did i read again? *yawns*

  71. Is it true that a lady who is married to an igbo-eze man will run mad whenever she cheats on her husband? This man just dey misbehave

  72. Is it true that a lady who is married to an igbo-eze man will run mad whenever she cheats on her husband? This man just dey misbehave

  73. Keeping up with dramas on SDK blog since 1800DC.

  74. Hmmm I really miss old bv ooo especially Irene b, cos the first time i opened a post on sdk, her comment on that post really turned me on. She was testifying on how her salary was increased to six digit figure. Walahi! u need to see how I quickly dropped my fone at a corner and started praying for such grace when I'm done with school cos I was still in my 100 level then . I swear Shakiti Baby Sabi dem all.
    Thelma and royalty dear, enjoy well, na una turn to shine. Mama nnuku time has come and gone. Please what of bv boma? The beautiful bv that help mama nnuku during Lagos bv party.
    God bless all the Angels on this blog . may he replenish you mightly as u put smile on faces of ppl in this vuhari regime
    Mbok..... I need a job ooooo,angels put a smile on my face too. I'm tired of saying mama thank MA everyday and please my cussers don't tell me to start small cos I did not see any small to start up with let alone small capital to learn a skill.

  75. IHN is here. Whoop whoop!
    God bless everyone.
    God bless Nigeria.
    God bless Trendy Beauty for the free eyebrow training.

  76. Who are the people calling Tosin Wonder a scam ? I read here yesterday where one or two people wrote about her saying some shity things..
    I got a mail from her too around July and I called her to know what was going on with her.
    Whoever you are,just stop running the little girl down, all she need is your assistance not name calling. If you can't help her, let her be or at least remember her in your prayer.

  77. Don mayor, no try dat thing wey u do for funke Adesiyan post with me again oo. Short man devil..
    U don stop dat thing wey dem say u dey do for a living?

  78. INH is the bomb, waiting for single and mingle. I must participate

  79. They do not employ married women but the society calls you gwez if you don't get married at a certain age,yet they encourage women to be independent.........hmmmmmmmmmmm


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