Stella Dimoko Video of Amaechi Saying Nigeria went Through Recession And Power Rose To 7,000 Megawatts


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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Video of Amaechi Saying Nigeria went Through Recession And Power Rose To 7,000 Megawatts

(both statements were proven to be false).

The Osasu Show ( @theosasushow ) today aired the second part of the interview with Hon. Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi where he was questioned about the Karibi White hospital in Rivers State; the controversial contract that was awarded and paid for but till today nothing to show for it. 

Amaechi also said the economy went into recession in Jonathan’s administration and  Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, then Minister of Finance, begged him not to say Nigeria is in a recession or else international investors would stop coming to the country. 

This episode of The Osasu Show aired yesterday morning at 9AM on AIT. 




telema Cr7 present wife and drake girlfriend said...

How is it false?

Lilian Fc Barcelona said...

May God forgive this shameless man.


See his teletubbie face
Always talking trash
Lie Mohammed don teach am.

ogo said...

Amaechi is a product of a leaking condom otherwise the world wouldn't have been saddled with a hypocrite and imp.He should continue lying

Immaculate said...

Stupid man, always talking anyhow

Anonymous said...

Amaechi is a shit head and he will be shamed soon.

Jay Moore said...

Amaechi is a story man, nonetheless I like the way he speak like a typical naija man.
He did much work during his first term as Governor but,he spent his 2rd term fighting Jonathan/wife. He didn't achieve much during his 2rd term apart from looting to help his party. I don't blame him for it just the way the system work,all politicians has looted to support their parties and pocket. The only problem i have with him is that he should stop playing the innocent card "He wasn't corrupt" of course he looted but,he is a smart politician and lawyer being exposed helped him cover his tracks.

Anonymous said...

Thank God you know, that this administration is full of lies.

FRESH said...

What has he said that is not true? You guys just hate & don't even know why you hate.

Anonymous said...

The administration that fed us lies for 16 years nko? You are all so blinded by ethnicity to say the truth as it is.

Anonymous said...

The administration that fed us lies for 16 years nko? You are all so blinded by ethnicity to say the truth as it is.

Anonymous said...

Amaechi a lawyer?!!! If you are not sure of a matter,it is better to keep quiet. He has the most shallow cv out of all the ministers. He graduated from theatre arts Uniport with a third class degree.Never worked for a day and was like house boy to Peter Odili who really propped him up.Put aside his constant noise,his overall knowledge is hollow.

Anonymous said...

Please refresh my memory, isn't the igbenidion family part of the people that destroyed Nigeria? Shame on her and her Family.

Anonymous said...

Read your comment again. So you condone his looting because he did it to save his party which was the president?? And you go about how you want the president to condemn all those that looted??

Starjoy said...

Amechi should go and hide somewere abeg.

Tayan Taylor said...


BonaParte NN said...

You dont blame this looter but you blame others?
werent they the people that milked Nigeria dry as you always complain of? Who says his tracks are covered? He wasnt smart. He has over 300 pages of verifiable allegations against him which the present Rivers administration has spoken of and tabled so many times but money laundering, fraud are federal offences that only EFCC can investigate and bring forward and we know who controls EFCC and appoints their chairman.

This ermmm 'way the system works..." is part of the reason why many of them are presently rotting in KiriKiri under this 'holy' Buhari man. So, you agree he should be charged to court as well? Now, why is he still loitering around, giving interviews without being charged? Pray tell us, sir... we kindly await your response.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jaymore I want to give u my pin, I am a tv person and I like u, sorry I had to be open, can I give u my pin to add me?do respond,let me know

Iphie dearie said...

Onye ohi wu onye ohi....If Amaechi looted,he does not have any business in Bubu's team. Or were they not looking for a corrupt free individual? Which is like passing a needle through the eye of a Cow.

That aside,Olia? How go dey go? "In my Mom's voice"

Anonymous said...

That The Cable publication and the analysis of the Economy to show it wasn't in recession is a bogus inflection from the data presented.

Our economy was in recession from sometime in June/July 2014, culminating in the FGN borrowing to pay salaries in September 2014. NOI also said in November 2014 that Nigerians should brace for hard times. What does the action of September and words of November imply? You aren't in recession but you dey borrow to pay salaries, SMH!!

Every wise child knows that your speed isn't much when you start on a slide, but getting towards the bottom, your speed increases. You ofcourse didn't start sliding as at the time your speed increases.
Even from the data of The Cable, the rdecline was clearly from Q4 2014.

Anonymous said...

@Bonaparte, please what has stopped Wike and the Rivers State Govt from charging Amaechi to court?

Is there any legal hurdle preventing the Attorney General of Rivers State to institute a case of corruption against Amaechi?
Is there any requirement that states ONLY EFCC can charge someone to court for corruption?
Is it that Wike wants to use the 300 pages of verifiable allegations as framed pictures or what?

Don't let anyone kid you, any and every state can investigate and prosecute fraud or corruption cases. Amaechi has no immunity therefore he can be sued to court, and he has repeatedly challenged Wike to take him to court. What is Wike waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Jaymoore 'all politicians have' go back to school na, oh Nnaa. Your grammar though.

Anonymous said...

@Telema.....whatever, I don't know which is more delusional, your name or your comment. Read it helps broaden the mind and soul.

Anonymous said...

It is your type that is deceiving buhari.

Anonymous said...

For those illiterates that did not go to school...recession is a technical term. It is not a word to be bandied about for fun. If you don't know shut up. As it is now there is still no recession in Nigeria until the official statistics from NBS come out. My guess is when they are pronounced it will support the "technical" definition of a recession. So all you ignoramuses talking rubbish about it starting in 2014 and being ethnically blind, go and get an education morons!

Jay Moore said...

@Anonymous 16.40,sorry he was Rivers State Assembly speaker during Odili time thought Attorney General. He was like "HouseBoy" LOL, No my friend, Odili saw a smart man reason he carried him along among other people around him.

@Bonapparte, Not blaming him doesn't mean he hasn't committed offence.
I stated categorically that he looted but bringing a case against him in court with his present status is not going to happen unless the present Government is no longer in power.
Being one of APC financiers, present Government can't do much about his case and that of Tinubu. It's a case of "you don't bite the hand that feeds you".

OBJ never prosecuted his main financiers apart from Orji Kalu and few others.
Yar Adua same, even Jonathan never prosecuted his election financiers during his time does it mean his backers never looted? Remember some of them were Ex Presidents and PDP top members. This is why i said, I don't blame him, it's normal stuff with all our politicians and parties.
Having 300pages of allegations against him is not the issue but, bringing such allegations to stand trial is another thing. Let's be realistic prosecution of Amaechi now is not going to happen until regime change, by then he will close some other loopholes.
The only way his looted funds can be traced to any account is if those who helped him launder his loot speak out with evidence. EFCC is there for Rivers state Government to bring their case against him to court. What are they waiting for?
Do you think Amaechi did not learn from looting mistake of Peter Odili? Of Course he did. He speak with so much confidence about how clean he is, that's one of the reason i said he is a smart guy because such confidence comes with clearing up ones mess before hand. Amaechi won't like to be implicated with looting bearing in mind that Jonathan will go after him after his term.

Il@Iphie Nwanyioma, Yes thief na thief.
Did Amaechi loot Rivers state funds? Yes he did. I want to see him in court. Is PMB surrounded by looters aswell? YES HE IS.

Odim mma my sister.
Kele umuaka.

Darismativ said...

Anonymous, it's people like you who at grassroot level have helped destroy this country. Where was ethnicity written or talked about? If you have nothing to say, read and "waka pass"

OliviaSilk said...

Lol!@ Iphie.
Shebi you know people don't sleep when you say Nwamama.

Jay Moore said...

@Oliviasilk, she will continue to call me whatever she like LOL. Osundi-Owendi.

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, your stupidity is gigantic. Technical term indeed.

Liquid is a technical term too, I am sure you'd need a Scientist to pronounce it before anyone with a brain would be able to say blood is liquid.

Educated illiterate.

The General's Wife said...

Iphie Nwanyi oma!!!
But was it not a seasoned Politician that said u need a thief to catch a thief. Kikikikikiki.

Jay Nwa Mama!!!
Hahahaaahahaha @ Amechi is a story man😂
This cracked me up cos It's Bn long I heard that phrase. Story man! Dunno if it's just me but d mere sight of this Amechi cracks me up. Like he is one big clown.

@Ollie Nwa Nma!
Nne kedu Ije?Omalicha baby m!

Anonymous said...

Iphie, you are a case, lmao. Some people will not sleep tonight, useless trouble makers.

Iphie dearie said...

Chukwugozie gi Jay.

ROFL@Ollie Bekee.
How is your weekend going Ojare?

Let's protect our happiness,ka anyi chuo high blood pressure.

Uwa wu ofu mbia menn.
Ciao hun!

BonaParte NN said...

@Anon 18:52: Fraud of that monumental level is now under the EFCC and ICPC act. Go to state high courts and see the fraud cases in criminal divisions, find out what commission sends the prosecutors that raise the charges and bring the cases. CC: Fred Ajudua in Lagos High Court, etc. Even Yahoo runs now...I said State High Court. When youre done with your findings, kindly come back to the blog and report to us.

BonaParte NN said...

@Jaymoore: he is implicated. There is no point. Just say no one has the will to prosecute him. His mess is littered all around. Plus if you search, you will find more...But who will search, who will take the already found mess? Do you think others were not smart too and Amaechi has the monopoly on smartness?
He is indicted. Clearly. But wont be charged for the reasons you gave. So. No change. Capiché

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