Stella Dimoko Alamieyeseigha’s N2.8b Hotel Rots Away In Abuja


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Monday, September 05, 2016

Alamieyeseigha’s N2.8b Hotel Rots Away In Abuja

Almost seven years after the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) handed over the N2.8billion Chelsea Hotel to the government of Bayelsa State, the hitherto money-spinning edifice is rotting away in Abuja.

The hotel was seized from the state’s first civilian governor, the late Diepreye Alamieyeseigha.

A Federal High Court, Lagos in 2007 ordered the forfeiture of the hotel by Alamieyeseigha after the ex-governor was sentenced for corruption.
Besides the hotel, the EFCC sold other Alamieyeseigha assets in Nigeria and realised N3, 128, 230, 294.83billion; $441,000; E7, 000 and £2,000.

The money was remitted to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), in accordance with the law, for onward delivery to the state government as ordered by the court.

Former EFCC Chairman Mrs. Farida Waziri on September 7, 2009 handed over the hotel to ex-Governor Timipreye Sylva in Abuja. The thinking was that it would be a source of revenue for the state.

Seven years after the asset was returned to the state government, the hotel has become a haven for miscreants, men of the underworld, rodents and reptiles.
Shady activities are being perpetrated at the abandoned hotel, which poses danger to some shopping malls and banks in the Central Business District of Abuja.
Some of the miscreants have stripped the hotel of vital materials, which has no security.

According to thenationonlineng An EFCC source, who spoke in confidence, said: “As at the time we handed over the hotel, in 2009, the asset was worth N2.8billion. We returned the hotel to Bayelsa State with another asset at No. 2 Marscibit Street, Off Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse II Abuja which was valued at N210million.

“We took a step further by instructing Diya Fatimilehin and Co., former managers of the hotel to provide the state with detailed inventory of assets of the hotel.”
“It is unfortunate that nothing has been done in the last seven years. The land where the hotel is sited attracts either up to N800million to N1billion in Abuja. Yet the asset is allowed to lie fallow.

“To the source, the fate of the once throwing hotel is a typical case of how the anti-graft war is being “frustrated and rendered meaningless”
“A former Chairman of EFCC, Mr. Nuhu Ribadu worked day and night to bring Alamieyeseigha to justice but the efforts have come to naught,” he said.
Asked if the EFCC can query the state government on why the hotel has been abandoned, the source said: “Well, there is not much we can do because we have done our best.

“The state’s funds were looted and used to buy the hotel; we traced the loot and recovered the assets. It is left to the state to live up to its pledge to make judicious use of the asset or sell it.

“We have been expecting a status report from Bayelsa State on how it has spent the recovered funds and the utilisation of the returned assets.”
Upon the receipt of the hotel in 2009, Sylva said: “The Bayelsa State Government will not be able to manage the assets by itself. The fund that the state government will receive will also go to building what is called the Transparency Plaza, in the middle of the Yenagoa Central Business District, so that this plaza will be a monument that will be a constant reminder of today.
”As soon as the fund is accessed, we will like to ask you to come to Bayelsa State to lay the foundation of this plaza.

“We will welcome your close monitoring of the expenditure of this fund, after all without the instrumentality of EFCC, we would not have accessed this fund, so it is only good that you know exactly what we are doing. We are running an open government; our budget is on the website, anybody can access it. We are fully committed to transparency and to partner fully with EFCC.”

As at press time, rodents, reptiles, rodents, miscreants, drug addicts have taken over the hotel.
It was gathered that many posh cars and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) massed up in darkness at the hotel at night for what a source described as “nocturnal deals”.

A concerned bank executive said: “The activities of some miscreants at the old hotel premises constitute security threats to commercial entities in CBD, including choice malls and banks nearby.

“Security agencies and the police should have more than a passing interest in some activities at the old hotel.”


  1. I remember chelsea hotel. Bayelsa government should give me let me renovate and manage it for them well

    1. Hmmm, so i finaly got number 1 spot on sdk.... JHW, im coming for you. Watchout!!! oya, lets celebrate

    2. They should sell it instead of wasting it. Why can't the state govt run it? At least it'll create employment and also be an avenue for extra income for the Bayelsa state government. What a waste. Smh

  2. Bayelsa na state? Just look at the products.

  3. Stayed there years ago, when it was still decent. Nothing to write home about. [BHS]

  4. Great man. Hero of Bayelsa. Your people are proud of you. Even though you're unable to enjoy your loot, your family will. Don't worry about the common man. They can always hustle for scraps

    1. Chelsea hotel,Wuse 2 is a nice and big hotel. And still functioning very well. And their bill no be here oo.

  5. I'm not too bothered about the hotel cos if a prodigal son should handle his father's property it would be worse.
    What caught my eyes is the amount of money remitted to the state and the state from the look of things appears worse than that Chelsea hotel ..where did the money enter?.recovered from a thief ,remitted to the state for another thief or thieves to goodness
    I'm done with this country..
    I just need to get put and settle in close to saner climes..jesu

    1. I thought it was owned by the Chidolues

  6. Smh!
    Naija, they recover loots to be relooted lol
    I guess they forgot this one cos it was in cash, the cash recovered was large enough for them at the time.
    Oya new bayelsa governor, time to sell and share this money mbok

  7. Alamieyeseigha did not settle the right authorities well that's why he was caught!
    Very dull man.
    See money his children should have been enjoying... Damn!

  8. just imagine the income the state govt could have generated annually from this hotel. not only that, employment too

    1. I dey tell u!! And employment too. Well, we will sit here and blame Buhari nau

  9. Replies
    1. Look who we have here....end time one trillion

  10. That's the hallmark of the Nigerian govt. Anything no matter how robust it is that comes under their care must be left to lot. Govt filled with irresponsible peeps

    1. Can see you are from Anambra, please don't type like you speak. Rot not lot

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ LOT and ROT.

  11. Happy birthday to my mum and happy wedding anniversay #30yrsAndCounting#. Thanks alot @Loveme jeje

    1. Happy everytin 2 ur mum & may God bless love me jeje & think I need to contact for somtin impt

  12. Mehn I'm short of words. Someone pls write that billion naira figure in words for me, can only understand such big figures in words.

  13. Is dis nt a way 2 generate good income, they re waiting for oil and gas ba? Dis is just 2 sad.

  14. If they are confuse on who to manage the hotel properly ,let them call me I will be gladly available to do that.since govt cannot manage it.

  15. See money one person stole.
    Ah, this country has a long way to go.
    So sad.


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