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Monday, September 19, 2016

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 353

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you...

weirdfacts cullage


  1. Hahaha the last pix got me, I am happy to finally be able to comment here

  2. Ravens and wolves... Weird weird

    1. Very weird. They say never look d raven in d eye cos it will steal ur soul

    2. Then i want to look in the eyes of the Raven

  3. Hmmmmm 2nd and last facts. Very educative. Am learning more and more

  4. Unlikely animal friends......
    Fact 3 men's that any book that will be published in Norway must be top-notch and worthy of their library.

  5. Wolves!


    Each time I read of wolves,it rakes me back to my growing up years. Esp my Primary school era.It was rumoured then among we pupils that there were wolves in UNEC quarters.U know we read all these Story books that had Bears and wolves in them and I realise now that as kids,we got carried away by them. Lol

    I had loads of friends in the Camp so any time I was invited for a party or a play date,what I was really looking forward to seeing was a wolf. Lol
    Try as much as we could,we never did see one till we "heard" that it's cos Wolves don't like noisy area and would hide in the woods when they hear noise. LMAO

    So dat was how one fateful day Myself and my pal Onyinye set off for her house.It wasn't closing time. It was I remember just before 11 am. And til this day,we Can't tell how we pulled that off cos University Primary school wasn't where u left its premises once u are brought to school.
    The pathway from school to The Camp isn't that very far and it's beautiful. You know,The Woods and all. Birds chirping. But quiet. Never been through the woods before then.Only by the main road.It was lonely too.At a point we got scared,I mean me cos my pal walks home and dats the path she takes. Everywhere was just quiet.

    Oya Na! Shebi we heard wolves like quiet places. LMAO
    It was at that point as I got frightened by each step I took that I realised I didn't even know wot I would do if I saw a Wolf. I mean doesn't a wolf have teeth and all? Common sense was just returning to me. Hahahhahaha

    Of course we never saw Any wolf. Went back and reported to our class and that was how our fascination with wolves died.

    Nice one @ Norwegian fact.
    Now I might just reloacate to Norway and start writing books! Wow!

    1. Lol..
      I had this eerie feeling whilst reading this..
      I hate taking walks through any bush path or woods, sometimes, i hate the chirruping of birds, can't stand the chirp of crickets either.
      In primary school? Forget it, i would have pissed in my pants.. Lol

    2. Lol, quite an adventure searching for wolves.

    3. Ehn? Una try o. How did you slip past those strict security men?

      And the baby bush in the toilets. Did you hear of that too? Thanks to that rumour, I never used the toilet in school till I left.

      Northie, me too. I hate walking quiet place alone. Especially in the evenings.


    4. Hello Stranger! @ NorrieđŸ˜‚
      And I thought this is the kind of stuff u like.Taking walks in quiet areas.đŸ˜‚Reading in the woods. That kind of stuff.

      @Diamond,I know it's impossible.Right?
      Remember that Mrs Muoneke's long-time Driver?
      D day we pulled this stunt was one of the days we had(practically the whole school) had rehearsals for his up-coming Wedding. So the school was in kinda mini-celebration mood.
      We slipped out through that back gate that is near Unisersity Secondary school side. Lol

      Quite an adventure @Fire Cracker. Lol

  6. Hmm, it's good to remember fallen heroes and buying 1000 copies of published books by the Norwegian govt and distributing to libraries across the country is really encouraging writers and the culture of reading. very educative

  7. Raven and Wolves...
    Bad Omen and Full Moon....
    Gosh.... Too much Horror Movies in the Blood

  8. Educative and highly inspirational. Good job Madam Stella

  9. Wolves are beautiful creatures.

  10. Unexplained love between ravens and wolves.
    Generation of discoverers.

  11. Hmmm i will have to remember to write and publish in Norway if ever i do write something. Cool

    1. You can comment like kindagarten eh. I have noticed you. Try get sense. Cathy!

  12. All I see is Chadwick
    *humming Grandpa's old time favourite song Chadwick Chadwick onye oma, ooh Chadwick. Lol

    From neutron to proton to electron? Wow
    Do I still remember these things?
    Proton and neutron are in the center of the atom, making up a nucleus.
    And the charge on proton and electron are the same size and opposite. They attract each other.

    *phew* forgotten some jare
    #old age

  13. Good to know,well done Stella.

  14. ati chadwick, ati rutherford ati thomson...eti yawere...u niggas gave me headache all through secondary school..


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