Stella Dimoko Hunter Nabbed For Shooting A 'Bush Pig Which Later Transformed Into His Friend'


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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hunter Nabbed For Shooting A 'Bush Pig Which Later Transformed Into His Friend'

An Ado-Ekiti Magistrates’ Court on Friday remanded a 33-year-old hunter, Ganiyu Abdullaral, in prison custody for allegedly killing his friend who allegedly changed into a pig. 

The Magistrate, Modupe Afeniforo, directed the prosecutor to duplicate the file and send it to the Director of Public Prosecution for legal opinion. Afeniforo adjourned the case till Nov.11 for further mention. 

Prosecutor Monica Ikebulo told the court that the accused shot at a bush pig which later transformed into his friend. 

Ikebulo said the accused committed the offence on Sept.9 at Iwaraji Camp via Efon Alaaye in Efon Alaaye -Ekiti. She said that the accused on the said date with eight of his colleagues now at large went for group hunting and unlawfully shot his friend, Iginla Oluwashina, with his Dane gun. 

The prosecutor applied for an adjournment to enable her duplicate and send the office to the Director of Public Prosecution for legal advice. Ikebulo said the offence contravened Section 319 of the Criminal Code, Cap C 16,Laws of Ekiti State. 2012. 
No plea was taken. 

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  1. Enter your comment... did na nollywood movie in d making.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Who are we to blame? Is it the hunter or the HUNTEE Or perhaps bubu.

    Mbok e'kunam nsak.

  4. I don't see a case in this at all. Was it his fault the friend turned into a pig. So by the time one uses prayers in killing a pussycat, he will be arrested by day break nonsense

    1. Do you have sense at all? Dontvyou realise that someone who hates someone can easily kill the person and claim he killed a fly that later changed into a human being in order to fool gullible and ignorant people like you? So you know the number of hit and run drivers that have gotten away with this? Oyibobpeople don't believe/practice juju/jazz yet they are centuries ahead of us. Pray such fate doesn't befall you because as a dead person you won't be able to defend yourself.

    2. Lol,autopsy shld b carried out to look for any traces of pigmentation. Heheheheeh

    3. Receive sense,with your myopic brain or you will be a stagnant beggerq

    4. @ Anon9:02 no you are the senseless one here, did you even went through ur write up before posting. To you it made sense, insulting one to make ur point shows how senseless you are.
      @Tayan Taylor: so in your mind you've got sense and you don't need to beg in life to get anything and even the job that put food on your table or the air you breath. Receive sense or remain a stagnant where u are. Don't work to be promoted, don't beg to move in life, two useless things.

    5. Very funny. This comment made my day. Lmao

  5. It's common occurrence among the local hunters. Who no get juju no dey hunt for this part of the world.
    You go don kill your own baby before you know say no be antelope.


    'Prosecutor Monica ikebulo told the court that the accused shot at a bush pig which later transformed into his friend'.

    Have a second look at the statement and see why I sometimes think Nigerians are stiil irredeemable. Is it the prosecutor that said this or the reporter reported it this way? Whoever, it showed that it was established that the hunter actually shot at a pig yet it is just obly a claim by the hunter.

    So why did whoever, make that statement and why did the hunter make that claim?( BTW the statement should have been' the prosecutor told the court the hunter SAID or CLAIMED). It is because Nigerians believe the impossible. In truth, it doesn't matter a Nigerian's level of education or exposure. The judge, the policeman, the lawyer, the artisan, the doctor, the churchgoor,the pastor,the magician,name it,they believe this lie yet each one would prove it by saying 'I heard, they said, it happens but I haven't seen with my own eyes, I met them when they were saying it just happened etc'.

    But then, if truly the hunter actually shot a pig, what offence did he commit? If he had injured but not killed the victim, would the police have also charged the victim for 'unlawful transformation with intent to ensnare'? Would the victim had admitted he ever turned to a pig. On a lighter note, was the pig clutching his own Dane gun? If not, why was the deceased still clutching his own Dane gun at the time he died?

    Why am I writing all this epistle? It is because human being has no capacity to turn into an animal or yam tuber etc and back at will. As in real life whenever I say this, many people would come for me here on this blog and call me ignorant. They will quickly say that power deyoo or God didn't remove Satan's lowers from him. But each time they ssy so, they fail to answer if Satan's powers are limitless and if he has all, yes, all the powers god has.

    In the instant case, the man either shot his friend out of error of overexcitement or predetermined jealousy. The story of transformation to a pig is to hoodwink the people who already beleivelies from the pit of hell.

    These questions would elicit the the same answers and reactions I normally get from people each time I ask them.

    1. If somebody standing or sitting with you suddenly turns or begins to turn into an animal, as you watch, what will be your instant reaction? If someone beside you turns into a yam tuber as you watch and you are subsequently given a knife to cut it, will you touch or cut the yam? If you are told that someone stole and later returned someone's amu and you were asked to provide your otu to test if the amu is back to life, how much would you collect to do this?

    So I say ' Nigerians, receive sense'!!!

  7. The hunter is not to be blamed now.

  8. They murdered him,which pig wicked people. Unfortunately the dead can not speak

  9. Nawah oo!bt it's not d man's fault naa

  10. No picture attached to this post.

  11. Truth is, mysterious things like this happen in real life that they're not recognized by law. Who knows, the man might be saying the truth but hmmmm......OYO is his name.

  12. One year later that man will still be in prison.. once the matter is adjourned pending legal advice from Dpp, na voice-mail be that

  13. Nawao...see story. Abeg Stella i follow u give d man side eye.

  14. Tory don worworworwor, nkana understand


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