Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 41 And 42


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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Labour Room Drama 41 And 42


LRD 41

Hello AUNTY Stella hehehe I know you do not like that. Love you loads

I got married in November and by December I found out I was pregnant it was so cool although we wanted to wait a few months to flex and all #wink# by January the following year I noticed I was loosing weight then the vomiting started and I grew so skinny and was sick half of the time.

 I didnt show till about 7months .since it was my first i was a baby centre freak i would practically log on every day watch all the delivery videos. Google about stages of labour all to prepare myself for the big day. O my Lord was i scared!! 

Fast forward. To 39 weeks i woke up in the middle of the night and noticed blood stain then i went to pee to clean up and  saw mucus like stain accompanied with blood . #fear grip me o# hehehe I went to my mothers room and told her and she smiled and said baby is on the way. 

Meanwhile  I had already picked out what to wear when labour starts months ahead. Imagine!! I also downloaded this contraction app on my phone so I got ready went to the hospital with my mom . The doctor saw me and asked why I was there I told him I'm in labour and showed him the app on my phone that recorded how many minutes the contractions lasted for. Hahaha the doctor laughed now I know why,then he said ok . 

This was around 4 am . He told me to lie down he got gloves and  I saw his hands going down my vijayjay ewoooooo omg the pain then ....he said i was 2cm gone, in my mind 8more to go. Stella remember I was all dressed up o. 

When it was around 9am in the morning omg the pain !i was practically speaking in tongues. Saying its painful infact I called God that day ehh . By 10  I removed my cloth o was just left with bra and pant then at 12 the nurse came in to check how far I've gone and she said 3cm.... haaa and for some reason the pain was excruciating. By that time I was naked I didnt even remember to use my contraction app on my phone.

 I was dancing round the room o till 4pm in the evening since it was my first. They said it might take  longer  Stella I felt like I was going to die . Maybe I'm lazy or my pain threshold Is very little.

 I refused to be induced I just wanted the baby out asap . Prior to that had already discussed doing CS with my gynaecologist And hubby. But my mom looked a little bit sad because she wanted me to try harder. That's how by 5pm they rolled me in and brought the love of my life out. He weighed 4.5kg i had this side eye like na me for push this one Abi? Una well done. Hehehe. 

Cs is not an option when its not necessary. But that's does not make you less a mom or a woman.... i am a proud mom today and i thank Jah for everything.

LMAOOOO@that your contraction app...abeg abeg i no fit laugh,you try!
your story cracked me up.


LRD 42
Good day Stella,

I will go straight to my story. I have 3 children but will share that of my last baby.

I got back from work, ate and went to bed but woke up later due to pains. I timed the contractions and felt it will hold till day break because i was feeling like a know it all since this was my 3rd baby. However by 4am my people I was vibrating and it wasn't funny anymore. 

I am the type that doesn't shout during labour but I go dey shake like jelly fish which is what I termed vibrating. We set out at about 4.30am and while on the way I was barely holding on because of my older children in the car. As we got to the hospital and hubby was trying to park I asked him to let me come down so I don't give birth in the car. 

As I was walking into the reception my water broke....I was shocked as that was the first time I actually experienced my water breaking on its own while on my feet. The nurses were expecting me as I had called ahead. There was no room for checking anything again but was just propped up in then labour room and asked to first I just couldn't push.

 It was about 6 years after my baby no 2 so it seemed I had forgotten how to push. But after hearing the nurse say it was dangerous for the baby not to push at this stage I gave it my all calling out the name Jesus and just like that the baby popped out........the relief and feeling afterwards was heavenly. As hubby finished parking he was robbed and as he stepped into the labour room he saw the baby was already out and he was beautifully shocked. 

My older kids were jumping up and down. I pray everyone of you will experience the ease I have experienced in giving birth to my babies devoid of complications. You will all deliver like the Hebrew women. Amen

WOW,just like that?Congrats ooooo...As an expert that you IS now!*side eyes*


  1. God pls bless me I also want to send in my labour room drama.

  2. Mine will be different ...God, am so scared give me the pain I can bear oh

    1. Hahhahaa @ God, am so scared give me the pain I can bear oh

  3. Labour room and the wahala, can't read the second one, tired. Congrat

  4. Wow such ease at poster two. Amen oh, I tap into this kind of delivery against my delivery

  5. Cngrats to both of you

    *Larry was here*

  6. Poster 1,
    CS is an option abeg,..
    Imagine having a wound in your kini when they must have given you a tear...
    The same way the wound in your kini is healing is the same with your incision...
    Damn it!,,,
    Your husband and lovers won't enjoy the place again nau cos your kini will be too loose and watery...

  7. Wow, I love this series. Stellz darling, it is educative
    Now, about the my comment on a wedding post of our fellow Sdk bv
    Now to you the queen and boss of this blog, I said that I May be wrong, by saying the guy is martins Aboy, ok? You dnt have to take it personal.
    To you, Annie, hell no, I am not a New bie like you, I started reading this blog when another blog talked swt of stella and referred us to Sdk blog. that was many years ago. guess you had no idea of Sdk blog then? even stella knows what I am talking about.
    @ Karen, I am not a september 2016 bv like you. I know your type, your type are Sdk bv that every referred here for giveaways. so get that ok? Where were you when the likes of Ezenwanyi, Lucinda, pepper oku, sexy boocalher were making waves on this blog?
    To the rest bvns, I know martins Aboy, but dnt know his pix. maybe the day stella put up his pix the Way she recently did God somadina and kelvin, I did not log in.
    For any further talk, nor cussing out on me by these pple that I mentioned above or their voltrons, I will just give you all the middle finger and keep silence, cos silence is the beat answer for.... . I am well cultured, I dnt engage in cyber quarels.
    I rest my case

    1. Why did you bring this here?...
      If you are an old BV like you claimed,you shouldn't reply here...
      Do you want to derail this post?...

    2. Ure well cultured and u came back to clap back...well dis is worst clap back have seen....Gerrrrrrarrrrrriah here

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. First poster cracked me up.No be small contraction app.You're really funny.
    Congrats to both of you.

  9. In jenifa's voice, congrats to the both of you.

    1. HaaahaaahaaahaaaHaaahaaahaaahaaa! Very funny someborri @ the 1st poster, I had a good laugh. Thank God for you madam app. Thought I was the only one addicted to 'babycentre'! Loooooooooove that site like cake!
      Eeeeyaaa @ 2nd poster, God was really with you, that was so quick! Wow!
      May God continue to bless our homes always.

  10. Lord pls help me in my own time to deliver like d Hebrew women Amen!

  11. @poster2,Amen to your prayers.May all of us in the waiting room experience this wonderful experience of bringing healthy babies to the world (amen)

  12. Congrat ooo.

  13. God bless me, I want to send mine too

  14. Some people that gave birth through the natural way fart through their pussy also!...
    I can't deal mehn...

    1. Not true... vaginal flatus (or vaginal farts as you put it) are not as a result of "loose" vaginas. There are tons of women who experience it who 1) have never given birth and 2) are virgins.

  15. CS is not an option when not necessary? I beg to differ. Women should be free enough to decide how they want to birth their children in peace without being made to feel they are lazy or what not abeg. Some people would say the pain of labour should be felt by every woman, okay what about the post CSection pain? While you who had a vaginal birth can boogie down on your baby's naming ceremony, the Csection scars take weeks/months to heal. Please lets stop this mentality abeg. Neither way is the easy way out.

  16. congrats to the two of you.its not easy.

  17. @ Adetutu Edward, you are pregnant again after two or three kids and plenty beggy beggy on this blog? You beg for everything begable on this blog which shows you are not okay financially, why did you not hold on with birthing for now and hustle to take care of the ones you already have? Now I believe what James always say that poor men only know how to fcuk and birth kids.
    Stella this ur bvs no dey hear word. Tomorrow she will mail you and beg for hospital bill/baby things.

  18. Why all these fights again? LRD I hail o. Should send mine laziness to type ni o

  19. I will give birth like d hebrew women

  20. We shall not suffer loss on any of our children in Jesus name. My 3rd baby which happen to be a girl after two boys also came like poster 2 baby. Thank God the hospital i registered for ante natal was close to my house, it would have been a different story bcos i would have had her in the car or at home. The whole thing happened in less than two hours. A friend has told me i shld be prepared anytime a week bfor my edd bcos third baby labour is not always prolong like the first or second.

  21. God pls let my sister deliver like d Hebrew woman,so I will ask her the lrd

  22. I will birth like the Hebrew women, in Jesus name

  23. Story 1 cracked me up!! Hilarious.

  24. Congrats to you two

    Queen you no go kill person for this blog, e be like say e get when spirits dey bring palm wine come for you and when they go just decide leave you

  25. poster 1 abeg which one be contraction app anyway congratulations to u and poster2 thanlk God for delivering like d hebrew woman

  26. Thanks Stella for posting my story. I have been regular on this blog for more than a year and yet to get a blog ID....How can I resolve this?

  27. I hardly comment on this blog, but I must said the truth, am a married woman expecting but I must said I hv really learn a lot in this lrd drama thing, pls Stella keep it up.

  28. I hardly comment on this blog, but I must said the truth, am a married woman expecting but I must said I hv really learn a lot in this lrd drama thing, pls Stella keep it up.

  29. Went 2 visit my friend that just put to bed and as usual.


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