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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mic Man Air Freshener - Affordable Luxury

Ewww….What’s that Smell?
A blind date comes with mixed feelings.

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 From the anxiety of what the person looks like, to wondering if the person speaks proper phonee and whether they will be savvy enough to know they don’t warm salad. And you also hope they will use their church mind to understand White House and Banilux are not the best spots for first dates. 
For the ladies, every thought crosses your mind until the person calls that he’s outside. 

You may even jokingly ask if he is standing outside or he is parked outside. Then you heave a sigh when he says he is parked outside and heave a sigh of relief as you try and settle into his seemingly nice ride, while looking forward to what the day promises to reveal. 

Then you experienced that mogbe moku modaran moment as one putrid odor that reminds you of a dead rat wafts through your carefully contoured nose, overriding the familiar scent of your Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door perfume hands down.  

With the increasing rise of the price of rice, fuel price and the way dollar is just misbehaving, the last thing anybody needs during this recession is an awful smell. It can even be quite embarrassing when visitors, most especially a hot date comes into our space and keep asking “what’s that smell?”, “Is there a soakaway in your house?”, “Wetin una dey chop for this compound wey dey smell like this”? Choi!

For a quick fix to that bad smell, you need not just any air freshener but a premium one with exquisite fragrance as the Mic Man Air Freshener. It has got its design inspiration from Elvis Presley’s microphone and comes in four exciting colors and signature fragrances to serenade your nasal senses in your home, office and car. Each pack lasts for more than 90days and comes with an extra refill. This is the endorsed Car and Air Freshner for those that love prestige and all the trappings that come with it. 

Got an upcoming event? Consider giving this as an aso ebi souvenir or a thank you gift for your bridal and groom train. You can also distribute as a gift at weddings. It’s not every time #ijustcameforthejollofrice. Sometimes give out souvenirs like Mic Man air freshener to help put a final end to offensive smell some people inhale everyday…

Think Mic Man Air Freshener . It speaks luxury yet affordable and perfect for your surroundings.



  1. How much does it cost, i might need one

  2. I cant smell it from here.... miss hottie

  3. 😃I like this advert...but you fall hand oh, no link as per where to purchase it?

    1. There's a link, click on the blue coloured letters

  4. So all these for air freshener. Hian!

  5. Making money always welcome

  6. How much and please no Vuharia's price.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Red Door? Oh,that's a pafum I love so much. How do we get this na?


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