Stella Dimoko Police Arrest Teenagers Attempting To Sell Their Unborn Babies in Abia


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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Police Arrest Teenagers Attempting To Sell Their Unborn Babies in Abia

Two teen girls, Esther Odum and Ebere Ejimadu, have been arrested by the Abia State Police Command for allegedly attempting to sell their unborn babies.

The teenagers were paraded by the state Commissioner of Police, CP, Mr. Leye Oyebade on Thursday before newsmen, saying they were arrested along with one Oluchi, the wife of the owner of the alleged baby factory where they planned to have the babies and later sell them.

The CP said, “The command got information that the suspect, Ifeanyi Agbasonu and his wife Oluchi, were operating a baby factory at No. 2 Bridget Road Aba.
“It was there that the two pregnant girls, Esther Odum and Ebere Ejimadu, were arrested.”

Speaking before newsmen, Oluchi said she knew her husband to be a homeopathic medicine practitioner.

According to her, she was surprised to see policemen at the medical centre.
“When I asked them their mission, they said I was under arrest. I asked why? They said I would know when I reach their station,” Oluchi stated.
On their part, the girls, while denying the allegation, told newsmen there was a mix up somewhere.

They stressed that they went to the medicine home for treatment and had no connection with the allegation.

Ejimadu said, “I got there on Monday. I live with my aunt at Port Harcourt. The doctor in the hospital told me that I have infection and he said I was free to choose the kind of medicine I wanted to take.

“He said I should choose either orthodox or traditional. His wife advised me to choose traditional treatment. She said it would work better than orthodox medicine.

“My aunt said she had a doctor that specialised in treatment of infections. She took me there. I was supposed to stay there until Sunday.
“I was however arrested. He has even started administering the medicine on me,” Ejimadu added.

Odum, an indigene of Imo State, admitted that she was pregnant, but denied nursing any idea to sell the baby after birth. Odum said: “I was introduced to Ifeanyi Agbasonu as a homeopathic doctor.
“I have not stayed there for long. I just arrived there. The place didn’t look like a hospital to me. I came there on Wednesday and was arrested on Friday.

“When I got there on Wednesday, Ifeanyi told me that he is a homeopathic doctor, who specialized in the treatment of infections and wounds.”


*OMG..Why are these small children having S3x already?what is going on?This is so disgusting.Sometimes i just breathe a sigh of relief that i dont have a girl cos all these stories have messed up my mind and she wouldnt have had it easy with me and my suspicions.


  1. The blame should go to their parents. They failed woefully in their primary duty. I know poor parents all they know is to fuck every day and have children every year. Children they are not able to give proper upbringing.
    I can still remember my father always warn us that he will personally deal with any of his children that will bring disgrace to the family. That it is better he don't have any child than to have a useless one.

    1. You are a confirmed mad man with your kindergarten grammar.

      Did you not see the tribe or words failed you on this occasion?

      At least a yoruba person will shamelessly birth the child in her fathers house than heartlessly sell their own child.

      Where is that useless Linda and the rest of her myopic crew?

    2. U always sound like a poor church rat

  2. Some people will try to justify this by saying it's the economy when they've been known to these kind of acts from time immemorial.

    If economy is scratching you like that, enough to put God aside and justify any wrongdoing then please start by using your children for juju, prostitution has always been lucrative, armed robbery and kidnapping, fake drugs/pharmacy, smuggling etc. The list is endless. Take your pick. Just remember that you did all this so you can drive flashy cars and live in big houses, nothing more

  3. Is it not better to sell than dump d baby????
    Please screw you police officers, not like d govt 'll give them money to take care of their unborn child. Rubbish.
    Is any1 interested in adopting a baby???
    Pls drop a comment!

    1. If a babalawo wants your baby in exchange for money, will you indulge him?

      And that's why it's illegal. You don't know the creatures you could be dealing with.

      By the way did government help them to create the baby? When will start taking responsibility for their actions? Steal and blame economy, rape and blame devil... Smh

  4. So if d babies end up dead in cartons by d road side, they(police) would like it? Leave these girls to sell their babies to deserving couples n face armed robbers on d highways abeg.

    1. Are those the only options they have? To dump the babies in cartons by the roadside or sell them?

      Which method was used for you?

  5. Stella this ain't about whether anyone has a girl child or not.... Its all about how careful you train your child while she's growing...

    I like female children in as much as i like the male.

  6. if the girls re saying the truth then,they should be released.

  7. Close your legs and pretend to be a mermaid they will not hear.

  8. James stop talking nonsense, why will you blame their parents? Have you not seen rich people that also have useless children? You is it not fuck and insert big rod inside something you can do very well, so talking nonsense.

  9. Sad stories everyday by day.
    God have mercy.

  10. There's no concrete evidence to show the girls are guilty, they should release them already, besides is it not better to give out your baby alive than to throw him/her in the bush to die. Mind you, I am not in support of giving out your baby but what's wrong with picking the less of the greater evil.
    *God bless my Angel in human form*

  11. "Sometimes i just breathe a sigh of relief that i dont have a girl"

    They were impregnated by boys. I hope you're also bringing up your boys right?

    MISS Jacobs.

  12. #You got to take chances to make advances*

  13. What the govt needs to out in place is a safe place these girls can have their babies and put them up for adoption legally. If not more abandoned babues wiuld be found littering the streets. And the poor babies denied a chance at life. Unfortunately even if they make it legal they would make it so hard for genuine average and low incone families with all the bureaucracy

  14. Is it their babies?
    Someone says she doesn't want the child you are arresting her.
    Do they look like someone who can cater for a child?


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