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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Identify These Celebs

Can you recognize these Nigerian celebs from what they are wearing?
I couldnt identify all,perhaps you will.

Screenshots from


RICHBEE said...

Peter okoye

Alabi Ganiyat said...

Wizkid and olamide are definitely there... My two cent

Anonymous said...

No 5,is Inyanya#AppleifGodseye#

Sara said...

2 baba
Alex ekubo
Peter okoye
Ik ogbonna

Anonymous said...

1 is 2baba,4 is Joseph Benjamin#AppleifGodseye#

Anonymous said...

No 7 is definitely not Sean Tizzle o.look at d

Suoebi(Niger delta finest) said...

1 2baba 10 Alex 2 ik 3 reekado banks 4 kcee 5 iyanya 6 timaya 7 Peter 8 Lil kesh 9 tekno I think I try

Habis Cakes Abuja said...

Number 2 is IK ogbonna
Number 3 may be korede
Number 4 is kcee (that color fits his sense of style )
Number 6 is sooo timaya with his angled leg
Number 1 tuface.
I no know the rest. Lol

Anonymous said...

#1 Buhari

Jenny zee said...

Ok, make I chop first

Maureen Ekeh said...

1:2baba 10:olamide 9:techno 8;davido,6:timaya 5; inyaya 4;kcee 2;Ik ogbonna.

I am the queen and the boss of this blog said...


2: IK Ogbonna..

3:Koredo bello...




7:Peter Okoye.,

8:I no sabi...

9:I no sabi...


Maureen Ekeh said...

7;sean tissle 3:korede bello

one of Linda's bridesmaids said...

Phyno,alex,alhaji tekno,davido,peter,timaya,Iyanya,kcee,korede and Ik ogbona

Maureen Ekeh said...

10:Alex ekubo is correct not olamide

SDK Babe designer at your service..bbm 58DB44B1 said...

1= Tubaba
2= Ik Ogbonna
3= Korede Bello
4= Joseph Benjamin
5 with the nipples = Iyanya
6= Timaya
7= Sean Fizzle
8= Davido
9= Tekno
10= Alexx Ekubo
11= Tubaba

Abeg i get work to do


Wild guess..

Lil kesh
Sean tizzle
Ik ogbonna

Bee10 said...

No 3 -wizkid the rest i do not want to scatter my brain.

Dietitian Nezz! said...

No idea o


Could recognise just a few. Good morning Stella,
Good morning people of sdk.

CherryCee said...

1) Patoranking 10) Olamide 9) Reekado Banks 8) Lil Kesh 7) Peter Okoye 6) Timaya 5) Iyanya 4) Kcee 3) Korede Bello 2)Sean Tizzle

Vivian Ezeadum said...

7-peter okoye

Mrs. Romas said...

I can't even recognise any of them, because i don't really care much about them.
I know the Don (Jazzy) himself is not there, neither is Tuface nor D'banj there. I hope I'm not wrong

shiky said...

1) tuface
2) ik Ogbonna
3) reekado banks
4) kcee
5) iyanya
6) timaya
7) Peter Okoye
8) davido
9) wizkid
12) Alex Ekubo

Isolde Fontaine said...

phyno hope I am right

Ideato/ilaje blood said...

Who their identification help.

Abeg. They should go and chop shit.

God bless my Angel

Anonymous said...

Who else can wear red shoes on red clothes like guru maharaji if not kcee. Number 6 is definitely timaya

Greenland said...

1 2baba
10 Alex Ekubo
9 Tekno
7 Peter Okoye
6 Mr 2kay
5 Iyanya
3 Korede Bello
2 Ik Ogbonna

Bella Dorne said...

No 1- Phyno (he's skinny like that)

No 10- Olamide- he's stubby like that

No 9- looks like Korede,he likes to wear skinny pants but it could be Tekno(i really don't know how he looks like though)

No 8- Maybe Lil Kesh

No 7- Peter Okoye (he likes red ayelala shoes)

No 6- Might be Don Jazzy or Timaya

No 5- Iyanya ( his short arms and perky nipples gave him away)

No 4- That's Kcee (chief priest of Ayelala, my fellow bini people know what I'm saying)

No 3- Could be Korede or Reekado

No2- Maybe Olamide

Anonymous said...

7peter okoye

Christy Odoo said...

Ibiakwa,,, how how how......

Charles Sukki said...

1. 9ice 10. Alex Ekubo 9. Tekno 8. Davido 7. Sean Tizzle 6. Don Jazzy 5. Inyaya 4. Joseph Benjamin 3. Koredo Bello 2 IK

Miracle Brown said...

The one on red is Alex ekubor

Ada Onyema said...

That red red is Kcee I wouldn't miss the fashionista for anything, iyanya is wearing army green with nipples showing, first pic is 2face , no 9 Tekno

victoria ekelem said...

1)2baba 2)ik ogbonna 3)wizkid 4)kcee 5)iyanya 6)timaya 7)Peter okoye 8)Lil mesh 9) kerodo bello 10)alex ekubo😁😁😁Hope its 10/10.

IJAY said...

Let me see if I can try
4 - Kcee
5- iyanya
6 - Timaya
1 - 2baba
8 - Lil kesh
Let me relax small

victoria ekelem said...

1)2baba 2)ik ogbonna 3)wizkid 4)kcee 5)iyanya 6)timaya 7)Peter okoye 8)Lil kesh 9) keredo bello 10)alex ekubo😁😁😁Hope its 10/10.

Ada Nwanbueze said...

No5 is daddy showkey.

Olori footwear said...

I recognised tyrion inyanya by his abs and waist, Joseph Benjamin by his finger(he is on red), tekno, no 6 is timaya, no 9 is tekno, no2 is ik ogbona, no3 is wizkid, no 1 is tubaba, no10 is Alex, no 8 is davido, no 7 might be ogidigada..

Awesome R said...

How I want take identify headless picture. Am I a witch or magician? Hell NO! Pass Jare

Chioma josephine said...

6th pic is Timaya

adamawa's finest said...

10) Patoranking
9) Tekno
7) Sean tizzle
6) Timaya
5) Iyanya
6 Alex Ekubo
5) Wizkid
4) Ik ogbonna.
I stand to b corrected

SONIA SPENCE ✌✌✌ said...

No2 is def IK Ogbonna

Anonymous said...

When u gonsend ans?

Adenike said...

1 is 2face, 9: wizkid, 5:iyanya, 4: Alex ekubo. The rest can go to hell!

Just Glamour said...

No.1-Tubaba,2-Ik Ogbonna,3-Reakado Banks,4-Joseph Benjamin,but I'm not sure,5-Inyanya,6-Timaya.

Cynthia Iyede said...

1) 2baba
10) Olamide
9) Wizkid
5) Iyanya
7) Gideon Okeke
4) Joseph Benjamin
2) Ik Ogbonna

white Berry said...

Am not happy, don't know what else to comment again, when I say this my comment gets deleted, and when I say that it gets deleted for just no reason. Morning spontaneous post, it's it not what we are doing and how we feeling then why is my own always deleted.

cakes by Bella's, Abuja. 58DA8ADF, 07080305132, @cakes_by_bellas said...

U at least everyone knows iyanya there ...lmao

Shantelle's Empire said...

Dang! @those nipples. Iyanya love me till I faint.

Anonymous said...

1.Tuface. No10: Olamide. No9:Wizkid. No8:davido. No7:Peter okoye No6:timaya no5:Iyanya no4:kcee no3:korede bello. no:2 Ik ogbona

Shantelle's Empire said...

@5...Iyanya bae of life.

RICHBEE said...

Do you no if your angel is there lol

Jenny zee said...


Lady j said...

Dem wan pay me money? Which kine work be this?..hian

Shennel Hyacinth said...

8: Davido.
9:tekno. 😘

God'swill said...

Pic 2 is definitely IK Ogbonna

Anonymous said...

Aunty richy see d Kanye west top iyanya wore now. Chai sombori without tv

zinny uwalaka said...

Stella do you have a cup of smoothies for me? Why you wan crack my brain mbok?

Mosi Jubelo said...

Looooool Guru maharaji

Mosi Jubelo said...

No energy to identify

Anonymous said...

1.Phyno 2.IK 3.Rekado 4.Kcee 5.Iyanya 6.Timaya 7.Peter 8.LilKesh 9.Tekno 10.Olamide

Ideato/ilaje blood said...

My Angel is not there. I should have been gisted if so.

God bless my Angel

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