Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 63 And 64


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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Labour Room Drama 63 And 64

Reading these stories make you feel like you are in the Labour room....

LRD 63
Good day Mrs Korkus,first of all,I'd like to pray for all women
TTC,may God answer your prayers. Here's my LRD.
My pregnancy wasn't all that smooth,as I was sick for the first three
months,infact almost every food became my enemy,except for plain rice,
eba without soup and lipton tea.

I went to the market,a day before my EDD,bought ingredients for soup.
Luckily,I got home before the pains started. As I was home alone,I
removed all and took a cold shower,before sleeping off as I didn't
feel the pains anymore.
I woke up in the evening and prepared dinner,after loading eba,I was
gisting with hubby,when the pain started again,and he asked me,if I'm
sure,I don't want to go the hospital,I said nooo,that it will stop
that it had happened earlier. He said okay,sit down now and I told him
I prefer been on knees and rest my stomach on the bed,when the pains
won't stop,that's how we headed for the hospital.

Immediately the doctor checked me,he said I was 3cm dilated and he
asked if I was sure,I was a first timer because I was calm,I told him
yes. He said okay madam start climbing stairs upandan to hasten the
labour,I told him to allow me rest a bit.

One of the nurses on duty told me to remove all my clothes and tie
wrapper,I said I'd leave my top bra on,they said okay o,when the time
reach,na you go beg make dem remove am for you,I was like for una
mind,me that the doctor had already said,I'm a strong woman. 

When the real thing started,I didn't know how top bra disappeared from my
body,by then I was already 6cm dilated. Hubby was going in and out
labour room and it got to a point,I begged one of the nurses not allow
him come near me,he was too panicky,although we had agreed he would be
present during delivery but from the way he was acting,he might just
pass out on sighting blood let alone the baby.

When I was 8cm dilated,I got this sudden energy and I told the doctor,
I was ready to climb stairs,he told me it was too late,I should just
lie down. And during my pregnancy,I use to watch 'one born every
minute on tlc' so in my mind,I was thinking someone would assist in
holding my ankles, oh boy! When it was time to push, I asked for who
was going to hold me ankles,the doctor just laughed and told me,madam
you're holding your ankles yourself. I said can't do it,that's how
they started casting and binding saying madam please oh! You can do

After the second push,I said,I was tired and the doctor shouted that
he could see my baby's head already,before I knew what's up,with the

fourth push and episiotomy,my baby was born.

I know i can ask google but who google epp?please what is Epiisiotomy?cutting of the privates for easy birthing right?if i am wrong forgive me.
Well done.


LRD 64

Good day Mrs Korkus, here's my LRD,it's  going to be a long read so please bear with me, I just want to make it seem like you're seeing it happen so please read, enjoy and post for fellow bvs.

The first scan i did placed my EDD at 14th december while the second scan was 18th, both didn't reveal the private part so the lab attendants weren't sure of the sex, i had to get neutral colour baby things.

I wanted a christmas baby so i prayed and convinced myself (from the conception calculation i did) that i will deliver a week after the said EDD so i relaxed myself and decided to buy the things on the hospital list from the end of the second week of december and also do my hair and nails to await baby's arrival.

Woke up on the 8th of December feeling quite tired and noticed little contractions coming every 30 Mins or so and I was like "hmm these false contractions are here now"(or so I thought cos I read from baby centre about hicks contraction).

I dragged myself to the bathroom, took my bath, barely combed my hair, put on lipgloss and headed straight to court. around 10am While in court, I became restless because the contractions were getting a bit more painful, so i called my husband and told him I wanted  to go to the hospital, he came and took me there. 

I went to the reception and requested for my file,it was antenatal day and there were lots of pregnant women being attended to so i decided to wait till they call my name, so i bent my head and was sobbing gently,a nurse saw me and asked what the problem was, told her I was having cramps, and she said "ah! Madam why didnt you say since na" she took me to the doctor who asked me to off paent and lie down then he wore gloves and inserted his fat hand into my vagina, I screamed, he told me I was 4cm dilated and will give birth like a Hebrew woman. 

I was quite surprised and disappointed that I wasn't going to have my Christmas baby so i gave my husband the list to go buy the things and put them in any bag at home (the baby bag I ordered had not yet arrived) and bring to the hospital while I was taken to the Labour ward. I was given a bed and hospital gown, i pulled my clothes,wore the gown leaving on my undies then I carried my phone and started calling and pinging all my family and friends  that i was in labour, they were surprised saying "and your voice is normal, ha!your own good o". nurses were coming on intervals to check on me, one even suggested for my water to be broken to hasten the process, I politely declined and told her I wanted my husband to come first. 

At about 1pm the contraction was becoming really painful, first of all i pulled my ring and kept in my bag then i pushed phone to one corner. my husband was nowhere to be found.  I was rolling on the bed, by then i was wearing only panties, the  hospital gown was lying on the floor, my earrings and bra was in another corner and I was shouting "nurse please come and break it oooooo please ooooo". 

Then my friend came into the room and told me my husband said he took the wrong key and tried to kick the house door open but was not successful, Jesus! 

I just pointed the bag to her, she took the key and left again, after a while I started feeling like I wanted to poo so I told one of the nurses and she showed me to the toilet, I got in and sat down there but nothing came out, after some time I left there and went back to my bed..

The nurse finally came with one abortion looking instrument and inserted into my vagina and was pulling until i felt a warm liquid trickle down, not too long after,the over serious pain started, I was screaming, holding onto the head of my bed and shaking it vigorously, at a point I was lying at the edge of the bed cos of the pain, one nurse came and told me to move in so I don't fall down, I told her to leave me alone that I wanted to stay there. 

Later the matron came and asked me to take deep breaths anytime the pain starts instead of screaming that i'll just weaken myself and wont be able to push when it's time. she also helped to rub my back,as she was doing that, my husband came in with the bag so she asked him to take over. He came in hearing the woman say "you have passed 1 cycle" he didnt even know why the woman was saying that, he just started rubbing my back and counting "1..2..3 that thing so annoyed me ehn but i was in so much pain to say anything. My friend was also in the room while he was doing that, he noticed i was bleeding and they started panicking and screaming "she's bleeding o" so a nurse came and checked and said it was time to go on the delivery bed, I couldn't even walk, my husband had to carry me.

Time to push... "madam push" I pushed... "madam you're just shouting, push na, the baby's head is already there, you want to kill your baby" my husband was begging me "baby please just push" I was so weak, I was crying and saying please I can't do this, I need CS, pls you people should operate me.. they said "it has already passed time for cs so you have to push, infact oga come and start going outside, it's because you're here that she is making yanga" i told my husband baby don't leave me I will die o, I can't do this. 

 One of the nurse's then told me i can do it,16 year olds do it so I can, I should just pray in my heart and the next time I hear "push"I should use all my strength... so  i was asked to position myself and then they told me to push (they also poured plenty olive oil on my vagina and was massaging it all over (painful) i PUSHED and the nurse gave me a cut, so I SCREAMED, pooped and my baby came out(at 3:15pm)and all the pains disappeared that moment like magic and the lost strength came back. Meanwhile my husband heard my scream from outside and rushed  in and he said he saw how wide and red that place was looking as the baby's head was coming out.

They told me "its a girl", one of the nurses cleaned her up, weighed her while the other birthed the placenta and stitched me up,I apologised for pooping and they gave me my baby to carry and asked my husband to get me a bottle of malt*phew*

I walked upstairs myself to the recovery ward. i call her my christmas come early, she'll be 2yrs in 3months and she's the smartest kid you've ever seen.

I Hope you enjoyed reading my long story.

*You walked upstairs yourself after the cut and all?Madam i raise Beyonce hands for!


  1. God pls answer my prayers so dat I can also send my labour room drama na. Hopeful

    1. mummy boy and girl twin9 October 2016 at 15:26

      Amen oo my dear and my own LRD too in Jesus name

    2. So shall it be for you Ebony IJN Amen

    3. Amen dear, amen.

  2. Poster 2 your story was funny and intriguing at the same time. You people try oh. I can't imagine going through all that and the pooping thing gosh!! Congrats to you and poster 1. Your kids will continue to be a blessing

    1. My dear when it happens,you won't even know when you poo.
      Beautiful narratives.
      Very funny and interesting.

    2. I don't know how ppl allow rubbing of back during labour. I just didn't want anyone touching me or even near me.
      My husband was recording it all. He came near me and said smile for your baby. I snatched the camera and broke it.

  3. Poster 1,thank God for u.In fmc,you don't hold your ankles rather your knees.I dint hold mine,three doctors did that and i only pushed.
    Poster 2,its like that hospital no get wheel chair to take you to the ward.Thats kinda risky cos someone can slump cos of the stress b4 and after delivery.

    1. I don't even know what I held, I just know I pushed just once and baby came out.

      Wheel chair in govt Hospital? If I hear. I walked back to labour ward after my delivery, though it's very close.

    2. I birthed in private hospital but I told them I wanted to walk which the accepted. Mind u,I had serious cervical tear due to early pushing

  4. I can't wait to narrate my own WNB and LRD oh,Lord please pick my call.

  5. Powerful women, God continue to help you

    *Larry was here*

  6. Father it is my turn to testify and your mercy will show forth in my situation Amen

  7. I have to go anonymous on this.i gave birth 8.55am and had my episiotomy by 9pm and that sef na with begging and bribing o.i walked to the 3rd floor myself.Stella didn't post my story una for read am and see say no time for rubbish at general hospitals.

  8. Thank God the era of bad "Nurse, Crazy. Nurse, Stupid Nurse" is over in LRD post. May God bless and keep U'r "Christmas come early"

  9. No wonder mothers find it difficult to disown their children unlike fathers. That's why they love their kids more than the air they breath. God bless you all.

  10. Nawa o. Maybe I should stop reading these stories. Scares the hell outta me.

  11. Interesting stories. God bless aLl the kids

  12. I smiled at the end of both narratives .

  13. I'm 22weeks pregnant and can't wait to share my story

  14. May God preserve your babies, Posters. CherishD.

  15. Super women.really laughed at th second story.God bless you both,amen.

  16. Pls oo Wats the meaning of TTC

  17. Stella and her questions 'll make you think she hasn't given birth before.

  18. Sweet and painful join together. Nice one

  19. Great women...during my own Labour I was bleeding and DH almost cried thinking that the baby has crushed into into. it was a funny experience.

  20. Tru out my 4times of delivery,i never pooed on d delivery hospital uses hot water to empty you....
    Poster 2,i was giggling tru out.

  21. I can be uncomfortable with my hair in hot weather. My menstrual cramp can make me run mad. I wonder how delivery would be for me.

  22. How true is it that after delivery the nurses will still now be putting all their hand inside you to be packing out blood

  23. How true is it that after delivery the nurses will still now be putting all their hand inside you to be packing out blood

    1. Yeah that's true & it's so annoying & irritating.... very painful

  24. Very dangerous thing to do, walk immediately after birthing, my mum fainted even after 4 hours birthing my younger bro(last born). I remember the director of the hospital was just shouting at the nurse (do u want to kill my patient, I will sack you today) my mum begged on her behalf later because she didnt know my mum had tear when she gave birth cause she just resumed duty. I thank God it went well and my baby bro will be 15 come December 30. To all the mothers in the house I salute you and to the awaiting mothers I pray God grants you your heart desires.. I lost my grandmum on Thursday (we were very close and I miss her already).

    1. @ Adisa its not always the case.... After giving birth to my adorable mimi me i didn't just walk but i was discharged after 2 hours..I just thank God nothing happened to me,

  25. Congrats mummies. God will keep and protect your children.

  26. I believe one day I'll send in mine.


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