Stella Dimoko Nigeria to spend $10bn to end conflict in Niger Delta


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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nigeria to spend $10bn to end conflict in Niger Delta

Nigeria will invest $10bn (£8bn) in its oil-rich south to end an insurgency by militants, the oil minister has said.

The money would be used to build infrastructure, including roads and railways, Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu said.

Militant attacks have severely disrupted oil production, fuelling a recession in the West African state.

The militants have been demanding that the government spend more of its oil wealth on tackling widespread poverty in a region, known as the Niger Delta.

They also accuse multinational firms of polluting the environment, destroying the livelihoods of farming and fishing communities.

Mr Kachikwu said that President Muhammadu Buhari would meet the militants and community leaders next week.

"Our target is to ensure zero militancy in the area," he said.

"This planned meeting shows the level of interest the president has to ensure peace in the area."

The $10bn would "not necessarily" come from the federal government, but from "oil companies, investors, individuals", he is quoted by Reuters news agency as saying.

A new militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), emerged after President Buhari, a northerner, took office last year after winning elections.

It has carried out a spate of attacks on oil plants and pipelines, causing a sharp fall in oil production and worsening the financial crisis in Africa's most populous state.

Mr Buhari's predecessor Goodluck Jonathan came from the Niger Delta, and managed to broker a peace deal with militants in the region.

The militants accuse Mr Buhari of reneging on the deal, an allegation he denies.

Oil is the Nigerian government's main source of income.
bbc reportage.


  1. Did I read right? "used to build infrastructure, including roads and railways", in the mmidst what is going on there, and without brokering peace?? What a nation!! What leadership??!!!?

  2. How long will they continue to spend so much on this region? Its never enough when they keep diverting the funds.

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    To vote send Nominee’s name and the category eg. Stella Dimo korkus, Blogger of the year to . Voting ends on the 4 th of November 2016.

  4. They always make promises to us yet they end up not fulfilling it,my town has a polytechnic but few people attend it because of no road you would have to travel by water and sea pirates disturb the waters there is no police station in the town students are robbed almost all the time even the road leading to the federal university in the state is so bad that it can cause abortion and till today we keep hearing the promise of we will do roads if I start to complain about the many promises they have made to my region n are still yet to fulfill I might not finish typing today sef yet na we dey produce oil n na we still dey underdeveloped

    1. You'll not ask for your local leaders, village chiefs and governors what they do with all the money they keep receiving but just continue to blame everybody else. 13% derivatives from oil companies, Niger Delta ministry, NDDC and so on. Till date NDDC has spent N800 billion since its inception but has only completed ONE project, yet you won't say anything but find anyone but yourselves to blame.

      Where do the militants get money to buy such sophisticated weapons? Fact of the matter is you guys are not serious and don't care about yourselves or your environment. If and when you do, you'll know who to complain about, who to blame and demand for justice without tolerating any more BS from your leaders.

    2. 13% shared among 9 states is nothing. Stop talking about what you don't know. The money used in running this country comes from that region. If we practiced true federalism then every state will cater for themselves. You all are living off the Niger delta.

  5. Blame your kinsman who was there for 2 years as a vp...and 6years as president yet he did nothing for your region not even a potable water, you are here complaining that buhari an hausa man did not do road for you.

  6. Let the government try and change our source of income and see what happens? Sad indeed

  7. I hope it is not another Buhari lies and propaganda. Like the $1 =N1 promise and 24hrs electricity he promised during d campaign

  8. Tueh for this government, they want to borrow the future of generations yet unborn before they rest... how did we get here father lord... please take due action, you know what to do sweet jesus, Amen

  9. Haha! Joke of the century! I hope this initiative works anyway. ND is long over-due. As for the folks complaining about funds diversion, calm down jare. Bad belle people. U keep spreading assumptions all over the place. If the FG gives allocation, whose job is it to follow through? It's like blaming your contractor that he did not complete your building project after the money you gave him, yet u did not inspect the project. And b4 u say Jonathan nko, his and the late Yar'adua (of blessed memory) used the amnesty initiative to curb militancy. His flaw was playing flunkey to Northern leaders. Way to go! Buhari! It seems like u're properly lubricated in za oza room. More grease to your joystick.


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