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Monday, October 31, 2016

Word For The Day- Dont Lose Your Chance!

Do you know that you can be just as great and even greater than any idol you have ever admired in this life?

Several years ago, as a teenager, I never stopped asking myself, "why do some people become great, and others don't?" After all, there is the saying that goes "there is a seed of greatness in every man!" So why does greatness only reside in the bossom of the few?

But over time, I guess life began to answer my question. DESTINY HAS A RHYTHM, and not everyone is able to sustain that Rhythm! A lot of people are very much aware that they are destined for greatness, they have talents, they have divers abilities, but for flimsy reasons, they are not willing to do the needful, they are not willing to give their EVERYTHING to achieve their destiny.

Every physical thing that God assembled in the inside of you, is controlled by a Pulse! If your pulse drops, you pass out. Your heart also has a Rhythm, it never stops beating, if it stops, you pass out.

Similarly, if your rhythm drops, your destiny gets in danger of passing out too! What do I mean by rhythm in this context? I mean YOUR BALANCED AND DETERMINED PURSUIT TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM! Destiny is the force that keeps compelling you to fight for your dream. Destiny is to every man, what gravity is to the earth. On the need to take a destiny step forward, most people do it when they want to, instead of when they have to! "When you have to" most times might not be convenient, but you should DO THEM ANYWAYS! Success never resides in the bossom of Lazy people.

The reason why 'success driven' people may not allow you in their circle of friendship is not necessarily because they detest you, but they may not want you to slow their rhythm! Yes, you may have the same destination with them, but the rhythm also matters. Infact, that you have similar destination doesn't necessarily mean you will arrive there, it is the pace and the momentum of your rhythm that determines your assured arrival. Look at this; if a perfect set of music instrumentalists assemble but with a terrible drummer, the music will be messed up, because of one person, the drummer! The drummer controls the beat of every music!

Friend, as we go through this journey called life, not every battle is worth fighting. Do not get into battles that aren't between you and your Destiny!

Dont let anything kill your drive, don't let anything slow your pace, and DONT BE TOO FAST EITHER! Keep it balanced but keep fighting... life makes a room for those who refuse to give up. The world has never celebrated a quitter.

Your Destiny is achievable if you SUSTAIN THE RHYTHM!



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