Stella Dimoko Former President Jonathan's Condolence Visit To The Dasuki Family


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Friday, November 18, 2016

Former President Jonathan's Condolence Visit To The Dasuki Family

FORMER President Goodluck Jonathan visited the Sultan of Sokoto and the family of Dasuki Sambo,his former National Security Adviser on the death of late Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki a former Sultan who died at the age of 93 on Monday in Sokoto ......

Some residents carried placards with the inscription ‘Come back Baba Jonathan’.

from Vanguard


  1. Replies
    1. Which thing is staged? Tarrrr! Staged for what exactly? If I hear!

  2. Come back ke? Nigerians are idiots.

    1. And you are the chief idiot, for voting a clueless president.. Unamikot

  3. That is so thoughtful of him.Awww how i miss Jona

  4. Rip to the jona nothing do you make all your haters find stool and wire hang themselves

  5. GEJ is the hero of African democracy. The best thing to ever come out of Africa.
    The abokis are regretting their change already while some APC touts and zombies here, are still suffering and smiling.

  6. He aff do whale. 2 michaelOkons jos like tunda, kannot make the deaf to ear.

  7. The man of the moment.
    This just resembles a girl dating a very promising guy that isnt perfect then another guy with sweet mouth starts lying to the girl that he will do and over do, saying he will give all her unemployed family member money monthly, will increase her value in the society to be at per with kim kardashian, upgrade her small business to tge level of zara and then gbam, the babe falls for the new guy and dumps the old only to realize that 1yr into the relationship, no single promise has been achieved now the girl is wailing but she cant do anything cos she agreed to date him for 4yrs.

    Lesson: all that glitters isnt gold.
    A man that has the same amount of cows for 12yrs has fundamental problems. He has never worked since he left govt or has any business means he canr solve the complex economic realities of a country.
    Take tgis as your word of the day.
    Have a blissful weekend all.

    1. Wow this your piece is really insightful.. God bless you

    2. Tus
      I now know why gals are falling for u here

      Chaiiiii u know how to get them dripping without looking @ dem
      That's d point, a man that can turn over his cows want to change 1$ to N1

  8. Awwww...
    This should serve as a very good lesson to Nigerians when they hears "Change"...
    Bring back our corruption mehn!...

  9. See So much love, Oga Jona is looking fine.

  10. Oh now you wicked northerners that sabotage his tenure want him to come back? Ndi egbuwa ri isi

    GEJ my sugar bunny
    See how handsome and fly he looks
    See how his presence commands respect
    My ultimate sugar daddy
    I love you so much man.

    1. See them...backstabbing lots, saboteurs; after he abandoned his own to please them and make them happy,health sector, education, infrastructure, agriculture, where exactly did he fail them?, their eye don clear...mtchewwwww.

  11. Replies
    1. Na your brothers wey dey position now be clueless

  12. My presido!!!
    Shine on Jona!
    Now ndi abokis want him back,
    Case of u dont know what u have till u av lost it.

  13. Son of God. God will continue to bless and preserve you always. Ride on

  14. This guy just know how to make news

  15. Nice of him. Calmest man in africa!!!lol

  16. What is that saying that goes: You never know the value of what you have until you lose it. ( I hope I got it right ) GEJ leave Nigerians and their problems it is well. Donald Trump has already started naming his cabinet members, I remember it took Buhari at least 6 months to form his cabinet SMH.

  17. Aura of a blessed man, he is calm wherever he goes.


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