Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 114


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Friday, November 25, 2016

Labour Room Drama 114

Thank God for his mercies!

Hi Stella,
I have been contemplating about sending my LRD experience but i decided to wait till my prince clock 1 which he did few days ago... You all have to be very patient because the story is going to be very long. Here goes my story

I got pregnant 7months after my wedding. It was really an overwhelming moment cos we v been expecting it earlier. On a random weekend which was like 2weeks to my EDD, i went to the hospital for a scan as requested by my doc. When I got to the hospital, the lab guy was not on sit. I pleaded with my doc that I would come back next week for the scan but he insisted that I should go else where for the scan and bring the result back to him.... 

Reluctantly, I went with hubby to the recommended lab. As soon as the lab guy saw my tummy, he said madam are you having triplets ni? I smiled as I was used to people asking my that question because I had a very big tummy.

 When the lab guy was doing a scan, he had this weird look on his face all through which got me suspicious... Note: I read voraciously all through my pregnancy period and I am very inquisitive in nature. Toor back to my story oo, with that look on his face, I had a feeling that something was wrong but he only said my amniotic fluid was much which was why my tummy was that big. The average number for the amniotic fluid is 25. Mine was 39.

Thinking what the heck, I took the result back to the hospital. As soon as my doc saw the result, he sent me to see the gynaecologist on duty... Gbobeeee, my people na there wahala start o. The consultant took a look at the result as started asking me series of questions. She said I have a condition called polyhyraminious....

Ki le leyi oo? 

She said my amniotic fluid was in excess. She asked if I drank any concoction like agbo and the likes while pregnant which i never even tasted. She asked if I was regular in my intake of folic acid. Well that one sha no be too regular. The next thing was that I should go for what is called a fetal part scan. 

Omo i nearly die, fetal part ke? Like if baby hand complete abi head no dey...Toor hubby and i went for another scan that same day o. And mind you she recommended another lab o. 

hmm wetin my ears hear that day ba? Well after completion of the scan, the guy handed us the stapled result but told us that our baby has what is called Gastric Outlet Obstruction (GOO) meaning there is a blockage inside my baby, hence which resulted into my having plolyhydraminous cos its the amniotic fluid that the baby is suppose to drink and pee but in my own case, due to the blockage, the baby was vomiting it back . Meanwhile the hospital I attend has two consultant gyno. The other guyno was my regular doc and not the one i saw that day. 

As soon as i got the result, I called her to book an appointment with her the next day.
The next day, we went to the hospital and showed her the result. Calmly she explained what we already knew(as Mr google has supplied us the answers). 

She immediately called a paediatric surgeon who also works there to book an appointment that same day. When we were about to leave, I mentioned to her that I noticed that my baby's movement has reduced a bit compared to how It was before. 

My people, that simple word was our saving grace.. I read at Baby centre website abut how important that movement is. I could see that she was worried but trying not to show it. As soon as i said that, she called another consultant whose lab i visited a day before and pleaded that she wants him to be the one to do another scan for me to check the fetal heart.

But she said i should not go to office the next day so i can do my own fetal kick count. 

At 8am the next day, I started keeping record of my fetal kick. Normally the 10th kick of a termed fetal kick should be between 30min-1 hour. Mines was 2hrs 30 mins!!!

God bless the most supportive man i have ever seen, the only thing the guy could not do for me was to carry the pregnancy himself. All this epistle would not be complete without acknowledging him.

The next day at around 5pm we left home to go do the scan for fetal count. My people, the feel is best said than experienced. The consultant looked at me straight in the eyes and said ''madam i see no reason while the baby shouldn't come out NOW''.

 The average fetal heart rate is between 140-160bpm, mine was 120 meaning the baby is about getting weak. Immediately I called my gynaecology and she said i should drive straight to the hospital and call her. My mum was with us all through this show cos we had to pick her up from a meeting on our way back for the lab. When we called her back at the hospital, she said, madam your baby cannot undergo labour stress and he is getting weak. Your only option is to go for a Cesarean section. What do you feel? 

What do i feel ke? Of course the baby should come out now..

From there, my life fell into a roller coaster.... the paediatric surgeon and paediatrician were called in and within 30 mins, i was wheeled inside the theatre. I was given epidural and was wide awake during the operation. Did i mention that my hubby was scared? I was smiling and encouraging him o, the poor man could not even say anything other than to keep praying. I lost a lil blood but other than that, I was fine. 

My poor baby....came out with a bloated tummy due to the obstruction and a tube had to be inserted inside his mouth to drain the fluid inside him. The next day , he was taken for a scan which revealed that he had a condition called duodenum atresia. Meaning there is a blockage around his duodenum. He was operated on the next day.... 

Abeg let me save you the rest of the drama, suffice to say we went through a lot but God in his infinite mercy preserved his life. Due to his condition, he had what is called hisprung disease and was operated for a surgery called pull through at 9 months. My baby is as fit as a fiddle now and i can tell you he is the best thing that ever happened to us.

My one cent.....mothers to be, please read a lot about pregnancy and it's challenges. Not in my wildest dream would i have thought i could go through all this. And the thought that keeps coming was, what if i had not mentioned that the fetal kick was reducing? Did I mention am an IT person? Am sure a lot of you guys will think am a medical person?....that's what experience thought me. 

My dear Stella, attached is a pix of my little one for your eyes only oo.

*Such a handsome boy and hes so big now..soooo handsome!..Thank GOD it turned for good.I need to read up all these terms on googe now oh.


  1. Whats amniotic fluid? Congratulations madam

    1. The fluid that surrounds the baby inside d womb

    2. Gosh!!!!!!! I am sure you are not expecting an answer to this question

  2. Wow,, God is indeed faithful... Madam God dey ur side.
    Congratulations all d same

  3. Wow wow wow God is indeed a miracle worker, poster thank God for you n your baby boy.

  4. So many phrases and terms I haven't heard about before now, thank God it ended in praise, congratulations to you and your hubby poster.

    1. Thank God for your baby poster.I remember having to count kicks as well due to baby not moving well enough cos he wasn't breathing well.when he came out sef he had to be resuscitated.I thank God for him now

  5. This poster wan just bring fear to my body ooo.When for scan two weeks ago,my AFI was 34 which is mild polyhydramions at 24 weeks.The gynae couldn't pinpoint the cause of the condition and now I'm being monitored.There shall be no obstruction in Jesus'name and pray its back to normal abeg.
    Congrats to you and you took a good decision by opt in for CS.

  6. Congrats ma'am.

    God keep ur family

  7. thank God for you my wa ooo.. when the fluid is too small problem, when its too much nko? wahala... last time i went for scan they said the fluid was mildly reduced but am yet to go back and check...plan on going by 18th of next month cos then the baby will be 7months. this my baby sha can kick for Africa..

  8. I'm so relieved ur baby pulled thru. ThankGod!

    My heart was in my mouth.


  10. Pregnancy and it's complications!! Thank God for your instincts
    Yay first!!

  11. I love your story madam! So well written and detailed. Very educative too. Thank God for saving your baby's life. It's also obvious you and your husband are very well to do, cos all these procedures na money o!

  12. May Gods name be praised both now and always. Your baby is pure miracle.

  13. I also need Google in my life right now.
    Darling poster, let's just thank God you are an educated somebody. So happy that your boy is alive and fine.

  14. Tnk heavens urs was detected.Mine wasn't and I ended up with a baby with spina bifida.I fear for my little man's future.I love my son so much and I don't mind if God takes him up to heaven.He doesnt deserve a life of disability.Hear my plea oGod.#frommylipstoGodsears#

    1. Ur comment just broke my heart. I thought of you last week and felt so bad that I didn't reach out as I was determined to do. Pls be positive. Praying for you

    2. so sorry. I wanted to send you a mail but your email address is not on your profile. it is well with you and your child.

  15. Congrats dear thank God for your life, the life of small you and hubby, affliction shall not arise the second time in Jesus name Amen. Am using this medium to pray for all the pregnant women everywhere 'you shall deliver safely in Jesus name Amen. No matter what the devil and his cohorts are doing to twart the plan of God in giving birth, he shall not succeed in Jesus name AMEN

  16. All I can say is Wowwwwww.God indeed is great. Happy belated birthday to ur baby.

  17. Thank God you were observant and the operation was successful.... You should be called mama Testimony.

  18. Awesome God! See goose bombs all over my body,all we have to say is thank you Lord,but stella se you know say you dey bless lifes with this labour room drama,ive leanrt so much!

  19. ThankGod Poster. I was so scared reading this LRD. Its good to read and know the processes going on when one is pregnant.

    God bless your son.

  20. Thank God it ended in praise. However, Pregnant women should learn to take their routine drugs judiciously. You never can tell may be the situation would have been different for the poster if she had taken the folic acid as prescribed. All the same, we bless God for healing.

  21. Poster thank God for the life of your son only he can do this.God bless ur home


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