Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama - 116


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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Labour Room Drama - 116

Na wah!

Greetings to you nwuye korkus..all protocols observed. My LRD before the chapter closes.

I got pregnant during our honeymoon because I was ovulating as at when we had our wedding. At first i didn't know I was pregnant 'cos when I was to see my menses I sported so i used pad but lo and behold that was the end of blood stain for nine months.

I started feeling very hungry every morning that my DH will serve me food on the bed. Then I'll refill every 3hrs. I also had locuzade boost on me all the time like a toddler because when that hunger comes no excuse o.

The journey was smooth all through, Google became my friend... Fast forward to nine months

one morning I woke up to ease my self after I cleaned behold 'the show'. I told my husband to help shave me after that I informed my sister who is a midwife then headed to the salon to braid my hair while at it the pain will come and cease.

....Finally my sister and I went to the hospital and the nurse said that labour has not been established that I should go home..hmmmm with all that pain? In the evening the pain became serious my husband came back from work and we went back....this time around it was a male 'midwife' that attended to me and it was surprising 'cos I know about male nurse and not mid-wife(i don't even know what they are called too) he checked me and said I was 2cm dilated and that his fingers are not even up to the normal measurement.

He said we should go and come back the next day... At this time my heart started beating faster than normal, anxiety catch me no be small. While we were deliberating on leaving one of the nurses said that I haven't started self that the pain am feeling is like warm up, that nobody will tell me when real labour starts, I thought it was a joke but no it wasn't.

The said next day was my EDD. My sister insisted that we followed her to her house so her mind can be at rest and to monitor my BP too.

My fellow BV'S i couldn't sleep o. There's no pain to be compared to Labour pains in this whole wide world. I was always dragging any available object close by including my husbands skin,, chai the guy suffer sha.

The D day came I couldnt even move my legs 'cos of pains. My sister bathed me I managed to brush my teeth, couldn't eat no appetite. We got to the hospital around 9am. Nurse checked and said 6cm so I was admitted.

As a person I don't like hospitals..the odour control makes me sick so i was praying seriously that there shouldn't be any emergency that will keep me more than normal. And yes God granted my hearts desire. 

When the pain comes I will scream '' i don die o, God help me''.

My sister kept correcting me that I should not be negative and that I should breath with my mouth, ok o. I tried it didn't work. The nurses would come in their usual manner to say ' madam ah ah are you still like this? Get up from that bed and walk around to speed up the labour o' one even came in and told me to remove my gown and tie wrapper.

hmm (something I don't even do at home) that am still making guy on top of labour ,in my mind I said these women are just insensitive. Which legs to even walk with. I tried to use the rest room a few times but couldn't make any urine.

My sister was praying the baby comes out 'cos she was on evening duty where she works. Luckily for me another nurse resumed and she was my sisters junior in school of Nursing. So they were happy to see each other again. The nurse looked at my file and was like '''how come, you've been here since morning and just 6cm? Ok dont worry you will meet your baby as soon as possible' she requested for my baby's clothes and she took them to the delivery room,
prepared the place and called me to come in. 

My sister followed me while my husband waited outside. (its only when things are not normal that a doctor is involved) in case you are wondering why no mention of a doctor. Immediately I entered she checked and said that i was fully dilated but the water was still intact. While I was lying down on the narrow delivery couch labour ceased, no pain no movement no nothing.
She checked my baby's heart beat and it was ok.. So she ruptured my membrane and set one small I.V .

After a few minutes I felt this pain with full force ehh I grabbed my sisters skin she disengaged herself and gave me 10 yards until I gave birth. With the way I screamed the nurse said that I should close my legs she's not ready for she quickly wore her gloves and instructed I push when she asks me to. The heavy movement came again she said push, I tried but didn't succeed 'cos my hand slipped from my knees, I tried a second time and my adorable bounced out around few minutes to 5pm, I had a 2nd degree tear resulting from the way I pushed, hmmm. 

I asked the nurse about the gender just to be very sure and she confirmed its a girl. (My DH specifically asked God for a baby girl.) she didn't cry immediately she came out so the nurse beat her a little and she let out her melodious voice lol...

The nurse put her on my body first before she cleaned her and my sister assisted in dressing her while the nurse came back to me to take care of the tear. The placenta came out too without stress, with her hand she swept out plenty blood from my womb. She didn't give me any anesthesia so I felt every prick of the needle but it wasn't as painful as labour so I endured until she was done. I came out from delivery room with my too legs though I was tired after the long journey. 

 Then I received a good news from her. She said ''madam you can go home after 2hours''. '''What am I dreaming''' she Said no. I sat down drank tea and started calling the whole world. 

By 7pm we prayed with her and left the hospital and I couldn't just thank God enough for every prayer answered. My adorable will be 2yrs in a few months.
Am so scared to be 'humbled' again...yeah..

*Ah Congrats...Please oh,what do you mean by she ruptured your Membrane?Wetin be that?You mean the water bag?
Abi maje i check gugu?


  1. Congrats to you madam

    *Larry was here*

  2. hahaha! so scared to be humbled again. You have no choice your baby girl needs to be a big sister to someone oooo

  3. Nice, madam
    Y do some nurses derive joy in scaring the new mothers by telling them "they have not seen anything yet".I have seen this kind of comments in some LRD.

  4. Hahaha!
    Mama Stella check gugu! ! #Funny wowan

    Woman you are so scared to be 'humbled' abeg 'better stoop to conquer' nothing do you!

    Congrats dear! Fearless! !

    1. HaaahaaahaaahaaaHaaahaaahaaahaaa! Funny someborri!
      Better prepare yourself for another 'session of being humbled'
      God bless your baby girl.

      Yes Stella ooo that's the 'water'! Gugu na our friend.

  5. Nice story. God bless your baby girl.

  6. Congrats on your delivery.
    Your second time might be a lot easier, so give it a trial, inugo?
    God bless your home. Amen

  7. Nice....God bless you and your daughter...

  8. #You are who you are. Their approval is not needed*

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hnmmm I had a CS for my twin girls 2 years ago and am scared of getting pregnant again....meanwhile am going to be 46 years old....I have had like 3 people now told me they dreamt I had twin Gods will be done

  11. Congrats madam!!!

    Don't tear ur husband's skin o

  12. Chai vaginal delivery is something else ooo. Imagine someone putting their hand inside to pack out debris. Also someone sewing my vagin a with needle and thread with no anaesthetic. Mehnn I am shivering just thinking of it.

  13. Strong woman...God bless all mothers

  14. Strong woman...God bless all mothers

  15. Lovely story, may God bless your home.

  16. Yes Stella it's the 'water bag' lol. It makes labour progress faster...


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