Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama - 119


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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Labour Room Drama - 119

Too much drama!

Good day Stella ,i said i should send in my own LRD as a mother that I is naw....

After birthing my first son easily I think say na so the thing dey be ,was even telling my hubby that if childbirth was this easy that I will give him like seven.

 Got pregnant for my second son but had to go to the village for my younger sis trad marriage, I scaled thru the 1trimester peacefully as I don't normally have morning fast forward to 30 weeks I went for my routine scan and was told that the placenta blocked my cervix .

Fear catch me o as I did not want CS not that it's bad but you know na the healing process and all, hubby and i started praying cos my doc said it's most likely to shift as there was still time. so finally it did move 20inches as the scan guy wrote that vaginal delivery was feasible.

I continued to carry my belle till my EDD no sign at all,did I mention that as from my 38th weeks I normally experience pains but when I try to monitor it it goes off, did not want to go to the hospital and give those nurses the chance to be fingering say dem day check person .

Back to the story, on my EDD my hubby felt a little sick I told him to wait so we can go together so the doc can check me too,after checking matron said madam you have been in labour na,that I was already 4cm dilated that I can't go home o,make dem go bring my bag,had to call my younger brother that was with my older son to bring it .

Meanwhile my husband was about to admitted but he refused o that day should give him injections .Na so dem start o ,gave me an enema omo I went to toilet like never before all these was happening at about 2pm,the matron said that by morning I should have given birth,fast forward to 7pm I had my baby with one very strong push,then placenta come hang o.

 it refused to come out after almost 1 hour ,they called in the gyn he said it should be done manually as my cervix is closing up, the pains no be here o I cried, I begged but for where?

 I prayed, called on God ,called on my mum,i started getting weak and the nurse set up one kind drip like that and gave me sprite to drink,different sizes of hand enter me that day as day were using their hands to pieces it and pack out.

 I gave birth at 7pm but was still in the labour room till 9pm and then they finally said it's was OK but I will still go for scan to know if there was any reminants. I came out thanking God as I overheard the doctors saying that if the placenta does not come out and my cervix closes say na CS o,....

I went for the scan o and the guy said there was still a big one left that evacuation was recommended, I practically died n woke up again, it was very painful imagine scraping a wound a day after,but thank God everything went well,my boy was 4 months on the 27th of this month,but my leg is not the same as I occasionally have pains at my left pelvic and leg.sorry for the long story sha,love Stella muahhhh.

*Wait oh,why did they give you an ENEMA?I googled the word...Did you have constipation or what?


  1. Replies
    1. Stella maybe dey no want make she shit for their head. Stella abeg dis your robot thing don tire me. Na wetin na? Abi na style you wan take drive person?

  2. The pics wen @Sdk use sef funny

    See as the lady scatter leg like


  3. Congratulations
    Nawa oo so you went through all that because of placenta
    Thank God oo

  4. Gosh when will these people borrow brains from their fellow counterparts on how to rule a nation. Must everything be by crook even people that can't handle primary school pupils are in the realm of affairs. Everything no by agbero for this country.

  5. Old folks never say congratulations until the "second of" the child is delivered. It kills faster than childbirth. I congratulate you, poster

  6. Chai! thank God for you ,poster. You went through a lot of pain.

    God Bless Everyone.

  7. Thank God for safe delivery that's the most important thing

  8. hahahahahaha @stella's 'did you have costipation or what?'

  9. Congrats.God bless all mothers

  10. Chaiiii what a painful experience, thank God for safe delivery ooo

  11. Thank God for the life of you and your baby. Next time just go for cs option. Your life is important

  12. I can just imagine,jesu,we tnk God 4helping u o cos I av seen cases of retained placenta n den d woman begins 2smell,not a good sight o

  13. @Stella, enema is 'supposed' to be given to every woman in labour so as to avoid pooping on the delivery bed. Those who poop when trying to birth, do so cause they weren't given enema.

    However, if you're far dilated by the time you get to the clinic, you wouldn't be given enema, to avoid the possibility birthing in the loo while pooping.

  14. This placenta issue ehn. ThankGod for you poster and congratulations.

  15. The misconceptions about CS eh,would kill most Nigerian women or is killing them like chicken...
    who said you cant recover early enough? it all about and how disciplined , determined you are!
    Some people gave birth vaginally but still carry stomach like 6months..
    As i have said here, i am never giving birth naturally,the pain and stress is not worth EDD is in March but i have my date and day picked.. just waltz in , and by God's grace waltz out!!

  16. Congrats. God will touch you and Make you whole again.

  17. Wow,weldone ma'am. D same happened to d woman next to me in d labour room. I turned my eyes the oda way cos d pain she was going tru as they were trying to remove d placenta was off the hook. She said it was more painful dan labour.

  18. U r lucky I knw sm1 who died yesterday cos the placenta didn't come out

  19. Congrats madam, just picturing all you went through, i thank God for you and say me hi to your baby

  20. Wouldn't CS have been better than all this pains you went through?Women should give their selves brain when it's needed.The most important thing after going through pregnancy is for mother and child to be okay.

  21. Thank God for your life. WIshing all preggy mums safe delivery without complication- Amen

  22. God be praise. Thank God for victory.

  23. Poster may God bless you and heal you completely.

  24. Your first statement, I have said it one million times o. Cos my labour and delivery was also so easy, I tell ppl I will have lots of kids.

    I pray and hope my second and third labour will be also same or even better o.

  25. God please I won't have this placenta issue o. As my baby came out, I didn't even know when the placenta came out or how they even removed it. Most likely, it came out with him.

  26. This placenta issue.....cs would have saved you this pain but then who knew the placenta would refuse to come out. Anyway thank God for everything


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