Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 97


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Monday, November 07, 2016

Labour Room Drama 97


''Good bless you Stella and all SDK fans.

I just want to share my labour experience. While pregnant I have been asking God for a supernatural birth and I hear testimonies of how women put to birth in their homes naturally and I wanted to experience that. 

During my pregnancy stage I hardly go for antenatal. It is either I am talked on or forced by father and Hubby. I didn't like the way some doctors treat me. Meanwhile I registered in 3hospitals. Each time I go for antenatal odd days in the 2nd hospital the nurses laugh at me because they know I was forced to come for antenatal. 

I kept counting months, it got to ninth month no signs at all. I didn't bother at all because I said the God that put the seed will come at its time.
On the 4th of August which was my antenatal day. I told myself I wasn't going anywhere. I took that time to sleep. At about 4pm my dad called and shouted at me on the phone. 

Dad:"Did you go for antenatal
Me: No sir
Dad: Why
Me: No comment
Dad: will you get up now and go for antenatal
Me: Ok sir

I took my time before standing up,grumbled and took my purse with annoyance and left for antenatal. The nurses saw me that day and laughed, I joined too,went in to see the doctor and told me to go for another scan which I have been running away from. I told him ok,all of a sudden my hubby calls and said he is coming,he shows up then my mum shows up too.. I was like: what's going on. Meanwhile my hubby had reported me to my father. 

We all left to do scan I was told baby weight is 3.9kg, not convinced did another scan elsewhere was told 4.0 while waiting I saw the signs(the show) but it was faint but I didn't panic I was quiet. Told hubby and mum what I saw and we drove back to see the doctor again. The doctor said if nothing happens today that I will have to be admitted and induced and by Saturday I would have put to bed.

 In my mind I was saying it is not my portion. We left for my mums place, so that I could assist her in house work because she was taking care of my dad and little nephew. I decided to rest as I was about sitting my water broke and I was taken to the hospital @10pm. I was on drip then pain started gradually later increased I couldn't bear it, I had to hold myself because I was told not to talk, it got to a point that I called the nurse and said I want to poopoo.

 They brought a poo and I pooed like someone who hadn't pooed for days. 

Thanks to a family doctor who told my mum to rub my back whenever the pain was coming. My mum rubbed my back at a point I told her to call hubby to rub my back cos I saw she was tired already. Doctor checked me and told me I will deliver by 2am, I kept marking time by starring at the wall clock in front of me. 

By 2pm I was taken to the favour room and I was told to push.. Men.. I push Ooo no be small,pushed hard till I heard my baby crying. If I knew this was how giving birth is like I would have told my mum to video it so that I can watch over and over. My baby weighed 3.0kg.
I look at my son and I smile and remember the all incidents. Looking forward to another one.
What an experience.

Please picture for your eyes only. Don't want my father to see because he visits your blog''.

*Darling,That was a really silly thing to do.please when you get pregnant again,make sure you register for antenatal,IT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT.
Read the Supernatural birth book all you want but please follow the correct steps so that you can be monitored during pregnancy....

Note that even though it is not your portion,a lot of women have died or lost their babies from Mistakes like this.

I am sure even without the photo attached,your Dad will still know it is you.LOL

Papa,Hailings oh!


  1. Replies
    1. Madam thank God for you. Supernatural child birth did not say don't visit hospital oh, it only said exercise your faith. Speak to your body and tell it how you want it. I read d book and have 4 kids and Can tell you all my kids were super naturally delivered. I have never experienced labour pain in all . Am always going to d hospital from work and in less than 15mins of getting there am done. But in all I went for anti natal never missed an appointment.

    2. Stella, Did U understand the post?
      She registered for antenatal in 3 different hospitals sef!
      But she was reluctant to go for the antenatal check-ups. So registration was not the issue here.

  2. Pls don't play with antenatal next time. It's extremely important for the baby's health and well being. Antenatal shouldn't be joked with.

  3. Poster, you think you are funny Abi?

    1. Hmm poster congrats..... But please don't try this next time

  4. Poster, please next time go for your routine antenatal it does not kill abeg, regards to your baby and i greet daddy from here too oh

  5. Thank God this ended well and congratulations to you and your family but I beg you with all you hold dear, don't joke with your prenatals. They help to detect if [God forbid] something might be wrong somewhere and it would be treated early enough as not to cause complications on the delivery day or you would be monitored to be sure all is well.
    Congrats again!

  6. Hope your dad isn't a SnM participant.

    1. Is this joke about her father too expensive?joke with her but not the people she hold dear to her heart.

    2. One can easily detect your foolishness from a SDK blog is only exclusive to snm? Ewu!

  7. Lol... Very interesting post.. Me I don't really like going for antenetal too, them too get wahala... But I dey go always sha, as I no get choice nahhh

  8. Don't get why some women take unnecessary risks all in d name of I am stubborn and I hate this and that...can't deal mehhhn...

  9. Favor room! Nice.
    But next time, try n attend antenatal before u start blaming nigerian doctors.

  10. Best comment Stella. Congrats to the poster. Even if you don't want to go for ANC visits, think of your baby. Some risks are not worth taking at all.

  11. Ohkohkohkohkohkoh 👄👄👄👅. Poster, I like you jare. You are pregnancy stubborn like me except that I don't miss my antenatal appointment. DH and colleagues bowed for me when I was pregnant nah. Chei, I come fine like mammy water because of the pregnancy glow.... I miss that glow. Reena is over one already, guess its time to get pregnant again, how do I get DH to lick sweet without nylon today 😩😩😩 ? Yay!! My pink gstring works like magic
    Where's my pink gstring?????? Mo fe doko ni ale yi

  12. You need cane madam, thank God for safe delivery. Paale tuale

  13. Antenatal is very very important, God bless all mothers and mothers to be.

  14. Oh how I hate hospitals, I can't stand the smell n everyone that works there.I hope I won't end up like u oo madam poster. Congrattions sha, may Gof grant u your heart desire .

  15. This LRD just annoyed me...
    You come across an illiterate and a lazy slob!! All you did was stay at home and sleep and yet found it a chore to go to ante natal?Are you even a child?
    This is about the life of another human being..
    You think you can play cha cha with your life and the life of the baby?
    Yes Stella i am PISSED!!!
    Women like you make a mockery of the gift Jehovah God has graciously bestowed on you..

    1. You are pissed, we understand you need some honey in your life.
      Crying more than the bereaved!
      Can't deal, abeg!!!

  16. Ma'am please on your next journey to favour room, please make sure you always go for your antenatal and doctor's appointments. It's very important you do so, bless you and yours!

  17. Thank God for safe delivery but please next time don try to skip antenatal

  18. mumu poster. and she's acting like a tough lady. rubbish

  19. Baby weight from scan is balderdash

  20. Thank God

    God dey help but pls help yourself first.

  21. poster I jx saw how lazy n careless u are from ur post...really? Missing antenatal untop Wetin naw
    Anyway congrats.


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