Stella Dimoko NANS Threaten To Shut Down UNIZIK On 21st November - Demands Reinstatement of Former SUG President


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Thursday, November 17, 2016

NANS Threaten To Shut Down UNIZIK On 21st November - Demands Reinstatement of Former SUG President

According to Frank Fenon, “Every onlooker is either a coward or a traitor”.
It is also a known fact that “All Tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for men of good conscience to remain silent”.

The management of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, under the inglorious leadership of Prof. Joseph Ahaneku, has overtime demonstrated her insensitiveness to the welfare of the entire Nigerian students in the institution. 

The Vice Chancellor unilaterally masterminded the removal of a sitting Student Union Government President; Comr. Noble Eyisi and his subsequent unlawful expulsion for standing against the tyrannical and corrupt regime of Prof. Joseph Ahaneku.

NANS frowned at the non-challant attitude of the University towards student representation in the campus, where for over two academic sessions, the University has been without a democratically elected Student Union Government. This is for sure being coordinated by a cabal headed by the Vice Chancellor to allow their continued inglorious regime, where the Personal Assistant to the Vice Chancellor; Mr. Chinagorom Nwadike A.K.A Makutus, who doubles as a lecturer in the University now functions as the SUG President. 

Within this period under review, the Vice Chancellor, has been diverting the Student Union Government dues to his personal use and has vehemently refused to give account, which was one of the reasons he expelled Comr. Noble Eyisi for demanding for statement of account.
NANS also rejects unequivocally the over 200% increment in the school fees of the institution and all unreceipted charges most especially the illegal bank charges that the Vice Chancellor illegally has a commission from.

 This is extortion, fraudulent, and illegal and can never stand.
In line with our unalloyed mandate to instill independent student unionism across the entire campuses in the country, we demand for;

1) An immediate reinstatement of Comr. Noble Eyisi and all politically victimized students

2) An immediate conduct of Student Union Government election

3) School fees at all level be reversed to status quo, acceptance fee inclusive

4) A better welfare for all Nigerian students in the university

5) We call on EFCC to immediately commence investigation of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Account, particularly the Student Union Government account.

6) That the Honourable Minister for Education, should set up an Independent Visiting Panel to unravel the various anomalies going on in the institution.

NANS remains committed to the implementation of the resolution of the Senate meeting of NANS Zone B held between 29th – 30th September, 2016 at Federal College of Education (Technical) Asaba, and calls on the entire Nigerian students to relocate to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, come 21st November, 2016 even as we also call on the Nigeria Police Force, Anambra State command as promised by them, to be ready to kill more students as it has become their stock in trade.

It is Operation “Shut Down UNIZIK… Get Ready!!!
Viva Aluta!!!

Pedro C. Obi,
Coordinator , NANS Zone B

Comr. Amaechina Ikedi,
Chairman, NANS/ JCC , Anambra State Axis.

Executive Governor of Anambra State
Minister of Education
Senate Committee on Education
House Committee on Education
I.G. of Police
D.G, DSS Abuja
Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC)
National Universities Commission (NUC)
AIG Zone 9, Umuahia
Commissioner of Police, Anambra State Command
DSS Anambra State Command.

*I hope that this doesnt turn bloody.


  1. Ah! My peaceful Alma mater.
    What's going on?
    I hope this gets settled.

    1. Hmmmm
      I knew something like this would happen..
      Ahaneku sha no dey try
      Can u imagine anything u wanna pay be it school fees, dept levy,etc u must pay bank charge,its quite annonying
      I just hope d whole tin doesnt turn bloody biko, still love my life very very much plus i am tayad of house this one you people are talking strike..

    2. Dera so after this your I wanna gonna bekee you come gbagaun on top, which one is annonying. Igbaliala,

  2. Stella, these nans people are a joke. They've been sending everybody bc on whatsapp but i bet you, no bonafide zikite will join them in this protest, except u no wan graduate.

    When Noble Eyisi was president, the same students were against him. He made transport within school 20naira, he brought free buses too, these students crucified him, that he should pity the bus drivers, now we pay 40n everybody is complaining.

    Stella do you know his own cabinet ousted him and put his vice? Bc noble was outspoken and was for the students.

    Now noble was expelled and is in another school they want to make noise, they are mad. Let them suffer what noble suffered, bc they didn't stand for him when he wanted to help them

    On Monday we will enter school and go about our activities, if they like protest, ahaneku will not answer them. Ndi ala! Rada rada

    1. Say what you know and stop talking outta ignorance.....You are paying #40 now cos school isn't really in session! If you are not a yr 2 student,you'll know that that is the modus operandi.... And by the way,how much is fuel now???go figure.....
      Now to the noble matter,he shot himself in the foot...which cabinet oust him??he was stubborn and what do they say about the stubborn fly???

      NANS should please look for another struggle.....after two years??Goodmorning to them oooo!!

    2. Ahhhhh...wait!
      Noble was expelled? Wow!
      Such wickedness!!!

    3. Pipi you've not seen anything o

      And to anon talking about #40 naira, don't be silly. School not in session means they should hike it up? Bike sef is now 150. Besides haven't finalists resumed, pls park one lane.

      They shouldn't even blame it on recession.

      They should leave noble eyisi alone, that's my own. Don't use him to fight ur battle.

    4. Zikites haff gathered, karma you be mumu. Tfare wasn't increased because school wasn't in session.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Abeg u people shud take it easy. Make it a peaceful protest. Cos if u destroy d school's property while protesting, they will now use it against u. All these federal schools and their VC wahala. Person wey suppose spend 4yrs for sch go come spend 5yrs.

  4. Calling police to kill who? Go on ur suicide mission alone. It's like the loot is not coming to you guys again that's why u people can talk. Nans has been quiet for years, now nobody is giving them money they're having mouth. Go n protest na, u see the mass expulsion in unilag, that's how they'll expell u. It's like they don't know people are finding admission. Student unionism is dead!!

  5. They beter resolve ds issue before it gets really blooddy.

  6. They shouldn't hurt themselves please! Corrupt country we live in msheww

  7. A luta Continua, Victoria Ascerta!!

  8. Biko, they shld wait lemme collect my cert and statement of result before they start their brouhaha. Is it the same noble that he's travelled out they want to reinstate or anoda one? They should just allow the alredi sleeping dogs to continue lying.

  9. Biko, they shld wait lemme collect my cert and statement of result before they start their brouhaha. Is it the same noble that has travelled out they want to reinstate or anoda one? They should just allow the alredi sleeping dogs to continue lying.

  10. SUG has no constitutional backing, that's why the VC can run the school without them.

    And too UNIZIK has been IMOnized

    I pray they succeed


  11. Are they still on this matter cos one veryyy popular humanitarian radio presenter here in abj by name ordinary Ahmed Isa was deliberating and trying to resolve this particular issue sometime last year abi early this year sef. Nawa ooo

  12. Nice one.
    No SUG in my school sef, the ones that parade themselves as SUG officials were handpicked by the school authority.
    Only in Naija!!!

  13. Befour you meck a decishion, tink about the necks 7 generashions. Also remembar, when deriss a war, the devul mecks more rums in hell.

  14. So Unizik has been without SUG brouhaha for 2 years? Eyah!!!

    Why expel the president? Coz he demanded for statement of account? Lol. VC taking laws into his hands

    1. That VeeCee is corrupt!
      The one before him was, but his own is on a whole new higher level.

    2. Was it not unizik veecee that caught, hiding billions of naira in a GP tank in his house?

  15. Violent won't solve anything

  16. Please oo I pray it doesn't turn bloody,if u know that u don't ve nine lives abeg sit down for your house so that dem no go use u write story.

  17. Apparently the SUG president is more interested in unionism than the primary objective of obtaining a degree within te stipulated time frame.
    You know what they say: a coward points at the grave of the brave/courageous.
    Bvs biko guess who am I in this case?

    Before nko!
    Signing out, proud #coward

  18. While they are looking into that,they should also look into why UNZIK should be calculating school fees for someone who has graduated but hasn't collected result. I had to abandoned my very good post graduate result because of this. I don't know of any other n
    Nigerian institution that does that. That matter should be looked into.

    1. Ayam not understanding...
      Don't you have evidence(receipts, deposit slips,print outs...) of all your payments???

  19. So they are still on this Nobles ish. Hummm thank God am out already

  20. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    Dont wanna concern myself with this abeg....

  21. God will punish ahaneku, useless man but wait oh Nans una come late nah and noble was what we wanted, mtcheww good things don't last sha

  22. Efcc pls start probing vc ahaneku already pls... Hez stealing from university, corrupt man


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