Stella Dimoko NJC Suspends 7 Senior Judges Accused Of Corruption


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Friday, 4 November 2016

NJC Suspends 7 Senior Judges Accused Of Corruption

The National Judicial Council, NJC, has suspended seven senior judges arrested in October by the State Security Service for alleged corruption.

The NJC had initially refused to suspend the judges despite public pressure, saying the allegations against them had not been substantiated.

It however said the judges had voluntarily stepped down from court sittings.

The latest decision came after the council’s 7th meeting between Wednesday and Thursday.

A communique issued at the end of the meeting, and signed by NJC’s Director of Information, Soji Oye, said the decision was taken to avoid allowing persons under investigation to to partake in presiding over judicial matters at the same time.

“Council also decided that Judicial Officers shall not be standing trial for alleged corruption related offences and be performing judicial functions at the same time,” the communique said. “Council however decided that it will ensure that Judicial Officers who are being investigated for alleged high profile criminal offences do not perform judicial functions until their cases are concluded.”

The judges were arrested on October 7.
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Mosi Jubelo said...

The judges are guilty nao,
The truth is that almost all Nigerians are corrupt.
All these Ameachi, Tinubu, Atiku etc
Let them be investigated also.
The giver and receiver of bribe is corrupt so the givers should be arrested also.
All these civil servants that have plenty houses that if all their salaries were added from the day of employment, it won't buy a house, they should also be investigated.
Plenty plenty people

Alloy Chikezie said...

A step in the right direction.

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LUCILE COCONUT OIL ABUJA 07059605320 Pin- 2BC6235E said...

Ok ooooo

sexy Daddy said...

Its a welcome development!Let all the judges step aside for proper investigation.!Stella come to Daddy!

Teemahs_hub said...


peace maker said...

Hmmmmmm I guess d NJC people r afraid Buhari will harass them also.

youngman said...

If all pmb achieves in four years is curbing curruptiong, looting, embezzlement, mismanagement, misapplication, impunity, bribery and perversion of justice - key ingredients that have hitherto been the fulcrum on which the last and before-it administrations worked, then he has done a lot. These evils are the things that made it impossible for the last administration and the ones before it to focus and provide enduring, wealth-creating, sustainable, peoole-oriented legacies. These are the demons responsible for the comatose state of our educational, health, infrastructural, and all other areas

Chidinma Gift said...

Accused have they be declared guilty? NJC na joke

The General's Wife said...

Hasn't Bn substantiated? Lol!

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