Stella Dimoko Nollywood Actress Alaba Olatunde's No Makeup Selfie Also Shows Off Her Natural Hair And She's Still Gorgeously BEAUTIFUL and NOT Bleached (PHOTOS)


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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Nollywood Actress Alaba Olatunde's No Makeup Selfie Also Shows Off Her Natural Hair And She's Still Gorgeously BEAUTIFUL and NOT Bleached (PHOTOS)

London-based Nigerian star actress and mother of three beautiful children, Alaba Olatunde recently shared a bedroom selfie with her fans
on Instagram.

 In it, the actress who always looks fabulous, ditches the lip gloss and gorgeous waves - flaunting her well-toned face and natural hair.

Can we stop and talk about Alaba's ahhh-mazing skin? It's flawless and
glowing, instead of being caked with product. She totally reminds us
of the Queen Bey with her absolutely gorgeous natural beauty, which is
even more evident without a drop of product on her face.

On work front, Olatunde will next be seen alongside her recently
married ex-boyfriend, turned bestfriend, Femi Adebayo in BROKEN, on
your number 1 Youtube Channel Yorubahood soon, directed by Kayode
Peters of the hit TV series Flat Mates.

*Not my text.


  1. Replies
    1. The only problem I just have here is that, I dont know her or her movies or the name sef, but nice skin though.

  2. Replies
    1. Lmao...
      Who her skin epp abeg?
      Who her makeup free face epp too?

      She is fine sha.

  3. This one wants to break into the entertainment scene

    Carry on you hear?

  4. Bleeeeeh!



    Whoever wrote this text deserves to know that he absolutely made no sense. (like this isn't an insult, it's the truth)

  5. Is this some kind of a comeback or??

  6. Hehehhehe.
    As I kept reading.. I realised this was a sponsored/written somewhere else type of text.

    Why do you even want to focus on promoting your client by referring to bleached skin?
    What if majority of her fans are "bleachers " and they decide not to go watch the movie?

    Very unprofessional text. Except you are a non-celeb.. you do not have any business attaching something like this to promotional post.

    This is similar to that other one the married beauty queen sent out,indirectly dissing other Queens that didn't get married when she did.

    Btw... This woman is beautiful.. kind of reminds me of my latest celeb fasination... Adesua,that girl can interpret roles!๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

    1. Spot on, Iphie!

    2. This is her response to those who cussed her out yesterday, accusing her of bleaching her guys were so loud in your criticisms yesterday, so please just acknowledge that you were wrong. Not every light skinned yoruba actress bleached...the poor girl did an ad of her upcoming movie yesterday and all you guys saw was 'her bleached out skin' eberu olorun oh...eni tosu legbagbe, sugbon eni toko oje gbagbe lailai....a word they say is enough for the wise....

  7. Lol@ not my text.
    So what exactly are we suppose to do with this information and pictures?

  8. Sorry? Recently married ex bf turned best friend? Can someone explain to me?

    1. I thot I was the only one that noticed o

    2. Thought you know everything? Why are u asking anyone to explain to u? Girls like u are difficult to get married to,because u too do,men avoid over sabi girls like u. I know u will come up with stories of how dangote and bill gates do ask u out blabla nd begging to marry you plus d numerous countries u have been to. You and ideato are d same,looking for relevance on a blog with your fake stories,if u think am in ur level,am sorry, just observed your silly character on this blog

    3. Anon 1.38 why u so mad at Chikito, I like her blog character. More women need to exude more confidence and knowledge. Only men with self esteem issues or men who lack intelligence avoid such women. And hey why do u think she is fake, I don't know her but lots of people live that reality and I am one of them, not everyone here is broke or a wannabe.

    4. Anon 1:38- how does your comment affect my bank account or pay my bills? If you're not broke or a wanna be my comment won't affect you so much. In my opinion, it's only broke people like you who are always angry. People who aren't broke aren't arent usually angry at strangers.
      Guess what? You're not the only one who cringes at my confidence. Men don't like people like me who do over sabi? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ says who? Only daft men like your husband or brother marry women they can bully. Tmr now you send chronicles of how you fell in love and how you did this or that and you still no get head. My friend better dust your brain and start using it. If okonjo and deziani weren't smart women they won't be able to fool a whole country. But what do I know? You might be one of those who find fulfilment in tying a dirty wrapper on flabby breasts nd cooking soup year in year out in a smoky kitchen just to please a man. And I actually wish you well.

      But that's not my life and if it pleases you, remind me to remind you of your stupidity when I get to the senate house.
      Useless troll!!
      PS: Dangote has never toasted me amd i pray he never does. I dont want to be the kind of girl he can toast. I'm more of kind of girl he would want to discuss ideas with. Bitches don't last long, but smart women rule for a lifetime.

      @Naya- ๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜—

    5. But i love Chikito's personalty tho, sounds more real than Ideato.

    6. Let me voice my opinion about anonymous continued attacks on @Chikito.
      Anonymous 13.08, please who told you guys don't like girls like @Chikito?
      Well i do love her and Doppleginger.
      Both of them are the independent single girls here that i read their comments that know their left from their right. Yes men like me love such women. You guys keep attacking those who you can learn one or few things from. Why do Naija people hate outspoken people? if they don't say you are foaming, they label you many things.

      If you don't like her comment just skip it. I keep reading you lots attacks on her and Doppleginger daily, very sad indeed. Everyone can't be same here.
      It baffles me. You guys bullied a lot of intelligent people out of the blog, people like Ronalda and others hardly comment nowadays.
      Most of you are just bitter.

      Chikito is a lovely lady. There's this energy to make it in life burning inside her. I love it.
      I remember one of her comment weeks ago that she got response from Arabella. I didn't like that comment but i love the fact that Arabella told her she didn't act well and she took it in because I didn't see her response.
      That was matured.
      @Chikito, don't mind them you have a fan aswell๐Ÿ˜Š. It's good you reply your attackers. They did it to me and others so you won't be the last. Even SDK is being attack every-min on her inbox continue being yourself.

    7. Make una chop knuckle jare ๐Ÿ‘Š please keep managing me like that. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. I think Alaba's pr was actually referring to people's comments on this post

  10. That tattoo....

    Smh! Can y'all just quit the razness?


    1. As In,I was reading the article till I saw that tattoo,nothing as razz as that,nothing good can come out of someone with that nonsense on her body,am sorry I can never respect such a person's opinion,it has to be local...disappointed

  11. gradually, people will soon be sending nude pics to stella..... happy viewing

  12. Bad press but on a serious note the woman is beautiful

  13. Femi Adebayo is all i see in this post *rolls eyes* that man ehn! Anyways stunning woman.

  14. Lol. But this Femi sha...he has really sampled women. You are beautiful madam but filters helped too

  15. Is that the new pose in town or she's indirectly hiding her dark knuckles. Bobrisky com learn how to hid ur flaws

  16. Stella she's based in Manchester and recently separated from the father of her kids over assaults I guess

  17. So her promoter actually reads comments. still she bleached. stella find her before before pix abeg

  18. 3kids? where is the 3rd one? i've always known her with 2 kids oh

  19. *recently married ex-boyfriend, turned bestfriend* lips sealed

  20. heheheh olugbeja enters stella's blog, she can people matter for head like osuka


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