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Monday, November 28, 2016

The Meeting Point -15 And 16

Every couple has a meeting point.....
From now on two short stories will be merged into one post cos i have a lot of mails in the meeting point folder and i am sure everyone who sent is anxious for theirs to be posted.

MP 15

Hi Stella,
Saw your post on the meeting point and i am sooooo excited about it. Dunno if this would make a full post but I really wanna share it.
I met my hubby 5 years ago on my way to church. We were both walking to church ( he didn't have a car then) and he walked ahead of me, the first thing i noticed was his sneakers i said in my mind this guy's sneakers fine sha.

 Fast forward to 5 minutes later I sat in church and the pastor said turn to your neighbor and tell them welcome to church; I turned and realized i was seated next to Mr. fine sneakers, he smiled and we shook hands and said welcome to church. Second thing I noticed was that he had a nice smile and his hands felt good ( I sabi notice mumu things sha) needless to say that everything the pastor preached in church no enter my ear as I was busy checking out Mr. not so tall, dark and handsome.

Left church and didn't see him again so he kinda just went off my mind. Some days later my mum told me that there is this young friend of hers that says he likes me and would want a serious relationship with me. She said he asked for her permission and also asked for my number from her, she said she would have to ask me first, I said ok ( I was in an on again off again relationship then with my rich kid but childish ex and was really considering breaking up). 

Two hours after i gave my mom the go ahead to give out my number i got a call from the supposed mom's friend, he asked me out on a date and we fixed a date for 3 days later.

Date day i got to the venue and lo and behold it was Mr. fine sneakers looking really dapper! (He had gone FBI on me and found out I was his friend's daughter) the date didn't last too long tho (about an hour) but we kept on texting and chatting, before the summer break was over I was already in love but Mr. fine sneakers didn't know although we had our first kiss during that period.

We didn't date cos I continued my relationship with rich kid but we remained friends. We deleted each other like 3 times from BBM, had long silence periods and i even had 1 relationship after rich kid.

Fast forward to 3 years later and 2 turned down proposals from Mr. fine sneakers I said YES!!! We courted for 7 months and got married. December will make it 2 years of marriage with a beautiful son that looks like Mr. fine sneakers.

THE END. lol
Oh I forgot to add that we didn't have sex until two months into our courtship.

*Wow your mum match made you...thats really nice.if i had a girl i would do that too....Its also good that you are close to your mum and looks like you both flow well.Some people cannot even talk to their mum or tell her anything personal,so so hide hide.....Good one..I love your story.
Abeg hail ya mama for me!

MP 16

Am not so good with stories but would love to share my story...

I met Ade 6 years ago on 2go I think he added me because of my crazy profile picture.
 According to him I would be a lose girl or social person but what he thought was the opposite. We got talking and he got to know that I was a real christian fanatic, I even made him serious with his spiritual life then.

So after some years in school my course mate got interested in him and started telling him stories that were not true and was also attacking me spiritually so I had to call of the relationship with him and that was because he didn't take the spiritual thing serious like having dreams of her trying to kill me from the dream and finding marks on my body when i woke up.

 My sister I had to run for my dear life, but we actually loved ourselves and even while we were apart we still got the connection. 

So back to the point somehow somewhere we got back again this year after so many prayers. I really can't say how we got back but its still a mystery to me how we got back and after coming back he was serious for marriage.

 Did our introduction October and getting married to the love of my life by February 2017. Am so happy and lucky.

*Hian!!!...This your story na wah ooooh...Happy for you but let me ask oh..Did he gbensh your friend or what?why did she have such on hold on him that she wanted you 'dead'?


  1. Replies
    1. I slept reading dis post just woke up now nd decides not to suffer myself again nd just come nd comment, today dis post dry, dey like harmattan catch am.

    2. Meeting point orun...funny u.

      Nice one anyway.

      I want to send mine but have not found any lady yet ooo

      Mc pinky

    3. I'd send mine when I meet the man

    4. Stella, you don't want to waste space that's y you posted two meeting point... I get.

      Boring meeting point esp No 2

      Chop Knuckle Stella

  2. Am not in a better mood to read this particular post

    1. So, you had to open the post just to let us know you're not in a better mood to read it? I must comment by fire by force.

  3. Poster1 : you guys were both Christians and church-goers but you were fornicating before marriage.
    Well done
    "These people worship Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me."

    1. Na ona sin pass. You think is just fornication that's called Sin.Continue with your judgina attitude.

    2. LOL anon...
      Is that all you saw from the both narratives

    3. Anon 13:04 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ God bless you dear and don't let all this little rascals make you feel bad for telling them the truth.

  4. Ona don come again with boring stories.
    This types na comment section abeg. You people should stop sending them to Stella. We want details and awwww stories.

    I'm in the bank sitted waiting for my turn and this cute banker is just staring at me and working. Thinking if I should flirt small but bankers are too stingy.

    1. Hope say you no be osho free girl, if you must flirt better collect money

    2. Slow and steady quick money no dey plenty @chidinma.

    3. Chidinma Gift,do you even know the meaning of flirting? So she should collect money from the guy for flirting with him? Nawa o,make una dey try understand before yarning dust abeg!

  5. Replies
    1. Second poster, you really shouldn't have bothered sending in this your 'story' at And what the hell do you mean by 'she was attacking you spiritually?' What kinda nonsense talk is that? You people will sha believe anything you want just to make yourselves feel better... nonsense!!

  6. Awwwwwwwww... @ first story.

    Ah! This second story even gave me goose bumps. What? Hehe, scary something. No "awwwwwww" factor at all.
    Oh well,congrats to you.

  7. let me be saying congratulations to both of you. I did not read. I just write comments.

  8. Poster 1, your mum Na serious guy woman,I like your story.
    God bless your home.

    Poster 2, congratulations! That friend of yours should be kept at arms length to avoid more stories.

  9. Nice stories.
    Poster one, very observant. You look am so tay you noticed his sneakers. Lol.
    Thank God for your mum.
    Poster two, Good that you are prayerful. I hope that your friend is out of your life for good oh.
    Stella abeg, post one at a time, no let the stories finish too quick oh, next thing folder go don empty. Lol.

    Review- Tight ( In God's Name ) Starring Majid Michel and Jackie Appiah

  10. My favorite post on sdk. I just enjoy love stories.

  11. Lol.. Second story be like dry pussy.

  12. Didn't read past the 2nd line of number 2 narrative..

    Enjoyed the first tho

  13. I need explanations. Most times you read meeting point that's shows no exceptional bonding. Then at the end, when the get married you'll read I got married to my best friend.

    Where you guys best friends before getting married?

    Was it the marriage that made you realize he is your best friend?

    If you weren't married, just as you were before the proposal. Will you still call him your best friend?

    Are there married women who still have best friends (male) aside their husbands?

    1. Ideato boo the only best friend my husband is allowed to have is me o. I no want hear stories. That's why I don't like Arrangi marriage. I prefer growing together that ends well.

  14. Wow @ a lot of mails in the meeting point folder. How nice😘

  15. Stella pls save for the rainy day o

    1. Kwakwakwakwa. U just said my mind. Stella, one story a day biko

  16. This second story sha! Why bother sending it at all?

  17. Stella, most naija mothers r harsh o. Don't even go there. Chika's mother is the 'harshest' of them all.

    Congrats posters

  18. Congratulations to both of u

  19. congrat to you to ,waiting for mine....miss hottie

  20. Stella, please post one at a time.
    poster 2 story was dried u didnt make it interesting for us.
    poster 1 I am just like u, we can observe for federal. congrats to u all.

  21. Poster1:your mum is bae by connecting you with Mr fine.sneakers.congrats.

    Poster 2:i didn't quite get the story but am glad that you later married him.

  22. Liked both stories.

  23. Straight to the point gist, gist two Your Own was too short, thank God you are getting married to him, wishing you all the very best.


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