Stella Dimoko Do You Think Adesua Etomi,Wale Ojo, Majid And Okon Are Strong Enough To Make 'Ayamma' A Box Office Movie?


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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Do You Think Adesua Etomi,Wale Ojo, Majid And Okon Are Strong Enough To Make 'Ayamma' A Box Office Movie?

In cinema business various things contribute in making a movie a box office hit. It could be the popularity of the character in the movie, the quality of the script or direction, the special effects used, the reach of the marketing campaign, positive word of mouth or the timing and appropriateness of its scheduled release.

In Nollywood only few actors are known to have made several movies a box office hit. The likes of Omoni Oboli in, ‘Anchor Baby’, ‘Being Mrs. Elliot’, ‘The First Lady’, ‘Wives on Strike’, and ‘Fifty’; Genevieve Nnaji in, ‘Mirror Boy’ and ‘Road to Yesterday’; Omotola Jolade in, ‘Ije’ and ‘Last Flight to Abuja’ and Funke Akindele in, ‘The Return of Jenifa’ and ‘Married but Living Single’.

The question now is can Adesua Etomi, Wale Ojo, Majid Michel, Bishop Umoh, Theresa Edem and other casts in what is said to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2016, ‘Ayamma’, make it a box office hit?. 

Ayamma will be premiered at the Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 and released in cinemas on Friday, December 23, 2016.

Ayamma is a movie set in Akwa-Ibom and is produced by Emem Isong-Misodi, under the production of Royal Arts Academy.

Ayamma tells the story of Prince Daraima (Wole Ojo), the fascinating heir to Obong Ikpaisong, who repeatedly dreams of Ihuoma (Adesua Etomi), poor but radiating maiden whose beauty is matched only by her voice. He is in love with the girl of his dreams. 

In the real world, Prince Daraima is set to marry Princess Ama (Tinsel star, Theresa Edem), the arrogant child to a neighbouring Monarch. Princess Ama observes her groom-to-be captivated by Iko and resolves to nip this obvious threat in the bud.

Watch Trailer  here

What do you think?


  1. Replies
    1. Why use @Adesua in a movie like this?

      Can she speak ibibio.?

      I love @Adesua though

      @Emem isong be making me proud


  2. Abeggi jhur. Pls I need makeup kits from Santa o. Hun

  3. Watchd d trailer b4 and fell in luv with it,cant wait to watch's also mai town movie

  4. #It might hurt to lose people, but maybe they just weren't supposed to stay*

  5. Epic movies are for asaba people not for these cinema people.They ahould5 leave epic movies for the likes of Ugezu j Ugezu amd co

  6. Epic movies are for asaba people not for these cinema people.They ahould5 leave epic movies for the likes of Ugezu j Ugezu amd co

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    1. Stop this nonsense here

      You no deyy look face?😳


  8. I'll love to see it. Majid and Wale Ojo are great actors.

  9. As i see okon for the movie i weak


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