Stella Dimoko FRSC Bans Petroleum Tanker Drivers From Night Journeys From Dec.19


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Sunday, December 18, 2016

FRSC Bans Petroleum Tanker Drivers From Night Journeys From Dec.19

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) on Sunday reiterated its total ban of petroleum tanker drivers from embarking on night journeys across the country from Monday, Dec.19.

Mr Boboye Oyeyemi, the FRSC Corps Marshal, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that efforts had been put in place to impound any truck found contravening the order.

According to him, the ban is to promote safe petroleum haulage in the country.

“No tanker should be seen on the road at night, we need to find solutions to incessant crashes of tankers on the road.

“Beneficial as petroleum sector is to the nation, safe haulage remains FRSC concern.
“There is a problem and we have solutions to them, no more night journeys for petroleum products as from Monday, Dec. 19, enough is enough.
“The effects of crashes are quite unquantifiable on human life, the environment and to the economy,” Oyeyemi said.

The FRSC boss also said that a crash involving a tanker laden with petrol would lose about N50million being the cost of its contents and the vehicle.
Oyeyemi said that many crashes that happened at night had also caused severe damage to people and the community.

He said that apart from the lives lost, number of houses, shops, farm and other investment were usually engulfed in flames during a crash involving fuel tankers.

The Corps Marshal added that such incident had portrayed the nation in bad light in the comity of civilised nations.
Oyeyemi said that the dimension and scale of devastation caused by crashes involving petroleum tankers was evident in its multiplier-effects on the society.

According to him, there are existing laws and policies of government that are sufficient in tackling the problem if every stakeholder complies.

He said that the National Road Traffic Regulations 2013, the Road Transport Safety Standardisation Scheme and Safe-to Load- Projects were part of the government efforts to tackle the problem.
Oyeyemi advised tanker drivers to stop deliberate violation, neglect and non-compliance to basic road traffic regulation.
He also appealed to them to stop intimidating other road users,especially, those who drive light weight vehicles by exposing them to unnecessary risk.

The FRSC boss said that the mandatory Speed Limiting Device installation was a good initiative aimed at reducing speed-related crashes.

“It is also essential to install trackers in the vehicles on the fleet to obtain real time information about drivers and driving behaviour which are paramount for successful operations.
“Also drivers involved in delivery and distribution of petroleum products in the country must be properly trained and certified.
“Exposing drivers to new and emerging trends in the transport sector should be considered a priority,” he said.

NAN reports that two weeks to the end of the year, the FRSC had said that about 283 tankers had been involved in road accidents across the country.

Oyeyemi disclosed this statistics in Lagos on Saturday Dec. 17, at the Branch Executive Council Meeting of the Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTDs).

He said that over N2billion was lost as a result of the accidents during the period.



  1. Replies
    1. It is better

      I love night journey like kilode...The fun is always outta this world


    2. Wats goood??? Most of these tankers lack brake or experience brake failure most times...thereby causing accidents which results to lost of lives...esp during the day time..

    3. Good but why can't they advocate for rail system to be used in transportation of such goods to lessen the stress on roads?

  2. Replies
    1. This people are clueless. Is it that they don't know the risk is minimal at night?

    2. It's safer at night. These people at the helm of affairs in Nigeria are useless . Common sense is alien to them.

  3. Ha
    So they should come and kill more people in the day time abi ?
    Instead of them to totally ban unsound tankers from plying the road
    Some of these tankers don't even have side mirrors ; breaks or even horns
    Naija my country !

  4. Mr boboye pleaseee don't do this. At night when they crash, the death rate is often low.

  5. Biko.They should be allowed to move at night. During the day is bad. So many cars are on the road during the day. We have more accidents occuring if they are moved during the day. Not to talk of their breaking down and causing traffic on the road for innocent users.
    Abeg this one no go work oh.

  6. A road should be created for them and them alone abeggg. So how do they convey the oil? Ooooo na wa ooo

  7. These pple are funny sha pls dey shld drive @ nyt u dnt need 2 b told wat wld happen or hw many casualties dey wld have if anytin happens durin d day d worst part of this is dat dey drive like pple without license I dnt even knw wat driving skul dey went 2 or d officer that A's there driving text

  8. Make them come dey kill more people for day abi?
    This law is crab

  9. If u ask me it should be the other way round but who I be

  10. So FRSC now wants them to kill more pple during the day? With all the traffic wahala them want to trucks haba !

  11. Y Is this country moving backward... i thought night is better than day time....

  12. What's wrong with this man? So they should move in the day to increase the death toll?
    Ayam not understanding. Is the night movement not better when there are not much vehicles to compete with. They should have a rethink mbok.

  13. I think it is still safer for them to move at night ooo hmmmm.

  14. Please, let them ply at night oh.
    They cause more havoc and casualties during the day. U re counting money, we are more concerned with human lives.

  15. Then Dangote cement drivers will be allow to peddle drugs and guns without traffic. Straight delivery with extra charges

  16. I doubt this people think before they make these decisions, the few ones that ply the roads during the day have caused more than enough accidents, so now there shld be more infact all of them on the roads when everybody is going about, so that lagos traffic can be multiplied by 100, Smh, I have to leave this country dumb people everywhere. *phew*

  17. Tankers supposed to be ban in the day time let them travel in the night

  18. This is a very wrong move. So there will be more accident on road during the day time.

  19. What arrant nonsense is this man saying sef. They are meant to move at night please. Hia

  20. Instead of dem to put speed limit to all tankers, dey r doin sumtin else.

  21. This Is pure upside down policy indeed demecia has affected the brain of this frsc boss Instead of banning them during the day cos of pple travelling for Xmas cos the road will be busy he is bringing them in the day to cause more havoc. May God have mercy I don't knw how we get here, OGA Pls tell Buhari & fashola to fix the roads cos that's the cause of the road traffic accident & the traffic congestion Abi u dy fear? Some pple behave as if the feed from the nose. Na wa ooo. The Zoo is falling everyday

  22. Because it's easier for your boys to be on the road during the day to take bribes, doesn't matter If there's more traffic especially during this yelutide season or more injuries and deaths, I gave up on this country law wise a long time ago


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