Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 134


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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Labour Room Drama 134

This story is simple but gave me goosebumps!!..My goodness!

Hello Stella,

Hope my story makes it to LRD. I am a faithful reader of your blog, hope I've sent this in correctly.Please hide my email address all friends read your blog.

 Got pregnant 3 months for my 1st baby 3 months after wedding, and hubby decided I would have the baby in the abroad.

Found out I was carrying twins and started bleeding by the 6th week. To cut story short miscarried one of the twins and was forced to be on bedrest and placed on drugs to avoid miscarrying the remaining baby. God was faithful and from 2nd trimester pregnancy was stress free.

Fast forward to 39th week appointment my BP was pretty high and doctor decided on induction immediately. So went to hospital to be induced. The tablets were inserted and later drip followed but no contractions. Meanwhile my BP was still rising. So was scheduled for CS next day if situation remained the same. Was really scared mostly because of the bills.

Life is what matters so was just praying, called my pastor in Nigeria to pray with me. God was faithful by evening before the day of CS labor started, in less than 1hr 30 mins was fully dilated. Was alone when I felt the urge to poo by the time I got to the toilet felt this was no ordinary poo so rang for the nurse. When they came in baby was already crowning so the delivery table was brought in and 3 pushes later baby was out. 

The midwife wrongly took the tear to be 2nd degree, while it was a 4th degree tear. While in recovery I started bleeding uncontrollably, had to be rushed to the operating room and put under full anaesthesia so the tear could be repaired. Received 2 pints of blood after the repair.

Sorry for the long story, but all the pain goes away once you hold that baby in your arms. It's been 2 years and I have another baby. Hope to send in that LRD soon.

*Hold it! had 4th degree tear?JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!!!...
WHAT!!! OMG OMG OMG *going hysterical with side eyes at Toke*


  1. Congrats and thank God for everything

  2. Why are you side-eyeing Toke Stella? Lolz funny woman

    The things women pass through! Chai it's not easy oo i bless God for you madam

  3. fourth degree tear? #scarymovie how did u cope with pains? why did they not cut you themselves? ... please God abeg Biko ejoor I no want ooo... #31weekspregnantandlovingit

  4. Women they experience things o, may we all live to enjoy what we labored for

    *Larry was here*

  5. Wow,thank God you were in the abroad. God bless our children.

  6. Oh Lord! Hear my humble cry, dry my tears away! I want to conceive and give birth to my triplet come 2017, i also want to share my LRD!

    1. Amen! You will in Jesus name!

    2. I join my faith with yours and I say Amen. 2017 is our year of answered prayers. Stella pls post my prayer pls.

    3. I join my faith with yours too and a very big Amen.2017 is our year of answered prayer.

  7. Thank God for u and ur baby.

  8. O my good God.can't stop laughing 😆 @ going hysterical with side eyes 👀 at toke.Stella u so funny 😁.i love ❤ dis story.very sweet cordinated
    Pls my Santa locate me am sorry Stella please post

  9. Lmao @ going hysterical,side eyes @ Toke. Stella ure just a case! I can't help but wonder if u were really screaming on the phone when u made that call to her. She made u sound like a drama queen.
    Poster ,all the best with ur 2nd baby.

  10. Hian stella,wetin toke do nau? Bcs senseiuche wanna marry her nw u r givin her side eyes?lolz, 4th degree tear,ndo o

  11. no be to shout here. just google 4th degree tear and you will be amazed at what women go tru.

  12. i also had a terrible tear that i was so scared to sleep with hubby. Took me 3 - 4 months before i allowed him near me. One day sha i will send my own LRD. Women are strong o!

  13. I just Google 4th degree tear ooo 😱😱😱. Who send me ooo Eje Jesu! I cover my butthole with the blood of Jesus

  14. We women are strong! 4th degree tear? ThankGod it ended in praise.

    Congrats poster.

  15. Stella ohhh.. Lol 4th degree tear?? Jisos!!

  16. Wow! Thank God for her o... God bless our Women

  17. Eeeeyaaa!
    Scares of being a mom!
    Thank God for His Grace. Motherhood ROCKS.

  18. Mehn! You are STRONG 4th degree tear? Choi Choi Choi!!! Even with my 2nd degree tear, my eye see wella for close to 8 weeks.


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