Stella Dimoko Meeting Point 26


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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Meeting Point 26

The two of you met....

Good say Stella,
Here goes my story:

I met the love of my life September 27th 2015.I was a serving corp
member in north so was he,prior to meeting him I was in a very bad
relationship (very bad).my ex was dating 3 of us,and we were all
serving.2 of us in the north,the other in one of the western state.I
didn't know about the other 2 till our mutual friend told me because
we all went to the same secondary school and university. I found out
when I went for service in may 2015,to say I was broken was an
understatement, I loved him with everything in me,he was everything to
me.this was a guy that told my mum that will get married October 2016
because it is our birthday month.

I confronted him and he told me the truth,he said he loved me more that he was done with them and besides his parents knows the 3 of us and he needs to pray about it.I became a shadow of myself,I came home august last year so we could talk things over.i told him I will give him till end of December to decide who he wants,he said OK but I knew in my mind that I was done with him.I went home and cried like never before,I taught I would die,my whole world
was crashing.i have loved him for 13 years,and we dated for almost 2
years.where do I start from...

2 days later I packed my bags and was ready to go back to north.I called my friend that we were serving together to meet me at the park so we could go together. (14hours journey),on the fateful day the normal me would have left 5am to park but something delayed me till 6am,I got to park 7:15am to discover that their were no bus going to north due to ileya(Muslim sallah) that
was still on going.most of the drivers has travelled to their states.

luckily for me my friends mum sat down on the last sit for me...God bless her.I was d last passenger for the day,mean while our monthly clearance was the following day.

The driver asked us all to come down in other to arrange our bags,so
le boo walked up to me and said hello,I looked up,smiled and said
hi..I knew he was a corper,but I taught I knew him from camp that was
why I smiled while replying him.we started our journey,he was sitting
at the front and I was on the second row.he kept looking at me through
the front

While everybody was buying drinks,chips and all he noticed that I didn't buy anything. when we were close at jebba (Ilorin road),we almost had accident that we all had to come out through the second door of the bus(thank God),after almost 2hours we continued our journey. we got to jebba,he bought me food and asked why I didn't buy anything initially I laughed and told I don't take
anything on long journey because of my body requested
for my number and I willingly gave me.

we got to our destination and the messages, chats and calls
started,he loved me the moment he saw me but I didn't because I was
still in love with ex then.from his local government to mine is 2hours
journey still he comes every weekend to see me.I told him I didn't
love him that I have a boyfriend,my friends will abuse me then till
they got ex and I were still in love or so I thought till I
decided to give le boo a chance. 

We passed out April this year and its been fun and exciting with him,we share the same month, he is caring ,loving gentle,his family fell in love with me the first time they spoke with me.
he has an amazing family,they are 6boys in his family.he is the
first,I have grown to love him more with each passing day.he is the
best thing in my life,he proposed last month,we had our family
introduction last month.our registry is coming up in January and our
wedding in march.I couldn't be more happier,he loves and put me first.
he is my gist partner... he loves dance master...he can confidant and above all the CEO of my heart.

*Congrats to una two


  1. Replies
    1. I'm so happy it turned out well for this poster cos heart break is somtin else.

  2. Very cool and lovely story.I wish you both a blessed marriage in advance

  3. Almost all the posters met their husbands at NYSC camp
    Quicksilver make sure you meet your hubby there too 😉

  4. The best way to get over an ex is to let in someone new. That Shit works I tell you.
    Poster if not that you met this your hubby to be you for still dey do yeye love for an irresponsible ex.

    Congrats jare.

    1. Na true u talk jare. See Toke and Maje na. Messed up love story.

    2. Na true u talk jare. See Toke and Maje na. Messed up love story.

  5. Congrats dear
    Am glad you moved on
    Guys can be wicked oo,imagine dating 3girls at the same time

  6. And Stella ate up all my comments on the spontaneous post. It's well o!!!

  7. Congrats n best of luck to u both.

  8. Congratulations, it's not easy to find true love...really!!!

  9. man never break my heart before, never! i was the heartbreaker.

    once i start noticing what i dont like i kick you in the butt and move on to the next one, I'm allergic to bullshit.

    shout out to all my ex, you told me you can't live without me but you lied! i'm yet to see yet to see yoyr obituaries. y'all are bastards.

  10. Enter your comment...God knows how to soothe us..His plans for us far supersede our desires 4 ourselves..Congrats love!

  11. Enter your delighted for u swirry! God is more than faithful

  12. Awwww to sweet! Happy Married Life in advance to you guys

    1. blog boo

  13. Lovely story. While serving I was scared of corper girls.. I dunno why, maybe I felt the level thing won't wor.. Served in Jos

    1. TF mahn??? Dnt tell me that gat this game...

  14. I met my husband on an arik flight to lagos, on that day i was super excited rocking my engagement ring i got over the weekend from my boyfriend ..To cut a long story short,i ended up returning the ring after 5months and 6months later married my lovely husband..3years and counting with a beautiful daughter . My ex later got married to my neighbour (met her when he was coming to beg me to reconsider, lovely couple and expecting a baby soon).

    1. Your ex sha

      If u weren't married ul Bee swearing for him now

  15. "Yawn" dead dry.

  16. Sweet love story...

    1. Mmmm. Love. Don't mention.

    2. Awwww....exactly how i wanna see all couples...always happy...God bless ur union..

  17. Lovely story, *teary 👀* after the rain always comes the rainbow..

    *allergic to bullshite*
    (All those English lords ,the word 'shite' is in the dictionary, just after 'shit' next time check properly before claiming to know.

  18. Interesting, congrats to you.

    God Bless Everyone.

  19. hmmm... poster o hope your boo is working sha. love is sweet. I'll score you 6/10

  20. he is the CEO of your heart already? i hope he now has a job?
    love doesn't pay bills my dear.

  21. Awwwwwwww, after the storm comes the sunshine!!. I'm happy for you babe.

  22. poster, for someone who just finished nysc, does he have a job?

  23. Yes he has a job,he has 4 business he was running before he decided to go for service....service was a mini vactaion.he finished school his early 30s.tanks guys

    1. Why r u explaining? U get time o

    2. I thought people who are over 30 do not go for nysc but given exemption letter instead or has that law changed?

  24. Wow I'm so happy for you my dear congrats in advance

  25. Chai.. Meeting point don land. Congratulations to u.

  26. Poster, do you mean 4 yeye Business coz he should be taking Flights instead of 14hrs gruelling journey by road?

  27. Wow thank God u found your own love....oh God remember me too ..let my own man locate me now Amen.....

  28. Wow!
    How nice.
    Congrats n congrats n congrats.
    I will say it again. Any man who lost me is a looser. Even as we all don waka, dem still be looser....

  29. u're gonna make me cry. Lol
    I luv ur story


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