Stella Dimoko Nigerian First Female Admiral Talks About Getting A Partner Who Supports Ones Career -Uses Self As Example


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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Nigerian First Female Admiral Talks About Getting A Partner Who Supports Ones Career -Uses Self As Example

I feel inspired when I see older women who do it right both in their careers and marriages, I don't care what is happening in their home because No home is perfect, ( every family has its own issues) and having to know this makes me respect these women more for choosing to hold it down.

Often times society has made young career women like me to believe that success scare away men, they tell you , you cant be too rich, the men won't come, don't work too hard it will scare them away now that I know better, I do not believe in it, I am not saying men like that do not exist, off course they do but as much as we have stupid men you will agree that we have stupid women too isn't it?

But fortunately this post is not about the stupid people, or the weak men, it's about us changing our beliefs and mindset do you know that some of us ladies believe this theories so much that even when we find A wise man and he offers advice to us particularly concerning our career because of our mindset we conclude"oh you wanna slow me down" specially if the advice doesn't go down well with us.

what am saying is do not build your life around some of the negative advice / report you have been told in the past it's not like it's not true but it happened to them doesn't mean it will happen to you, you are what you think, and what you believe is what you attract in this new year begin to see things the way you want it not what you think usually happen, I have been opportune to learn from women who are 20/30 years in marriage and very successful in their career, trust me they are many, I look at them and say if they can do it I can too, this people have husbands who support them and let them the freedom to express themselves and fulfill destiny. An elderly woman said sth,, she said just make sure when you are wanting to make a choice of a life partner do not choose a STUPID man".

Yes, do not choose a stupid man our mistakes are mostly caused by our choices, so we need to slow down and not make a life time choice in a hurry, so I was told by an older woman. yes we should learn from other people's mistakes but not believe that all men are like that, men have a few characteristics which is similar with other men but so do women.

so if you go into a relationship or marriage with a mindset of what happened to your sister, Neighbour or friend then that is a huge problem because what you have in mind wouldn't let you see the true potential of what God has blessed you with, I honestly do not know who this message is for but I am just begging us to be a little flexible, don't be to hard , don't play too independent, it is good to be independent I am not asking you to go depend on a man for a living, all I am saying is don't let some certain happenings, change your mindset, change your belief and unknowingly you begin to spoil and change things for bad for yourself because somewhere someone told you "all men are the same" .

always remember that the people getting it right didn't mould their husband , neither did they specially order the man from JUMIA. So take it easy as we go into the New year don't be FOOLISH! Yea, stupidity is not an excuse and lastly let your couple goals be real life couples holding it down for 10, 15 , 20 to 30 years or more not the couples on social media doing it for the gram.

Sweedy you can't get Real life blessings if you keep pursuing Fake goals.

Get mentored by Real people , and when you finally get the right one pls don't compare him to anyone not even your mentors remember we are wired differently. You are to have a mentor to learn and not copy, even if u must copy not photocopy your journey is different. So career women can find love too#you don't need to trade marriage , love happiness for career#Not all men are the same #Not all women are the same # free your mind and find your match 


  1. Congratulations mama. So inspiring. God bless you General.

  2. Wow...such an intelligent woman!!!

  3. Story theses days guys r mostly after women wv jobs.

  4. Thanks 4 this post SDK, our young girls need to read this piece.

  5. Story Story, the female admiral is not those social media obsessed women we have now with Bleached out body nd hair from dead India people.

  6. I admire my husband for this too, our rating can be describe as 70/30 yet He never feel threatened, He never questions my integrity while other women are rushing home cos of their hubby mine is telling to cool down to achieve a better result. And yet he make sure all the bills are paid by him. I thank the only But in our relationship has been removed.

    1. You are a virtuous woman, your husband and children are so lucky to have you. Thanks to you, he doesn't feel threatened.

  7. Why can't yall females live without us?

    Everything yall do is driven to getting a man.

    Be an adult. Live ur life the way u want and not the way to feel will attract men.

    Leave us alone. We don't owe you anything.

    Quit being an infant female and mature to an adult female.



    1. Gay alert! besides Eve was created for Adam, we didn't make the rules, but on the flip side some ladies can live without men

  8. Congrats. When you marry your friend everything goes well

  9. Thru talk,God will help me to make the decision in marriage and all aspect of life.


  10. Thanks mam for this sound saving this post will continue to read it to remind myself as the year unfold.thanks once more

  11. #Everyone struggles, everyone goes through bad times, you're not alone*

  12. My Lil cousin spitting wisdom since the time immemorial. Smartness runs in our blood anyways!

  13. My Lil cousin spitting wisdom since the time immemorial. Smartness runs in our blood anyways!

  14. This is just amazing

  15. Please tell those egotistical men and the women who feel that their men is their oxygen. So much stupidity and ignorance!!!

  16. I don't know why most men are always threatened by a lady's status.

    A friend of mine is almost on the gwe stage cos she is a lieutenant in the navy and men just avoid her.

  17. Ride on ladies
    We pray the men support our dreams

  18. Looks men

    Look for someone who holds their stuff down hard
    Character wise

    Be what you seek



    Don't be rubbish and expect anything but flies!

    1. *looks for men (not the most important)

  19. The husband who supports his wife's career also benefit. He gets accolades and a happy wife. Not to talk of added income.

    Christmas with my second Cousins (plus Lessons, Headache and Naughty Room)

  20. Anonymous 9:28,you just made a lotta sense.

  21. Women really need to wake up and work hard like our male counterparts.we were all sent to this world to fulfill a purpose which i'm sure isn't just getting married and having kids which even d lesser animals can boast of.we deserve better!

  22. This is the best advice for me this year. I am printing this out to paste on my wardrobe. I will read this to myself every morning and evening. Thank you Ma for this.

  23. The problem why some successful, educated, professional women will not find a husband or attach to a man; rather focus on her life alone is among these issues from men.
    *not dependable
    *low self esteem and feeling threatened by a woman's success or life opportunities
    *family background issues & such prejudice against
    *oppressive attitudes & misogyny

    The family & entire suffers in a case of productive unmarried woman. Thus creating a lost generation or no addition of goodness into the lineage.

    Loss, loss, loss indeed upon everybody.

    The bottom line is that such women do not desire trouble or additional problem from the home front. Why marry or have husband or such family that is unhelpful & only a source of grief to the woman???
    The man should be equally productive or successful in his own rights !!!
    Even if not compared to the same level as the woman. Which woman in the right senses needs a jobless man, time waster, loser, idle minded, gigolo or a pimp? Unless a cursed, hopeless kind of woman that will put up with that.

  24. A man who wants u to be successful & the best is that man a lady shouldn't leave.can't trade MINE for anything!

    1. You are right. There's nothing compared to a man that supports your dreams.

  25. Some are too scared of the unknown.

    Some men holding down women from time due to low self esteem. It keeps the nation down. It will be 2017 soon.

    All the things one wants is on the other side of fear.

    Men grow up, women wise up for the future generation.


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