Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 6


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Friday, December 02, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 6

Why are Corps members always disappointed with where they are posted to?lol

My lovely Stellastica of life, my darling, the only dodo that
compliments my beans.. in the spirit of laziness and joblessness i have decided to send my own nysc/meeting point story, hope i don't bore you guys.

I opened my call up letter to discover that i had been posted to Kogi
state, and for some minutes my brain went blank.. my mummy discouraged
me from going because she thought it would be a very long trip from Edo
state and been that Boko Harem was very active then, it was a no no
for her.. i later discovered we shared boundary..*God punish ignorance

So i reluctantly went for the three weeks camp which was truly amazing
and the only time i almost regretted going to the camp was when, one
night while we were all preparing for bed, rumours came that boko
harem had implanted bomb in our camp, oh boy come see wahala, the
soldiers worked very hard to see peace restored that night, from no
where one girl shouted come and see egg under my bulk, everybody
rushed out thinking it's an egg bomb.. lol

After the three weeks orientation, i was posted to kabba bunu (aka
kabba mumu) local govt.. it then struck me that i had nowhere to
spend the night, while i was still thinking of how to survive, the
devil sent his agent in form of angel, the little demon told me to
come to and spend the night at Muslim lodge cos he was a Muslim and
because i no get choice i followed him there, the ladies were very

When i finally went to my ppa i died and woke up because the village i
was posted to had no light nor network, i sha just did the clearance
with the mind that i will relocate back to town when i return...

So i finally resumed, little demon was on my case and after much
persuasion i started dating him after he had assured me that his ex
just got married. so we did everything so i could relocate to town but
God had a different plan..

so one day in my usual play play manner, i was playing tennis with
some of the village boys when this fine bobo (which the village guys
immediate named ajebo corpa) on bike passed us to another school, and
immediately we were curious to know if he will stay or not, that's
because most corpers posted to the village don't ever come back.. so
as he was returning i stopped him and introduced myself as a batch b
corper member(with the i senior you attitude) asked if he had done his
clearance, he said yes and that he will be resuming next term..

the new term resumed, and ajebo kopa came, although we didn't start on
a good note (the guy can argue for Africa), but we later became very
good friends and the fact that we were from the same state helped a
lot, then he would bring his girlfriend to my place and i will in turn
take my little demon to visit him. life was good until i later
discovered that my little demon had a relationship of about six years
back home and when i confronted him he denied, as the Edo babe that i
is now i quickly added the girl on facebook and asked if she knew
little demon, she said and i said ok, i called and broke up with the
guy and this was towards my end of service year.

 3months after my POP ajebo corpa called me to say he wants to marry me, i was a bit reluctant because i was close to his ex, she even helped me iced my
birthday cake then, but the babe get her own for her body... we got
married this year and expecting our first baby.... thank you for
reading... please pardon my errors, long live sdk, long live aproko
community worldwide.. sending my Wnb soon...

*Ah ah,i dont understand,he just called you out of the blues that he wanted to marry you?Una dey do for back before or una been dey eye each other?

Meanwhile i heard Kogi girls are blessed


  1. Haven't read this yet. Yes ooo Stella we too much. Kogi girls are bae.! #irepkogi# #kogite#

  2. Lmao, Stella can ask question for africa sha.

  3. Wow. I camped in Jos. Redeployed to Enugu State. No Regrets. NYSC camp in Jos is dope. That was two years ago anyway.

    1. Jos is a dope ass place dull moments in j town...unless u with the wrong clique..

    2. Yea, you're right, jos a place to visit in ur life time, chill weather and nice people, would love to go back there someday

  4. Everyone of them is eyeing lagos, abuja, port harcourt that is why.

    Goodluck to una

  5. Replies
    1. Kogi girls dey blessed kwa? I no know oo

    2. U can't know till u meet us,chai I too like my people jare couldn't av been from a better place #igalaawa# #igalabae# #proudlykogite# sweet girl*in Stella's voice*

  6. Common nah,Kogi State isn't that bad.What about those that got posted to Tarawa. .

  7. Kogi girls are blessed.... That I don't know until you meet the egbiras u will their true self

    1. Egbira people na real jazz people...especially their girls...they always wanna tie a nigga down with jazz mehn...

    2. Kogi girls I've seen look like it just me??? I doubt that

  8. Lovely story😘😍........Godbless your home, and safe delivery on your patter of tiny feet*instellasvoice😁😂😂

  9. "Una dey do for back before or una been dey eye each other?" Lmfao

  10. You people should fear God he just called u out of d blues and dear I put it to you that d both of u were doing tins from d people shaa.

    1. If not how would you know that the girl get her own for body?
      Anyway,happy home I wish you.

    2. If not how would you know that the girl get her own for body?
      Anyway,happy home I wish you.

  11. Poster all the questions Stella asked I ask you also.


  13. They must have been dating before the call

  14. I am not understanding ma, how did he just call you to tell you he wants to marry you? Una nor dey gbensh before? Talk true jor

  15. nice gist, i was posted to Kogi too ,God please compensate me use this rubbish ppa bless me

    1. Hey anonymous 14:16..Where's your PPA?reply this is important.hehehehehe.currently serving there now.

    2. I am also serving there now.u can flash me on 08159730064

  16. Make una leave her nah shuo! Is it your back doing?

  17. Hmmmm... Okay guys i forgot to add that hubby is a ran away father, very decent. I and little demon won best couple so i guess you guys understand what that means... And yes i'm too decent to double date... Infact never did i imagine we will end up together, but that not withstanding we were good friends and gisted alot#sideseyesatcussers...

  18. What's with the little demon phrase??? Huge turn off Biko......

    My Nysc was a bitter sweet experience, from ikare alomo( orientation camp) to ode aye (pls remote village)very wicked stingy heartless sets of people,the landlord and his wife were siblings with devil .....we(corpers) suffered in their hands.....we were banned from fetching their well water, they said we wanted to dry their well, the conditions were too much........the Ppa was jackshit!!!, We were used as slaves,and expected to report to work even whilst sick else we'd be dashed query letters.......Sdk, I'd send me my Nysc story soon......

    1. *ikare akoko
      *Send you......

      Autocorrect ish.......

  19. Point of correction poster, Kogi is not a boko haram state. As a matter of fact, we've never experienced Boko Haram. I'm always shocked when i tell people i'm from kogi n dey call me aboki. For crying out loud we r not aboki, we're not hausa. We have our own dialect. Eche inaga kia degwu ajo.

    1. People just assume anything.
      Though we're north central.

      But those boko haram ppl hide in okene due to different gists that I hear.


  20. Yeah o Stella we r blessed and beautiful like that, if u no marry kogi girl u never see wife
    Proudly egbira

  21. Lol. Stella abeg ask her for us o.

  22. Yesso, we kogi girls are blessed.

  23. Yesso, we kogi girls are blessed.

  24. 'being that' not "been that "please,I lost interest the moment I saw that mistake.

  25. If you didn't serve in AKWA IBOM, my God, where then did you serve, Aks was the bomb, callup letter smiled me up, nd pls for all intnt nd purposes, calabars gurls are very diff from AKWA ibom gurls. Aks gurls are just awesome,. don't ask in wat aspect pls

  26. Chai Stella this is the sweetest thing UV said today proudly kogite igala Bea sweet girl *in Stella's voice*lolz

  27. kogi is not and will neva be a boko haram state.. the weather isnt bad except that of the state capital..the sun in lokoja can darken ur fair complexion within few hours..btw, no salary for workers nd corp members are paid 1k after service.. also u will get plenty old toasters cos na dem hold side pass most of the young guys here...lolz. it haf do..come nd see for urslf


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