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Sunday, December 25, 2016


He was neither rich nor politically powerful, He did not even have an earthly home that He could call His own. Yet, His teachings have influenced millions and have given hope to everyone who believes!

While the Jews anticipated the Messiah to be born into a family of royalty, God who knows how to hide treasures inside trash, chose to operate differently from the expectation of His people(The Jews)!

God placed His Son in the womb of an ordinary maiden woman who lived in a beggarly terrain, to birth baby Jesus. This was probably to show the world that be you poor, destitute, famished or even pauperized, God still has you at heart, and can still do great things through you!

Jesus recieved his elementary training in a synagogue school in which the Jewish child studied from the ages of six to twelve. And thus, He grew in wisdom.
Jesus remains the most outstanding teacher in history, and also the wisest man that has ever lived in this side of eternity.

While we celebrate this season and the frenzy that comes with it, always recall that the first ever Christmas wasn't this exciting, in fact it was filled with trouble! Professors of theology explains the gravity of pain, stress and frustration that Joseph and Mary had to go through to safeguard the life of baby Jesus!

To keep baby Jesus safe from the virulent decree of King Herod, Bethlehem slept at wee hours as Joseph and Mary took their baby out of the village and left for Egypt without hope of where to stay and how they will cope!

Today, the action on the cross(Jesus' death and resurrection) has given us Salvation, Triumph and above all, Authority over the enemy!

Christmas has become a multi billion dollar industry. Traders record double speed in sales during Christmas.
The excitement that comes with giving and receiving of gifts during Christmas are all measures to emulate what God(our Father) did for us(The Giving of His son).

Friend, this is a period to reflect, give thanks and celebrate God's most precious Gift to mankind, JESUS!



  1. Replies
    1. 2moro same U who wrote he was neither rich nor have a home of his own would do anything to defend a flamboyant Pastor who flies Private Jets.

  2. Thank you Jesus for this season. What a Christmas, tending to my husband in UCH after God save in from ghastly motor accident. Its been 3 days of fear but to God be the glory he is stable and my reason to still say than you Jesus and merry Christmas to SDK and all SDK BVs here.

  3. This is a very insightful and interesting message... Thank you so much Amos.

  4. Wow.. nice write up. Thanks Amos and Merry Christmas to you.

  5. Thank you for this beautiful message

  6. Merry Christmas everyone

  7. Thank Amos once again, may the birth of our saviour bring us peace and love.merry Christmas all

  8. Merry xmas people, show some love to those around you.

  9. Merry Christmas everyone. God bless you Stella

  10. JESUS, the same yesterday, today n forever... merry Christmas everyone

  11. Only ten comments. Mr Amos biko give up na devils full dis blog. Jesus wasn't a good preacher anyways, all these fake ass fairly tales stories about a dead white man don dey tired me

  12. This blessed me.. Thank you Amos.


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