Stella Dimoko Big Brother Naija On Sunday.


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Monday, 30 January 2017

Big Brother Naija On Sunday.

Was there an Eviction or Didnt i hear right?

I am getting all my big brother Naija gists from you all so please entertain me...

We might be doing update every other day so please save some gists for the special posts.Thank you.

Big Brother is reading you!

Gifty is Married...holla!


Miss Ess said...

Good for them

Ammy Bee said...

No eviction yesterday, two new housemates were added to the house. I feel the best were kept for the last.

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

I did not see anything interesting or may be i am not the one interested in it.

Anyway goodluck to all who will be giving updates.

Let me keep my telemondo with me.

Ammy Bee said...

No eviction yesterday, two new housemates were added to the house. I feel the best were kept for the last.

AbaMade said...

I do not understand the fun in watching this show. Tried and got bored after 20min, went back to watching my series biko

Highness Gwen said...

gift doesn't know what kegel exercise is lol with her big belly

Highness Gwen said...

her rumoured hubby has changed his marital status to single cos of 25m lmao

Highness Gwen said...

her rumoured hubby has changed his marital status to single over 25m lol... who said Kudi ba shi da dadi?

Eka Joy said...

Nepa no just do well yesterday. By the time Dem bring light, sleep bin don dey catch me and they were now even doing boring things.

Coupled with the fact that my mum was now watching, I no come fit enjoy the thing. It's not like she was even understanding what they were doing but she was Sha watching. And I started dreading Dem kissing while she was watching. I just left when tboss and miyonce were doing that their drama


Big brother faked the eviction of Marvis and Ttboss but they later resurfaced.

Debie-rise and Bassey entered the house making them 14 housemates..

Debie played a prank on them which they didn't find funny at all while they welcomed Bassey with a broad smile.

Immune covered Debie and Bassey, which means they won't nominate them.

Let's watch as more dramas unfold this week with the entrance of Debie-rise aka THE QUEEN IS HERE

Anonymous said...

stella ooooo... BBN IS LIFE. I LOVE THE HOUSE ABEG.I love debbie rise entrance it was dope. i love her already. my best girl in the house now is marvis , the girl is real to the bone. TTT, BALLY , BISOLA AND TBOSS i love them too. As for that fake girl called gifty she should come home already abeg .

Becky Divine said...

Debbie Rise and Bassey joined the house yesterday. Bassey is hot and Debbie is talented

Happening right now lol

Cocorise is The Supreme ruler of the house AKA Igwe Cocorise
Y'all need to see how these guys are bowing to her here calling her IGWEEEE as instructed by Big brother. The way they're just doing it while hailing her is super funny mehn

Debbie Rise is the Jester of the house from today. She's wearing a funny looking hat and shoes lol
She is going to provide entertainment for the house and also make everyone laugh lol

She is playing her guitar,singing too and Bassey is drumming, while Soma and Bally and Kemen are singing too. The house is lively today sha

Guess what Miyonce is doing? Following Gifty and Tboss upandan like a fly mshewww yeye boy lol

Una doh ooo

North Dakota Siobhan said...

There was a fake eviction yesterday.
Two new housemates went into the house, Debbie and bassey.
I like them, a lot.
Bassey writes very well..we've exchanged notes before..

Debbie rise made a grand entrance into the house yesterday. She pranked the housemates by pretending to have a seizure on entering the house.
They weren't all too pleased about it, but I loved every bit of it. I love pranks a lot, and I love to prank people. I spend most of my data on YouTube watching prank videos..i love pranks.
Thing is, when you are a prankster, you will get it wrong some of the time depending on your audience.i loved the way Debbie pranked them. I actually enjoyed it.

Cocoice the unassuming one is the head of the house, she is safe from eviction this Sunday all things being equal.

TBoss and miyonse are beginning to irritate me.what are they doing?

Apparently Uriel likes Keme and she told him so, which was a fatal mistake. Now kemen walks around with a chip on his shoulders.

Bisola is still as loud as ever. Always gossiping about her housemates with Triple t..

Marvis still talks and laughs through clenched teeth or is it tooth?

Uriel...whatever man! Lol. I love the way she says that.

My sweet Bally is still as sweet as ever..too much sweetness dey worry the guy.

*dances out of post to juju on the beat*

Dum Spiro spero.


Nigerians will hate that girl now. Are you sure she's really 23

Intelligentsia princess said...


BLOGLORD said...

It was a fake eviction night. The game just truly began today.

Am officially tired of gifty.
She acts like a dunce, and practically has nothing to offer

Tboss mehnn, that chiq can do no wrong in my eyes

Bally!!! Dude on point. Everything about him is cool

Debbie rise hmnnnn...

The rest, just there.

Kemem, I need that one out! Out! out!

oki royalty said...

cocoice is the new igwe,not in support ,a smoker can't b a good role model,I think Efe or TTT will fit that position?

Anonymous said...

No eviction biko...


All of a sudden, Cocoice is now socializing with everyone
A girl that used to keep to herself before and always having baseless issues with people.
I thought she hated the house and can't wait to go, but na lie oh
All of them like that house die
Only the free foods.

I like the new guy, Bassey
He's handsome and has a great physique.
Tboss, should loosen up abeg
Give this my brother, Miyonce that thing.

Anonymous said...

So this Gifty is married and she can't keep her hands off all dese guys.. she's such a pretender.. she is obviously addicted to the D!! 😂😂😂

Becky Divine said...

Stella they say Gifty and the guy are divorced and the guy has moved on sef

LUCILE COCONUT OIL ABUJA 07059605320 Pin- 2BC6235E said...

Please what came out from that girls mouth when she faked fainting

White Diamond said...

I was able to catch it on Saturday and Sunday. Finally got to see some of the housemates, as I didn't see all on the first day.

Who is this Cocoice? How can one person be so boring and have confidence issues at the same time? And what's with the crying in the diary room? Otio! Please, she should be evicted already.

Gifty is a fake ass... And dumb too, from all indications. Giggling stupidly on top of her gaffes.
Very annoying too. Tboss complained about her climbing into the former's bed with feet that had walked around the whole place, despite knowing that she doesn't like it. Cocoice complained about her too.

Kemen's mouth is something else.Na wah! Lol! The 'body to die for,' no trip me at all. Maybe it's because of his height, or lack of it, rather.

Bisola is a typical..... Too loud maynne. I love her sense of humour though.

Marvis, the tomboy. Wore pink gloves like a twelve year old on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, wore Bisola's hair packer on her arm. Na fetish?

I'm guessing that Miyonse is the light skinned guy I saw on Saturday? Too effeminate for my liking.

Efe's hair is cool. Too domineering though.

I don't like TTT, for that stunt he pulled. And he's not thin. Lol!

Bally's voice is orgasmic. Dayumm! I love how he flows with them, but keeps to himself at the same time.

Is Uriel the girl with a stud on her face?

I suppose Soma is the guy that sat at the table with them for lunch. He didn't have his belt on, so not sure.

Okay, that's it. I'll watch another session to get to know them better. No favourite for now.


virus detected said...

Sometimes I wonder if the BBN contestants bought their way in as most of them are already famous and famous with a career in music, movie and choreography industries. Am sure influence from Naija topshots were involved cus for dis Naija anyfin can happen.
The new girl Debie Rise strikes me as an oversabi girl. I fink Bisola sees her as a threat already while Kemen sees Bassey as a threat as per he's not the only Mr Muscle in the house now.
Cocoice is gradually crawling out of her shell and am sure being the new HOH for this week would help her gain more confidence.
Gifty the house flirt. I saw some pictures of her yesterday alleging that she got married in 2014. Whether or not she's still with her husband, I do not know. kinda reminds me of Goldie.
Bisola the talkative and bully.
TTT the smooth talker. Am surprised he has not attached himself to any female in the house. Prolly bcus he has a wife and two kids in the outside world and has his eyes focused on the prize.
Efe the realest dude. I like the fact that he goes with the flow. He doesnt attach too much emotions to everything.
Marvis strikes me as a lesbian. She look and acts like those debam girls for Mile one Diobu in PH(only ph person go understand) buh she's cool tho. Mingles with everyone, free around everyone especially the guys. No forming and am always smiling.
Miyonce the house clown and the most annoying. Always looking for a female to be attached to. Strikes me as a mama's boy. The guy no get levels jor.
Uriel the super emotional wig girl always feeling guilty about everything. Cool personality and accent. *yo man...ion know man* lol.
Soma and Bally; i'm still indifferent about them. I think they are trying to play safe in the competition.
Tboss the queen of swag. She has style and class. Down to earth and cool. I think she sees Miyonce as her pet/kid bro and nothing more.

In all, I love the whole suspense yesterday, it was crazy.

Anonymous said...

That guy with gifty was my classmate is Ebonyi State University, dept of Microbiolog. I won't be surprise cos the guy like money die, fine boy no money. He is into entertainment too.

I am king EZE said...

I don't know what miyonce is waiting for before he starts putting shaft in holes.

Anonymous said...

Is Your mum a virgin ? Abi you think say she no no say tailer fit pass through your vigina with no issues?

onomebonny said...

Chimo giffty ti marry. N.a. wa oh. Now am beginning to understand all her antics in the house. Stella we are waiting for nomination today. Don't no but think cocoice is the new head of house .

Fab Mum said...

Miyonse should come and be going..
Missed the eviction/addtion show as I was not home.
I wish I saw the whole tension. When i came home, tbozz and Marvis were in the arena alone and then door opened. Others rushed in and there was hugging, crying and much more..

Bisola and her mouth. Always eating and gossiping. Very lousy person. She's fun sha

I think kemen is kind of intimidated by the new guy .

My favs are efe, ttt and bisola

Gifty is now annoying. Stella is it possible that she isn't married to the guy again. Because the way she's in about with the 2 boys tho

Anonymous said...

Please can anyone tell me what coco ice did to deserve Head of house? I missed it

Anonymous said...

so love bally despite coming from a rich home guy is so calm and humble.I jst pity coco she's jst feeling inferior.

Anonymous said...

I don't like dat fake gal she's even married. na wa o.all for d Uriel too

MrsB said...

Gifty is married?
Run, Soma. Run!

ukwunwerenti said...

Foamed toothpaste.!

£earn $MARTPHONE Repairing (click) said...

Yet to get the head and tail of locked in housemates chattering about what? Anything of value?

* Paul planted, Appollos watered BUT #God GAVE the increase! *

Bianca BRUNO said...

I haven't certified the Gifty gist. That pics up there can be photoshopped. There is nothing on the guys fb page about her. No pics no nothing. The one who is married is TTT. A FRIEND sleuthed and sent me his pics. He is married with two kids. And he is fooling himself lying upadan opening blockhorse because of votes.
Fa fa fawl!
There was no eviction last nyt. EBUKA deceived rhe housemates by faking an eviction of Marvis and Tboss but they kept them in the Arena to sweat it and for tge housemates yo cry their eyes out. They went back to the house an hour after the live show. That babe up there is the real deal. DEBBIE RISE for the mulla. Can you beat her entrance? She faked having a convulsion and all the Hms rushed to her side only for her to burst out laff ing. It pained Bisola enh.
In fact I kno all the females will be feeling intimidated cos Debbie is hot. Has swag. Fine joor and she can dance. Watch out for Saturday party. No guy will look the other girls face again. Who they epp?!!!
She plays the guitar as well. Total package.

Bianca BRUNO said...

Me I watch the two oh. Telemundo first then BBN till I sleep.

Bianca BRUNO said...

Lmao. She is so dull. With her annoying fake accent. She said her mum suffered to train her so where she come get oyibo accent from?

Bianca BRUNO said...

Na fool na. I ddn't see nothing about her on his page. How old is Gifty sef? Someone said she is misbehaving because she is very young

orela said...


popeyes said...

@ Lucile, toothpaste.

Anonymous said...

She got it by luck. It wasnt given. Go tell Efe and TTT to 'wash' their head so they can receive grace. Hater!

Anonymous said...

Two new house mates added
Naija I hail thee
That was how they added Katung when the show had kicked off back then @BBNIGERIA
They can't deceive me again o

Their OJORO don too much

Madea said...

It's possible they are no longer married.

Madea said...

What was their drama about?

Kiks said...

Watched for the first time on Sunday. Gift is as fake as they come. Debbie Rise is something else sure she will bring it. Bassey is hot though not tall. I don't know what to make of the Bisola girl. All that tears because Tboss was evicted? Funny how nobody talked about Marvis after the fake eviction except when Uriel was forming she wasn't happy about her eviction. In all thank God I am so over big brother. I'll watch once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I heard her say 27 not 23, I bet those saying 23 didn't watch BBN

Becky Divine said...

Efe was not happy today when Coco won the supreme ruler title. He couldn't even fake a smile for the camera

Loving Soma now cos he has a lovely voice shaaaa ooo
They should hurry up and give Miyonce somethin to chop so he'll be happy again lol

Candid! said...

How do u guys have the patience to watch it? Okay let me try again today. I just tuned in, there's an ugly boy with corn rows and a really light skinned pretty girl talking. She looks bored and he looks dejected, and all im hearing is, ure gonna be evicted, ure gonna be evicted. Oooooooh they just hugged real tight,she's crying now, are they lovers or what? Are they gonna kiss? Now they are in the toilet and she's still crying. For the love of pancakes, how can u be crying so hard over someone u just met last week? I didn't even cry this much when my relationship ended. Oh now, The guy just called her cheap n easy,he said she acts loose....lmao, kill me now. Oh the guy isn't even that ugly.

Candid! said...

I don't care what people "thinks" about me! Nawa gbagaun mistress! Fine girl ,fake phonee! Lmao, these girls are just horny and desperate, and I'm obviously very idle. How can a guy insult u this much and bring down ur esteem and tell u u don't stand a chance of winning,and call u a joke several times and u still hold his hands and cry becus of him?. Big brother needs to start making copies of Proverbs 31and hand them over as these girls go in.

Fab Mum said...

I officially like soma
He just told gifty what I was hoping someone will tell her since
Girl stop acting like a hoe
Stop flirting with all the guys
Stop acting loose

Soma for the money..
This is how i fell right now
Tomorrow I might feel different

Fab Mum said...

Oh, he still continued..
I thought it ended with him saying she acts like which I really wanted someone to say to her.
She had been flirting with all the boys and doing annoying stuffs and irritating the audience. But soma shouldn't tell her she doesn't stand a chance or brinf her self esteem down. I just wanted the loose part to be told

I'll continue when I'm home..

Anonymous said...

She said 23. Its Debbie rise the new girl that is 27

Anonymous said...

She said 27. Its Debbie rise the new girl that is 27

keke driver said...

Huh Gifty is married??? Why does She always flirt with that kid soma.

Anonymous said...

Uriel culdnt even hide her desperation and atleast shake Marvis after claiming she is nice bla bla bla. The most desperate housemates are Uriel, TTT, Kemen and Bisola.
Pussyonce broda aruruala. Woman wrapper. Culdnt even wait for Tboss to leave, he has carried Debbie straight to Tboss closet to occupy. Nawah!!!!
I just like Gifty! Dunno why.
Cocoice wey everyone dey wait to come and be going is now head of house. Na I'm d gal tear eye over night. Igwe Cocorice cocobeans etc.
Efe is now having complex problem, he feels intimidated by Bassey.
Uriel and Bisola doesn't like Debbie.
Make we dey watch.

Anonymous said...

I think am beginning to like big brother. Watched the whole drama today
Kind of interesting.Gifty,pls stop acting and be real. Bisola is an entertainer(big mouth). I think I like tboss but she should remove that nose ring.

sdk's first lady said...

How does the nose ring affect u.hater

piscean said...

Lolzzz funny u...

piscean said...

Oh my gosh...I keep coming back to this. For the love of guguru ati ekpa,kill me now.

kay elsie said...

Omo gifty is as fake as d word FAKE, didn't even knw she was married,omo dis dude stays in asb nau,dey form producer of low class movies,sending girls in2 d street 2interview big shots n u end up sleepin wit dem,all of una go share d cash last last, d guy has no cash jor n I dnt tink dey r stil married if dey ever were cos I Av him on watsapp n he has never used her 4dp or anytn of sorts,no campaign sef.

Anonymous said...

Lol gift can't be 23. So she was 19 when she got married? Looking like that? Lol

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