Stella Dimoko Comic Actor Mr Ibu Talks About How He Suffered Before Fame Came..


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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Comic Actor Mr Ibu Talks About How He Suffered Before Fame Came..

John Okafor aka Mr. Ibu is loved by many people because he puts smiles on their faces through his work. In a chat with Saturday Beats, the comic actor said that he would have taken his life since 1997 due to the hardship he faced in life.

He said that at that point in his life, things were so hard that he could barely afford to feed himself. To make matters worse, the actor said he had no roof over his head and suicide seemed like the easiest option.

“Do you know that there was a day that I had prepared to kill myself in Ajao Estate? That day, I was prepared to jump into a well because of the situation that surrounded me. Three days before that day, I had not eaten and I did not have hope of eating for the next week. I was only surviving on water and I hate it when I bother anyone. Most of my close friends were not bothered about my well-being even though it was obvious that I was not alright.

 I remember December 18, 1997, a friend of mine who I squatted with called me in the morning and told me that he would be going home for Christmas and he did not want anyone to be in his room. I assured him that no one would come to his place but he said he wanted me out of the room. I told him that I did not have another place to stay and he should trust me that as usual, I would take good care of the place. Though I was older than him, I did all the washing and cleaning of the house to the extent that I washed his panties and underwear. I did that so that I could have a roof over my head.

But out of anger, that my friend went into the house, brought out all my things and threw them outside, then he told me to leave his house, he locked his door and left.

“From where I was seated, I was looking at the well. I thought to myself, ‘is it not better to end my life by jumping into the well so that when people return in the evening and they need water, they would discover my body and my friend would know that he was the reason I committed suicide?’ I went to the well and as I opened the lid and prepared to jump inside, the image of my mother’s face flashed through my mind. 

I quickly closed the well and began to wonder how my mother knew that I wanted to kill myself. My mother was still alive at the time; she was about 80 years old. I went back and leaned by the wall. A neighbour, Francis, was playing a song by Michael Bolton titled ‘When I am back on my Feet Again.’ The song gave me hope and I decided to stay alive,” he said.

Okafor said that after he had decided against killing himself, he needed to find somewhere to sleep and since he had no one to stay with; he opted to sleep under a lorry, a space where dogs used as their house.

He stayed there for a while till God sent a helper to him.

“I cleaned the place and was able to get some cartons which I used to do a tent. In the course of cleaning the place, I realised that it was dogs that used to sleep there at night but I had no choice. One night, about 30 dogs were barking so no one could sleep so I had to move my cartons to another location. While I was changing my bearing, I saw some people gathering. I hid my cartons, went close to the place and saw that it was a movie audition. I saw some of my friends there like Pete Edochie, and a friend called Sandra Ezeh.

 When Sandra saw me, she hugged me and said she was a big fan of my work especially my role in ‘Ikuku.’ She asked if I was doing anything and when I told her I wasn’t, she insisted that I accompany her to see her boyfriend. Since I had no job, I followed her; beside, all I needed then was food. I was so hungry at the time that it began to affect my eye sight. Sadly, her boyfriend had travelled so she said we should go to see another friend. We met the woman who owned a bar and when I asked for food, she said all she had was pepper soup and drinks. I told her to give me pepper soup and she was nice enough to tell them to give me two agidi with the pepper soup. After I ate the food, I fell into a deep sleep.

“When I woke up, I saw an address, 125 Adetola Street, then immediately, I remembered that a friend had called me asking me to stay in his house because he was travelling to Germany and that was the address. Immediately I crossed the street and went to the house. When I got into the house, my friend, Frank, just got in from London. He was so happy to see me that he hugged me and we both fell to the ground. He then said that no matter where I was staying, I had to move into his house. 

We went to pick my load from where I put it. Frank asked why my load was outside and I lied to him that I was preparing to travel. That was how he gave me a room in his flat. I prayed to God thanking him for saving me. He started taking me out and buying me clothes. It was from there I got my footing,” he said.

From Punch.


  1. Replies
    1. This got me.... Life truly is in stages. Shout out to those struggling today, there is a better tomorrow. #dontgiveup.

  2. Happy for you Mr ibu , still don't find you funny though. It would be nice if you became a tad less annoying in your movies not that I watch them sha...

    1. Shut up!
      He doesn't know you exist.
      This story is for people to be inspired and not to ask for your rotten opinion.

    2. It is to inspire and not bout his craft...

    3. You don't find him funny because you don't have a sense of humour. And that you don't watch his movies means you are just a bucket of water taken out of the ocean. It doesn't affect his career one bit. He has fans spread across Africa and the rest of the world.

      And you are????

    4. Anon 12.03 nd jayodelea. I can't reply to these goat droppings up there; tell me ,where will you be in the next 10 years?

    5. Shut it you little forgotten junkie. Allow the poor ones to learn broke ass like you

    6. King Eze why sound so harsh. He's trying to inspire those that have lost hope never to give up.
      You talentless broke ass is complaining about him?

  3. Where there is life there will always be hope,that today is rough and hard does not mean it will be so forever....the harder the hurdles and challenges the greater the testimony and progress later if you keep your faith....glad u did not end your own life because by now no one would know you

  4. Uhmmmmm....Thank God for your life Ibu...i hope this story inspires someone today

    #My case is different

  5. Chia..., I read this piece in sorrow! It's well

  6. Thank God he didnt die,he has saved so many from heartache and high bp through his movie.When you are passing through hardship in life its good to hold on to God,because he is preparing you for a greater height

  7. North Dakota Siobhan29 January 2017 at 11:20

    This just made me emotional.
    The struggle to survive against all odds..
    C'est la vie.

    But why did you abandon your first wife? The way you suffered in '97 is the same way she is still suffering now.she has kids for you, you should help her out.

    *soon this tears will all be dried up.. Soon this eyes would see the sun, might take time might take time but I'll see it..
    When I'm back on my feet again..
    #micheal bolton#

    Dum Spiro spero.

  8. As disjointed as the story sounds, its still a message of hope for anyone going through any situation whatsoever. Do not give up! your latter will be greater.

  9. Hmmmmm.
    Amazing Testimony.

  10. Wow, no matter how bad things may get, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Patience and above all the grace of God for your helpers to locate you. Or for you to jam your helpers. Thank God for 'Mr Ibu's' life.

    Lol at the dogs gang barking on him to leave their space. The were like " who be this tresspasser? Since when he come they live for this our under the lorry estate? " Dogs ehn, they behave like humans.

  11. God bless ur hustle Mr IBU,but the story doesn't a

  12. God bless ur hustle Mr IBU,but the story doesn't add up.

  13. Oh my God I'm just move to tears right now!Hey u hold it there,,! and say to your self I Will make it,say it loud, believe it and watch God do His wonders.

  14. #Your best teacher is your last mistake*

  15. Such is life o, everybody has a story. Thank God

  16. My tomorrow will be full of Pleasant Surprises.

  17. Stella, this story is so touching. In my own case, I served in a church as if my life depended on it. I made friends in church. I felt church was the safest. When the chips were down as in when I had one of the toughest times ever, people started treating me as if I was cursed, as if I was carrying bad luck. Guess what, I left that church and my life took a different was traumatising. I couldn't trust anyone. My help came from outside the church. because of that experience I am back to my Orthodox Church and seeing things so differently and working out my own salvation. There are carnivores out there in well known churches known as pastors. I went with a pure heart and I was damaged by the church. God healed me and led me by himself to my own rest. My point is no matter the experience or the circumstances,it is a phase. God made me put a halt to all activities and listen to my heart. My heart was saying a different thing compared to all the lectures I attended and the Lord was leading me in His own way. This life, no one should give you a text book on how to live. God speaks in different ways and He can't be put in a box. Mr IBU, I feel you. To God be the glory!!!!Congrats!!!

    1. I don't know why this story touched me.

  18. God bless him l. Tks for sharing. It's really hard when your season is long. You turn to God only to meet false prophets.


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