Stella Dimoko Hire A Man To Take Home Or Not?


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Friday, January 06, 2017

Hire A Man To Take Home Or Not?

“My daughter, when will you bring your future husband for us to meet him”?
Most ladies are faced with this question at one point in their life. How
far would you go to reduce the pressure? Would you wait for the right man
or ‘Hire A Man’?

...Watch Enyinna Nwigwe, Ik Ogbonna, Shaffy Bello, Desmond Elliot, , Keppy
Epeyoung Bassey and Bayray Mcnwizu in this romantic comedy

Chinneylove Eze, fast rising Nollywood producer has put together a
beautiful movie titled, ‘Hire A Man’, which will be released in cinemas on
February 10, 2017, to help women tackle the pressure of settling down.

The movie ‘HIRE A MAN’ which has been billed, ‘The best romantic comedy
ever’ is a gripping and engaging comic love story that gives an insight on
the pressures that single, successful women face to get married in our
immediate society.

The drama unfolds when the character named Tishe, has a lingering sibling
rivalry with her younger sister Teni. She is therefore pressured into
hiring a man to pose as her fiancΓ© when Teni calls home to inform their
parents that she would be returning home with her fiancΓ© for their yearly
family retreat. The quest to meet her family’s expectation leads to the
various comical scenes that add a twist to the story.

‘HIRE A MAN’ which is directed by award winning Director Desmond Elliot
and recently got three wins out of eight nominations in the just concluded
Best of Nollywood (BON) Awards 2016, is going to keep you on the edge of
your seat from start to finish, and eventually make you want to find true
love, if you haven’t already.

The movie which will be in cinemas on Friday, February 10, 2017, features
stellar performances by new cinema sensation; Enyinna Nwigwe, Ik Ogbonna,
Zynell Zuh, Nancy Isime, Shaffy Bello, Desmond Elliot, Daniel Llyod, Keppy
Epeyoung Bassey and Bayray Mcnwizu.

The movie has a lot going for it—a promising comedic duo, a fun premise,
and a heartfelt love story at its center—and the trailer is quite funny.

watch the movie here


  1. Why will I waste my money to Goan watch Ik ogbonna. Why

    1. Dude is fucking boring
      I would rather watch porn than watch his movie.

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ did you see that movie hustler he did with mercy Johnson.
      Lol.. That boy no dey act nada!

    3. I thought it was me hating, dude is fake af!

    4. Omo Pastor! Haba! Porn hiann! Et tu!na so you hate me reach, dia is god o!

  2. Good for them.
    Desmond Elliot wants to become jack of all trade.

    1. How far @ fan Emmanuel, hope your mavro is growing ? Lol

    2. Yesoooo by the grace of God

  3. Seems like a load of rubbish. The lead actress is a terrible actress.

    1. I have watched a documentary on this issue.On Aljazera.It's a booming business in China.Nigerians,if you want to copy,copy well and even better than who you are copying from.

  4. Na Wetin I go do last last be this.Is it a crime to finish school early?My mum was talking about menopause last night,ngwanu I'm just 26 years old.Is it not when you have a boyfriend you start hunting him about marriage.Im bothered less.

    1. A 26 years old is no longer a baby!...
      Don't go and hunt for a man!...
      Don't end up as a frustrated gwegz!...

  5. No, I will never hire a man! God's time is the best!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  6. Lol, I have a feeling they'd end it with the girl eventually falling in love with the hired man. Ehehehe

  7. The man hired will marry her eventually!Will watch one day sha cos even the wedding party I waited 4months for and even danced to baba legba when it premiered has not been watched!I know if I go to cinema with my son,we will either be chased out or cussed all thru d time its on cos he's practising how to talk..Kikikiki
    I'm patient tho...very patient!

    1. Hahaaahaa.Lol @ learning how to talk and them chasing you away.Babies are just so innocent,They don't know shame or disgrace.

  8. Oho!!! My mum won't even try that with me. Coz I go kukuma vex disappear. Haba you think is easy finding a God fearing man in this era of shamless worthless stupid niggas in?

  9. Oho!!! My mum won't even try that with me. Coz I go kukuma vex disappear. Haba you think is easy finding a God fearing man in this era of shamless worthless stupid niggas ni?

  10. After reading Harlequin special edition, and Harlequin super romance+present, they will write a script based on it..
    I'd rather curl up with a good Harlequin novel than watch that.

    Carpe diem.

  11. Interesting...

    IK Ogbonna though. I'm not feeling his act at all.

  12. Red flags somebody!!!!!

    Hollywood has replicas of this movie

    IK Ogbonna isn't worth my dime, except he acted as the help in this movie.

  13. Sounds like same storyline as A little white lie by Emem Isong that I watched on roktv, very lovely movie. I concurr Ik Ogbonna is not an actor hehehe spoils people's movies

  14. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Am just too happy and dont know why..

    Ok, now i get it, cuz am alive

    Mc pinky

  15. So i just finished reading this harlequin novel titled husband for hire and here i am reading about a nigerian movie titled man for hire. watda? Is it dat people got no brains anymore. y dnt they act a movie titled ' brains for hire'. stupid.

  16. N who has not watched d hollywood movie dat tells dis story. mtcheeeeeew

  17. Exactly,i av one movie husband for hire on my hard disk, a Mexican family or so,same story line, copy copy nigerians.

  18. And Desmond must somehow feature in almost all the movie he directs or produces. Ik is an extremely horrible actor. He and juliet really wound have been a great couple.

  19. I love chick flicks so I will definitely watch it.

  20. Im sha going to whispering palms one of these weekends. Didn't know that place still existed. It looks beautiful 😍


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