Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 145


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Monday, January 09, 2017

Labour Room Drama 145

Na wah...Some go through a lot meeeen!

Oniovo Stella, thank you for giving us this platform to share our experiences with others. Got married in 2014 and was pregnant almost immediately had a miscarriage at 18weeks I cried and prayed. 

Got pregnant again in 2015 there was no fetal heartbeat lost that pregnancy too. 2016 I took in after going through a lot of therapy and treatment God heard me. From the beginning of the pregnancy I was on support injections. Took HCG and progesterone injections till when I was 6 months.

 Fast forward to my edd which was Dec 14 baby didn't show any sign of coming out. On Dec 21 I decided to do small Christmas shopping as I was inside the bus I was sweating profusely and feeling dizzy my hospital is close to the market I just rushed there.

 The doctors checked and told me my cervix was very strong and closed that I should go home but first they need to check my blood pressure, people of God na so dem check BP was 180/ 150 doctors screamed and ordered me to lie down they called my husband and he raced to the hospital they told him they have to operate he said ok .

Somehow another doc came in and said they should bring the BP down and observe then do cervical ripening. Na so I stayed for a few days then labour started. They said I will probably deliver in the evening it was about 8:45 then. 

When the pain started my brethren I call all the names of Jesus I knew, called my husband on the phone I was saying I nor do again ooo. In the midst of all that pain I suddenly started feeling sleepy told the nurses and they said madam if you fit sleep with this kind pain Oya, sleep na so I sleep off. 

A doctor came in to check my blood pressure and woke me up she checked and said it has risen to 190/150 and I was 8cm dilated already they entered panic mode and started giving several injections it came down baby's head was showing already Oya they said madam push no strength to push tried about four times for where no show. The doctor told me madam if anything happens to this baby it's your fault ..

As I hear that word I said a silent prayer in my mind and pushed with all my might baby just came out looking so much like her daddy with full curly hair.

 They gave her to me I just touched her mouth and they took her. I had a tear so they sewed up. I was over the moon obsessed with my baby forgot totally about the blood pressure. 8 days after delivery na so BP rise again ,was rushed to the hospital ended up spending 5 days in the hospital before coming home. I thank God he saw me through it all he is indeed a faithful God.

OMG you went thru a lot of heart break pregnancy wise!
Wow,pregnancy induced high BP and Sugar level is the worst and i hear some people never get theirs down again.
I had it but my went down after they cut out the baby..I think mine was more out of fear of pushing after i heard a woman giving birth scream out her

Thank God for you!


  1. Thank God for safe delivery. God is a God of grace,he gave you joy after all the heartbreaks you went through.your baby will be a source of joy to your family and the world and you will not sorrow anymore,amen.

  2. Wow! God is awesome

  3. Congrats to you madam, no be small thing.

    @Stella, guess it should be 'mine went down and not my went down'

    *Larry was here*

    1. Didn't u read d post whr she asked 2 ignore all errors? Due to her spoilt mac laptop Dat is malfunctioning as it has a little fault due to falling down d stairs?omo as auto. correct Dat u isn nau. *side eyes.

  4. Lol @ Sdk

    Wow poster, I thank God for you, congratulations and kisses to baby....

  5. Oh dearie, you went through a lot.

    Thank God it all ended in praise!

    Congratulations and enjoy motherhood!


  6. You are having the last laugh. Enjoy your baby try and forget all you went through so your BP can be normal

  7. Ooooh women go through a lot in the process of birthing. It scares me to my bone. God bless you ma, bless ur little one n hubby. God bless all the mothers out there.

  8. Woooow! You're a super woman!!!πŸ™‹πŸ‘ΈπŸ™†

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  9. Thank God for u madam.


  10. Thank God for safe delivery. Why didnt they just do CS if the Bp was high? I know that doctors sometimes prefer Cs for people with HBP.
    Is it that the Bp was all right all through pregnancy and rose during labour?

    Gideon: From Coward to Mighty Warrior

    Yay! I witnessed a surprise marriage proposal for the first time

  11. I still havent gotten over LRD 144(Saturday's own) just reading it has left me traumatized not to talk about she who actually experienced it!
    Nobody can convince me a week of pain after CS is not an option compared to all the tear and sewing stories i read.. I mean go thru labour for about 2days and still tear, pain threshold isnt that deep!
    Viva CS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Lols. Mothers are d best. The jobless graduate/future entrepreneur say so

  13. Thank God for safe delivery. Scary

  14. Congrats madam, i thank God for you and now your story has given me hope, that i can do all things through Christ.

  15. We thank God for safe delivery.


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